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Stats: 161 / 3.0 / T2
Black or African American



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HorribleLittleFlamingo left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
24 Arizona State Univer... Accepted RDregular decision $60,000 Dec 22 2020-12-22
111 Chapman University Accepted RDregular decision $90,000
4 Columbia University Rejected Unknown
62 Loyola Marymount Uni... Accepted, At... Unknown $150,000
9 Northwestern University Waitlisted Unknown
62 Pennsylvania State -... Accepted RDregular decision $160,000
47 Pepperdine University Accepted Unknown $120,000
27 UCIrvine Waitlisted RDregular decision
74 UDenver Accepted RDregular decision
18 USouthern California Rejected Unknown
42 UWashington Rejected Unknown
31 William & Mary Law S... Waitlisted Unknown
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  • 14:31 myfriendsarevictorious: I don’t think I’m emotionally prepared to look at my nyu status checker and actually see a change
  • 14:31 myfriendsarevictorious: @MomentousMercifulCoati: who’s she
  • 14:31 Woodstock888: @UghSad: niceeee i'm ghosted by them adn NYU for 6 mnoths
  • 14:32 UghSad: @Woodstock888: they seem to be doing a lot of that... who actually needs decisions it's not like it's mid April
  • 14:34 ApathyMarmot: That's it. That's my full cycle done. It'll be weird not having this site as my browser start page anymore, but...
  • 14:34 SlightlyFearlessQuokka: @harrystylesismyking: ahh i see that now, im sorry about your WL :/
  • 14:35 harrystylesismyking: which one hahaha
  • 14:35 Law101: @myfriendsarevictorious: nyu is doing status changes. since when?
  • 14:35 SlightlyFearlessQuokka: all of them tbh, it's all painful
  • 14:35 UghSad: @ApathyMarmot: Congrats on that A and being able to retire from the cycle of hell :)
  • 14:35 UghSad: double celebration
  • 14:36 harrystylesismyking: @ApathyMarmot: congrats!
  • 14:36 MR25percentile: @TheoCrain: hi!
  • 14:36 MR25percentile: the lr and rc were chill
  • 14:36 MR25percentile: those games were insane tho
  • 14:36 harrystylesismyking: @SlightlyFearlessQuokka: thank you lol once you hit 5 it starts to just ... not surprise you
  • 14:36 MR25percentile: i didnt have any normal games
  • 14:36 nota999: @ApathyMarmot: CONGRATS ON BEING DONE!
  • 14:36 MR25percentile: no sequencing, no grouping, no in out
  • 14:37 MR25percentile: it was all mixed hybrids
  • 14:37 nota999: Hope you love MSU!
  • 14:38 TheoCrain: @MR25percentile: ooh wow that's wild
  • 14:38 TheoCrain: I take it you didn't get the shelving game
  • 14:40 MR25percentile: hmmm ill message u on discord
  • 14:46 myfriendsarevictorious: @Law101: they’re not lol I’m just constantly checking and idk how I’ll actually reach when I see it change
  • 14:48 DropoutBear: Today’s been such a slow
  • 14:48 DropoutBear: Life day
  • 14:51 Law101: @myfriendsarevictorious: the status checkers are probably not even accurate
  • 14:53 cracklemap: Cornell is making moves- just waitlisted
  • 14:53 catpluscoffee: I think Cornell will have a lot of WL movement
  • 14:54 catpluscoffee: I withdrew and so did many in the admitted students group currently
  • 14:54 catpluscoffee: hypothetical but js
  • 14:54 Woodstock888: ooh really?
  • 14:54 Woodstock888: same with NU
  • 14:54 ErikerinoSlamerino: so question here LMU sent me an email saying that i can book meetings with admissions. My app has been UR with no change since January. Should i contact them and tell them basically im still interested?
  • 14:54 UghSad: I think cornell will move a lot soon bc they just had the deposit deadline
  • 14:54 DropoutBear: I wonder if NU will actually move
  • 14:54 Woodstock888: ah right was it 4/15
  • 14:54 catpluscoffee: yeah lots of people went with another school over cornell. Cornell was very stingy will money and that turned a lot of us off
  • 14:54 Woodstock888: same with NU!!
  • 14:54 DropoutBear: I sent them a LOCI and wonder if they’d offer me AID
  • 14:54 Woodstock888: lol
  • 14:55 catpluscoffee: hhahaha
  • 14:55 UghSad: I feel like so many schools are being stingy
  • 14:55 BittenStickyTurtle: @ErikerinoSlamerino I got that email too from LMU, then I got hit with the WL
  • 14:55 catpluscoffee: Cornell forgot to consider me need based aid
  • 14:55 DropoutBear: I would only go to NU at this point if they doubled my Mich offer which is unlikely lol
  • 14:55 DropoutBear: Or if my girl takes me back which is even unlikelier
  • 14:55 Woodstock888: i'm withdrawing from NU soon
  • 14:55 catpluscoffee: I had to call them and ask and they were like "oh wait sorry we never did thats why you got nothing"
  • 14:55 Woodstock888: @UghSad: sorry you said you're sending the LOCI on the 23rd right
  • 14:55 UghSad: @catpluscoffee: yeah cornell def was not treating you right
  • 14:56 cracklemap: big yikes
  • 14:56 catpluscoffee: hahaha its ok
  • 14:56 catpluscoffee: I do think there will be mega WL movement tho:) for all the nell hopefuls
  • 14:56 UghSad: @Woodstock888: i think so, hby? I might try to see if I can find out if anything important was said in the WL session first but Im not too sure I don't think I can attend the 1st one
  • 14:57 ErikerinoSlamerino: @BittenStickyTurtle: think its worth to even contact? its april and ive heard nothing
  • 14:57 Woodstock888: @UghSad: I can take notes and send to u if u need
  • 14:57 Woodstock888: @UghSad: I was gonna send it this weekend but now i'm like maybe tahts too fast
  • 14:57 catpluscoffee: Anyone have insight on the Columbia/NYU WL this year? I would put effort into getting off if I thought it was a potential reality but idk
  • 14:58 UghSad: Cornell's financial aid office was the best for me, they were so fast but pretty much every school Ive been unimpressed by their financial aid offices/practices
  • 14:58 BittenStickyTurtle: @ErikerinoSlamerino When did you apply?
  • 14:58 Woodstock888: similar to cat, i wonder if its even worth sending a LOCI to CLS and NYU i havent heard anything from then
  • 14:58 catpluscoffee: ^ yep NYU has ghosted me sadly
  • 14:58 BittenStickyTurtle: Cause I applied at the end of January, and barely went UR one month ago
  • 14:59 catpluscoffee: but I feel like with my stats aid is unlikely so I am almost like maybe I should just accept it and withdraw
  • 14:59 DropoutBear: NYU WL is actually used / I heard CLS is 0 hope lol
  • 14:59 Woodstock888: cat, did u send a LOCI
  • 14:59 DropoutBear: NYU has ghosted me too
  • 14:59 UghSad: @Woodstock888: that would be great if u could... im assuming it wont be anything earth shattering. Also i really feel like theyre not going to look at anything until after the info session
  • 14:59 Woodstock888: @UghSad: ok join the discord and i'll send u notes later
  • 15:00 Woodstock888: https://discord.gg/FPQUUeqb
  • 15:00 Woodstock888: welcome to everyoen btw
  • 15:00 Asparagine: @ErikerinoSlamerino: I think you should make an appointment and ask question about your app, the waitlist, and the school. I’m in a similar situation with USan Diego and asked if a LOCI would help and he said only if you have something new/significant to report
  • 15:00 catpluscoffee: nope no LOCI, I applied ED and was deferred. thought about it but decided that an LOCI before a decision might be annoying
  • 15:00 UghSad: But i dont think it would be crazy to send it this weekend
  • 15:00 catpluscoffee: and I would want to save that material for if I get WL
  • 15:00 catpluscoffee: but I could be wrong thats just what I ultimately decided
  • 15:01 Woodstock888: @UghSad: did u join?
  • 15:01 UghSad: Ok I joined
  • 15:01 UghSad: I sent a thing in general i am not a top notch discorder lol
  • 15:01 710: i'm putting a lot of effort into trying to get off the nyu waitlist
  • 15:01 catpluscoffee: wait omg what is the discord
  • 15:01 UghSad: Ohh
  • 15:01 catpluscoffee: just some cool peoples
  • 15:01 710: presuming i get it which is maybe not a fair assumption
  • 15:01 UghSad: I will join the other
  • 15:02 UghSad: What is the other discord
  • 15:02 Woodstock888: https://discord.gg/FPQUUeqb
  • 15:03 I-chose-this-waitlist: Wow Yale WOULD have waitlist webinars
  • 15:06 Woodstock888: everywhere does
  • 15:07 Woodstock888: cornell does too lololol
  • 15:07 LSHopeful2021: @I-chose-this-waitlist: lol i feel like theyre just going to give us false hope
  • 15:07 LSHopeful2021: when in reality, we all know only like 2 people are getting off that waitlist haha
  • 15:08 BittenStickyTurtle: I wish schools made it public how many ppl put down seat deposits lol
  • 15:09 UghSad: GULC has wailist sessions with dean andy and he tells you he doesn't know
  • 15:09 harrystylesismyking: @BittenStickyTurtle: even if they did it would be hard to judge accuracy with double deposits in the mix
  • 15:10 UghSad: @LSHopeful2021: I hope they use it to crush hope tbh.... like we waitlisted 400 of you, we are going to let in 4 good luck
  • 15:10 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I know, what is up with all the waitlist info sessions? aren't schools full ?
  • 15:10 UghSad: I work better with less hope
  • 15:10 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @UghSad: lol same!
  • 15:14 235711317: I already withdrew from YLS's WL but I'm so curious what they're gonna say during the info session
  • 15:14 Law101: Maybe they want more students and therefore more money
  • 15:14 HalfUnknownSnail: do we think we will get a friday fordham wave
  • 15:15 Law101: @HalfUnknownSnail: emailed them yesterday
  • 15:15 Law101: They still making decisions
  • 15:17 Rabbitrabbit: Any hope of a CLS wave today or should I just give up and stop refreshing?
  • 15:18 ErikerinoSlamerino: @BittenStickyTurtle: back in decemeber
  • 15:18 myfriendsarevictorious: @UghSad: very May the odds be ever in your favor
  • 15:19 Woodstock888: ugh guyss
  • 15:19 Woodstock888: i just want cycle to be over
  • 15:19 k000l: hi! does anyone have info/updates about the rumor that penn isn't awarding anymore merit aid?
  • 15:25 LetMeInPlease: mood woodstock :((((
  • 15:25 Woodstock888: ikkk
  • 15:25 Woodstock888: i'm so tired
  • 15:25 BirdLaw: Are y'all sending LOCI's to schools asap after first deposit or waiting a few days.
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: i'm thinking of sending it right before may 1
  • 15:26 catpluscoffee: I plan on sending my LOCI a few days before
  • 15:26 PierPissolini: Im sending day after deposit
  • 15:26 LetMeInPlease: @BirdLaw: u mean WL loci or no decision loci?
  • 15:26 catpluscoffee: me and Woodstock are the same person
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: yes
  • 15:26 BirdLaw: Both I guess haha
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: i love coffee
  • 15:26 LetMeInPlease: mood
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: do u love coffee?
  • 15:26 catpluscoffee: I am a barista! yes!
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: OMG
  • 15:26 BirdLaw: I'm still waiting on five schools...
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: I love coffee so much i have a blog
  • 15:26 Woodstock888: LOL
  • 15:27 catpluscoffee: omg no way
  • 15:27 Woodstock888: and i'm dating someone who owns a coffee shop XD
  • 15:27 catpluscoffee: thats amazing
  • 15:27 catpluscoffee: THATS MY DREAM
  • 15:27 Woodstock888: LOL
  • 15:27 catpluscoffee: living the good life
  • 15:27 PierPissolini: Y'all ever see the my strange addiction with coffee enemas?
  • 15:27 BirdLaw: ^ yes
  • 15:27 Woodstock888: the waht
  • 15:27 BirdLaw: disturbing
  • 15:27 Woodstock888: lol
  • 15:27 PierPissolini: That was some crazy shit
  • 15:27 LetMeInPlease: hmm I guess it couldnt hurt to send whenever
  • 15:27 catpluscoffee: no omg what is that
  • 15:27 Woodstock888: i'm disturbed already
  • 15:27 ErikerinoSlamerino: oh ogd
  • 15:27 LetMeInPlease: I should take my own advice tho, I keep going back and forth about whether I should do no decison loci
  • 15:27 catpluscoffee: I am scared to google coffee enema
  • 15:27 PierPissolini: Its exactly what it sounds like
  • 15:27 LetMeInPlease: eww
  • 15:27 Woodstock888: omg no
  • 15:28 Woodstock888: nooooo
  • 15:28 PierPissolini: Like 3x per day
  • 15:28 Woodstock888: cat u should join the discord we have a coffee channel
  • 15:28 Woodstock888: https://pourrichardscoffee.com/
  • 15:28 catpluscoffee: wait I am confused what discord is this is just for 0Ls to vibe
  • 15:28 NonstopNervousMagpie: @PierPissolini: YES PIER IVE SEEN
  • 15:28 Woodstock888: yeah we just rant and talk about stuff, not much about waves though
  • 15:28 catpluscoffee: omg this coffee place looks like it slaps
  • 15:29 NonstopNervousMagpie: my strange addiction is gr8 reality tv tho kind of sad
  • 15:29 TheoCrain: noooo not the coffee en*m*s
  • 15:29 PierPissolini: Reality tv in general is pretty sad
  • 15:29 catpluscoffee: well my cycle is over I could care less abt waves
  • 15:29 Woodstock888: https://discord.gg/FPQUUeqb
  • 15:29 catpluscoffee: lol
  • 15:29 NonstopNervousMagpie: @PierPissolini: true
  • 15:29 catpluscoffee: I will save it and join later today I am on my phone rn:)
  • 15:29 Woodstock888: mmk
  • 15:29 TheoCrain: my strange addiction could do an episode on all of us trying to get into law school
  • 15:29 NonstopNervousMagpie: LOL
  • 15:29 LetMeInPlease: yeah about my LSData addiction
  • 15:30 TheoCrain: "every week they hear bad news... and yet they return"
  • 15:30 Woodstock888: lollll
  • 15:30 burnercell: that's too real theo i hate it
  • 15:30 LetMeInPlease: "this poor soul refreshes 1000x a day and yet.. no status updates"
  • 15:30 catpluscoffee: my addiction to perpetual disappointment and imposter syndrome
  • 15:30 LetMeInPlease: when will they learn...
  • 15:30 TheoCrain: maybe since my law school career is going horribly I will pivot to reality tv
  • 15:30 catpluscoffee: STOP
  • 15:30 NonstopNervousMagpie: can I ask ur guys' opinion? if you're goal was to work in LA/Southern CA you would pick UCI over Emory right?
  • 15:30 PierPissolini: Entirely
  • 15:30 TheoCrain: yes def magpie
  • 15:30 Aristotle: Yes
  • 15:30 catpluscoffee: I wanna go on married at first sight
  • 15:30 NonstopNervousMagpie: YOUR*** GOAL
  • 15:30 catpluscoffee: so bad
  • 15:30 catpluscoffee: I would defer to go on that show
  • 15:30 NonstopNervousMagpie: humiliating
  • 15:31 catpluscoffee: I would magpie
  • 15:31 NonstopNervousMagpie: thnk u guys for validating me
  • 15:31 PierPissolini: I want them to bring back the Swan
  • 15:31 PierPissolini: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Swan_(TV_series)
  • 15:31 catpluscoffee: from what I have researched cali>any other non-T14 school for entertainment/LA stuff
  • 15:31 burnercell: @PierPissolini: i vote bridalplasty
  • 15:31 PierPissolini: wow im gonna have to check that out
  • 15:31 burnercell: omg it's amazing
  • 15:32 burnercell: i watched it many years ago idk where it's available
  • 15:32 TheoCrain: can't believe i've never seen either of these shows
  • 15:32 NonstopNervousMagpie: @catpluscoffee: yeah I think you're right