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Stats: 157 / 3.71 / T3
Black or African American



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sidsidsid left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
29 Boston College Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $60,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Jan 05 2021-01-05 Feb 25 2021-02-25
20 Boston University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $60,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Feb 03 2021-02-03
81 Brooklyn Law School Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 27 2021-01-27
4 Columbia University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 27 2020-11-27 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Mar 22 2021-03-22
13 Cornell University Accepted, At... RDregular decision $45,000 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Feb 01 2021-02-01
29 Emory University Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Feb 26 2021-02-26
35 Fordham University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $60,000 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Jan 08 2021-01-08 Jan 11 2021-01-11
27 George Washington Un... WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 25 2020-11-25 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 07 2020-12-07 Jan 11 2021-01-11
15 Georgetown University WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Jan 15 2021-01-15
6 New York University Hold, Rejected RDregular decision Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 01 2021-01-01
6 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 27 2020-11-27 Nov 28 2020-11-28 Dec 16 2020-12-16 Jan 05 2021-01-05 Feb 10 2021-02-10 Mar 05 2021-03-05
8 UVirginia WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Jan 21 2021-01-21 Mar 11 2021-03-11
53 Villanova University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $120,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Jan 07 2021-01-07 Jan 22 2021-01-22
53 Yeshiva University (... Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $189,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Feb 12 2021-02-12
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  • 17:42 MigrantWarrior1: Got it
  • 19:44 SafeTrashyBird: any nyu info ?
  • 20:18 jaw79728: CLS just put on a clinic
  • 20:19 jaw79728: Never seen that many WL, Rs in one day
  • 21:08 SilentGiantParrot: would rather get some waitlist decisions than wait till august
  • 21:08 SilentGiantParrot: :)
  • 21:08 jaw79728: Any word on Loyola Chicago?
  • 21:09 jaw79728: Or USD?
  • 23:53 Jupiter: The first Penn WL->R wave was pretty bad too
  • 11:33 PierPissolini: I haven't received any update from columbia but can access second reserve form by typing it into my browser -- sit tight?
  • 11:35 PierPissolini: Also, did they ever actually admit anyone off of reserve end of may?
  • 11:36 PierPissolini: oh wow didnt see that theyre back at it again
  • 12:29 Tortally-Radical: Anyone have some SLS news
  • 12:30 LongingScaredCentipede: @PierPissolini: i think anyone can access that form
  • 12:49 Cristallito: does anyone have news on Loyola LA evening program movement?
  • 12:53 PierPissolini: @LongingScaredCentipede: wow you would kind of accept more from them
  • 12:53 PierPissolini: expect
  • 12:53 PierPissolini: what
  • 13:00 FalawfelQueen: got a feeler from emory law lol
  • 13:17 SouthernYank97: @FalawfelQueen: there have been people leaving the emory discord lately
  • 13:18 SouthernYank97: Im still waiting for my gw feelwr lmao
  • 13:19 FalawfelQueen: @SouthernYank97: u got it!!!
  • 13:59 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: I confirmed my interest in CLS second reserve
  • 14:00 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: but will they actually take anyone?? What's the point if they're apparently overenrolled?
  • 14:14 LetMeInPlease: If anyone else is waiting on UNC, I emailed them asking for a waitlist update and will report back
  • 14:17 LetMeInPlease: No reason they can't give us an update if the second deposit has passed :/
  • 14:32 SOS: @LetMeInPlease: omg thank you! I am nervous though and sad
  • 14:32 TheoCrain: wow long time no see hey yall
  • 14:47 LetMeInPlease: A little confusing response.. they are reviewing the waitlist following July 4th, but couldn't say if anyone would be taken off it
  • 14:48 LetMeInPlease: I'm wondering if July 4th is some other deadline? You would think they would know if there would be movement past the second deposit deadline
  • 14:49 LetMeInPlease: @SOS: I am also nervous and sad. I just want to get closure so I can sign for my apartment and get excited for the school I'm attending
  • 14:53 SOS: @LetMeInPlease: wait, so they will make a decision of whether to take anyone (if at all) off the waitlist after the 4th?
  • 14:54 LetMeInPlease: @SOS: yep!
  • 14:55 SOS: @LetMeInPlease: so they wouldnt say if they are overenrolled? or were they just being cryptic in saying that they are overenrolled? sorry to keep bother you, just really stressed/confused
  • 14:57 LetMeInPlease: @SOS: I'm really not sure. At this point they must know if they are overenrolled. There's a lot of ways to word a cryptic response I guess, I don't know why they would include the "if" if there were 0 chance of that "if" but I don't know.
  • 14:57 LetMeInPlease: @SOS: And you're not bothering me at all! I'll be obsessing about the wording of this email for days regardless lmao
  • 14:58 LetMeInPlease: Perhaps they are still deciding exactly what class size they want
  • 14:58 SOS: @LetMeInPlease: haha! Thank you for the info, really appreciate it!
  • 14:58 SOS: are you from NC?
  • 14:58 LetMeInPlease: Not originally, but I'm a resident for tuition purposes lol
  • 14:58 LetMeInPlease: I've lived here for a yearish
  • 14:59 SOS: where did you go to undergrad? I have been here for 4 years and cant imagine moving elsewhere
  • 15:00 LetMeInPlease: I went to Tulane undergrad
  • 15:01 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: Any Fordham update?
  • 15:18 LBnBB: Hoping for a Wisconsin update! Still waiting on a decision.
  • 15:20 JinxCatmilton: where is UT
  • 15:20 JinxCatmilton: I can not wait 3 more days
  • 15:23 LetMeInPlease: @JinxCatmilton: Was there an update past them being overenrolled?
  • 15:27 JustSourGrouse: ^^ when was the over-enrollment update?
  • 15:29 JustSourGrouse: Was that just the 5/14 WL update?
  • 15:31 LetMeInPlease: yeah I think the last email combined with offering admitted students deferral incentives
  • 15:38 JustSourGrouse: Thanks! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss one. After my weird WL—> R from UMN by snail mail I’m paranoid haha
  • 15:39 Falparsi: another roud of WL at CLS for me lol.
  • 15:39 LetMeInPlease: an R by snail mail? That's messed up
  • 16:04 SOS: @LetMeInPlease: would you mind posting the email body response from UNC here?
  • 16:09 LetMeInPlease: sure
  • 16:09 LetMeInPlease: We have not yet reviewed the wait list. We plan to do this after the July 4th holiday. At this time, we do not know how many (if any) students will be admitted. As you are likely aware, it has been a very competitive admissions cycle this year.
  • 16:12 LongingScaredCentipede: @Falparsi: did your second review email come through today?
  • 16:25 SOS: @LetMeInPlease: Thank you!! :)
  • 16:26 SOS: I find it kind of weird that they would think of reviewing the waitlist if they dont plan on taking anyone off? thats just my two cents
  • 16:44 Falparsi: @LongingScaredCentipede: yep!
  • 16:51 LetMeInPlease: @SOS: Yeah. I would think deciding if you even need the waitlist should come before reviewing the waitlist
  • 16:51 LetMeInPlease: I'm also just confused about the July 4th date
  • 16:54 WindyTranquilPademelon: does anyone know if Temp[le is full?
  • 17:00 ImAliveButImDead: BU is full
  • 17:00 ImAliveButImDead: Just got the email
  • 17:00 Law101: yup
  • 17:09 harrystylesismyking: that hurt
  • 17:24 RaspberryEnthusiast: The one I got said they expect to make a few WL offers
  • 17:25 RaspberryEnthusiast: Next update July 12
  • 17:29 harrystylesismyking: yeah they said it's full then the next sentence says they expect to admit some applicants so who tf knows
  • 17:34 ImAliveButImDead: I take it as every year people don’t show up to orientation or people get cold feet and dip and those are the WL offers that they anticipate giving “late summer”
  • 17:35 harrystylesismyking: agreed
  • 18:05 harrystylesismyking: paperweight wave
  • 18:08 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: give paperweight wave
  • 18:10 Texas-TLG: Question, if I've got a 15high/3.9mid, what would be the highest school realistically that I could get into?? (URM, Former CEO Small Nonprofit, TFA)
  • 18:19 harrystylesismyking: you are prob better off looking at the individual pages of the schools you are interested in and seeing how people with similar stats performed
  • 18:37 ImAliveButImDead: congrats on your cycle @paperweight
  • 3:53 CripTheLaw: @Texas-TLG: with that background and GPA I would seriously consider retaking the LSAT. Even getting into the mid 160s would open up many options.
  • 3:59 CripTheLaw: If you do not want to retake you have a chance at some good schools like ASU and BU but will likely not have much in terms of scholarship offers
  • 10:17 Tortally-Radical: Retake that lsat
  • 10:17 Tortally-Radical: imo
  • 10:17 ZbNRYfNX: I have a letter in the mail from UVA, any guesses?
  • 10:17 ZbNRYfNX: I was rejected early in the cycle and asked for reconsideration
  • 10:18 ZbNRYfNX: Is it an R?
  • 10:47 Tortally-Radical: U tell us
  • 10:49 LongingScaredCentipede: are these CLS Rs from today?
  • 11:03 ZbNRYfNX: It hasn’t arrived I’m so scared
  • 11:14 Tortally-Radical: I bet it says ligma
  • 11:14 Tortally-Radical: all my decisions have said ligma this cycle :/
  • 11:14 harrystylesismyking: sigh
  • 11:36 NASA: This cycle is purgatory
  • 12:21 DebonairDashingZonkey: Spoke with UT. They said they won’t be letting anybody off the WL for at least the next few weeks and the Dean Le update with further details is coming Friday
  • 12:59 SpotlessReadyCapybara: @ZbNRYfNX: good luck - keep us updated
  • 13:57 ZbNRYfNX: @SpotlessReadyCapybara: thank you friend, nothing yet. It was on my USPS email but hasn’t arrived
  • 15:21 KaputTameSnake: @ZbNRYfNX: how did you ask for reconsideration? What’s the process?
  • 15:44 BigCapper69: Should I be deeply concerned about getting into UIUC, Indiana, Iowa or and/or SMU this upcoming cycle?
  • 15:47 ZbNRYfNX: @KaputTameSnake: You can just email and ask most schools. Someone recently got into Cornell through it. Not me though, the letter was a rejection.
  • 15:51 harrystylesismyking: the letter from UVA today was a rejection?
  • 15:51 KaputTameSnake: @ZbNRYfNX: thank you! Do you have a Reddit that we can talk through? I want to make sure I phrase my email right lol and ask some general questions
  • 15:52 KaputTameSnake: @ZbNRYfNX: if you don’t mind :)
  • 16:04 ZbNRYfNX: @KaputTameSnake: unfortunately I don’t. But I’m afraid I wouldn’t be much help, after all I was double rejected. However, I got the reconsideration by saying something like “I noticed a few other applicants have requested a reconsideration of their admissions decision after a significant development, is there anyone at the admissions office I could talk to about starting that process?”
  • 16:07 KaputTameSnake: @ZbNRYfNX: thanks for that template. What kind of significant developments did you have if I may ask? Is it typically after a huge jump in LSAT that people ask for reconsideration?
  • 16:09 ZbNRYfNX: @KaputTameSnake: Yes it is, mine was more of a job/life development
  • 16:10 UncertainElectricDolphin: IN AT NORTHWESTERN OFF THE WAITLIST
  • 16:11 Jupiter: Woooo congratulations!!!
  • 16:11 ZbNRYfNX: @UncertainElectricDolphin: congrats! Did you write a LOCI?
  • 16:12 UncertainElectricDolphin: I wrote a LOCI and did their waitlist interview, got the feeler email on Monday, sent one more short LOCI basically confirming that if they offerred, I would accept, and got the decision letter today.
  • 16:12 Jupiter: Were you willing to pay sticker
  • 16:12 ZbNRYfNX: @UncertainElectricDolphin: that’s so awesome, snail mail or email?
  • 16:13 UncertainElectricDolphin: @Jupiter: absolutely.
  • 16:13 Jupiter: Nice, well that's amazing, congratulations!
  • 16:13 UncertainElectricDolphin: @ZbNRYfNX: email
  • 16:21 ZbNRYfNX: I wonder if being double rejected annihilates my chances for next cycle bc I was annoying :/
  • 16:26 harrystylesismyking: i dont think it will at all
  • 16:26 harrystylesismyking: you didn't do anything wrong, so try again and maybe it was just too late for this year
  • 17:00 SilentGiantParrot: Wake Forest WL email today to check interest
  • 17:01 sadsadsadsadsadsad: where is fordham????????
  • 17:33 HalfUnknownSnail: so NU admitted 2 today... curious...very curious
  • 17:33 HalfUnknownSnail: i wonder if this is really the full extent.. or they admitted more
  • 18:14 bananasplitsundae: another day without my cls dong......hmph
  • 18:45 PierPissolini: Bro, same, where is my CLS R
  • 19:52 LongingScaredCentipede: same tbh
  • 20:56 ImminentEatableBoar: @SilentGiantParrot: what did your WF email say? Did it ask you to fill out a form to stay on their WL?
  • 23:28 SilentGiantParrot: yes asked to fill out form. 1. how many days you need to be able to basically get to campus and 2. if you need schol to attend.
  • 10:09 SquealingDrabBobcat: Just got the CLS dong and it honestly feels good
  • 10:17 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: @SquealingDrabBobcat: today?
  • 10:18 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: someone on reddit said NYU sent a feeler? is that true?
  • 10:21 HalfUnknownSnail: Would y’all attend BU at 132k scholarship?
  • 10:22 HalfUnknownSnail: 172/3.5
  • 10:47 harrystylesismyking: @HalfUnknownSnail: when did you apply this year
  • 10:57 HalfUnknownSnail: October. Went 169-172 in feb tho
  • 10:57 HalfUnknownSnail: Honestly .. I am just going to go
  • 10:57 harrystylesismyking: that's a tough one
  • 10:57 HalfUnknownSnail: It’s a hell of a lot of money for a t20
  • 10:57 harrystylesismyking: i think i would go
  • 10:58 HalfUnknownSnail: Yeah. My consultant says I’ll get a t14 with no money if I reapply
  • 10:58 HalfUnknownSnail: And that’s not really worth it to me
  • 10:58 harrystylesismyking: yeah next year could be just as bad, it's hard to know if you'd perform any better even though your lsat is amazing
  • 10:58 HalfUnknownSnail: Yeah. BU also has stellar big law placement
  • 10:59 HalfUnknownSnail: Like it’s possible to be in the too 3/7ths of the class
  • 11:00 harrystylesismyking: true! if you'd be happy there then i think it's worth it for sure
  • 11:00 HalfUnknownSnail: I mean… I think I’ll always wonder “what if” with a 172
  • 11:00 HalfUnknownSnail: But I also am 30
  • 11:00 JinxCatmilton: I would say to go to BU
  • 11:01 HalfUnknownSnail: Well that’s good y’all cause I just signed my lease … Lolol
  • 11:01 HalfUnknownSnail: This was my final stop
  • 11:07 harrystylesismyking: nice, congrats!
  • 11:07 harrystylesismyking: I think you will be happy that you are getting this whole thing going instead of waiting another year. Maybe not right now, but eventually
  • 11:37 legallyxbrunette: hoping that today is the day my friends
  • 11:37 legallyxbrunette: hope we all get some A
  • 12:19 ImAliveButImDead: i would go to BU if they spit in my face. congrats tho on signing your lease! exciting stuff :)
  • 12:51 FumblingCurvyCichlid: Any update on Loyola Chicago? Their waitlist hasnt moved at all.
  • 12:52 legallyxbrunette: @FumblingCurvyCichlid: i have no idea!! i haven't heard anything since i've been waitlisted
  • 12:55 FumblingCurvyCichlid: @legallyxbrunette: I was anticipating some WL movement but they have been super silent. I participated in the zoom hours and they gave the same politically correct answer - WL decisions could be made anytime until the first day of classes.
  • 12:56 FumblingCurvyCichlid: There has been no to minimal WL movement at T70-80
  • 12:58 FumblingCurvyCichlid: Havent heard from University of Denver either in terms of WL
  • 12:59 FumblingCurvyCichlid: or SMU for that matter. All 3 schools have been super silent
  • 13:01 accioJD: SMU is apparently full
  • 13:01 accioJD: I think a lot of T60-T70s won't make any decisions until the T-14s are done
  • 13:01 FumblingCurvyCichlid: @accioJD: I wish they sent atleast an update on where they stand
  • 13:01 accioJD: Which might not be until mid-July
  • 13:02 accioJD: @FumblingCurvyCichlid: One could only wish lol
  • 13:04 abenz2013: Any word from UMN? They’re the only WL I’m really hoping to get called up from.
  • 13:20 legallyxbrunette: @FumblingCurvyCichlid: ah i'm sorry! that is so annoying
  • 13:21 legallyxbrunette: @FumblingCurvyCichlid: i don't know why they aren't just more honest like "our class is full right now" or something. on the bright side, i think i'm going to withdraw my WL offer so hopefully that will help you out!
  • 13:38 FumblingCurvyCichlid: @legallyxbrunette: I agree that schools should be more open and honest. Thats very kind of you. I have applied for the Part-Time program anyway.
  • 14:05 legallyxbrunette: do you guys think some schools are waiting to give waitlist offers until they receive june lsat scores?
  • 14:16 HalfUnknownSnail: I think schools are waiting on the fact that GULC Northwestern and Cornell have all gone to their WL’s while Vandy WashU BU snd UMN are all full but not over so that movement will affect them
  • 14:38 Jupiter: But if the people that get into the top schools weren’t admitted anywhere else, than it’s likely we still might not see a lot of movement lower down
  • 14:38 legallyxbrunette: thanks friends!! that info is helpful
  • 14:38 legallyxbrunette: my top choice is wayne and i'm on the waitlist. i got a feeler call last wednesday and haven't heard anything since so i was just curious lol
  • 14:39 Jupiter: Do they know you took the june LSAT?
  • 14:39 legallyxbrunette: i also didn't know because it's a lower ranked school so there is not a lot of info
  • 14:40 legallyxbrunette: i didn't take the june lsat!! i didn't know if they were waiting to give out offers to see if people increased their score with the june lsat though
  • 14:40 legallyxbrunette: if that makes sense
  • 14:40 Jupiter: Oh, no, they’re most likely not waiting on that
  • 14:41 legallyxbrunette: oh okay! thank you!
  • 14:41 legallyxbrunette: that's good to know
  • 14:41 Jupiter: Likely only for those they know took the June test
  • 14:41 Jupiter: They have heaps of overly qualified candidates already in waiting lol
  • 14:42 legallyxbrunette: gotcha okay. i was just curious because usually receiving a feeler call asking if you want to stay on the waitlist is a good sign of waitlist movement right?
  • 14:42 legallyxbrunette: they didn't give the call out to everyone also. only some waitlist applicants
  • 14:46 Jupiter: From what we’ve seen around here, it does seem like exclusive feelers are a sign of potential upcoming waitlist movement :)
  • 14:47 legallyxbrunette: oh no!! lol
  • 14:47 legallyxbrunette: well thank u! still hoping for the best haha
  • 14:47 legallyxbrunette: they said on the call that they were expecting waitlist movement so hoping that that will mean something me
  • 14:48 Jupiter: That sounds like a good thing for you for sure!
  • 14:50 Jupiter: And the June test takers can definitely put themselves in a more competitive position as compared to the other people on the waitlist. Especially if they leap ahead people in stats by retaking.
  • 14:51 legallyxbrunette: yeah haha. well thank you for your insight! lets hope for the best
  • 14:52 Jupiter: No problem, good luck!! 🤞
  • 17:29 HalfUnknownSnail: ok yall.. should your tuition be higher than what they told you at admission?
  • 17:30 HalfUnknownSnail: like they gave you a cost breakdown.. and now its like 1730 dollars more
  • 17:30 HalfUnknownSnail: like after being accepted...
  • 18:42 Jupiter: The tuition they told you at admission might have been last years rates. I think that happened to me too
  • 18:48 kitten2399: GULC acceptance just now off of WL
  • 19:13 BeachRock: @kitten2399: did you do a group interview?
  • 19:23 IAm-Scared-: :0
  • 19:26 IAm-Scared-: I just want a law school to like me :')
  • 19:26 IAm-Scared-: rough to be a splitter this year