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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
4 Columbia University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 23 2020-11-23 Apr 30 2021-04-30
13 Cornell University Pending Unknown Mar 15 2021-03-15 Mar 30 2021-03-30
15 Georgetown University Accepted RDregular decision $135,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Jan 11 2021-01-11 Jan 11 2021-01-11 Feb 17 2021-02-17
3 Harvard University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 30 2020-11-30
6 New York University Hold, Accepted RDregular decision $90,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Jan 04 2021-01-04 Mar 31 2021-03-31
12 Northwestern University Accepted RDregular decision $150,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Jan 06 2021-01-06
2 Stanford University Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Dec 14 2020-12-14
9 UCBerkeley Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Feb 01 2021-02-01 Feb 10 2021-02-10
14 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Feb 16 2021-02-16
4 UChicago Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Dec 18 2020-12-18 Dec 31 2020-12-31 Jan 26 2021-01-26
10 UMichigan WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Mar 19 2021-03-19
6 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 23 2020-11-23 Dec 14 2020-12-14 Jan 05 2021-01-05 Feb 11 2021-02-11 Mar 05 2021-03-05
19 USouthern California Accepted RDregular decision $150,000 Nov 22 2020-11-22 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 03 2021-01-03 Jan 15 2021-01-15
8 UVirginia Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 22 2020-11-22 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Dec 03 2020-12-03
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  • 14:44 nervousreversesplitternc: WL FROM FSU AND PSU
  • 14:44 nervousreversesplitternc: BAD DAY
  • 14:44 nirvana: oh boy
  • 14:44 WetClammyCoyote: I applied to Rutgers at the end of November and was accepted at the start of Jan. I’m not sure if the whole UR thing bc I feel like when I looked at my statuses I was either just waiting a decision or went to straight A/WL/R.
  • 14:45 nirvana: confirmed at fsu now?
  • 14:45 nervousreversesplitternc: yup
  • 14:45 nervousreversesplitternc: got the official email this morning
  • 14:46 nervousreversesplitternc: I love how penn state writes in my WL letter "We hope you will consider this a positive step in the admissions process! Your application exhibits many strengths and we hope to eventually be able to offer you a spot in our incoming class."
  • 14:46 nervousreversesplitternc: THIS IS NOT A POSITIVE STEP
  • 14:46 WetClammyCoyote: 3.0low and 15low. I have a learning disability which made the LSAT incredibly difficult. And screwed up in college because I started out STEM ooof
  • 14:46 WetClammyCoyote: I guess I’ve been lucky considering
  • 14:46 TangyDeafeningPademelon: You got money though! That’s awesome
  • 14:46 TangyDeafeningPademelon: Thank you btw 😊
  • 14:46 WetClammyCoyote: Are you still waiting to hear from Rutgers?
  • 14:47 WetClammyCoyote: OFC!
  • 14:47 nervousreversesplitternc: oh and I have the stomach flu and had to go to the hospital last night because I vomited for ten straight hours, left hospital at 4 am. had a final at 8 am. one at 12pm. and one coming up at 3pm.
  • 14:47 nervousreversesplitternc: I actually want someone to shoot me
  • 14:47 TangyDeafeningPademelon: Yeah they were waiting on my April LSAT. Hoping I hear back ASAP. But I’m hearing about a month..
  • 14:47 nervousreversesplitternc: once wake forest hits me back my cycle is done
  • 14:48 TangyDeafeningPademelon: @nervousreversesplitternc: you’re amazing. Still getting shit done! Take a moment to be proud of yourself
  • 14:48 WetClammyCoyote: Keeping fingers crossed for you! I think they seem to be generous with money 😄
  • 14:48 nirvana: girl get some coconut water and pedialyte
  • 14:48 WetClammyCoyote: @nervousreversesplitternc: hope you feel better soon!
  • 14:48 nervousreversesplitternc: <3
  • 14:48 TangyDeafeningPademelon: @WetClammyCoyote: thank you!! Yes I heard but I’m nervous I applied too late in the cycle and not much money exists 😩
  • 14:49 nervousreversesplitternc: I think im going to send penn state a harshly worded email about how I think its complete bullshit they literally told everyone else who applied after me their decision within like 6-8 weeks, made me wait 15 whole weeks for a WAITLST aka more waiting
  • 14:49 nervousreversesplitternc: like I know im a splitter but Jesus h I was in their range
  • 14:49 nervousreversesplitternc: for lsat and gpa
  • 14:50 MR25percentile: @nervousreversesplitternc: i think ive seen ur messages on discord. stay hopeful. im on a bunch of waitlists rn and im hoping to get off of one
  • 14:50 nervousreversesplitternc: lol I left that discord
  • 14:50 nervousreversesplitternc: the only waitlist I've gotten off of was the only one I didnt write a loci for
  • 14:50 nervousreversesplitternc: make it make sense
  • 14:50 MR25percentile: i dont wanna pay sticker and i dont wanna r and r
  • 14:50 MR25percentile: sooo
  • 14:50 MR25percentile: im in no mans land
  • 14:50 nervousreversesplitternc: ha im in ur same boat
  • 14:51 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: damn big day for RayBradbury
  • 14:51 MR25percentile: why?
  • 14:51 RayBradbury: I was just updating results from the last two weeks
  • 14:51 nirvana: dont do it unless you dont wanna be in the mix anymore
  • 14:52 harrystylesismyking: @RayBradbury: congrats on harvard!
  • 14:52 usedtothinkiwasinteresting: ohhhh hahah congratulations though!!
  • 14:52 RayBradbury: @harrystylesismyking: thanks!
  • 14:54 KingKong: NERVOUS!!!
  • 14:54 KingKong: I WAS WORRIED!
  • 14:55 KingKong: Im sorry about FSU :(
  • 14:58 KingKong: Penn State didnt tell me that they hope to offer me a spot so maybe that is a good sign for you?
  • 15:03 TanAliveTamarin: looks like a lot of people got the waitlist release from Yale
  • 15:03 TanAliveTamarin: I just wish I didnt stress so much over my LOCI since it was a waste of ****ing time lol
  • 15:13 LawSchoolPanda: @nervousreversesplitternc: got waitlisted at FSU aswell looks like we’re gonna have some crappy summers lol
  • 15:15 ThisIsTheEnd: @SouthernYank97: Anything happen when I was gone?
  • 15:16 SouthernYank97: Yale Rs
  • 15:20 HalfUnknownSnail: ok.. while I appreciate everyone updating their A/R/WL's for future generations.. the fact that EVERYONE seems to be doing it now is getting a little annoying
  • 15:20 HalfUnknownSnail: we are trying to read the tea leaves on schools here.
  • 15:22 ThisIsTheEnd: @SouthernYank97: That has to be a good thing right??
  • 15:22 ThisIsTheEnd: Like they will eventually take some kids off the WL for A's
  • 15:22 SouthernYank97: lets hope it means no violence haha
  • 15:24 UghSad: @ThisIsTheEnd: im not sure if u were asking about yale but theyre full and expecting little to no movement so it makes sense to cut down the pool
  • 15:25 ThisIsTheEnd: If theyre not expecting movement wouldnt they just cut everyone then?
  • 15:28 UghSad: @ThisIsTheEnd: no, if ppl deffer or they lose ppl over the summer they might take some1 to replace them but it wouldnt be a lot of movement so they are probably keeping a smaller pool for that
  • 15:30 Law101: So i outright asked them since they are vague but fordham is full as of now. Why they dont announce it idk
  • 15:34 HalfUnknownSnail: @Law101: Are you PWL?
  • 15:34 GatorAlum1996: Is UF full? Has anyone asked?
  • 15:37 sadsadsadsadsadsad: @Law101: they did announce it they sent an email to the waitlist yesterday saying it was full
  • 15:37 sadsadsadsadsadsad: from what i understand that email was sent to the regular waitlist, not the PWL
  • 15:41 ImAliveButImDead: @SouthernYank97: have you done your daily BU WL->A manifestation yet? we need to collectively summon them
  • 15:43 SouthernYank97: GIVE
  • 15:43 SouthernYank97: A
  • 15:43 SouthernYank97: WAVE
  • 15:43 SouthernYank97: GIVE A WAVRE
  • 15:43 SouthernYank97:
    ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
  • 15:43 SouthernYank97: ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐BU -> A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
  • 15:44 ImAliveButImDead: ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ G I V E⭐BU -> A⭐W A V E ༼つ ◕_◕༽つ
  • 15:46 harrystylesismyking: amen
  • 15:46 harrystylesismyking: @ImAliveButImDead: have we talked about BU before
  • 15:47 harrystylesismyking: if not welcome to the BU WL support group
  • 15:55 DooleyLivesOnForever: why wont UGA just deny me already
  • 15:55 DooleyLivesOnForever: what is the point of ""reviewing"" my application for 3 months
  • 15:56 DooleyLivesOnForever: 9 down 4 left i just need the other 4 to put me out of my MISERY
  • 15:57 ImAliveButImDead: @harrystylesismyking: yes I believe we have, we talked about my unfortunate cycle and how I am begging BU at this point
  • 15:59 harrystylesismyking: ugh
  • 15:59 harrystylesismyking: soryy
  • 15:59 harrystylesismyking: sorry*
  • 16:00 harrystylesismyking: these nicknames kill me i am so bad at remember who is who
  • 16:01 ImAliveButImDead: all good! i take frequent breaks from lsdata besides checking BU's page
  • 16:03 HalfUnknownSnail: I do think it is a bad sign for the schools who have been quiet thus far
  • 16:04 HalfUnknownSnail: Schools seem to either know they have slots (Mich, GULC, Harvard) or are making massive cuts (Penn/WUSTL/Yale)
  • 16:05 HalfUnknownSnail: I am guessing that if they aren't doing anything right now.. they know they are pretty much full.. but just probably not by enough to feel comfortable with what the programs above them are going to do.
  • 16:06 harrystylesismyking: talking about BU or in general
  • 16:06 HalfUnknownSnail: In general. BU in particular seems over committed. They admitted almost 600 on LSdata
  • 16:06 harrystylesismyking: they have some spots
  • 16:07 JDawg2JD: @nervousreversesplitternc: I got that Waitlist this morning too on FSU. I withdrew. So that ends my cycle
  • 16:07 ImAliveButImDead: BU said they have spots, i am just anxiously awaiting
  • 16:07 HalfUnknownSnail: @harrystylesismyking: Like I said.. they are in the category who are "pretty much full"
  • 16:08 harrystylesismyking: right but im not sure if they would say they will have spots if they over committed
  • 16:08 HalfUnknownSnail: meaning an insignificant number in total. I know it's not insignificant to anyone who gets one of those spots - but it isnt the 50+ at HLS
  • 16:08 HalfUnknownSnail: another thought on BU
  • 16:09 HalfUnknownSnail: they have one of the cheaper seat deposit (500)
  • 16:10 HalfUnknownSnail: I have a feeling their Double Deposit reports are showing there is quite a bit of double depositting
  • 16:10 DevilishSkillfulBracke: did the double deposit reports already come out?
  • 16:10 HalfUnknownSnail: I feel like that could be the issue with a few of the big programs. They will want to know how those deposits land
  • 16:11 HalfUnknownSnail: If they didn't then I would just say even more so they are holding till they see how it shakes out
  • 16:11 ImAliveButImDead: i think thats why BU said that they will be admitting gradually into the summer. bc they're prolly gonna wait until the second deposit
  • 16:11 ImAliveButImDead: but they've been rejecting people of WL almost every day
  • 16:12 somethingspecial: So many r's today
  • 16:21 HalfUnknownSnail: BU needs to know what happens with the t16 programs
  • 16:24 splitter99: I’m sure a lot of ppl deposited at BU are on a lot of WLs as well. I am and my stats are nothing crazy
  • 16:28 Law101: @HalfUnknownSnail: yes doesn't seem to matter why they didnt give an email to everyone idk
  • 16:29 Law101: like why send out email to one group and not the other if it is the same regardless
  • 16:34 Amethyst: I've decided to sing Let it Go everyday
  • 16:42 HalfUnknownSnail: hmmm.. I think because they actually will get to PWL if a spot opens up - where as normal WL its easier to say "we're full and won't get to you even if spots do open up"
  • 16:42 pull-up-in-the-monster-automobile-gangster: will stanny wake up today
  • 16:51 DefectiveBreakablePersian: Got a waitlist form here and the final question is an optional one asking about other schools I'm considering / plans for the fall. Is it a trap or should I answer it?
  • 16:57 SouthernYank97: Answer it
  • 16:57 SouthernYank97: Id answer it*
  • 17:05 burnercell: @HalfUnknownSnail: this is what I think too. They are full, but they’ve only collected first deposits and it’s inevitable at least one person would drop off. That person would be pwl.
  • 17:06 burnercell: (Their replacement I mean)
  • 17:06 TheMilkMan: Got into my first law school woo
  • 17:06 its-batman: yeah i'm pretty sure ppl will drop :D this could be the cycle with the most wl movement all time
  • 17:06 TheMilkMan: I’m goin to be a lawyer!!!
  • 17:06 its-batman: @TheMilkMan: congrats!!!!!!
  • 17:06 burnercell: Yay!!!
  • 17:06 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @TheMilkMan: WOOHOO
  • 17:06 DevilishSkillfulBracke: thats fantastic! Congrats!!!!!
  • 17:07 TheMilkMan: :D
  • 17:07 harrystylesismyking: @TheMilkMan: congrats!
  • 17:08 its-batman: any word on sls waitlist movement?
  • 17:10 pull-up-in-the-monster-automobile-gangster: SLS hasn't even gotten back to some applicants for an initial decision
  • 17:11 dnithr: I found a SLS blog from a while back that said they didn't even look at their waitlist until May 10th that year
  • 17:11 dnithr: Because they gave some offers with a deadline of then
  • 17:11 dnithr: I think they won't look at the WL until next week
  • 17:20 JinxCatmilton: Has anyone heard from UT today
  • 17:29 its-batman: @dnithr: sweet this cycle may be more delayed but that'd be quick
  • 17:32 westcoastlawyer: anyone get a harvard interview?
  • 17:36 UghSad: I think sls will look later since they arent even done eith initial decisions
  • 17:36 correl: decent amount of people that havent heard from SLS yet
  • 17:37 correl: i'd estimate maybe 100?
  • 17:40 correl: back of the envelope math: the average % of applicants on LSD responding with results from H/Y/Chicago (three peer schools that seem to be done admitting) is around 85%. SLS has gotten back to ~71% of applicants, leaving 14% left, assuming that the non-response rate is constant and the proxy-comparison is reasonable. that would actually suggest ~200 people JUST on LSD. if you assume that LSD is like half the applicant pool (maybe more?) then you can end up with an estimate as high as 400
  • 17:41 correl: there's a ton of uncertainty/assumptions there, but basically it suggests that there are a few hundred (100-400) people who have not yet heard back from stanford....
  • 17:42 UghSad: Tbh i would be surprised if theyre not pretty much full
  • 17:47 FlawlessExpensiveDog: hmm that sounds like a lot of math. why dont we just take attendance (im here !)
  • 17:51 Law101: @burnercell: yes perhaps one person drops out but what are the chances that enough will drop out lol... it would have to probably depend on other schools taking people off their lists resulting in withdrawals resulting in people taking those spots
  • 18:12 nervousreversesplitternc: I was wondering if I could get an explanation as to why it took 14 weeks to get a decision back on my application. To be frank, I know it is not because of the “unusually high volume of applications” or “covid” because dozens of people who applied long after me received their decisions before me; some in February, some in March, and some in April. I managed to submit my application on time even though I too had to deal with “covid” and “extreme circumstances” this year. I do not need any sugarcoa
  • 18:12 nervousreversesplitternc: do I dare send this ^
  • 18:12 nervousreversesplitternc: oh wait the second half cut off
  • 18:13 nirvana: noo
  • 18:13 nervousreversesplitternc: I do not need any sugarcoating, I want a real answer as to why I was continually passed over while everyone else heard back. Also, I would like to inform you that I will be withdrawing my application, as I do not have any desire to attend an institution that so blatantly disrespected my time and gave me false hope.
  • 18:13 nirvana: this will get you removed from the waitlist
  • 18:13 nervousreversesplitternc: yes
  • 18:13 nervousreversesplitternc: I am aware of that lol I am angry at them (penn state)
  • 18:14 nervousreversesplitternc: ugh im not gonna send it I dont want to give them unescessary hell
  • 18:14 nervousreversesplitternc: im just so frustrated
  • 18:15 nirvana: i wouldnt send they wont give you the answer youre looking for and to them it doesnt matter that you waited you have a decision and that is all
  • 18:15 nervousreversesplitternc: ya thats the thing I feel like even if I sent it they still wouldn't give me the answer I want lol
  • 18:16 nirvana: nope haha and they could pass the email around and it wouldnt look good
  • 18:16 nervousreversesplitternc: omg yeah I didnt even think of that lol
  • 18:17 correl: do not send this. i understand your frustration but they are not going to reply and it wont help you feel better. and if it circulates it will look very bad for you
  • 18:17 nirvana: yes cause this is an unusual thing to send so its a no go dont do it
  • 18:17 correl: also, 14 weeks is not really that long. i know that sounds harsh, but there are schools that have taken 20+ weeks to get back to applicants
  • 18:17 nervousreversesplitternc: yeah all of these schools have been so crazy this year
  • 18:17 correl: like, look. i truly am sorry
  • 18:17 nervousreversesplitternc: I won't send it
  • 18:18 nervousreversesplitternc: but it felt good to type it out
  • 18:18 correl: it sucks to have schools jerk people around like this and i really do hope that writing that out was cathartic
  • 18:18 WetClammyCoyote: Guys. Halp. I just got a huge pay increase and I had my heart set on school but now I’m confused
  • 18:19 nervousreversesplitternc: would u be making more $ than you would as a lawyer
  • 18:19 nervousreversesplitternc: /do you like your job
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @nervousreversesplitternc: i vote send it
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I would
  • 18:20 nervousreversesplitternc: nahhh.
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: id also be insanely curious as to their response
  • 18:20 nervousreversesplitternc: I dont want that sent to other schools and I feel like its aggressive
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: bet it felt good to type
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: sorry
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: ohhh
  • 18:20 nervousreversesplitternc: it did feel good to type
  • 18:20 WetClammyCoyote: Not even close to what I would be making as a lawyer and I do ish. I think it’s contributed a lot to my mental health and I’ve been dying to leave due to starting school in august so
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: didn't think about sending it to other schools
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: good call
  • 18:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: also im sorry
  • 18:21 nervousreversesplitternc: @WetClammyCoyote: hmmmm, so what are you confused about
  • 18:21 harrystylesismyking: @WetClammyCoyote: like your job is negatively impacted your mental health?
  • 18:21 harrystylesismyking: has**
  • 18:28 WetClammyCoyote: I feel like I’ve been miserable since the start of the year but so has everyone else I guess. Everyone else is overworked too. Maybe defer and have the ability to pay more hahaha. Idk maybe I’m just on a high from the news and tomorrow will come to my senses
  • 18:30 harrystylesismyking: it's definitely something to think about! if you have an offer you're excited about, then you might be happier starting school sooner. If you're thinking about R&R then it's just more money for another year
  • 18:30 burnercell: @Law101: i mean if you’re that one person it’ll be enough lol. The whole pwl was never going to get in, we just have a better chance.
  • 18:30 ZonkedDecisiveOctopus: columbia sends an email... and it has a typo first sentence
  • 18:31 harrystylesismyking: but if you are truly unhappy with your job, you could regret putting school off another year if you have a good option for your goals
  • 18:32 WetClammyCoyote: You’re right. Thank you both !!
  • 18:56 nervousreversesplitternc: @WetClammyCoyote: Yeah, I think its definitely something to be excited about, but I always like to wait at least 24 hours before I make a big decision so I don't do things in the heat of the moment
  • 19:20 Law101: @burnercell: true, but isn't finding out they are already full kinda lessen your chances. that means that like with Upenn they went through the list once so no need to add anyone except for part-time
  • 20:24 PierPissolini: Bout to do this Northwestern interview late as ****, manifest for me lads
  • 20:29 SkoBuffsV: @PierPissolini: good luck! Just did mine a few days ago
  • 20:48 nirvana: is the vandy wl gonna move
  • 23:34 LawSchoolPanda: In at Tulane!!! My first choice I’m so excited
  • 23:34 LawSchoolPanda: This late too
  • 1:04 LawSchoolPanda: everyone on lsd is asleep but its okay
  • 1:05 LawSchoolPanda: hello to whoever sees this in the morning
  • 1:37 aftermaths: Congrats!!!!!
  • 2:58 TastelessAnnoyedSponge: Hey!!!!