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T5 softs, STEM

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
4 Columbia University Waitlisted RDregular decision
13 Cornell University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 03 2020-11-03
10 Duke University Accepted PTpriority track $81,000 Oct 27 2020-10-27 Oct 28 2020-10-28 Oct 28 2020-10-28 Oct 28 2020-10-28 Nov 05 2020-11-05
3 Harvard University WL, Rejected RDregular decision
6 New York University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 09 2020-11-09
12 Northwestern University WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision
2 Stanford University Rejected RDregular decision
9 UCBerkeley Waitlisted RDregular decision
14 UCLos Angeles Accepted RDregular decision $90,000
4 UChicago Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02
10 UMichigan Waitlisted RDregular decision
6 UPennsylvania WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision
8 UVirginia Waitlisted RDregular decision
1 Yale University Rejected RDregular decision
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main_chatroom Rooms: General Big mad Advice
  • 9:04 GeorgeHWKush: I dont know if im going to attend
  • 9:05 GeorgeHWKush: i put a deposit down, but the COA is hanging over my head
  • 9:05 GeorgeHWKush: Thank you though!
  • 9:06 WindyTranquilPademelon: i hear you, the coa at SH is no joke
  • 9:07 GeorgeHWKush: Hopefully rutgers lets me in in so I can go somewhere witout burying myself
  • 9:07 WindyTranquilPademelon: are you on priority waitlist for RU?
  • 9:08 GeorgeHWKush: im not sure, is there a way to check
  • 9:08 GeorgeHWKush: im def on priority for villanova
  • 9:08 WindyTranquilPademelon: yes, it's in the waitlist offer email
  • 9:09 GeorgeHWKush: it just says its unranked
  • 9:10 FumblingCurvyCichlid: What is a COA?
  • 9:10 GeorgeHWKush: cost of attendance
  • 9:10 FumblingCurvyCichlid: I have not heard from Seton Hall at all. They have completely ghosted me. I did apply late - April
  • 9:10 FumblingCurvyCichlid: Thanks
  • 9:10 WindyTranquilPademelon: I guess not then
  • 9:17 BeneficialOrangeFalcon: @GeorgeHWKush: Rutgers waitlist in unranked, they are overenrolled
  • 9:19 WindyTranquilPademelon: how do you know?
  • 9:26 dirtiestnef: anyone interview at HLS this week?
  • 9:51 GeorgeHWKush: @BeneficialOrangeFalcon: word, i wont hold my breath then
  • 10:01 legallyxbrunette: anyone else receive a feeler call regarding a waitlist today?
  • 10:01 legallyxbrunette: i just did asking if i wanted to remain on the waitlist
  • 10:01 legallyxbrunette: so hoping there will be some movement soon
  • 10:16 PuffyFiveMouse: Which school for the feeler call?
  • 10:45 GeorgeHWKush: Im very close to saying **** it and paying full price for a not great school a
  • 10:46 GeorgeHWKush: i feel like its a demonstrably bad desicion, but my other choice is to find a new job and pt this shit off for another year
  • 10:47 GeorgeHWKush: which might lead to me going crazy
  • 10:48 WindyTranquilPademelon: better to sacrifice a year than go to a poor school and regret it for the rest of your life
  • 10:48 WindyTranquilPademelon: also, law firm hiring is up so if you can find a job there go for it
  • 10:55 GeorgeHWKush: that might be a move
  • 10:56 GeorgeHWKush: im not trying to go biglaw so im not super concerned with t14
  • 10:56 GeorgeHWKush: im also not smart enough for that
  • 10:57 WindyTranquilPademelon: Don't ever say that. Your LSAT is much better than yours and I work at a biglaw firm.
  • 10:57 WindyTranquilPademelon: mine*
  • 10:58 GeorgeHWKush: Thank you!
  • 10:59 GeorgeHWKush: I also know I coudnt do the associate to partner grin
  • 10:59 GeorgeHWKush: grind
  • 11:00 WindyTranquilPademelon: Even with a degree from your state law school, you can end up at biglaw if you really want it
  • 11:00 GeorgeHWKush: My family has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, so Ill probaby end up opening my own firm
  • 11:00 GeorgeHWKush: thats speculation, but im happy to do that
  • 11:02 WindyTranquilPademelon: go IP if you have any interest, plenty of work and not enough people to do it
  • 11:21 BeneficialOrangeFalcon: @WindyTranquilPademelon: I spoke to one of the deans re: the waitlist and enrolment
  • 11:23 HalfUnknownSnail: Do we think UCLA will make a cut today
  • 11:23 kingkong: can you guys see the live update page?
  • 12:08 rsvp: booted off the WL at Indiana :(
  • 12:27 PuffyFiveMouse: Did the boot come via email?
  • 12:33 HalfUnknownSnail: Anyone else get the WL feeler from washu
  • 12:33 HalfUnknownSnail: Wanting to know if we wished to remain on the WL
  • 12:39 rsvp: @PuffyFiveMouse: yeah, it sounds like they're full
  • 12:50 legallyxbrunette: does anyone know for feeler calls if there is usually waitlist movement?
  • 12:50 legallyxbrunette: also do they give feeler calls to everyone or only a portion of people?
  • 13:18 jaw79728: Anyone still holding out for their top school which they got WL?
  • 13:20 kingkong: @jaw me
  • 13:20 JinxCatmilton: lol i got accepted to the georgetown RISE program but rejected from the school a few days ago
  • 13:21 jaw79728: @kingkong: Penn State?
  • 13:21 jaw79728: Frustrating how much is up in the air when on a WL...
  • 13:29 kingkong: @jaw79728: Yes :) whoa re you waiting on?
  • 13:29 kingkong: @jaw I just cant believe how dead this week has been...
  • 13:31 EmptyUttermostHedgehog: hello
  • 13:32 EmptyUttermostHedgehog: my application status changed to decision rendered but i haven't received an email yet. on the bottom of the page it says "deposit" and "immunizations" under requirements so i'm wondering if this means the decision is accepted?
  • 13:33 jaw79728: @kingkong: Waiting on Loyola Chicago and USD. Not sure where either of them at with respect to their WLs
  • 13:46 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: @ hedgehog that seems like good news!
  • 13:46 abenz2013: @EmptyUttermostHedgehog: Definitely seems like a good sign! What school is that?
  • 13:56 PuffyFiveMouse: @rsvp: I still haven’t gotten the email from IU… I’m a bit confused
  • 13:58 ThisIsTheEnd:
    ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
  • 14:17 Winnie: there's a chatroom here????
  • 14:17 rsvp: @PuffyFiveMouse: hmm maybe email them? could be that you got accepted
  • 14:17 Winnie: any trasnfer buddies?
  • 14:20 EmptyUttermostHedgehog: @abenz2013: albany! Nothing fancy but I'm super excited lol
  • 14:51 EasyTigerPrincess: @EmptyUttermostHedgehog: I'm in the same spot right now
  • 14:51 EasyTigerPrincess: @EmptyUttermostHedgehog: where's my email! I may go!
  • 15:03 HAT26: Anyone know anything about Iowa Law? UNLV? I am on both WLs.
  • 15:03 EmptyUttermostHedgehog: @EasyTigerPrincess: Awesome! Hopefully it's a good sign and the email comes soon!
  • 15:08 kingkong: @jaw79728: hopefully we will both get As soon!!!
  • 15:10 EasyTigerPrincess: @EmptyUttermostHedgehog: I feel like it has to be because of those check list items but the waiting is stress even though I just applied like a few weeks ago
  • 15:11 HaveFunInTheSun: @Winnie: transfer gang
  • 15:32 EmptyUttermostHedgehog: @EasyTigerPrincess: Just got the email!! Accepted!
  • 15:33 FalawfelQueen: JUST WENT RED FORDHAM PWL
  • 15:34 PeacefulLethalBee: did fordham reds get an email? i never got a rejection email
  • 15:34 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: no email yet
  • 15:34 PeacefulLethalBee: mine says 6/10 is the update but never got an email
  • 15:35 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: does the update for you still say your application has been placed on our waitlist
  • 15:35 FalawfelQueen: yes
  • 15:35 FalawfelQueen: oh sry idt u were talking to me lol
  • 15:36 PeacefulLethalBee: no it doesnt
  • 15:37 PeacefulLethalBee: i applied FT but am also considered for PT could that be why?
  • 15:37 PeacefulLethalBee: im scared to ask lmao
  • 15:37 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: that is really interesting yea mine still says that the app is on the waitlist
  • 15:37 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: i'm PT
  • 15:38 PeacefulLethalBee: yeah im ono waitlist for both technically
  • 15:38 PeacefulLethalBee: i just dont get why i wouldnt get an email
  • 15:38 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: did you check your spam/other folders for the email? seems like you should have gotten one
  • 15:39 PeacefulLethalBee: yeah i check it everyday
  • 15:40 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: tomorrow is the 21 week anniversary of me applying to the school i'm still hoping to go to
  • 15:40 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: a whole half year :')
  • 15:40 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: maybe i'll get a decision by orientation :')
  • 15:50 fearseitan: I went red for Fordham but said I would not consider PT, also no email
  • 15:50 PeacefulLethalBee: @fearseitan: does your new status say denied?
  • 15:50 PeacefulLethalBee: or its just a new date?
  • 15:52 fearseitan: just new date
  • 15:52 FalawfelQueen: @fearseitan: u think we'll hear back tmrw haha
  • 15:52 EasyTigerPrincess: @EmptyUttermostHedgehog: me too!
  • 15:52 fearseitan: Idk, they seem to like friday emails so who knows
  • 15:53 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: if everyone went red i feel like it means nothing
  • 15:53 fearseitan: ^^
  • 15:53 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: same thing happened 4/20 and 4/22
  • 15:53 fearseitan: I'm fully committed to another school so I'm pretty checked out of fls at this point tbh
  • 15:53 ConcernedHappyOrangutan: unless we're all rejected lol
  • 15:53 fearseitan: would be nice to have closure but eh
  • 15:56 NoMoreHope: @HAT26: I spoke to UNLV a week ago and they said they made a couple of WL decisions already, but were not expecting much movement off the WL
  • 16:03 sadsadsadsadsadsad: did anyone who went rent for fls get anything else?
  • 16:04 FalawfelQueen: nah
  • 16:05 FalawfelQueen: think we wont hear back until after 6/17
  • 16:14 sadsadsadsadsadsad: mysterious
  • 16:16 FalawfelQueen: u mean HOPELESSSSSSSSSSS
  • 16:37 sadsadsadsadsadsad: hopeless and mysterious!!!!!
  • 16:37 sadsadsadsadsadsad: just like me
  • 16:38 sadsadsadsadsadsad: jk i am just the hopeless bit :))))))))
  • 17:07 bananasplitsundae: is that a new penn r or do we think it's just a late update
  • 18:07 Hillarydufflebag: vandy wya!!!!!!!!!
  • 18:35 KindlyFertileYak: anything about stanfurd :(
  • 18:57 scottyjetpax: hiii hows everyone doing
  • 19:37 PuppyMonkeyBaby: Does anyone know how long it takes to get the email from Indiana after the status checker changes?
  • 20:03 Jupiter: @PuppyMonkeyBaby: I'm sorry :(
  • 20:38 SilentGiantParrot: @PuppyMonkeyBaby: would assume less than 12 hours for sure
  • 20:39 SilentGiantParrot: did IU keep anyone on WL? would have to think yes, but the email makes it sound like barely anyone
  • 20:46 Overlywishfulthinker: schools full by now or what
  • 20:46 Overlywishfulthinker: love lack of communication on their part
  • 21:20 PuffyFiveMouse: @SilentGiantParrot: I didn’t receive the WL rejection today, could be coming tomorrow tho
  • 22:26 rsvp: yeah i dunno how schools are certain that those who paid their second deposit didn't pay more than one
  • 22:26 rsvp: unless they submitted some kind of confirmation form
  • 22:38 SelfishLongingSphynx: Schools are definitely not checking LSData or they’d know there’s a lot of double deposits
  • 22:48 couldvebeenatiktoker: Wait, why would people still have double deposits this late in the cycle?
  • 23:00 SelfishLongingSphynx: WL are just starting to move
  • 9:47 WindyTranquilPademelon: how often do you send LOCI this late in the cycle?
  • 9:58 SelfishLongingSphynx: Did you already send one? If not then send one now
  • 9:59 WindyTranquilPademelon: i sent one over 2 weeks ago
  • 10:23 SelfishLongingSphynx: Anything you can use to update your application?
  • 11:46 WhosAfraidOfTheBigBadWave: Dear OSU, I wrote you but you still aint callin...
  • 11:56 SelfishLongingSphynx: It feels like a conspiracy to drive us insane
  • 11:58 ImAliveButImDead: my therapist has heard so much about this app cycle
  • 12:07 WindyTranquilPademelon: does anyone know if Temple is full?
  • 12:27 agw44: any speculation about nyu waitlist?? anyone hear anything after the interview?
  • 12:28 HalfUnknownSnail: fordham status checker update...anyone else have this?
  • 12:31 accioJD: @rsvp: did you just hear back from SMU?
  • 12:50 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: @HalfUnknownSnail: were you on the PWL/ said u would do part-time?
  • 13:22 CheerfulSpookyFox: Has anyone heard from Emory recently?
  • 13:26 Tortally-Radical: @agw44: I heard nothing after intervwie
  • 13:26 Tortally-Radical: intervwie is a better word
  • 13:41 HalfUnknownSnail: @MeaslyDizzyMongrel: yes im on PWL / i said no to PT on the form
  • 13:49 harrystylesismyking: first time in 84 years As haven't been less than Rs in live updates
  • 14:01 Debfunkenumber1fan: Good luck all, R&R next cycle
  • 14:02 Debfunkenumber1fan: 3 waitlists and no As
  • 14:02 Debfunkenumber1fan: What a cycle
  • 14:24 PierPissolini: 5 spots at Michigan, hunger games time
  • 14:27 JinxCatmilton: how do you know? @pierpissolini
  • 14:28 PierPissolini: Waitlist FAQ update
  • 14:33 harrystylesismyking: well it was fun while it lasted
  • 14:37 Benny0808: Not to be that dude again, but any CLS updates for anyone?
  • 14:37 Benny0808: They told me we'd hear back early June on the waitlist, and it's the 17th...
  • 14:39 PierPissolini: I mean, the asking for deferrals bit is not a good sign
  • 14:54 abenz2013: I'm just irrationally hoping enough people defer to open up some spots and out of the bazillion people on the Reserve list, they call me. We've hit the delusional part of the cycle.
  • 14:55 SelfishLongingSphynx: Ditto
  • 14:56 abenz2013: I mean, maybe the delusional part of the cycle started with me applying in February and hoping to get into a T14...
  • 14:58 SelfishLongingSphynx: At least you have dreams. I am waiting in Indiana— FFS how has my life come to this?
  • 15:39 PierPissolini: @abenz2013: right there with ya
  • 15:39 PierPissolini: is that michigan movement from today?
  • 15:39 WetClammyCoyote: Where tf is dozo and BK
  • 16:28 MackJack: Just got the CLS second reserve response form. They said they would be conducting the second round of reserve reviews and would let everyone know in mid-July
  • 16:31 JinxCatmilton: so does that mean they already went through the first round?
  • 16:31 JinxCatmilton: i know thats a stupid q
  • 16:32 MackJack: No you're valid. I have no clue either
  • 16:37 nirvana: what does any of this meann
  • 16:37 nirvana: are they going to make cuts now
  • 16:37 Tortally-Radical: CLS just waitlisted me from the waitlist
  • 16:38 Tortally-Radical: just in case thats indicative of a wave or something
  • 16:45 PierPissolini: sheeesh
  • 16:46 abenz2013: Waitlisted from the waitlist? Are they trying to make the admissions process into its own logic game? Dear god
  • 16:47 PierPissolini: Excited to get cut tomorrow :P
  • 16:47 nirvana: did anyone not get it
  • 16:47 abenz2013: I haven’t gotten anything today. Now I’m nervous.
  • 16:47 nirvana: someone make a reddit poll quickly!!!
  • 16:48 nirvana: maybe they will make some offers who knows
  • 16:48 PierPissolini: Thassa R
  • 16:59 EtherealFrighteningSeal: haha this CLS email is useless
  • 17:23 LongingScaredCentipede: it's basically their second reserve, right?
  • 17:23 LongingScaredCentipede: I think not getting it (and I didn't) means incoming R tonight
  • 17:26 MackJack: Do y’all think Berkeley has anything movement coming for WL’s
  • 18:18 HalfUnknownSnail: any idea if Columbia sends a WL reserve cut email?
  • 18:18 HalfUnknownSnail: people are speculating that it is an actual letter
  • 18:23 LongingScaredCentipede: That would blow pretty hard
  • 18:28 abenz2013: I hope not. I've had a few addresses in the last few months and my mail forwarding has gotten screwed up. I really don't want to have a rejection letter wandering the mail system while I'm here stressing out.
  • 18:29 HalfUnknownSnail: It would strike me as odd if they didn't simply email their decision to you...
  • 18:29 HalfUnknownSnail: Seeing as they do everything else through email.
  • 18:29 abenz2013: I can't imagine they'd waste the money/physical resources.
  • 18:30 HalfUnknownSnail: I do suspect this means we will be getting a fairly large WL cut either tomorrow or early next week.
  • 18:30 abenz2013: I was reading a reddit post about CLS from a few years back and it said they generally have a huge WL cut around this time.
  • 18:31 LongingScaredCentipede: apparently their office is closed until Tuesday for Juneteenth
  • 18:33 abenz2013: Meaning they're also closed tomorrow?
  • 18:34 HalfUnknownSnail: That makes sense... I suspect they worked in order of importance 1: Deferral offers... 2: 2ndReserve 3: Rejections
  • 19:31 rsvp: @accioJD: sorry no I've been waitlisted for a while from SMU, I just never properly set up my tracker lol