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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
76 American University Pending Unknown Feb 17 2021-02-17 Feb 22 2021-02-22
24 Arizona State Univer... Rejected Unknown Feb 05 2021-02-05 Feb 08 2021-02-08 Mar 05 2021-03-05 Mar 05 2021-03-05
50 Florida State Univer... Pending Unknown Jan 26 2021-01-26
118 Gonzaga University Accepted Unknown $93,000 Jan 26 2021-01-26 Feb 03 2021-02-03 Feb 23 2021-02-23
60 Pennsylvania State -... Pending Unknown Jan 31 2021-01-31 Feb 02 2021-02-02
111 Syracuse University Accepted Unknown $117,000 Jan 31 2021-01-31 Feb 01 2021-02-01 Feb 03 2021-02-03 Feb 03 2021-02-03 Feb 11 2021-02-11 Feb 11 2021-02-11
54 Tulane University Pending Unknown Jan 29 2021-01-29
67 UMiami Pending Unknown Jan 26 2021-01-26 Jan 27 2021-01-27
27 UNorth Carolina Pending Unknown Jan 31 2021-01-31 Feb 09 2021-02-09
42 Wake Forest University Pending Unknown Jan 31 2021-01-31
31 Washington and Lee U... Pending Unknown Feb 17 2021-02-17 Feb 17 2021-02-17 Feb 23 2021-02-23
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  • 19:41 whatrtheodds: that's lit dropout
  • 19:41 whatrtheodds: I made like 2k during the bubble
  • 19:41 DropoutBear: @whatrtheodds: I am selling my Otto Porter elbow jumper for $25
  • 19:42 DropoutBear: Lmao
  • 19:42 DropoutBear: Worst purchase of my life
  • 19:42 whatrtheodds: lmaooooo I'm still waiting on a pack to flip it
  • 19:42 VagueNecessaryWeasel: Anyone have an answer for why I have been UR1 at duke... for four months??? :(
  • 19:42 whatrtheodds: No way I'm buying a moment outside of a pack
  • 19:42 DropoutBear: My most ballsy bet was putting $500 on Gobert scoring 11-15 points and my guy barely got to 12
  • 19:42 DropoutBear: I was sweating bullets
  • 19:43 whatrtheodds: lmaoo
  • 19:43 whatrtheodds: I love spamming his points under
  • 19:43 DropoutBear: Best bet for me was for like 2 weeks straight kept going over on KCP lol
  • 19:43 SomberLumpySquid: Did the second round of Ruby’s go out today
  • 19:44 whatrtheodds: parlaying chris paul assists over and devin booker assists under been good to me
  • 19:45 DropoutBear: I can’t parlay same game props
  • 19:45 DropoutBear: Very sad
  • 19:45 710: has anyone here done the federal pathways program?
  • 19:45 whatrtheodds: :( ngl low-key might pick a school bc of the sportsbook options in that state
  • 19:46 DropoutBear: Michigan just legalized 🥳🥳🥳
  • 19:46 DropoutBear: How does one get to be a student adcomm for Berkeley
  • 19:47 AwesomePlausibleDevil: do y'all think yale A wave tomorrow
  • 19:48 NicklausCopernicus18: does yale really do A waves?
  • 19:49 DropoutBear: They give like 5 As and chill out
  • 19:49 AwesomePlausibleDevil: ha trickle maybe?
  • 19:49 AwesomePlausibleDevil: i do think they do As in batches (small batches)
  • 19:49 AwesomePlausibleDevil: not like stanford
  • 19:49 DropoutBear: I think most of their As come at the very very end because they know most of their As don’t need much time to decide lol
  • 19:50 UghSad: At least they seem to try to finish up by the very beginning of april
  • 19:50 UghSad: Unlike some schools...
  • 19:50 JudiciousWearyOlm: Any folks here been riding the waitlist train for the last few weeks? Got WL'd at everywhere in the T14 i applied to 🙄
  • 19:51 DropoutBear: If I, an early December applicant, haven’t heard from 10 schools, when are they gonna get to Jan/Feb apps lol
  • 19:51 sunchild: is Arizona good state to live in?
  • 19:51 sunchild: just wondering
  • 19:51 JudiciousWearyOlm: Don't feel bad lol I have been ghosted by UVA since september
  • 19:51 RichUnrulyHusky: yes
  • 19:51 sunchild: is it expensive there??
  • 19:52 sunchild: all I pray for is going to law school somewhere chill and inexpensive
  • 19:52 RichUnrulyHusky: I would say it's mild I pay 1470 for a 2 bed 1 bath in the heart of scottsdale
  • 19:52 sunchild: I see that's very reasonable
  • 19:52 sunchild: how's the vibe there if you don't mind me asking?
  • 19:53 sunchild: is it chill southern vibe and warm weather?
  • 19:53 NicklausCopernicus18: uhhhh mild bruh that is cheap
  • 19:53 NicklausCopernicus18: brb moving to az
  • 19:53 sunchild: wait they just legalized right i guess i answered my own question
  • 19:53 sunchild: lol
  • 19:58 Hillarydufflebag: went UR2 today at duke after going UR1 in november lmaoo
  • 19:58 SomberLumpySquid: If uchicago released Ruby’s today do you think that means that their scholarship info will follow
  • 20:08 Jameseticknor: I just saw I got a decision in my email from Stanford
  • 20:08 Jameseticknor: I got rejected :(
  • 20:09 BlondeRidingHood: im so sorry
  • 20:09 Jameseticknor: It was a longshot. I don't really mind because I got into UT Austin early March. Given the good BL chances and most are in TX, the lack of income tax means I save a lot of money compared to NYC or DC.
  • 20:10 BlondeRidingHood: @Jameseticknor: you dont have sls on your profile
  • 20:10 Jameseticknor: I'm gonna wait to hear back from all the other T14's.
  • 20:10 Jameseticknor: Yeah, I'm gonna rectify that. Rest assured, I applied.
  • 20:10 BlondeRidingHood: good for you, you will crush it
  • 20:11 BlondeRidingHood: thank you for your service
  • 20:11 Jameseticknor: @BlondeRidingHood: I never really figured out a good response to when people offer thanks. The best I've come up with was "It was my pleasure until it wasn't."
  • 20:12 Jameseticknor: Saying a simple, "You're welcome." felt wrong to me lol
  • 20:13 BlondeRidingHood: im sorry to hear that, but I would answer, you are welcome, and do your part to make what I gave my life for worth it
  • 20:14 Jameseticknor: I did enjoy my time and doing what I did. Just wanted to try and help the military from the outside. Primarily when they did away with the 20 year retirement for the military and were screwing troops with the lump sum payout options.
  • 20:14 Jameseticknor: Not a lot of folks even know you can't retire from the military anymore after 20 years.
  • 20:14 BlondeRidingHood: something along those lines
  • 20:14 BlondeRidingHood: so when can you retire?
  • 20:14 lockpick-: @Jameseticknor: going UT?
  • 20:15 Jameseticknor: @BlondeRidingHood: I could. But saying "You're welcome" kinda makes me feel like I'm validating a notion that they should be ingratiated to me, which just feels like a dong move. I suppose I could say "I appreciate it."
  • 20:15 Jameseticknor: @lockpick-: 99% yes. The only reason why I'm not 100% yet is an irrational fear of prematurely shutting out my options.
  • 20:16 lockpick-: @Jameseticknor: sweet! yea its looking like a better and better option everyday
  • 20:16 lockpick-: for me
  • 20:16 Jameseticknor: @BlondeRidingHood: You can't. You have to pay into a 401k like system and can't dip into it until mid to late 60's.
  • 20:16 BlondeRidingHood: @Jameseticknor: if I may say, you are looking at it the wrong way, you gave up your life for my freedom
  • 20:16 Jameseticknor: So if you do 20 years (from 18-38), you still have to get a job until mid/late 60's.
  • 20:16 LiquidSolid: yeah they switched from defined benefit to defined contribution a couple years ago
  • 20:17 Jameseticknor: @BlondeRidingHood: Perhaps I am. I think people who serve out of patriotism are hesitant to accept adulation out of a sense of humilty.
  • 20:17 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: forced to work until 60 is a bit misleading though
  • 20:17 Jameseticknor: So I'll say a kind and warm thank you to you Blonde! :)
  • 20:18 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: if you do the full contribution and get the 5% match that's a huge TSP balance after 20 years
  • 20:19 Jameseticknor: @AbsorbingJaggedManatee: The TSP isn't the same as the mutual contribution plan though from my understanding. Even if it is, you can't dip into it until your 60s without paying a rather steep tax. It isn't designed to sustain living until your later years.
  • 20:19 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: neither is half pay though
  • 20:19 LiquidSolid: yeah but it applies to more people generally since most didn't do 20
  • 20:19 BlondeRidingHood: @AbsorbingJaggedManatee: as an outsider I think it might be a good thing to force our veterans to get a job and occupy themselves
  • 20:20 Jameseticknor: @AbsorbingJaggedManatee: I think it is depending on what rank you are/were. It's tax-free. But most retirees get disability pension through the VA in conjunction with retirement pay.
  • 20:20 LiquidSolid: @BlondeRidingHood: rofl the previous system didn't pay enough not to work either
  • 20:20 BlondeRidingHood: Oh then nevermiind
  • 20:20 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: idk I think the new system is way better because it scales with time served instead of arbitrary 20 and 30-year cutoffs
  • 20:20 Jameseticknor: @BlondeRidingHood: I agree with that to a degree. Might even help with veteran suicide rates.
  • 20:20 BlondeRidingHood: @Jameseticknor: ^
  • 20:21 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: the people who got screwed were the ones who put in <20 years under the old system and got nothing
  • 20:22 BlondeRidingHood: what year did the system change?
  • 20:22 LiquidSolid: 2018
  • 20:23 CEOofShotShooting: Im trying to follow the logic on the veteran suicide rates decrease
  • 20:24 Jameseticknor: @AbsorbingJaggedManatee: I would have approved of a mandatory contribution to the TSP. Problem solved
  • 20:24 BlondeRidingHood: I guess the VA shaped up
  • 20:25 Jameseticknor: Keep the 20 year retirement model and mandate contribution to the TSP as a separate system eligible to rollover into a federal employee 401k system. Would be nice to have an exception in law to roll it over into a civilian 401k system, but I don't think we currently have that option.
  • 20:25 CEOofShotShooting: I seem to have missed a conversation that was literally made in my wheelhouse
  • 20:25 CEOofShotShooting: you can tax free withdraw it into a civilian 401k
  • 20:25 Jameseticknor: @CEOofShotShooting: Talking about veteran retirement options and how they did away with the 20 year retirement model.
  • 20:25 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: yeah I think making the contributions mandatory would have been good, but I think 20-year retirement windows are bad policy in the first place
  • 20:25 CEOofShotShooting: yeah anyone who joined after Jan 2018 if I remember right
  • 20:26 CEOofShotShooting: maybe Jan 19
  • 20:26 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: I worked with way too many people with 10 years in just killing time and wasting everyone's time
  • 20:26 Jameseticknor: @CEOofShotShooting: Oh, well there we go. Mandate a contribution for the military employee into the TSP and still payout the 20 year retirement. Problem solved at no extra cost to government.
  • 20:26 CEOofShotShooting: but all the old dogs could stay in the old system
  • 20:26 Jameseticknor: @CEOofShotShooting: Yep. I was fighting against it since 2014 or 2015. Actually interviewed Mick Mulvaney (Trump's former CoS and rep. of SC's 5th Congressional district) about it.
  • 20:27 BlondeRidingHood: @CEOofShotShooting: are you a veteran as well?
  • 20:27 CEOofShotShooting: I was the command financial specialist on my last boat and veteran advocacy is literally all I want to do with my degree
  • 20:27 CEOofShotShooting: that or associate counsel for the angels
  • 20:27 Jameseticknor: That was actually my personal statement. I asked him point blank why the government was doing it. He shrugged and said, "So the government can save money and not have to pay out so much in retirement checks"
  • 20:27 BlondeRidingHood: WTF
  • 20:27 Jameseticknor: @CEOofShotShooting: Nice!
  • 20:27 RaspberryEnthusiast: hi friends
  • 20:27 CEOofShotShooting: I asked the CNO a lot of money questions on his last visit haha
  • 20:28 Jameseticknor: I was an aircraft maintainer. But I've always wanted to be filthy rich. Making money out of thin air (investing) always fascinated me.
  • 20:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: I got my scholarship offer from richmond today and it's way lower than washington and lee... which seems strange
  • 20:28 Jameseticknor: @RaspberryEnthusiast: Still, congrats on that!
  • 20:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: I also got my first R, UCLA
  • 20:28 CEOofShotShooting: I was a navy nuke on a sub who did back to back sea tours
  • 20:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: thanks lol
  • 20:28 BlondeRidingHood: @RaspberryEnthusiast: dont forget you are in the strangest cycle ever
  • 20:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: I just thought I was looking at $$$ or $$$$ for richmond but they gave me $10k a year
  • 20:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: truuuuue
  • 20:28 Jameseticknor: @CEOofShotShooting: Air Force here. Though, the Navy has the bulk of my specific maintainer field (Nondestructive Inspection/NDI)
  • 20:29 RaspberryEnthusiast: w&l gave me $$$+
  • 20:29 birdlawyer20: @CEOofShotShooting: good to see a few nukes representing out here
  • 20:29 CEOofShotShooting: yeah I know of about 6 of us
  • 20:29 Jameseticknor: Which I was in nukes. Always makes for a great polish on the resume. I know Harvard has a nuclear specialist attending there.
  • 20:30 CEOofShotShooting: Im one of 2 elts. I know some RC div guys and one EM
  • 20:30 birdlawyer20: @CEOofShotShooting: lol good to see ELTs representing out here ha
  • 20:30 RaspberryEnthusiast: now that I'm starting to get decisions and can actually participate in this... are we expecting anything tomorrow?
  • 20:30 CEOofShotShooting: I feel like my prolific BSing skills will come in handy
  • 20:31 birdlawyer20: @CEOofShotShooting: if BigLaw had logs...
  • 20:31 CEOofShotShooting: Id burn it down
  • 20:31 birdlawyer20: bill 2300 hrs in a month
  • 20:31 birdlawyer20: dont ask how
  • 20:31 Jameseticknor: There, added Stanford to my list.
  • 20:32 CEOofShotShooting: maybe I should get into tax law, "2+2= whatever you need it to be"
  • 20:32 Jameseticknor: I'm gonna have to hop off here. Really enjoyed talking to you guys.
  • 20:32 Jameseticknor: Hope to see you in the future, CEO.
  • 20:32 birdlawyer20: "your taxes are SAT"
  • 20:32 CEOofShotShooting: haha
  • 20:32 Jameseticknor: Bye Blonde!
  • 20:32 CEOofShotShooting: I plan on putting my lsdata name on my nametag day one
  • 20:32 birdlawyer20: good luck at UT @jameseticknor
  • 20:32 BlondeRidingHood: enjoy and remember we love and thank you
  • 20:36 canadianinamerica: does this website show transfer data
  • 20:38 BlondeRidingHood: not that I know of
  • 20:50 FurryStormyGoat: Is that Vanderbilt finally showing its face I see??
  • 21:02 DelightfulRaspyDalmatian: does george mason email decisions or send via snail mail
  • 21:02 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: what
  • 21:02 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: is
  • 21:02 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: up
  • 21:02 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: guys
  • 21:04 LSHopeful2021: nothing much.. just yls violence
  • 21:05 GiddyGemini: Hi pals - I have a question about how to respond to a scholarship application question
  • 21:06 GiddyGemini: Is it a bad idea to say that I can’t afford to attend if I don’t receive any scholarship money
  • 21:07 ItsJustaWaitingGame10: that's totally relevant...this stuff is pricey
  • 21:08 BlondeRidingHood: are you accepted already?
  • 21:08 GiddyGemini: Yeah
  • 21:08 birdlawyer20: my general advice on scholarship negotiations is be a honest as possible. Adcomms and student finance staff know the situation students are in and aren't offended or put off by an honest discussion of your situation
  • 21:08 BlondeRidingHood: then I dont see the harm
  • 21:08 beanz: does anyone know if American PIPS scholarship acceptances have started rolling out?
  • 21:08 ItsJustaWaitingGame10: anyone know how long it usually takes to go UR2 for UVA? I've been sitting at UR1 for about a month?
  • 21:10 AligatorJones: for some inexplicable reason stanford did not call to accept me today
  • 21:11 AligatorJones: weird right?
  • 21:11 BlondeRidingHood: extremely weird
  • 21:11 JonahHill: No idea how they forget. Must be on a plane rn to let you know
  • 21:12 AligatorJones: You're right, they probably are, I just wish they'd call to at least let me know they're on the way with my ice cream.
  • 21:38 EasyJuicySparrow: are the colors on this page weird for anyone else rn?
  • 21:39 SneakySeahorse: in my law school feelings bc this school offered me barely any money after asking for a reconsideration, send good vibes :,)
  • 21:45 cheetaguin: Haven’t gotten any rejections yet, but my last three decisions were waitlists and it’s starting to get a bit frustrating :(
  • 21:48 CloisteredPoliticalCoral: Hey guys I recently applied within the past few weeks. What is UR2?
  • 21:49 CloisteredPoliticalCoral: Like I know it means Under Review 2 but like what does that mean lol
  • 21:51 PerilousThread11: Does anyone know what it means on the application status checker when it says "Current Status: File pending committee review"? does that mean the application is complete?
  • 21:56 EasyJuicySparrow: @CloisteredPoliticalCoral: its just when the UR date changes the second time, means dif things for dif schools
  • 22:07 CorporateCatastrophe: slow night
  • 22:08 CloisteredPoliticalCoral: @EasyJuicySparrow: thank you!
  • 22:09 CloisteredPoliticalCoral: Has anyone been invited to the GULC alumni interview? It asks for my username for video conferencing... what username are they asking for?
  • 22:13 GiantCrookedEarwig: Can anyone familiar with Chicago housing tell me if the prices I’m seeing right now (like 1300 for 3 bedrooms??) are normal or if this is just special corona pricing???
  • 22:20 UncertainElectricDolphin: What neighborhood are you seeing those in?
  • 22:21 UncertainElectricDolphin: Like 1300 for 3BR feels low to me if you're looking at highrises or anything close to downtown, but could be reasonable if you're seeing them farther out.
  • 22:30 DropoutBear: 1300 for 3 bedrooms????
  • 22:30 DropoutBear: Sign me up
  • 22:31 EasyJuicySparrow: you sure theyre not listing the per bedroom price?
  • 22:33 EasyJuicySparrow: Like mixed placement in multibedroom units? (I.e. you dont come with roomies, the building fills the other rooms with randos and you pay a share of the rent for a single room in that 3br)
  • 22:33 GiantCrookedEarwig: Yes everything is like that right now on CL in a 1 mile radius of the law school
  • 22:33 GiantCrookedEarwig: There’s like a dozen apartments in that price range right now
  • 22:33 candlessmellgood: Has anyone applied to georgia and had all of the checklist on the portal checked off, but in a different box it syas "Final transcript recieved by LSAC: No"
  • 22:34 GiantCrookedEarwig: Like a whole multi-bedroom apartment just for you and yours for 1300
  • 22:41 MostlySpice: @GiantCrookedEarwig: for which neighborhood?
  • 22:42 MostlySpice: 2400/4 bedroom in Hyde Park is pretty common
  • 22:47 HopefullyAquaticTriceratops: The guys talking about military pensions weren’t entirely correct. If you joined after 2018 you can still get a pension after 20, it’s just calculated at .5% less than the current pension rate. Pensions weren’t taken away. I went from active to reserves, I still get mine, but the reserves have always had 60 as the standard age to collect. And all contributions to a govt 401k (TSP) have the same age restrictions on withdrawals as they’ve always had
  • 23:03 Torquatus: We salute those who have fallen today
  • 23:21 DropoutBear: Praying for a UR2 wave tomorrow from Berk
  • 23:29 RaspberryEnthusiast: what are we expecting tomorrow?
  • 23:29 RaspberryEnthusiast: since I've started getting decisions I can participate in this now
  • 23:35 Woodstock888: i hope NYU lol
  • 23:42 gnostictoolie: Did anyone who applied to Y in Feb get R’d?
  • 23:42 Woodstock888: not me
  • 23:43 Woodstock888: but will later prob
  • 23:43 gnostictoolie: oh so I shouldnt read into getting spared