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Stats: 161 / 3.8 / T4


2020-2021 cycle
Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
American University Pending RDregular decision Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25 Dec 10
Boston College Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25 Jan 15 Jan 21
Boston University Pending RDregular decision Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25
Brooklyn Law School Accepted RDregular decision $141,000 Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25 Dec 02 Jan 12
Fordham University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 24 Jan 15
George Washington Un... Accepted RDregular decision $39,000 Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 24 Nov 30 Dec 17
Georgetown University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 30 Jan 15
New York Law School Accepted RDregular decision $157,656 Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 24 Dec 07 Jan 05
Northeastern University Pending RDregular decision Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25
Rutgers University (... Accepted RDregular decision $24,000 Nov 23 Nov 24 Dec 01 Jan 06
Seton Hall University Accepted RDregular decision $169,482 Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 24 Nov 24 Dec 11
Suffolk University Accepted RDregular decision $153,180 Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 30 Dec 04 Dec 15
Yeshiva University (... Accepted RDregular decision $45,000 Nov 23 Nov 24 Nov 25 Nov 25 Jan 14
Status checks in queue: 0
Daily total: 19 Β· 21 Β· 13
11:10 Accepted: πŸ₯³VictoriousGuardedDormouse@BU
11:04 Waitlisted: 🀞 1PluckyReadyVole@UC
11:04 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2SoftSplitter24@OSU
10:56 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 6DonDada@Penn
10:53 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 3Ilovefl@Barry University
10:52 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 3DoubtfulPhysicalChicken@Penn
10:45 Waitlisted: 🀞 1DelightfulMiniaturePlatypus@FLS
10:42 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1DelightfulMiniaturePlatypus@IU
10:35 Waitlisted: 🀞 1badatusernames@UC
10:31 Accepted: πŸ₯³BriefZealousDormouse@UM
10:31 Rejected: care 1Sathnas14@UC
10:30 Accepted: πŸ₯³LetMeInnnnnnn@Emory University
10:30 Waitlisted: 🀞 1MrFezziwig@UC
10:29 Waitlisted: 🀞MrFezziwig@CLS
10:28 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2Khione89@Roger Williams University
10:15 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 7nbean1@Penn
10:14 Waitlisted: 🀞 1luminousillusions@UC
10:13 Rejected: care 3StopBeingSerious@UM
10:13 Waitlisted: 🀞 1DemonicStupendousUakari@UC
10:13 Rejected: care 1StopBeingSerious@Cornell University
10:13 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2StopBeingSerious@BC
10:10 Rejected: care 1ZoomLaw2021@Baylor University
9:59 Waitlisted: 🀞 1jungleb131@UC
9:57 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2HeavenlyWoodenMeerkat@Penn
9:41 Rejected: care 2purplelemon@FSU
9:24 Waitlisted: 🀞 3ChillKoala@UC
9:20 Waitlisted: 🀞 2InspiringElleWoods@UC
9:14 Rejected: care 5SweetChangeableLionfish@UVA
9:14 Waitlisted: 🀞SweetChangeableLionfish@UT
9:14 Rejected: care 1SweetChangeableLionfish@HLS
9:13 Rejected: care 1SweetChangeableLionfish@UM
8:44 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1Smitty@IU
8:43 Waitlisted: 🀞Smitty@GW
8:34 Rejected: care 1kd98@UPenn
8:34 Rejected: carekd98@UM
8:34 Rejected: carekd98@UC
8:34 Rejected: care 1kd98@HLS
8:21 Rejected: care 1dragonWarriorPo@UC
8:01 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1RegularDefectiveLemur@Penn
3:48 Rejected: careParallelManyAardvark@FLS
1:15 Accepted: πŸ₯³nicecleansocks88@USC
1:00 Accepted: πŸ₯³pizzaguy10@UCHastings
0:58 Rejected: care 1JedBartlet33@HLS
0:44 Rejected: careDelaTheDoodle@UC
0:08 Accepted: πŸ₯³sidsidsid@Nova
0:04 Rejected: care 1Chloe@UCLA
0:03 Waitlisted: 🀞 1Chloe@UT
0:02 Rejected: careChloe@USC
0:02 Rejected: careChloe@UM
0:01 Rejected: careChloe@GULC
0:01 Accepted: πŸ₯³Chloe@BC
23:33 Waitlisted: 🀞JusticeWolf@UC
23:08 Waitlisted: 🀞 2Stressed-n-Sleepy@BU
22:57 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 3laswb3@WUSTL
22:34 Waitlisted: 🀞 3DeliriousOutgoingCatfish@UCLA
22:29 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 3KASEYMACK@Duke
22:16 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1UnbiasedAnxiousKingfisher@UT
22:11 Waitlisted: 🀞 1anjn79@UMD
21:50 Accepted: πŸ₯³AwesomeLearnedScorpion@Campbell University
21:44 Rejected: care 4firstgenlawgal@UCLA
21:39 Waitlisted: 🀞IntelligentAbruptMole@UC
21:39 Accepted: πŸ₯³IntelligentAbruptMole@USC
21:16 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1AFCC972@NYU
20:46 Rejected: care 3lawiral@UO
20:40 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1SkinnyRavenRunner@CU
20:05 Waitlisted: 🀞 1DRAVHEN@UC
20:02 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1PaltryGratisPoodle@UMD
19:58 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1thewun@L&C
19:57 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1thewun@UO
19:15 Waitlisted: 🀞 1NosyFastAntelope@UPenn
19:08 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2YieldingBored@Emory University
18:52 Waitlisted: 🀞 1BreakableOutrageousLoon@UC
17:44 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 4TurbulentSouthernPeacock@Emory University
17:26 Waitlisted: 🀞 3helloglitter@UC
16:51 Rejected: care 5lawlawland345@SLS
16:49 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 5LawSchoolIsCool@Baylor University
16:48 Rejected: care 3Glaucon191@UC
16:42 Waitlisted: 🀞 2VioletNoisyTropicbird@UC
16:41 Rejected: care 2VioletNoisyTropicbird@SLS
16:39 Waitlisted: 🀞 1VioletNoisyTropicbird@UPenn
16:37 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2MeekCompleteHedgehog@UW
16:24 Waitlisted: 🀞 1PointyStraw@UC
16:20 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2lentil@WUSTL
16:14 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2KeaCam@University of Tulsa
16:11 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 3KeaCam@Baylor University
16:09 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 4Boppity47@WUSTL
16:07 Waitlisted: 🀞 1OneWholeToad@UCLA
16:07 Accepted: πŸ₯³EarsplittingBrainyMalamute@UPenn
16:07 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 1EarsplittingBrainyMalamute@UC
15:40 Waitlisted: 🀞 3pickledmouse@GW
15:38 Accepted: πŸ₯³ 2FunctionalColorfulRat@UF
15:19 Waitlisted: 🀞 2Renzlaw20@Baylor University
14:56 Waitlisted: 🀞 2VenomousFastEmu@GULC
14:51 Rejected: care 2MedicalClutteredAngora@UC
14:48 Waitlisted: 🀞 1PlacidWoebegoneNeanderthal@UC
14:40 Waitlisted: 🀞 1TangibleHurriedForest@UT
  • 17:33 QuickestBigMac: Question! What's the deal with "doxing yourself". Are there people on here actively trying to figure out people's names? Are people even able to do that just knowing stats and basic info? What nefarious use would any of this info have?
  • 17:37 PeopleKnewMyOldUsername: Yes! People honestly are nuts, I assume. But also - better not to risk someone calling adcomms and starting shit, IMO. Other people feel differently and that's chill, I just personally do not share too much info because of the feared doxx. On the other hand, this chat doesn't show too much history so it probably doesn't matter.
  • 17:37 DefundPrivateProfiles: It seems like a less prevalent issue here, but it is a real problem on reddit. Imagine you work in admissions for X university and you can see people posting on reddit they only applied to your school to leverage scholarship money from another school. You could aggregate info from their post history to determine who they are or see their stats in their flair, etc. You could also have other things in your post history that could hurt your chances of getting in.
  • 17:38 PeopleKnewMyOldUsername: I started to not trust reddit after I saw (and experienced) people getting downvoted for odd things (like saying congrats @ someone who just got in). I figured if people care enough to downvote comments that are just being nice... can't trust em
  • 17:41 DefundPrivateProfiles: yeah, I stopped going on the LSA subreddit for similar reasons.
  • 18:10 PrincessConsuelaBanana: People really are so strange with their downvoting habits on the LSA reddit. I try to be supportive in my comments on posts - we're all going through a stressful time! But I posted about my first acceptance which came this week and while I received a great amount of support and shared excitement, I noticed I was downvoted a few times. I get that a lot of us are competing with each other but it just seems unnecessarily mean-spirited to rain on someone's parade. But I'm just going to do my best to counteract the negativity with my own upvotes and positive comments and call it a day.
  • 18:13 chachaslide123: Does anyone have advice for scholarship negotiations? I.E. what to say/when to ask, etc.?
  • 18:30 DefundPrivateProfiles: @chachaslide123 try around seat deposit dates as money frees up
  • 18:35 QuickestBigMac: Interesting, thanks guys! I made a reddit just for law school stuff and try to never say anything controversial. I get snippy messages too when I post, especially because I am a URM. It is crappy, but I can understand why people feel really emotional as we've all invested so much time, money, hope, etc. I wouldn't be upset to see others' success but I can see how some people would react that way.
  • 18:48 jungkook:
    ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ G I V E W A V E ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀
  • 18:48 jungkook: for this week
  • 18:48 jungkook: West coast schools + uiuc
  • 18:48 jungkook:
    ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ G I V E W A V E ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀
  • 19:05 HufflepuffPILawyer: no jungkook
  • 19:06 HufflepuffPILawyer: ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ G I V E *A* W A V E ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀
  • 19:06 HufflepuffPILawyer: no WL or R
  • 19:07 HufflepuffPILawyer: @princess tbh sometimes downvotes are unintentional
  • 19:07 HufflepuffPILawyer: like when scrolling in bed, sometimes my chubby palm downvotes a post
  • 19:07 HufflepuffPILawyer: when i scroll back up im lie "why did i downvote this post?!"
  • 19:07 HufflepuffPILawyer: like*
  • 19:17 BlackSourChicken: ^ this happens to me all the time
  • 19:48 Hobojoe: This is silly but sometimes for motivation I look up the sweaters of my dream schools and imagine proudly wearing them
  • 19:49 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: lol i'm literally doing that rn
  • 19:49 Hobojoe: Hahah awesome bird
  • 19:49 Hobojoe: What’s ur dream school?
  • 19:50 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: columbia and i just got in!
  • 19:50 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: can't wait to get a sweater
  • 19:51 PrincessConsuelaBanana: @hobojoe, I'm so extra I've been shopping DOG sweaters for my pup for when we decide where we are going lol
  • 19:51 masterofallfoursections: omg tell me why that's what i was doing in bed at 1 am last night and screenshotting everything im gonna get
  • 19:51 masterofallfoursections: even a damn bandana for my dog
  • 19:51 PrincessConsuelaBanana: Omg congrats on columbia!! That's killer!
  • 19:52 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: thank you thank you :)
  • 20:20 bchiki32: Do acceptances ever go out on Sundays?
  • 20:33 jungkook: its not usual i think..sometimes status changes can happen on sundays it seems
  • 20:34 jungkook: ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀ G I V E *A* W A V E ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀
  • 20:43 Hobojoe: Columbia is a beautiful campus. Congrats!
  • 20:44 bchiki32: how do you know if your status checkers are working :(
  • 20:49 BenAffleckIsJustBigMattDamon: When you say just acccepted to Columbia do you mean tonight?
  • 20:58 RainyDisastrousQuetzal: I got into Columbia on Thursday
  • 21:28 dkh2020: status update :) its michigan :|
  • 21:57 WantingInstinctiveFoxhound: LMAO just experienced this as well
  • 21:57 WantingInstinctiveFoxhound: huge L for the fellas
  • 22:38 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: yo
  • 22:38 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: anyone here UR2 12/14 for berk?
  • 22:47 dkh2020: 11/16
  • 22:49 Hobojoe: Ik this isn’t r/lsat but i just wanted to share this
  • 22:50 Hobojoe: Just PTed a 176, that’s my personal best
  • 22:50 Hobojoe: Hopefully I can nail my April retake and be a strong candidate for 21-22 :)
  • 23:04 CourtroomBrown: @hobojoe Congratulations friend! That's some fantastic work and you should be proud of the effort you're putting in. You're going to make a fantastic lawyer!
  • 23:15 pricklycantankerousdragon: @CourtroomBrown you're a legend! Keep killing the admissions game!
  • 23:19 PerpetualDamagedCass: prickly-- you're a legend to me!
  • 23:21 CourtroomBrown: @prickly thank you, that means a lot <3 and I agree with @perpetual, you're a legend to me too!
  • 23:22 PerpetualDamagedCass: y'all getting that darrow + t3 life is :D
  • 23:24 CourtroomBrown: Perpetual I see you with the darrow too! Congratulations, such a wonderful achievement!
  • 23:24 PerpetualDamagedCass: <3
  • 23:25 PerpetualDamagedCass: Hit me up on reddit if you wanna chat because right now I'm going Blue
  • 23:29 CourtroomBrown: U got it !
  • 23:49 Hobojoe: Thanks brown! The encouragement means a lot
  • 23:49 khan0817: @courtroombrown is your name a new girl reference? I appreciate you lol
  • 23:50 Lawsimp: Think there will be a WL/R wave from UCLA tomorrow?
  • 23:52 alegal: i love newgirl omg
  • 0:53 Torquatus: happy monday everyone
  • 0:53 Torquatus: may the odds be ever in your favor
  • 0:54 SomberGullibleMongoose: Getting ready to miss another WashU trickle :')
  • 1:53 crowningmoment: also waiting for washu
  • 6:26 CeaselessVoraciousJellyfish: Do we think there is another Harvard R wave soon?
  • 7:43 bchiki32: I feel like my status checker isn't loading properly. Is it supposed to update you every time you are under review for the first time or what the decision is?
  • 7:50 sufferingprelaw: @bch it "goes red" every time there is a change in one of your statuses
  • 7:50 sufferingprelaw: that could mean going complete, going under review for the first, second, or even third time, or a final decision
  • 7:52 Doggopups: are yall just checking statuses on this site or logging into the individual school's checker sites?
  • 7:55 sufferingprelaw: mostly this site, unless it crashes or one of the schools isn't working
  • 7:55 sufferingprelaw: except if its uc davis, they don't have the same status checker so i have to manually check that
  • 8:14 FinickyFanaticalGopher: good morning y'all.. good luck this week!!
  • 8:15 HEYY: Any wave predictions for today?
  • 8:16 mayoicecream: good luck friends!
  • 8:22 GingerAle365: I feel like not much til tomorrow or Wednesday, but would also welcome the idea of Cornell having an A wave today lol
  • 8:37 bchiki32: I feel like none of my statuses have changed, but then again I just made an acct
  • 8:37 bchiki32: I submitted back in late Noc
  • 8:37 bchiki32: Nov
  • 8:40 gingeraleenthusiast: ginger ale!!
  • 8:41 gingeraleenthusiast: I enjoy so much that there is another
  • 9:02 mayoicecream: Were there really Stanford As sent out over the weekend or is that some sort of error...?
  • 9:03 SunshineSally: Wishing everyone Bon Chance - and remember these acceptances and rejections don’t define us!
  • 9:18 Multivitamin: Best of luck this week everyone!
  • 9:21 abradley42099: Godspeed everyone
  • 9:23 WeekapaugGroove: good luck this week y'all!
  • 9:46 DonkeyFart123: Huge princeton wave today, wish me luck!
  • 9:52 GSDMutt: I told my mother that I got into Princeton Law. She was so happy for me. It hurt to have to inform her that PLS folded around 1852
  • 10:00 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Do most folks' statuses get updated daily? I thought mine usually were, but now for several schools there hasn't been an update since Weds of last week. Seems weird.
  • 10:04 yearningtolawyer: idk where you applied, but very rarely will schools update on a regular basis like that
  • 10:04 yearningtolawyer: it's not at all uncommon to go several weeks between UR updates
  • 10:10 DefiantNaiveGiraffe: Is anyone else stuck on "complete" for a really long time?
  • 10:10 justarandompublicservant: should be time for a ND A wave.
  • 10:10 DefiantNaiveGiraffe: Fordham and BC have had me on complete for like 8 weeks...
  • 10:10 justarandompublicservant: I have been complete at ND for 8, and UR at Northwestern for 5.
  • 10:11 DefiantNaiveGiraffe: Does that mean they haven't looked at me yet, or that they arent great at updating statuses?
  • 10:11 yearningtolawyer: idk about fordham and bc, but some schools never update past complete
  • 10:11 justarandompublicservant: Depends on the school, some go complete to decision. others go complete, ur, ur2, decision.
  • 10:13 elshan: @DefiantNaiveGiraffe be thankful about fordham tbh. I was under review for 1 day and got WL
  • 10:14 anoshe: @giraffe: hm when did you apply? i went complete at BC on 1/19 and went UR on 1/22. my account updated before i got the UR email, though, on the 23rd.
  • 10:15 DefiantNaiveGiraffe: I've been complete at Fordham since 12/4 and BC since 12/8
  • 10:15 primeWLmaterial: im complete at BC on 12/7 and still not UR wtf
  • 10:17 DefiantNaiveGiraffe: Yikes, ok, so not just my app...
  • 10:18 nota999: Morning nerds, how's life?
  • 10:19 yearningtolawyer: it's rough nota
  • 10:19 AustralianCity123: Waiting on Emory :')
  • 10:19 yearningtolawyer: i'm just ready to be hit by some WLs soon
  • 10:21 UnableGrouchyBat: anyone else's BU status change this AM?
  • 10:22 nota999: Not mine, but that's probably not super helpful for you lol
  • 10:22 ZoomLaw2021: baylor or boston?
  • 10:22 UnableGrouchyBat: Boston
  • 10:22 ZoomLaw2021: can't say for Boston
  • 10:23 UnableGrouchyBat: BU is hard for me to track bc I went UR twice that week of Xmas but people think they may have updated their system so I have no idea if Im at UR1, 2, 3, neither, or something else entirely
  • 10:23 anoshe: @giraffe and @prime: oh hmm did you guys apply for BC's PI scholarship? maybe that's it?
  • 10:26 nota999: Oh! So folks here might have seen this already, but during the last Penn wave, someone figured out that it seems to be based really heavily on the UR1 date instead of the UR2, just to help folks manage expectations before the next wave
  • 10:26 nota999: (UPenn not Penn State)
  • 10:26 NicklausCopernicus18: How long do people seem to stay UR2 at UVA before hearing anything (i.e. interview request etc)?
  • 10:26 NicklausCopernicus18: Just anecdotally?
  • 10:27 FertileSecretiveUguisu: @Nick months. ages, even
  • 10:27 NicklausCopernicus18: What i figured lol
  • 10:27 mireina: Any predicted movement from W&M or VAndy?
  • 10:27 FertileSecretiveUguisu: I've been UR2 for like a month
  • 10:27 NicklausCopernicus18: Considering it was already months for me to go from UR1 to UR2
  • 10:28 nota999: I expect Vandy to keep up with their slow trickle of decisions
  • 10:28 FertileSecretiveUguisu: watching WUSTL accept people who applied a month after I interviewed get in with lower LSAT and gpa yike
  • 10:29 apple12: just went ur2 at duke... fingers crossed they're starting to get moving
  • 10:30 nota999: @Uguisu especially when it's like "I interviewed then got in two days later" like good to know I whiffed my interview, I guess?
  • 10:31 BelowMedianSaddie: how do i get fordham to put me under review
  • 10:32 NicklausCopernicus18: @apple yeahhhhh I went UR2 at Duke over a month ago lol
  • 10:36 LetMeInnnnnnn: In at Emory, got a letter today, applied first week of December
  • 10:36 nota999: Congrats!
  • 10:37 AustralianCity123: congrats!~
  • 10:37 BelowMedianSaddie: guess they let you Innnnnnn
  • 10:39 apple12: Darn it @ Nicklaus but congrats letmein!!!
  • 10:40 UnableGrouchyBat: email for Emory or package?
  • 10:40 LetMeInnnnnnn: package, haven't read through it yet since I've got to be on meetings for the next hour and a half but it did include a decent merit scholarship
  • 10:40 anoshe: Congrats!
  • 10:40 UnableGrouchyBat: congrats!!
  • 10:40 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: @nick UR1 10/5, UR2 10/26, interview invite 11/18, accepted 11/23 for UVA
  • 10:41 LetMeInnnnnnn: thanks all, great to have the first acceptance so I know I didn't completely screw up my applications lol!
  • 10:41 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: congrats letmein!
  • 10:41 AustralianCity123: @letmein did it come via Fedex?
  • 10:42 LetMeInnnnnnn: I'll have to check the envelope when I get back to the other room, it was in our building's mailbox for my unit, though
  • 10:42 anoshe: curious, did you ever try and log into the emory opus site?
  • 10:43 LetMeInnnnnnn: I did but I did not see any indicator of acceptance
  • 10:45 anoshe: oh interesting! lol we went complete on the same day so i thought i'd ask.
  • 10:47 nota999: The first acceptance is always a weight off the shoulders, for sure
  • 10:47 nota999: I'd be way more of a neurotic mess this cycle if I hadn't had that A from UofAZ
  • 10:49 WetCrookedMeerkat: i just missed a call from st. louis, MO and got so damn excited until i remembered that i didn't even apply to WashU
  • 10:50 anoshe: haha!
  • 10:50 nota999: I wouldn't count it out. Some days it feels like WashU is gonna start admitted people who didn't even apply before they finally get around to my app lol
  • 10:50 WetCrookedMeerkat: that is... so painful i'm sorry
  • 10:51 anoshe: tragically i don't get service in my office :/ or maybe that's good since i don't get car warranty calls lol
  • 10:51 WetCrookedMeerkat: it's a good thing for sure because i went from "sorry i only pick up calls from my mother" to picking up every single spam call in existence :)
  • 10:52 nota999: Same lol
  • 10:52 nota999: like "I know this school is in Missouri, but maybe someone is calling from their cell phone and they have a Colorado number?"
  • 10:52 nota999: And then I start applying the clown makeup
  • 10:53 WetCrookedMeerkat: but some schools are using Google Voice numbers from different area codes, so ur not entirely wrong
  • 10:53 WetCrookedMeerkat: or that's what i tell myself when i pick up calls from CANADA
  • 10:57 [A] cryptanon: helloooo chat
  • 10:57 [A] cryptanon: any 500 errors today?
  • 10:57 nota999: Morning crypt, no errors so far
  • 10:57 WetCrookedMeerkat: smooth sailing, thanks to u :)
  • 10:58 UnableGrouchyBat: ditto
  • 10:58 nota999: Thanks for finding the time to work on this site while also juggling HLS lol
  • 10:58 [A] cryptanon: great, hopefully it stays that way so that i can work on more interesting features
  • 10:59 [A] cryptanon: @nota999: i'm actually taking spring semester off to work full-time on bundlebee and lsdata :)
  • 10:59 nota999: Oh nice! Also valid!
  • 11:00 [A] cryptanon: yeah, i worked remotely for 7 years before law school and went to school for the in-person aspect
  • 11:00 [A] cryptanon: covid kinda ruined that lol
  • 11:00 BelowMedianSaddie: is harvard v lenient about taking time off? i think everyone i know who went to hls ended up taking a semester off for something
  • 11:00 BelowMedianSaddie: (something fun!)
  • 11:01 nota999: Mood. I was thinking about law school last year, and almost hopped in that cycle. Once covid hit, I was glad that I decided to wait another year lol
  • 11:01 [A] cryptanon: yeah, it's basically a no-questions-asked leave of absence policy for this winter/spring
  • 11:02 [A] cryptanon: although i think HLS generally has a very lenient leave of absence policy... one of the lecturers i talked to did 1L at HLS, spent 10 years touring with metallica or something, and then went back to finish his degree
  • 11:02 [A] cryptanon: and now he's teaching at HLS
  • 11:02 CowardlyJuicyCamel: Hi, thanks for this amazing software. where are you up too with bumble bee? will it be ready for this cycle?
  • 11:03 nota999: Well that would certainly give him something to talk about at OCIs lol
  • 11:03 BelowMedianSaddie: whoa that is.....way more fun than what my friends have done lmao
  • 11:03 Torquatus: i hope class sizes arent raised too much
  • 11:04 [A] cryptanon: BundleBee will definitely be ready for this cycle. we reached out to the first batch of banks last week, got replies. our first zoom meeting is scheduled for this thursday
  • 11:04 [A] cryptanon: i'll be sending out an email update to bundlebee users this week or next
  • 11:04 jp100123: If I applied in Sept. and haven't heard back from Y or H, am I most likely facing a WL/R?
  • 11:05 CowardlyJuicyCamel: YEAH, THANKS
  • 11:06 [A] cryptanon: i encourage everyone to sign up for BundleBee asap cuz it's really all upside. there's 0 commitment so even if you get a full ride somewhere, the only impact on you will be that you helped us negotiate lower rates for everyone else
  • 11:07 StraightLimpingFrog: question: just went UR2 at Berk, good sign? bad sign? stop overthinking?
  • 11:07 JoeDangit: man. i'm so upset.
  • 11:07 JoeDangit: My Buffalo Bills ain't go far at all yesterday
  • 11:07 JoeDangit: i bought like 2 plastic tables
  • 11:07 nota999: I keep forgetting to sign up for bundlebee. LSData gets through the web filter at work but bundlebee doesn't, and I don't check the site at home nearly as much
  • 11:08 FrankOcean: hi Joe
  • 11:08 JoeDangit: oh what's up frank
  • 11:08 JoeDangit: what's going on this morning, buddy?
  • 11:08 CowardlyJuicyCamel: how will it compare to gov student loans?
  • 11:09 masterofallfoursections: @straight i think thats a good sign considering they do A waves on tuesday!
  • 11:10 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Good morning everyone
  • 11:10 nota999: Mornin squirrel
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: good morning
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: we're good
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: looking at applying to more jobs bc idk how tf im going to acquire more funds to pay for law school