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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
4 Columbia University Pending RDregular decision
13 Cornell University Pending RDregular decision Oct 27 2020-10-27
24 Emory University Pending RDregular decision
27 Fordham University Accepted RDregular decision $135,000
14 Georgetown University Accepted RDregular decision
3 Harvard University Rejected RDregular decision
6 New York University Pending Unknown Oct 07 2020-10-07
9 Northwestern University Pending RDregular decision
9 UCBerkeley Accepted RDregular decision
4 UChicago Waitlisted Unknown Oct 26 2020-10-26
9 UMichigan Pending Unknown
7 UPennsylvania Accepted RDregular decision Nov 17 2020-11-17 Dec 06 2020-12-06 Jan 08 2021-01-08
8 UVirginia Pending Unknown Sep 07 2020-09-07
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main_chatroom Rooms: General Big mad Advice
  • 12:39 GarrulousDysfunctionalTetra: no, by definition it means you're underrepresented in the legal field so it'll never hurt, though how much it helps will always vary
  • 12:40 FlagrantUpbeatTerrier: yeah it is my understanding URM is a boost but its pretty gray how much it helps. but definitely won't hurt
  • 12:52 ghostwriter: Yall do we think Duke is gonna send out decisions today?
  • 12:52 ghostwriter: They've been active on weekends
  • 12:52 LsatTraintoClarksville: I wouldn't count on it but anything's possible for them
  • 12:53 ghostwriter: very true. i just wonder how many A offers they can still send out considering the PT admits
  • 12:53 LsatTraintoClarksville: no way to tell atm
  • 12:54 Torquatus: i wonder how similar other lower t14 graphs will look like dukes at the end of the cycle
  • 12:54 mayoicecream: For Duke... do we know when admits should expect scholly offers?
  • 12:54 Torquatus: I heard their scholly committe meets every two weeks. they sent out first schollies last monday
  • 12:55 Torquatus: its depends on when you interview
  • 12:58 mayoicecream: @Torquatus: thanks! They never reached out to me about an interview so I'm not sure... but knowing that theyre starting to send them out is helpful! I def don't expect much but right now I'm trying to decide between duke, northwestern, ucla ($$) and minnesota ($$$$) so knowing scholarship offers would definitely help
  • 13:00 Torquatus: @mayoicecream: did you recieve the scholarshp application email?
  • 13:01 Torquatus: maybe all of their interview spots have been booked up
  • 13:02 Torquatus: congrats on your options tho. thats a great cycle
  • 13:04 dkh2020: How are UCLA admits feeling about your scholly offers?
  • 13:05 dkh2020: I was pleasantly surprised by mine after how rough the cycle has been
  • 13:05 dkh2020: Thought they might lowball
  • 13:09 eyeseeyou: Duke UR3 today anyone?
  • 13:09 OvaryAct: waitlisted ayyyy
  • 13:47 allenwelshdulles: @dhk2020: what did you get? I got 120, happy with it I think
  • 13:58 justoutside: I went UR3 Duke today too
  • 13:59 RollTheDice: I havent heard from UCLA re scholarship yet. should be concerned?
  • 13:59 RollTheDice: *Should i be
  • 14:07 KeenLowlyVulture: I’m stuck at UR1 for more than 3 months.. Does this mean waitlist/rejection?
  • 14:07 KeenLowlyVulture: for Duke*
  • 14:42 MistyPushyPossum: I also haven't heard scholly details yet from UCLA, and they admitted me less than a week after I went complete
  • 14:43 MistyPushyPossum: So...maybe it's not bad news? But also, I'm <25 percentile GPA, so who knows
  • 14:48 MakeshiftMaliciousGoat: Same on both counts MPP
  • 14:48 MakeshiftMaliciousGoat: It seems like they may just not have finished them all
  • 14:48 MakeshiftMaliciousGoat: So it probably isn’t worth worrying just yet
  • 14:48 MakeshiftMaliciousGoat: Save panic for the weekdays
  • 14:49 MistyPushyPossum: that's a good policy
  • 14:49 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: so guys, is next week the last KJ1 week??
  • 14:50 MistyPushyPossum: couldn't they theoretically do KJ1 on March 11?
  • 14:50 JimmyButlerDaGoat: probably last one, they usually stop 2 weeks before the next A wave
  • 14:50 MistyPushyPossum: ah
  • 14:52 JimmyButlerDaGoat: but the way this cycle has gone...who knows lol
  • 14:53 JimmyButlerDaGoat: I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a big KJ1 wave this week & big A wave in March
  • 15:06 ChuckRhoades: so is duke ever going to release more decisions
  • 15:13 SoftTameCoral: has uconn lost my contact information??
  • 15:17 GiantCrookedEarwig: I honestly can’t imagine how HLS is going to make decisions on 50% of their applicant pool in the next three weeks with only 1 more KJ1 wave of ~60-150interviews. There must be several thousand applicants left. There were like 70 more A’s by this time last year on LSD alone.
  • 15:27 RainyDisastrousQuetzal: Is the HLS WL a bad spot this cycle
  • 15:38 ToughHardGrouse: harvard has interviewed a pretty decent number of people
  • 15:39 ToughHardGrouse: HLS WL is always not a great spot -- but better than other waitlists -- the ultimate acceptance rate for WL applicants is around 7%
  • 15:39 allenwelshdulles: @ToughHardGrouse: where do you get hthe figure for waitlist conversion rate?
  • 15:40 ToughHardGrouse: calculated it myself using lsdata from last year
  • 15:40 ToughHardGrouse: (lsdata isnt exactly representative of the applicant pool, but it is representative of people on lsdata & we're all on lsdata)
  • 15:41 UghSad: this is a weird year tho so who knows
  • 15:41 UghSad: and waitlist usage is generally pretty variable
  • 15:44 ToughHardGrouse: harvard has only interviewed ~600-800 students, whereas we would expect about ~900 or so
  • 15:45 UghSad: Ik i do think it looks small, idk what theyre doing
  • 15:45 ncan360: @ToughHardGrouse: Do you think next week will be a big wave, or are they going for a huge WL and expecting higher yield?
  • 15:46 UghSad: I would think this would be a big wave but it doesnt seem like theyve done enough interviews for it to be
  • 15:46 ToughHardGrouse: there wont be a huge wave
  • 15:46 GiantCrookedEarwig: They accepted 968 last year. Given there’s not a 100% conversion rate (KJ1s have already been WL and R this year), they’re more than 1 wave of the same size as the last few from having done enough KJ1s to admit the same numbers.
  • 15:47 ToughHardGrouse: thats assuming constant yield, deferrals, and class size though
  • 15:47 UghSad: Maybe they had more deferals than they have been letting on
  • 15:47 ToughHardGrouse: i would bet on it
  • 15:47 ToughHardGrouse: almost every school lies to raise applicant numbers
  • 15:47 ToughHardGrouse: in small ways or big
  • 15:47 UghSad: (Though they have to release those numbers so lying just seems slimy)
  • 15:47 UghSad: True
  • 15:49 UghSad: So pure speculation, you think this next wave wont be huge but will get harvard to the number of admits they want? Do you think that's significantly under their usual 900 offers
  • 15:50 ToughHardGrouse: i mean i bet it will be larger than normal
  • 15:50 ToughHardGrouse: but not *huge*
  • 15:50 ToughHardGrouse: 22% of people above both medians have already been interviewed
  • 15:51 VitaminD: Hey guys! Can I ask a question about Mich's A
  • 15:51 VitaminD: by last year's graph
  • 15:51 VitaminD: hey dont really admit ppl after feb 28
  • 15:51 VitaminD: :'(
  • 15:51 VitaminD: but they havent gotten to later applicants yet
  • 15:52 VitaminD: =me
  • 15:52 ToughHardGrouse: dont read into that.
  • 15:52 UghSad: Yeah they will let more ppl in
  • 15:52 UghSad: I wouldnt expect big A waves tho
  • 15:52 VitaminD: i see. so just small trickles
  • 15:53 VitaminD: hopefully they give me a result soon
  • 15:53 VitaminD: i applied late Jan
  • 16:12 JimmyButlerDaGoat: one more thing about harvard for those who are interested
  • 16:14 GiantCrookedEarwig: Don’t leave us hanging @Jimmy
  • 16:15 JimmyButlerDaGoat: I went complete mid-late Jan, received a kj1 2-18 (yea I was surprised too) so for later applicants, pretty sure they’re getting to our apps now. I wouldn’t rule this next kj1 wave being big on dec/jan/feb applicants (somebody else alluded to this on reddit)
  • 16:18 JimmyButlerDaGoat: my stats aren’t tremendous either so for anyone waiting/on the waitlist I would tell y’all not to lose hope
  • 16:21 Tahminehdbi: is BU is a good school?
  • 16:21 JimmyButlerDaGoat: Yes!
  • 16:22 Tahminehdbi: why
  • 16:27 GiantCrookedEarwig: @JimmyButlerDaGoat: idk I can see why you stood out since you have a great GPA and most of the Jan/Feb applicants on LSD are below one or both of HLS’ medians.
  • 16:30 JimmyButlerDaGoat: that’s true earwig, but I’m below the LSAT median too. It definitely helps I’m URM, but they’ve been rejecting folks with high stats across groups. All I’m saying is don’t lose hope. You never know what could happen
  • 16:30 JimmyButlerDaGoat: HLS or not, good news is on the way for all of us
  • 16:34 JimmyButlerDaGoat: my interviewer told me I won’t hear back for a few weeks and there’s folks that get still have to interview in the upcoming weeks, so a KJ1 wave is 99.9% coming this week and maybe the one after
  • 16:36 YoungPineapple: Hey y'all - Just wanted to ask, how long do you think it will take to hear back from early Feb apps? Applied mostly around the T10-T20 range, stats close to medians for those schools but not above by much or anything so it'll be close. I'm guessing late March - early April?
  • 16:37 JimmyButlerDaGoat: yeah I would say mid-march to early April
  • 16:39 YoungPineapple: Hope I get the Jimmy Butler treatment. Stats don't tell the full story hahaha
  • 16:40 JimmyButlerDaGoat: LMAOOOOOO facts!!!
  • 16:40 YoungPineapple: Haha Gl with your apps
  • 16:42 JimmyButlerDaGoat: You too pineapple 💪🏾
  • 16:47 PhobicRhetoricalRottweiler: I got a fat ass DONG from Florida state yesterday I am sad. The email hurt my feelings they practically told me I ain’t s h y t compared to the other applicants they admitted :(
  • 16:49 Overlywishfulthinker: What the heck? what did they say
  • 17:03 ToughHardGrouse: @JimmyButlerDaGoat: that was me on reddit.
  • 17:03 ToughHardGrouse: ive been doing a bit more analysis and i think, while the next KJ1 wave will still be dec/jan/feb heavy, i think it will be less heavy on jan/feb than i initially did
  • 17:04 ToughHardGrouse: because there are significantly fewer > 50ths from jan/feb
  • 17:04 ToughHardGrouse: (but the rate is still lower for >50ths in jan/feb)
  • 17:08 ToughHardGrouse: I would say something like ~20-30% Jan, ~0-10% Feb, ~20-30% Dec, rest split equally Sep/Oct/Nov
  • 17:12 JimmyButlerDaGoat: I thought it was you grouse, that was an incredible analysis ! I know you’ve been waiting for your KJ1–im looking forward to seeing your good news in here next thurs!
  • 17:14 JimmyButlerDaGoat: And that totally makes sense, I know there was a decent number of fall applicants in this past wave, so I definitely wouldn’t be surprised by more next week
  • 17:18 JimmyButlerDaGoat: Rottweiler, what did they write?
  • 17:26 PhobicRhetoricalRottweiler: They wrote the applicant pool this year is very strong for their entering class. In other words my application isn’t strong enough.
  • 17:27 PhobicRhetoricalRottweiler: I honestly might not get into any school this year
  • 17:28 ThirstyCaterpillar: when are most seat deposits due?
  • 17:31 Bad-Bunny-Is-My-Dad: Middle of April
  • 17:31 ToughHardGrouse: yeah im really hoping for a KJ1, but we'll see!
  • 17:51 UncertainElectricDolphin: Do we think UVA is done interviewing?
  • 18:07 ToughHardGrouse: definitely not
  • 18:07 ToughHardGrouse: their app isnt even closed yet
  • 18:08 BelowMedianSaddie: omg JIMMY BUTLER IS THE GOAT @JimmyButlerDaGoat:
  • 18:09 JimmyButlerDaGoat: @BelowMedianSaddie: feel me? should’ve won a championship last year lol
  • 18:10 BelowMedianSaddie: things are looking up for this season
  • 18:10 BelowMedianSaddie: i agree tho on last season - poor goran
  • 18:11 LegallyNotBlonde: i had a dream i got all WLs
  • 18:12 JimmyButlerDaGoat: @BelowMedianSaddie: are you a heat fan? That’s wassup lol
  • 18:13 JimmyButlerDaGoat: @LegallyNotBlonde: wow....I have yet to have a law school admissions dream. I’m jealous of y’all l
  • 18:13 JimmyButlerDaGoat: Lol*
  • 18:13 LegallyNotBlonde: it was a true nightmare lol
  • 18:36 NosyInvinciblePug: that feeling when loyola la sends an email....but its promo :(
  • 18:42 rapidwavefire: im somehow still around for hls lol
  • 18:42 rapidwavefire: as a kjd under medians nURM
  • 18:59 NosyInvinciblePug: @rapidwavefire: fingers crossed you get that A!!!
  • 19:00 NosyInvinciblePug: no use checking here on a weekend...but here I am lol
  • 19:11 FlagrantUpbeatTerrier: do harvard people get in without writing the optional essay
  • 19:13 LegallyClueless: to get a wl at hls do u need a interview
  • 19:19 Doggopups: does jannell roberts of lsu law keep emailing you or is that just me
  • 19:25 lauren-law: JANNELL WONT LEAVE ME ALONE
  • 19:27 UghSad: @LegallyClueless: idk if ur still here but nope they interview from the WL
  • 20:19 catpluscoffee: hi friends first time logging on in a few days hope everyone is good <3
  • 20:56 Erra2242: Hi everyone, I have a question about typical scholarship info from the UCs
  • 21:38 ChuckRhoades: go for it erra
  • 22:07 Lawsimp: did anyone apply for any of UCLA's scholarships?
  • 22:29 Erra2242: ^ Hiiii sorry for the late reply
  • 22:29 Erra2242: Yes I applied for the Deans scholarship and got 60K. But I have no idea if. this is considered good/bad/average for the school?
  • 22:34 Lawsimp: oh sorry I meant any of the full tuition scholarships like the achievement fellowship one
  • 22:34 Lawsimp: but I would say that's between good-average
  • 22:34 Lawsimp: ucla is pretty stingy with aid
  • 22:34 Lawsimp: it's also a public school so they don't have much to give
  • 22:34 Lawsimp: I would say 60k with your stats is more good than average
  • 22:36 Lawsimp: actually looking at last year's scholarship I would say average but ucla has not been giving out much scholarship money this year
  • 22:36 Erra2242: @Lawsimp: thank you, that clears it up for me
  • 22:36 Erra2242: Yeah you're right. I don't think I'll get more from somewhere else though so oh well, I'll take it and run I guess haha
  • 22:36 Lawsimp: I would try negotiating if you can
  • 22:37 Lawsimp: ah I'm sorry but if you're in state, at least tuition is cheap!
  • 22:37 Erra2242: I'll try. Maybe GULC will give me something to use to negotiate. Maybe I can get up to 75
  • 22:37 ChuckRhoades: UCLA top tier beyond full tuition is 120k correct?
  • 22:37 Erra2242: ^But yes I am in-state which saves me more. And I don;t think UCB /Stanford will come thru
  • 22:38 Erra2242: @ChuckRhoades: Resident tuition is 52k year, so it would be 156k total base rate
  • 22:38 Erra2242: Out of state adds approx 8k/year
  • 22:41 Lawsimp: @Erra2242: did you go to ucla?
  • 22:41 ChuckRhoades: @Erra2242: forgot about the in state discount
  • 22:41 Erra2242: @Lawsimp: Yes its my undergrad
  • 22:41 Lawsimp: ah cool same here!
  • 22:42 Erra2242: @Lawsimp: Ah yay LA representing! Hah do you intend to stay in CA?
  • 22:42 ChuckRhoades: Are we all from LA👀
  • 22:42 Erra2242: @ChuckRhoades: Yeah... it adds up. I'm happy I got 60 at least but I was hoping my LSAT would net more lol
  • 22:42 Lawsimp: Keeping my options open. I'd like to and my top choice is ulca but I still haven't heard back
  • 22:42 Lawsimp: ucla* lmao
  • 22:43 ChuckRhoades: The famous ULCA! hahaha
  • 22:43 Erra2242: @Lawsimp: oh no.... I'm so sorry >:[ I hope they take you. My "safeties" turned to reaches this cycle
  • 22:44 Lawsimp: lmao same. and I'm a reapplicant so this cycle has been extra crazy
  • 22:44 ChuckRhoades: I’m collecting WL like thanos collected the infinity gauntlet stones
  • 22:44 Lawsimp: which year did you graduate
  • 22:44 NewportDragonfly: @Erra2242: im hoping u get into columbia, cuz if u dont with those stats, i have ZERO shot
  • 22:44 Lawsimp: waitlists this year are insane
  • 22:44 ChuckRhoades: Quite
  • 22:44 Erra2242: Graduated June 2019
  • 22:45 Lawsimp: haha same
  • 22:45 Lawsimp: also did the college honors program
  • 22:45 Erra2242: @NewportDragonfly: I really hope so. At this point, that's my only real option other than UCLA. This cycle sucks ugh. Even with my stats I'm retaking the LSAT lol fml
  • 22:45 ChuckRhoades: I could not bring myself to retake haha
  • 22:45 Erra2242: @Lawsimp: Same!
  • 22:46 Lawsimp: yeah I saw on your profile!
  • 22:46 Erra2242: @ChuckRhoades: I thought I couldn't... but I'm literally barely studying lmao
  • 22:46 Lawsimp: are you guys taking the april one for WL purposes?
  • 22:46 ChuckRhoades: I can just foresee myself getting another 171 for nothing haha
  • 22:47 Erra2242: WL / scholarship / potential transfer purposes. If I get a miracle 180 I'd wait out the cycle and try for HYS lol. But if not, just WL and $$
  • 22:47 Lawsimp: do schools care much about lsat if you try to transfer? I didn't know that
  • 22:47 Erra2242: @ChuckRhoades: tbh I think I'll barely graze the 170s again. But I literally have nothing to lose haha
  • 22:47 ChuckRhoades: Your 1L GPA is the big factor
  • 22:47 Erra2242: @Lawsimp: Not sure. Transfers are really tough to do, but with a high enough LSAT (maybe)
  • 22:48 Erra2242: @ChuckRhoades: Makes sense
  • 22:48 Lawsimp: Yeah I don't want to go to a school with the intention to transfer
  • 22:49 NewportDragonfly: lsat doesnt factor into rankings for transfers and are only supposed to predict 1L grades. since you already have 1L grades, lsat doesnt matter
  • 22:49 Erra2242: Same it's making me kind of nervous lol. I just wanted HYS real bad, oh well
  • 22:49 Lawsimp: ah that makes a lot of sense thank you
  • 22:49 ChuckRhoades: Indeed
  • 22:49 Erra2242: @NewportDragonfly: Really!! Aahhhh thank goodness you told me that... wow
  • 22:49 ChuckRhoades: Not me thinking I had a chance at Columbia with a 171 before this cycle lol
  • 22:49 Erra2242: Ok so it is for WL / scholarship or bust. I have nothing to lose
  • 22:50 Erra2242: @ChuckRhoades: Lmao same!!!!
  • 22:50 ChuckRhoades: 😓🤟🏼
  • 22:50 Erra2242: I was like, eh Columbia will say yes 100%... lol no..
  • 22:50 Lawsimp: okay quick question
  • 22:50 Erra2242: Sure