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2020-2021 cycle
Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
Loyola University—Ch... Accepted RDregular decision $93,000 Oct 26 Nov 12 Jan 15
Northwestern University Pending RDregular decision Nov 27 Dec 21
UNotre Dame Pending RDregular decision Nov 27
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  • 10:31 BelowMedianSaddie: how do i get fordham to put me under review
  • 10:32 NicklausCopernicus18: @apple yeahhhhh I went UR2 at Duke over a month ago lol
  • 10:36 LetMeInnnnnnn: In at Emory, got a letter today, applied first week of December
  • 10:36 nota999: Congrats!
  • 10:37 AustralianCity123: congrats!~
  • 10:37 BelowMedianSaddie: guess they let you Innnnnnn
  • 10:39 apple12: Darn it @ Nicklaus but congrats letmein!!!
  • 10:40 UnableGrouchyBat: email for Emory or package?
  • 10:40 LetMeInnnnnnn: package, haven't read through it yet since I've got to be on meetings for the next hour and a half but it did include a decent merit scholarship
  • 10:40 anoshe: Congrats!
  • 10:40 UnableGrouchyBat: congrats!!
  • 10:40 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: @nick UR1 10/5, UR2 10/26, interview invite 11/18, accepted 11/23 for UVA
  • 10:41 LetMeInnnnnnn: thanks all, great to have the first acceptance so I know I didn't completely screw up my applications lol!
  • 10:41 RhetoricalPriceyTropicbird: congrats letmein!
  • 10:41 AustralianCity123: @letmein did it come via Fedex?
  • 10:42 LetMeInnnnnnn: I'll have to check the envelope when I get back to the other room, it was in our building's mailbox for my unit, though
  • 10:42 anoshe: curious, did you ever try and log into the emory opus site?
  • 10:43 LetMeInnnnnnn: I did but I did not see any indicator of acceptance
  • 10:45 anoshe: oh interesting! lol we went complete on the same day so i thought i'd ask.
  • 10:47 nota999: The first acceptance is always a weight off the shoulders, for sure
  • 10:47 nota999: I'd be way more of a neurotic mess this cycle if I hadn't had that A from UofAZ
  • 10:49 WetCrookedMeerkat: i just missed a call from st. louis, MO and got so damn excited until i remembered that i didn't even apply to WashU
  • 10:50 anoshe: haha!
  • 10:50 nota999: I wouldn't count it out. Some days it feels like WashU is gonna start admitted people who didn't even apply before they finally get around to my app lol
  • 10:50 WetCrookedMeerkat: that is... so painful i'm sorry
  • 10:51 anoshe: tragically i don't get service in my office :/ or maybe that's good since i don't get car warranty calls lol
  • 10:51 WetCrookedMeerkat: it's a good thing for sure because i went from "sorry i only pick up calls from my mother" to picking up every single spam call in existence :)
  • 10:52 nota999: Same lol
  • 10:52 nota999: like "I know this school is in Missouri, but maybe someone is calling from their cell phone and they have a Colorado number?"
  • 10:52 nota999: And then I start applying the clown makeup
  • 10:53 WetCrookedMeerkat: but some schools are using Google Voice numbers from different area codes, so ur not entirely wrong
  • 10:53 WetCrookedMeerkat: or that's what i tell myself when i pick up calls from CANADA
  • 10:57 [A] cryptanon: helloooo chat
  • 10:57 [A] cryptanon: any 500 errors today?
  • 10:57 nota999: Morning crypt, no errors so far
  • 10:57 WetCrookedMeerkat: smooth sailing, thanks to u :)
  • 10:58 UnableGrouchyBat: ditto
  • 10:58 nota999: Thanks for finding the time to work on this site while also juggling HLS lol
  • 10:58 [A] cryptanon: great, hopefully it stays that way so that i can work on more interesting features
  • 10:59 [A] cryptanon: @nota999: i'm actually taking spring semester off to work full-time on bundlebee and lsdata :)
  • 10:59 nota999: Oh nice! Also valid!
  • 11:00 [A] cryptanon: yeah, i worked remotely for 7 years before law school and went to school for the in-person aspect
  • 11:00 [A] cryptanon: covid kinda ruined that lol
  • 11:00 BelowMedianSaddie: is harvard v lenient about taking time off? i think everyone i know who went to hls ended up taking a semester off for something
  • 11:00 BelowMedianSaddie: (something fun!)
  • 11:01 nota999: Mood. I was thinking about law school last year, and almost hopped in that cycle. Once covid hit, I was glad that I decided to wait another year lol
  • 11:01 [A] cryptanon: yeah, it's basically a no-questions-asked leave of absence policy for this winter/spring
  • 11:02 [A] cryptanon: although i think HLS generally has a very lenient leave of absence policy... one of the lecturers i talked to did 1L at HLS, spent 10 years touring with metallica or something, and then went back to finish his degree
  • 11:02 [A] cryptanon: and now he's teaching at HLS
  • 11:02 CowardlyJuicyCamel: Hi, thanks for this amazing software. where are you up too with bumble bee? will it be ready for this cycle?
  • 11:03 nota999: Well that would certainly give him something to talk about at OCIs lol
  • 11:03 BelowMedianSaddie: whoa that is.....way more fun than what my friends have done lmao
  • 11:03 Torquatus: i hope class sizes arent raised too much
  • 11:04 [A] cryptanon: BundleBee will definitely be ready for this cycle. we reached out to the first batch of banks last week, got replies. our first zoom meeting is scheduled for this thursday
  • 11:04 [A] cryptanon: i'll be sending out an email update to bundlebee users this week or next
  • 11:04 jp100123: If I applied in Sept. and haven't heard back from Y or H, am I most likely facing a WL/R?
  • 11:05 CowardlyJuicyCamel: YEAH, THANKS
  • 11:06 [A] cryptanon: i encourage everyone to sign up for BundleBee asap cuz it's really all upside. there's 0 commitment so even if you get a full ride somewhere, the only impact on you will be that you helped us negotiate lower rates for everyone else
  • 11:07 StraightLimpingFrog: question: just went UR2 at Berk, good sign? bad sign? stop overthinking?
  • 11:07 JoeDangit: man. i'm so upset.
  • 11:07 JoeDangit: My Buffalo Bills ain't go far at all yesterday
  • 11:07 JoeDangit: i bought like 2 plastic tables
  • 11:07 nota999: I keep forgetting to sign up for bundlebee. LSData gets through the web filter at work but bundlebee doesn't, and I don't check the site at home nearly as much
  • 11:08 FrankOcean: hi Joe
  • 11:08 JoeDangit: oh what's up frank
  • 11:08 JoeDangit: what's going on this morning, buddy?
  • 11:08 CowardlyJuicyCamel: how will it compare to gov student loans?
  • 11:09 masterofallfoursections: @straight i think thats a good sign considering they do A waves on tuesday!
  • 11:10 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Good morning everyone
  • 11:10 nota999: Mornin squirrel
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: good morning
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: we're good
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: looking at applying to more jobs bc idk how tf im going to acquire more funds to pay for law school
  • 11:10 JoeDangit: i feel that.
  • 11:10 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: You'll never pay for law school dawg, just accept the inevitable loans
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: fax
  • 11:10 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Debt on debt on debt
  • 11:10 JoeDangit: it sucks because the job market is pretty awful too.
  • 11:10 FrankOcean: but i could use some more cash
  • 11:10 JoeDangit: nah, empty is lowkey right.
  • 11:11 FrankOcean: its impossible rn
  • 11:11 [A] cryptanon: @Camel: it's still too early to know what rates will be, and i think what i'm allowed to say about loans is super regulated... but speaking as a private individual, federal unsubsidized loans are a very hard deal to beat, but they're limited in what you can take out. private loans will probably be better for filling the gap
  • 11:11 JoeDangit: my friend is like "if I save up 70k working for a year, i can pay for law school."
  • 11:11 JoeDangit: and he's clowning a bit
  • 11:11 Torquatus: dont worry once inflation hits some more debt will all evaporate
  • 11:11 JoeDangit: just ask ur parents for more money bro dang
  • 11:11 nota999: I'm in the annoying position of, on the one hand, not wanting to leave the job I have in order to save money, but on the other hand not wanting to work for a place that's super underpaying me
  • 11:11 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Maybe Joe will make all the loans disappear :D
  • 11:11 yearningtolawyer: @crypt is bundlebee only for private loans?
  • 11:11 JoeDangit: nota, i got one word of advice tbh.
  • 11:11 JoeDangit: know ur worth, g.
  • 11:12 JoeDangit: i feel like that is the best advice anyone can give anyone
  • 11:12 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Wait, have y'all worked jobs that haven't underpaid you?
  • 11:12 nota999: Ye, I've got some wage negotiations coming up soon, and I've got a floor in my head where if they try to offer me anything below that I'm leaving.
  • 11:12 JoeDangit: i worked a job that overpaid me
  • 11:12 [A] cryptanon: @yearningtolawyer: yeah, i don't think we're gonna get big enough to negotiate with the federal gov't this year ;)
  • 11:12 JoeDangit: i've also worked a few unp-aid internships
  • 11:12 nota999: I mean, most jobs I've done have underpaid me, but most have been at least above the 10th percentile.
  • 11:12 JoeDangit: which should be illegal
  • 11:13 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I've had one unpaid internship, definitely should be illegal lol
  • 11:13 JoeDangit: okay if I get any acceptances, waitlists, or rejections this week
  • 11:13 Torquatus: you were paid with valuable experience
  • 11:13 JoeDangit: i'm definitely going to jump onto these plastic tables
  • 11:13 JoeDangit: bills mafia style
  • 11:14 sufferingprelaw: unpaid internships are the worst, especially when they're for campaigns that claim they pay fair wages!
  • 11:14 JoeDangit: saved them for last night thinking that josh allen was gonna take it all the way, but he couldn't deliver.
  • 11:14 nota999: @Torquatus unfortunately, Safeway wouldn't accept valuable job experience to pay for my groceries lol
  • 11:14 fearseitan: love to tell my landlord "i don't have money but I CAN pay you with this valuable experience I got"
  • 11:14 Torquatus: lol
  • 11:14 JoeDangit: is there ever any valuable experience tbh
  • 11:14 JoeDangit: the most valuable experience i ever got was how to hone my Alt+tab skills
  • 11:14 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: My unpaid internship gave me a gift at the end of the experience though! A $5 Starbucks gift card
  • 11:14 sufferingprelaw: networking i guess? thats what they claim
  • 11:14 JoeDangit: to pretend that i was working
  • 11:14 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: What can I get with $5
  • 11:15 JoeDangit: a cup of water.
  • 11:15 nota999: A small drip coffee
  • 11:15 JoeDangit: you ungrateful
  • 11:15 JoeDangit: pull urself up by ur bootstraps damn
  • 11:15 fearseitan: I did an unpaid internship while working in theatre and it did land me my first broadway shows but I also ate 1 shit meal a day every day for a whole summer
  • 11:15 fearseitan: and worked 16 hour days
  • 11:15 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Damn what a soft @fear
  • 11:15 Torquatus: intermittent fasting
  • 11:15 fearseitan: lmao
  • 11:15 Torquatus: a healthy diet
  • 11:15 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Famous actor in our chat
  • 11:16 fearseitan: stage manager*
  • 11:16 fearseitan: i will never act in my life
  • 11:16 fearseitan: ~anxiety~
  • 11:16 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Still cool
  • 11:16 fearseitan: thanks hope the adcoms think so too
  • 11:16 nota999: My unpaid internship did give me some nice 2nd degree connections in DC. Unfortunately, they're in an industry that I realized I didn't want to work in (hence now going to law school instead)
  • 11:17 Torquatus: i had a paid internship at mcdonalds
  • 11:17 JoeDangit: What industry was it, nota?
  • 11:17 JoeDangit: just curious.
  • 11:17 BelowMedianSaddie: i ran an internship program and i made them make it paid - the second i left they reverted back to unpaid
  • 11:17 BelowMedianSaddie: :/
  • 11:17 nota999: foreign policy, esp in the middle east
  • 11:17 JoeDangit: I always felt like unpaid internships were more centric to like humanitites/poli sci majors
  • 11:17 JoeDangit: oh yeah, nvm.
  • 11:18 JoeDangit: that's pretty dope though.
  • 11:18 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I did an unpaid internship in a social work field, it was cool but there is something that is cooler. Money.
  • 11:18 SydBarewithit: most of my friends who got marketing internships were unpaid
  • 11:18 nota999: Realized as I was starting to actually get jobs in that field that I liked it way more as an academic subject than a career. So I left my MA program and went back home while I got my shit sorted.
  • 11:18 JoeDangit: Empty, I feel that so much lol
  • 11:18 JoeDangit: Social work is so fulfilling
  • 11:18 JoeDangit: but it burns you out so fast
  • 11:19 JoeDangit: esp if it's unpaid
  • 11:19 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Yeah...I do love it, it an be very rewarding. Love working with people through shit like that, hence my interest in law
  • 11:20 FertileSecretiveUguisu: anyone get invited for a binding early scholarship when you didn't apply ED to the school?
  • 11:20 JoeDangit: I'm ngl, I don't know if anyone else in the chat feels this
  • 11:20 JoeDangit: but I never felt like I had a super big interest in law, I just felt it was the next step lol
  • 11:20 LameDrearyCoon: hi guys is ur2 without interview at cornell a bad sign
  • 11:20 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: No I went UR2 before interview
  • 11:21 ncan360: @empty how long did it take to get the request after going UR2?
  • 11:21 FrankOcean: all if this could be solved w an anbryce at NYU
  • 11:21 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: But Joe, doesn't that scare you that you might not like it after all the school and $$?
  • 11:21 FrankOcean: or a distinguished scholar at UCLA
  • 11:21 nota999: Law was always something lurking in the background that I didn't pay attention to because I was tunnel visioned on foreign policy. Once I left that field, I felt like it was just staring me in the face the whole time.
  • 11:21 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Uh I think a couple weeks
  • 11:21 BelowMedianSaddie: @joe i always had law in my back pocket like i knew i'd end up here but needed to stretch my wings first
  • 11:21 LameDrearyCoon: well.. saw a bunch of people getting interview requests today
  • 11:21 JoeDangit: Probably, @empty.
  • 11:21 JoeDangit: I quit the field at one point to be a firefighter for a season
  • 11:21 JoeDangit: and then just ended up coming back, so i probably like something about it
  • 11:22 LameDrearyCoon: feel like if I was getting an interview I would've got one today instead of UR2 lol
  • 11:22 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: That makes sense. I knew about my interest in law but then working at firms and stuff was able to confirm it
  • 11:22 JoeDangit: damn, i wish we were reversed lol
  • 11:23 JoeDangit: my unpaid internships almost killed my interest 100%
  • 11:23 BelowMedianSaddie: i also needed time in the field bc my stats are shit and i needed SOMETHING to put in my app
  • 11:23 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: It helps that they paid me lol
  • 11:24 nota999: Basically (and this was the tl;dr of my ps) I got fed up with ForPol because you can't get anything done in it. I wanted a career where I could actually help people in tangible ways. Came down to law or seminary and, well, this isn't SeminaryData so you can guess how that deliberation ended lol
  • 11:24 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I like to wonder what I would do with my years off if I wasn't KJD
  • 11:24 JoeDangit: @Nota, State Department wasn't an option?
  • 11:24 JoeDangit: I always felt like KJD students should be given more boosts.
  • 11:24 BelowMedianSaddie: @nota my ps was v similar, actually
  • 11:25 JoeDangit: They're the most motivated and have more potential imo.
  • 11:25 yearningtolawyer: @joe State Dept. is notoriously difficult to break into
  • 11:25 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: That's cool nota
  • 11:25 JoeDangit: not that work exp doesn't help, but I always felt like people look at KJD as a negative trait.
  • 11:25 yearningtolawyer: as someone who has tried for years, the state dept. feels like it doesn't exist because i don't know anyone who's broken in lol
  • 11:25 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I think that they look at KJD as neutral and then work experience as a plus, that's how I always thought of it
  • 11:25 JoeDangit: @yearning, well that sucks, the state dep. was on one of the places i wanted to work in lol
  • 11:25 JoeDangit: oh.
  • 11:26 BelowMedianSaddie: tbh i probably would've flunked out of law school as a kjd i don't think i would've been ready even if i thought i was
  • 11:26 JoeDangit: if that's right then i take my words back lol
  • 11:26 BelowMedianSaddie: knowing myself now
  • 11:26 yearningtolawyer: @joe having a professional degree like a JD definitely helps
  • 11:26 JoeDangit: I feel that Saddie.
  • 11:26 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: That's just what I tell myself to make me feel better about it lol
  • 11:26 JoeDangit: I don't even think I'm ready for it now, especially reading how combative some law school environments are.
  • 11:27 masterofallfoursections: when i graduated from college i knew my ass was not ready for law school
  • 11:27 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I think you just have to figure out how to schedule time and be super motivated to get on your shit, if you aren't then you get boinked
  • 11:27 nota999: Basically FP as a field is (or at least feels like) it's "work here for 10 years and then hope that if the political winds are blowing the right way you'll get a chance to maybe do something tangible for folks"
  • 11:27 nota999: which turned me off of it
  • 11:28 masterofallfoursections: obviously not EVERYONE is like this but the new associates who start at our firm, we can always tell who never worked between undergrad and law school
  • 11:28 JoeDangit: oh really? do tell
  • 11:28 GlisteningReflectiveSetter: anyone know where tf Fordham is at
  • 11:28 JoeDangit: I need to know how to masquerade that I know what i'm doing lol
  • 11:28 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I always told myself t I was a ~different~ KJD because I worked through school lmao