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Stats: 179 / 3.5 / T4


2020-2021 cycle
Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
Arizona State Univer... Pending RDregular decision Nov 15 Nov 17
Columbia University Pending RDregular decision Nov 17
UCLos Angeles Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 15 Nov 17 Jan 19
UFlorida (Levin) Accepted RDregular decision $65,412 Nov 15 Nov 17 Dec 10
UMichigan Pending RDregular decision Nov 15 Dec 01
USouthern California Pending RDregular decision Nov 15 Nov 23 Jan 04
UTexas at Austin Pending RDregular decision Nov 15 Nov 17 Nov 25
UVirginia Pending RDregular decision Nov 17 Nov 23 Nov 30
Vanderbilt University Pending RDregular decision Nov 15 Nov 17 Nov 30
Status checks in queue: 0
Daily total: 219 路 105 路 62
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22:52 care 1GoldenOmega@CU
22:43 馃コ 1EngineFailure222@NU
22:14 馃コ 1OvertFamousTapir@DU
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22:01 馃コ 1BTSMavenIthink@DU
21:42 馃コ 5darbey@NYU
21:41 馃コ 2helpmego2school@UVA
21:31 care 1LuckySpecialJavanese@CU
21:27 馃コ 1EBITDuh@UM
21:09 馃 1peachykeen17@ND
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  • 22:21 crowningmoment: and maybe ill pleasantly surprise myself
  • 22:21 crowningmoment: with my t5 results lol
  • 22:22 Erra2242: It literally doesn't have a downside since an admission offer wouldn't. be taken back, even if the score was significantly lower (at least I hope so... But I don;t think they do that lol)
  • 22:22 Erra2242: So yeah it's definitely worth a shot
  • 22:22 BrightThoughtfulHarriet: i don't think they do that
  • 22:22 crowningmoment: i mean
  • 22:22 BrightThoughtfulHarriet: because they report the highest score
  • 22:22 crowningmoment: im going to try to have faith anyway
  • 22:23 crowningmoment: because my softs are unique
  • 22:23 SuperSplitterFun: @Erra just $$ and mental health lol
  • 22:23 crowningmoment: just takes one reach to like my softs and give me a chance
  • 22:23 Erra2242: Although I'm assuming your shooting for HYS with that score, and I don't know how those guys have been waitlisting
  • 22:23 ReconditeGorgeousSponge: Yes, that is what they report, but they are also deciding whether or not you will be able to be successful while at university. If you have a series of low scores and one lucky high, they will see and consider that.
  • 22:23 crowningmoment: im at a top 5 undergrad
  • 22:24 crowningmoment: so that might help too? idk
  • 22:24 Erra2242: Yeah so you def want to stay in the top 5
  • 22:24 crowningmoment: preferably yes
  • 22:24 Erra2242: It really does suck that this cycle is so uniquely competitive
  • 22:24 crowningmoment: agreed :/
  • 22:24 Erra2242: Sounds like in a typical cycle you'd be in a top 5 easy
  • 22:24 Erra2242: Tbh probably me too
  • 22:24 crowningmoment: lol unless i get into stanford
  • 22:25 crowningmoment: im leaving my SO on the other side of the country
  • 22:25 crowningmoment: sad
  • 22:25 Erra2242: But this is a trend that will stay for awhile, so it's not like we can ride out the cycle
  • 22:25 crowningmoment: spivey did say
  • 22:25 Erra2242: Ahhh yeah. I'm in California and Stanford is my top choice
  • 22:25 crowningmoment: softs will matter more
  • 22:25 crowningmoment: im hoping hes right
  • 22:25 Erra2242: Same
  • 22:25 Erra2242: Although I have no idea how they "rank softs"
  • 22:26 crowningmoment: all i know is my softs probably arent possessed by any other applicant this cycle
  • 22:26 crowningmoment: especially my top one
  • 22:26 crowningmoment: so who knows
  • 22:26 Erra2242: Wow so I hope they take you
  • 22:26 BrightThoughtfulHarriet: my friend just got into to stanford 2 days ago but she's also in at yale so the only thing that will make her consider stanford would be knight henessy
  • 22:26 crowningmoment: jeez
  • 22:26 PerpetualDamagedCass: LOL CROWNING
  • 22:26 crowningmoment: tell her to give me SLS
  • 22:26 Erra2242: I have a super unique soft. but it wasn't enough for H/Y
  • 22:26 PerpetualDamagedCass: I live in CA but will likely be leaving for LS
  • 22:27 crowningmoment: Erra
  • 22:27 crowningmoment: you were rejected by H?
  • 22:27 Erra2242: Yep...
  • 22:27 PerpetualDamagedCass: do you mind if I ask when you applied crowning?
  • 22:27 crowningmoment: early november!
  • 22:27 crowningmoment: well, early to mid november
  • 22:27 PerpetualDamagedCass: Oh that's great! you have great results for that time period wow
  • 22:27 crowningmoment: Thanks!
  • 22:28 crowningmoment: i didnt know what to expect coming into this cycle
  • 22:28 crowningmoment: but so far so good
  • 22:28 JoeDangit: Curious what the soft was if no one else has it..
  • 22:29 crowningmoment: uhhh im trying to figure out how not to dox myself hm
  • 22:29 crowningmoment: working with a country's politicians on something
  • 22:29 JoeDangit: I felt like my soft was a bit unique, especially for california schools.
  • 22:29 crowningmoment: thats my general description
  • 22:29 Erra2242: Yeah I have an ultra specific soft too it would stand out
  • 22:29 Erra2242: Oh damn wowww! Yeah that definitely gives you an edge
  • 22:29 PerpetualDamagedCass: hahah crowning :)
  • 22:30 JoeDangit: Shoot.
  • 22:30 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: I have no particularly special or unique softs
  • 22:30 JoeDangit: Well mine isn't as good as that, lol.
  • 22:30 crowningmoment: not the US though
  • 22:30 Erra2242: Oh, still interesting, and it might give you diversity pts
  • 22:30 JoeDangit: Going one for one.
  • 22:30 Erra2242: Depending on how high the office is, that could be super strong
  • 22:30 JoeDangit: I worked on a handcrew during wildfires.
  • 22:31 crowningmoment: ive met with the head of X nation
  • 22:31 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: ty for your service joe
  • 22:31 Erra2242: Yep so they'll definitely take note of that
  • 22:31 crowningmoment: anyway in the end, this just happened because im very passionate about X cause
  • 22:31 Erra2242: Thank you for your service as well Joe
  • 22:31 crowningmoment: so moral of the story is follow your passions :)
  • 22:31 Erra2242: That's also a great soft
  • 22:31 crowningmoment: yes, thank you for your service<3
  • 22:32 Erra2242: And @crowning yeah since. it's a passion and continuing service, that's the type of soft they really look for
  • 22:32 HalfUnknownSnail: what up - i'm pickle rick - i'm back baby
  • 22:32 crowningmoment: i really had no idea how it'd manifest decision wise
  • 22:32 crowningmoment: i did get deferred from my ED though
  • 22:33 Erra2242: Hmm weird. They usually love ED applicants
  • 22:34 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: ok so Q don't be mad. I'm above both medians for Michigan. why don't they want me
  • 22:34 crowningmoment: same here lyrical beef
  • 22:34 Erra2242: @Schnauzer did you get an R, WL or just ignored?
  • 22:34 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: ignored. I applied late oct
  • 22:34 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: I'm kind of expecting a WL I guess
  • 22:34 Erra2242: Yeah they;re all doing that. I don't get it. I'm above medians for a bunch of schools and it's just been radio silence since September
  • 22:35 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: but then why accept people with better and worse stats?
  • 22:35 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: I did the optional essays if applicable
  • 22:35 Erra2242: For the worse stats people, they probably have a special status or soft that gets them in
  • 22:35 crowningmoment: i havent heard from michigan
  • 22:35 Erra2242: As for better, it looks like they're all shooting extra high this cycle
  • 22:35 crowningmoment: applied early november
  • 22:35 crowningmoment: also did the optional essays
  • 22:36 Erra2242: Apparently we are the people they are going "maybe" on which is why we are venting anxiety rn >__<
  • 22:36 PerpetualDamagedCass: michigan is all about fit-- if you did optional essays idk why you havent gotten in yet :(
  • 22:36 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: haha yes. maybe they saw my edgy tweets
  • 22:36 crowningmoment: michigan is so pretty <3
  • 22:36 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Same situation here lyrical
  • 22:36 Erra2242: It's kind of worrying though. I'm thinking, if I'm here this long, does that mean my softs aren't interesting enough?
  • 22:37 Erra2242: Not sure if they read us and put us in some pile somewhere
  • 22:37 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: yeah prob solid maybes since we're not rejected
  • 22:37 xoxogossipgirl: maybe your softs were super interesting...and maybe someone else's was too and they cant decide so they put them down and think on it.
  • 22:37 Erra2242: ^ Exactly
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: okay homework time
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: nice chatting everyone
  • 22:37 Erra2242: We are the solid maybes
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: all the best with your cycles
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: <3333333333
  • 22:37 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: likewise!
  • 22:37 xoxogossipgirl: it doesnt mean YOU are the problem. might just mean more solid competition
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: either way
  • 22:37 Erra2242: Thanks crowning, take care :)
  • 22:37 xoxogossipgirl: gnight crown!
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: we're going to law school
  • 22:37 xoxogossipgirl: exactly.
  • 22:37 crowningmoment: woohooooooooo
  • 22:38 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Maybe we鈥檙e just too cool for them
  • 22:38 LyricalBeefSchnauzer: yes! we'll be ok with or without michigan
  • 22:38 Erra2242: You're right, regardless we will all be lawyers in a few years
  • 22:38 Erra2242: :))
  • 22:42 SuperSplitterFun: guys I submitted my Harvard app on 9/15. been complete since 9/18. that's 131 days
  • 22:43 SuperSplitterFun: I know nothing is better than a reject
  • 22:43 SuperSplitterFun: no one needs to comfort me
  • 22:43 SuperSplitterFun: I just needed to put that 131 number out there
  • 22:45 Erra2242: @Supersplitter, same complete date but rejected in the Jan wave like 10 days ago
  • 22:46 Erra2242: If you're still here that means you passed that wave
  • 22:46 SuperSplitterFun: UGH @Erra, sorry to hear it
  • 22:46 Erra2242: That's alright, hey there's always hope for a transfer :)
  • 22:47 Erra2242: But yeah any non-reject is a success at this point.
  • 22:47 Erra2242: Usually people who submit early have the highest rates of getting in. But that's skewed because the early people tend to have the highest scores.
  • 22:47 Erra2242: They don't actually read the apps in order, from what I know
  • 22:47 Erra2242: They rank them somehow and go through review piles
  • 22:48 Erra2242: So you've been passing the reviews so far. I hope you get an answer soon. The waiting sucks!
  • 22:49 SuperSplitterFun: it does! but also - grateful for how my cycle is going
  • 22:49 SuperSplitterFun: just sometimes it feels nice to speak the frustration :)
  • 22:50 SuperSplitterFun: also, I legitimately have gotten 97% of my admission info from Reddit, which I only discovered after submitting my apps
  • 22:50 SuperSplitterFun: so I had a skewed expectation of timeline until like - November
  • 22:51 Erra2242: Haha same!! I found Spivey and got here and I'm like oh, so this is normal apparently
  • 22:51 SuperSplitterFun: EXACTLY
  • 22:51 Erra2242: Agree about the frustration. Honestly they should just have a set date by which they post all decisions and that's it. These universities are speaking about "mental health" and causing all the problems smhhh
  • 22:51 SuperSplitterFun: yessss
  • 22:52 SuperSplitterFun: I already know there's no way I can ride a waitlist too
  • 22:52 Erra2242: Same no way
  • 22:52 Erra2242: I've always felt that a WL is rude. It's like asking someone for a date and they're like hmm MAYBE let me look at these other offers
  • 22:52 SuperSplitterFun: yes after I showed you my best self 200 days ago
  • 22:53 Erra2242: Exactly!!
  • 22:53 SuperSplitterFun: YOU SHOULD KNOW ME BY THIS POINT
  • 22:53 Erra2242: Even corporate has more manners. They don't "waitlist" job applicants, especially not when some are considering moving halfway across the country
  • 22:53 SuperSplitterFun: so true
  • 22:53 Erra2242: I know right! Ahhhh
  • 22:54 SuperSplitterFun: I'm hoping GULC or UVA gives me a good first $$ offer so I can just let myself fall in love with one of them and be done
  • 22:54 Erra2242: Oooh I hope so
  • 22:55 Erra2242: The GULC interview was super chill, if they ask one of you it should be pretty breezy
  • 22:55 SuperSplitterFun: yeah I did the group one and I was shocked by how nice it was
  • 22:56 SuperSplitterFun: when I saw "group" and "Zoom" I was not thinking positive thoughts
  • 22:56 Erra2242: Same!!!
  • 22:56 SuperSplitterFun: but I thought the format was great
  • 22:56 Erra2242: Although I was pretty surprised about the questions. Not sure about you but they had us judge old applications
  • 22:56 Erra2242: At first I was like uh oh shit
  • 22:56 Erra2242: But it was obvious stuff
  • 22:56 SuperSplitterFun: haha!
  • 22:57 SuperSplitterFun: yeah mine was the same
  • 22:57 Erra2242: Bahahaha
  • 22:57 SpotlessReadyCapybara: @superspliyter what are your t2 softs? Your cycle is insane
  • 22:57 SuperSplitterFun: my little subgroup kept being the most extreme and I was there for it
  • 22:57 Erra2242: Yeah I have no idea why they did it like that. I guess to make sure you have basic social skills and can speak on camera?! Idk
  • 22:57 GoldenOmega: rejected by my top choice
  • 22:57 GoldenOmega: feels bad
  • 22:57 Erra2242: I was the extremist in the group lmao
  • 22:57 SuperSplitterFun: @spotless - can't be too specific but I work for the gov
  • 22:58 Erra2242: @Omega, I feel your burn
  • 22:58 SuperSplitterFun: lol I guess I should have said, can't be specific
  • 22:59 PerpetualDamagedCass: I'm sorry Omega :( rejections always hurt
  • 22:59 SpotlessReadyCapybara: that鈥檚 sounds super cool! We have similar stats and cycles but I got the Harvard dong
  • 22:59 SuperSplitterFun: ugh sorry Omega
  • 23:00 Erra2242: @Capybara sorry - yeah I think the softs make the key differences
  • 23:00 SuperSplitterFun: @spotless - you have me beat across the board :). I'm just old
  • 23:00 SuperSplitterFun: I'm guessing an April Harvard WL is in my future
  • 23:00 SuperSplitterFun: (prove me wrong, Harvard!)
  • 23:00 GoldenOmega: this is my first rejection too.. don't really know how to deal haha
  • 23:02 PerpetualDamagedCass: Hahaha Im old too yay :D
  • 23:03 Erra2242: @Omega It really burns and feels personal. Don't let these darn institutions define you. I was a HS dropout and my. entire school thought I would amount to nothing. I got rejected to EVERY SINGLE UC as an undergrad. I worked my tail off and got to UCLA and made honors with 4.0. Now aiming for the T5 of law schools. No one from my HS came even close to doing this. Never put yourself down, things can always turn around. Never know whose going to become a successful entrepreneur or have the most amazing family. Honestly it's the things you do after school that really matter...
  • 23:03 PerpetualDamagedCass: honestly, just cry and grieve for a couple days and then remember you have great other options <3
  • 23:03 SuperSplitterFun: mmm I usually turn my sadness into rage and/or drink and/or run while listening to murder podcasts
  • 23:03 Erra2242: I hope that helps
  • 23:03 SuperSplitterFun: uhmm def listen to Cass
  • 23:03 PerpetualDamagedCass: OOH I love murder podcasts hahaha
  • 23:03 PerpetualDamagedCass: I am old and wise, listen to me
  • 23:04 GoldenOmega: thank y'all I appreciate it
  • 23:04 SuperSplitterFun: lol closer to the 9 years WE than 5?
  • 23:07 PerpetualDamagedCass: the WE is tricky to fill out. I worked part and full time during college but been out of college for 8 years
  • 23:08 SuperSplitterFun: that's about where I am too :)
  • 23:08 PerpetualDamagedCass: :) nice
  • 23:09 SuperSplitterFun: alright guys, heading to bed! have a good night. hang in there, Omega! you've had good news and you'll get more
  • 23:09 PerpetualDamagedCass: night night :)
  • 23:09 Erra2242: Same good night everyone (:
  • 23:12 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: Hope we have waves tomorrow
  • 23:12 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: See yall
  • 23:16 Whoisrickjames: does anyone have any wave predictions?
  • 23:16 OldSilkyMacaw: Maybe Duke soon?