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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
20 Boston University Accepted Unknown
4 Columbia University Waitlisted RDregular decision
12 Duke University Pending Unknown
24 Emory University Accepted Unknown
23 George Washington Un... Accepted Unknown
14 Georgetown University Waitlisted Unknown
3 Harvard University Rejected Unknown
6 New York University Pending Unknown
9 Northwestern University Waitlisted Unknown
2 Stanford University Pending Unknown
9 UCBerkeley Accepted Unknown
4 UChicago Accepted Unknown
9 UMichigan Waitlisted RDregular decision
7 UPennsylvania Waitlisted Unknown
18 USouthern California Accepted Unknown
16 UTexas at Austin Accepted RDregular decision
18 Vanderbilt University Accepted Unknown
17 Washington Universit... Accepted Unknown
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  • 11:35 MagnificentBrightHare: my undergrad advisor told me he would get me fee waivers and then didn't sooooo
  • 11:35 MagnificentBrightHare: I bit the bullet
  • 11:35 GigiChula: Yeah I suppose so. Idk I’m hoping for the best. I had a bunch of free waivers too but again didn’t wanna apply to schools where I know I’d never want to relocate to
  • 11:35 nota999: @ItsJustaWaitingGame10: This cycle is definitely widely regarded as one of if not the most difficult cycle in recent years.
  • 11:35 brendog: what does one communicate to adcomms?
  • 11:35 K-justwaiting: like I should have been calling them and chatting them adcooms up so they know who I am
  • 11:35 pilkyboids: i want to reach out to adcomms but idk what to say
  • 11:36 GigiChula: You could just email admissions and ask for one and they usually give it to you
  • 11:36 K-justwaiting: thinking of different questions not on the website
  • 11:36 K-justwaiting: but also not something you could ask a student either
  • 11:36 LSDataAddict: HI, by ASU my dates are surrounded by decisions for a while already and I am the only one without a decision, the other people without a decision wernt last seen recently. What should I do?
  • 11:36 K-justwaiting: maybe asking about the success of internal programs? of they offer alot of routes in your edu (clinical, practicums) how to take advantage of that?
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: I applied to one school that ONLY mails your decision wtf this is the modern era come ON
  • 11:37 K-justwaiting: lol sorry for the typos again
  • 11:37 K-justwaiting: NOT SNAIL MAIL lmaooo yikesssss
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: I KNOW
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: "to protect the confidentiality of the student"
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: literally broadcast that shit I Do not care I just wanna know
  • 11:38 GigiChula: What school is that??
  • 11:38 SneakySeahorse: Marquette
  • 11:38 nota999: "If you wanted to post my decision in a youtube video where you just read my name, feel free. Just give me a decision."
  • 11:38 GigiChula: Hahah
  • 11:38 SneakySeahorse: ^literally me
  • 11:38 koalalovingpisces: snail mail is literally so wasteful too. The law profession already uses so much paper :( sad
  • 11:38 GigiChula: Again. Tell me why it takes so long?? I think they do it to torture us on purpose
  • 11:39 SneakySeahorse: everyone on reddit saying loyola doesn't negotiate has me all sketched out now
  • 11:39 stemtolawguyKJD: when does ut send out interview invites?
  • 11:39 brendog: i believe it was columbia who emails acceptances but strictly snail mails Rs
  • 11:39 brendog: which is absurd
  • 11:39 SneakySeahorse: that's so shitty :(
  • 11:39 sad-cauliflower: hmm i got my columbia R in a email
  • 11:39 K-justwaiting: ooo some UVA acceptances coming in
  • 11:39 TheOther51: I read Stanford does Rs and WLs by snail mail. Can anyone verify?
  • 11:40 brendog: i was just about to say i may be wrong lol
  • 11:40 pilkyboids: does anyone remember how far in advance they asked for letters of rec?
  • 11:40 brendog: i saw it on some spreadsheet that i'm not looking at now
  • 11:40 sad-cauliflower: gotcha lol
  • 11:40 nota999: @pilkyboids: I reached out to my folks in the summer.
  • 11:40 koalalovingpisces: @TheOther51: its by email this year
  • 11:40 nota999: Especially for professors, I wouldn't ask until, like, after whatever exam period is at your school because they'll likely be busy.
  • 11:40 brendog: @pilkyboids: i asked toooooo late lmao. like, oct and nov 2020 respectively
  • 11:40 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I reached out in September- Got them by September, October and November
  • 11:40 TheOther51: thank god that would be terrible
  • 11:41 plzletmebecomealawyer: @pilkyboids: I asked in November and applied in January. This might be too late, I just had a pretty close relationship with the people I asked
  • 11:41 RuralSmoggyMastiff: @pilkyboids: I asked when I first graduated two years ago, but most of the professors I asked wanted to wait until my cycle to write them and then two of them got covid and were in the hospital so never wrote them and I had to scramble
  • 11:41 koalalovingpisces: @pilkyboids: All of my professors said they prefer at least a 6 weeks notice to write a quality letter if you're still in school!
  • 11:41 EasyJuicySparrow: what's the chats consensus on UVA's As up to this point? Do they have significant As in reserve?
  • 11:41 GiddyGemini: Is that a new UT A??
  • 11:42 nota999: On a side note: one of my professors whom I asked for LORs posted on facebook after my acceptance that she'd had two students accepted to different grad programs at georgetown with generous scholarships in 2 days, and that she was feeling very proud. Felt good <3
  • 11:42 seaturtledog: I asked like three months and never
  • 11:42 pilkyboids: Thanks you guys! My temporary plan is to ask in June, I'm a paralegal and asking my bosses so I think that might play into me wanting to give them a big heads up
  • 11:42 seaturtledog: got it
  • 11:42 IcicleBumpkin: @GiddyGemini: no. old
  • 11:43 RuralSmoggyMastiff: I asked the partners at my firm to write one @pilkyboids and they did it within a week but it definitely depends on the relationship you have with them
  • 11:44 pilkyboids: @RuralSmoggyMastiff: Very good to know, thank you
  • 11:44 nota999: I asked an old professor and the head of a group I volunteer with for my LORs, since at the time I wasn't sure how my work would react since they didn't know I was looking at law school at the time.
  • 11:44 nota999: If I'd known how supportive everyone here would be, I might have asked for one from one of them too.
  • 11:44 pilkyboids: @nota999: I feel you on that, it's going to be a loaded thing to tell them haha. That's super encouraging to hear
  • 11:44 RuralSmoggyMastiff: @pilkyboids: no problem! I think because they've all been through the law school admissions process they know how stressful it can be and are likely to get it done faster
  • 11:47 pilkyboids: @RuralSmoggyMastiff: Thanks that makes sense! Ha makes me a lot less scared to drop the news on them
  • 11:48 IcicleBumpkin: told my boss the other day. super fricking supportive
  • 11:48 odovek: I was at a small firm with 5 people and they were kinda planning on/hoping i would be there basically my whole career, deciding when to tell them and all that was probably the most stressful part of admissions for me
  • 11:48 IcicleBumpkin: so nice. then said "tell me before you make your final decision. I want to try to keep you"
  • 11:48 IcicleBumpkin: I was blown away
  • 11:48 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @IcicleBumpkin: that's so cool
  • 11:48 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I love when bosses are supportive
  • 11:49 FrankieTheTankie: okay welp I am getting the feeling Berk either really liked my application or is just passing it around for everyone to laugh at real quick before they R me
  • 11:49 FrankieTheTankie: *nervous laughter*
  • 11:49 RuralSmoggyMastiff: Yes definitely worth mentioning that my law firm fully expects paralegals to only stay for two years so they were super supportive but also already knew we'd both be moving on
  • 11:50 IcicleBumpkin: I think folks are also more understanding this year b/c of COVID. just lots of folks reexamining stuff (as we see from app volume)]
  • 11:50 K-justwaiting: UVA wave going on but should we not read into it? I know UVA is doing its own thing fr fr and when they conduct interviews they get back to people pretty quick right?
  • 11:51 K-justwaiting: *small wave idk if you can even call it that lol
  • 11:51 trinab: Anyone else hoping for a Suffolk wave today
  • 11:52 JAlfredPrufrock: @trinab: yeah it’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow since I went UR
  • 11:52 JAlfredPrufrock: So I’m really hoping to hear back
  • 11:52 trinab: @JAlfredPrufrock: ooooh good luck! I just hit 3 weeks yesterday ugh
  • 11:52 trinab: *3 weeks complete
  • 11:53 JAlfredPrufrock: your stats are great tho!!
  • 11:53 VitaminD: CLS A wave
  • 11:53 trinab: @JAlfredPrufrock: thank you so much!! hope we both hear back soon
  • 11:53 K-justwaiting: clssss wave coming througgggh
  • 11:53 JuicemanOJ: guys, i'm really hoping that I get accepted to the part time program at John Marshall. however if I dont and I get accepted to southern or Northern illinois I will have to quit my job and go to school fulltime on the G.I Bill thats a huge risk because I have a Mortgage to pay. WHat would you guys do?
  • 11:53 K-justwaiting: can you get into pls without an interview right?
  • 11:54 masterofallfoursections: wait was there another CLS WL wave
  • 11:54 brendog: i do not plan on taking part in this cls A wave
  • 11:54 Tortally-Radical: Do you ever get rejection from a top school and think: "Good for you, law school, you made the right decision."
  • 11:55 prettylittlebird: Anyone else go UR2 at NYU? Good sign or bad sign?
  • 11:55 FrankieTheTankie: @JuicemanOJ: I think you're a strong bet for JM, fingers crossed for you man
  • 11:55 legallyblonde214: Hi friends :) has anyone been stuck on UR1 at penn for awhile? im still UR1 from 1/5 *cries*
  • 11:55 JuicemanOJ: @FrankieTheTankie: thanks brother I really hope so man!
  • 11:55 brendog: aw cmon @tortally-radical you shouldn't get that down on yourself (as someone who does get that down on themself)
  • 11:55 nota999: @Tortally-Radical: Every decision that went against me came with a "Your loss, ****ers"
  • 11:56 masterofallfoursections: ive been UR1 at NYU since December 14 lmao
  • 11:56 ImportedSwiftPug: I respect GULC for slogging through the mountain of applicants every day
  • 11:56 Tortally-Radical: I feel that but also when we are talking about the tippity top schools I don't think its self-deprecating to recognize I am very likely not the best person for the job
  • 11:57 pilkyboids: @nota999: lol yes
  • 11:57 Tortally-Radical: If anything I think I would lose respect for the institution if they let me in hahhaa
  • 11:57 brendog: @Tortally-Radical: feel you. i attacked my harvard R, berk R, and ucla WL with humor
  • 11:57 FrankieTheTankie: @Tortally-Radical: lmao yeah I feel that, on some level I applied to some schools that I will be slightly relieved to be rejected from
  • 11:58 trinab: @JAlfredPrufrock: it's 2-4 weeks from when it was listed as complete, right?
  • 11:58 pizzalover1212: will American accept students today or keep everyone hanging for a little longer
  • 11:58 CEOofShotShooting: Eh I disagree. Ive met a lot of the tippity top of law schools admits and they may ja e one decent logical reasoning their common sense seems to b lacking
  • 11:58 nota999: @Tortally-Radical: The biggest difference between you and those people you're thinking are the "best [people] for the job" mostly comes down to confidence. I mean, Giuliani went to NYU, after all.
  • 11:58 CEOofShotShooting: Geeze. At least they can type
  • 11:58 FrankieTheTankie: It's not that the big school are really so much tougher, it's the pomp and circumstance and looks exhausting
  • 11:59 Tortally-Radical: I dunno nota, I still count on my finger
  • 11:59 IcicleBumpkin: guiliani went to NYU?
  • 11:59 Tortally-Radical: fingers* I did not lose 9
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: Giuliani wasn't totally insane at one point, it's worth noting
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: the rot set in in his brain over many years
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: he started out just racist and authoritarian
  • 11:59 brendog: alan dershowitz for example. idiot who went to harvard law
  • 11:59 DropoutBear: Yup
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: it would take years before he would completely lose his mind
  • 12:00 nota999: @Tortally-Radical: If being good at math was a requirement of being a lawyer, then the bar and the bench would suddenly be a lot emptier.
  • 12:00 TheOther51: Dershowitz is more crazy than an idiot
  • 12:00 FrankieTheTankie: @nota truth
  • 12:00 Tortally-Radical: true say
  • 12:00 NicklausCopernicus18: Dersh is objectively brilliant
  • 12:00 NicklausCopernicus18: just immoral
  • 12:00 DropoutBear: There are people at school who are evil but still smart
  • 12:00 LiquidSolid: Dershowitz went to Yale
  • 12:00 brendog: oh my b
  • 12:00 NicklausCopernicus18: Yeah he just teaches at Harvard
  • 12:00 FrankieTheTankie: I think about 20% of what gets shaded as brilliance in Dersh is shameless, willful bad faith, but sure
  • 12:00 brendog: gotcha
  • 12:01 BoysDoFallinLove: anyone familiar with the SEO Law program?
  • 12:01 K-justwaiting: not crazy familiar but I've people speak highly about the program
  • 12:01 K-justwaiting: check reddit for some personal anecdotes!
  • 12:01 nota999: I got emails about it, but didn't look too much into it since it sounded like it was aimed at people with different goals from me @boysdofallinlove
  • 12:02 BoysDoFallinLove: @nota999: ah I see. Same kinda I want to do PI but wouldn't mind the support. I am wondering whether it's worth updating schools to let them know about the interview?
  • 12:02 ColossalHyrax: oh my god I missed an email to interview with Columbia
  • 12:03 ColossalHyrax: they just sent me an email asking if I was still interested bc they hadn't heard from me
  • 12:03 SomberLumpySquid: ohno
  • 12:03 masterofallfoursections: my spam box is so empty lmao
  • 12:03 yearningtolawyer: oh no
  • 12:03 FrankieTheTankie: @ColossalHyrax: nooooo at least they reached out again!!
  • 12:03 ColossalHyrax: idkkkk what to doooo ughhh
  • 12:03 masterofallfoursections: oh shoot
  • 12:03 masterofallfoursections: was it in your spam?
  • 12:03 ColossalHyrax: it must've been! I clear it out often and must have not seen it
  • 12:03 nota999: @BoysDoFallinLove: I don't know how many people get invited to interview, but assuming it's fairly exclusive it might not be a bad idea. I think the better idea would be waiting until you have a result from it, but the interview could maybe be okay too.
  • 12:05 odovek: I finally answered one of the spam calls that I have been getting form CA numbers every day and it was LSATMax lol
  • 12:06 brendog: i'll answer any call these days
  • 12:06 nota999: speaking of interviews though, not me anxiously checking my email every break I can take to see if the blume interview invite is in there lol
  • 12:07 nota999: Even now that my cycle is over it's not really OVER over yet because I need to know how much I'll be paying at Gtown, even if no matter what happens there it'll be a good amount.
  • 12:08 brendog: best of the best of luck hope that email comes soon
  • 12:09 nota999: fingers crossed! The application for the blume closed today, so hopefully that means that I'll know in the next couple days if I'm interviewing. I think if I get to the interview stage, I've got a pretty good shot of getting the actual scholarship since I tend to interview well.
  • 12:10 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: Did CLS only accept two people?
  • 12:10 nota999: But even if I don't get it, just getting to the interview stage gets you a public interest fellowship, which doesn't come with a scholarship but does get you access to some networking events and stuff like that, as well as a nice resume line.
  • 12:11 nextbooks: What are today's expected waves?
  • 12:11 masterofallfoursections: what does it feel like to get accepted to cls
  • 12:11 SomberLumpySquid: Yeah I was thinking it might take like a week or so on interviews for blume maybe??
  • 12:11 brendog: columbia will have an incoming class of 2 students
  • 12:12 pilkyboids: @nota999: Best of luck, hope all the pressure's off on you now and you can get the rest of the process done lickety split
  • 12:12 nota999: @SomberLumpySquid: I think there's a possibility it might come a bit sooner, since I sent in my app a few days ago and hopefully they started reviewing it not long after that. But more than anything I just wanna knooooooow
  • 12:12 masterofallfoursections: I am getting anxious with CLS... I feel like im heading towards a WL :(
  • 12:12 masterofallfoursections: and if anyone says "no defeatism" @ me your address so we can fight
  • 12:12 SomberLumpySquid: @nota999: totally true, I hope they
  • 12:12 SomberLumpySquid: re reviewing like that!
  • 12:12 nota999: @masterofallfoursections: No defeatism, come at me.
  • 12:12 masterofallfoursections: and that is WL if I am lucky
  • 12:13 masterofallfoursections: @nota999: you tryna catch these weak grandma hands????
  • 12:13 SomberLumpySquid: I just submitted super recently so I guess I hadn't gotten around to thinking about the interview
  • 12:13 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: I'm in a weird spot with CLS because i thought i was definitely not getting it, then they gave me an interview and they are getting my hopes up too high
  • 12:13 nota999: @masterofallfoursections: I'll meet them with my nerdy noodle arms!
  • 12:14 nota999: honed with my daily workout of notary stamping lol
  • 12:14 LSHopeful2021: morning team. any violence expected today?
  • 12:14 brendog: yes as always
  • 12:14 nota999: @LSHopeful2021: Yes, between me and master
  • 12:15 nota999: from schools idk
  • 12:15 JAlfredPrufrock: the violence hasn’t stopped since September
  • 12:15 nextbooks: @nota999: kinky
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: agh ONE PERSON got into DU yesterday
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: why was that one person not me
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: lol
  • 12:15 masterofallfoursections: LMFAO
  • 12:15 LSHopeful2021: march already has us on edge
  • 12:15 BuffalentBuffalo: bro im so on edge
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I'm approaching the awkward stage with my boss
  • 12:16 ThisIsAGoodUsername: of him being like " school. that happening, orrrr"
  • 12:16 BuffalentBuffalo: im waiting on 12 schools after submitting late nov., aaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  • 12:16 masterofallfoursections: question... when should I send my LOCI to HLS? Is it better to be sooner than later?
  • 12:16 JAlfredPrufrock: I had two breakdowns and a panic attack today
  • 12:16 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @masterofallfoursections I think so!
  • 12:16 JAlfredPrufrock: so I get the “on edge” sentiment lol
  • 12:16 masterofallfoursections: kk thank you
  • 12:16 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @jalfredprufrock i'm sorry friend :(
  • 12:16 nota999: @JAlfredPrufrock: That...doesn't sound healthy. You might want to try to find the space to take a breather from this process for a bit.
  • 12:16 JinxCatmilton: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: just rip off the band aid,
  • 12:16 masterofallfoursections: I plan to ride this HLS WL for as LONGGGG as I can. Pain awaits me this summer :')
  • 12:17 LSHopeful2021: did CLS really drop 2 acceptances and then bounce
  • 12:17 GiantCrookedEarwig: @master I think spivey and other consultants say the best time is like 1 day before seat deposit so your interest is fresh in their mind when they start to pull from WL
  • 12:17 BuffalentBuffalo: same, ima be on hella waitlists this sumer
  • 12:17 JinxCatmilton: @JAlfredPrufrock: oh no! I hope youre taking a break
  • 12:17 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @jinx I can't! I need to get into my effing schools here before I do LOLOL so I keep just. being like "lol no news yet teehehehehee DONT FIRE ME"
  • 12:18 JinxCatmilton: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: what kind of job is it? Im currently a legal assistant so I literally said yeah im gone in august lol
  • 12:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: oh no I'm full time career and old AF, high level marketing career.
  • 12:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: lol
  • 12:18 JinxCatmilton: Ohhhhhh