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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
4 Columbia University Waitlisted Unknown Nov 15 2020-11-15 Nov 17 2020-11-17 Nov 23 2020-11-23
13 Cornell University Pending Unknown Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24
12 Duke University Waitlisted Unknown
14 Georgetown University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 09 2020-11-09 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 23 2020-11-23
3 Harvard University Rejected Unknown Nov 18 2020-11-18 Nov 18 2020-11-18 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 14 2021-01-14
6 New York University Pending Unknown Nov 15 2020-11-15 Nov 16 2020-11-16 Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 20 2020-11-20
2 Stanford University Pending Unknown Nov 18 2020-11-18 Nov 19 2020-11-19 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 25 2020-12-25
59 UCalifornia (Hastings) Accepted Unknown $45,000 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 11 2020-11-11
9 UCBerkeley Rejected Unknown Nov 09 2020-11-09 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 12 2020-11-12 Nov 30 2020-11-30
38 UCDavis Pending Unknown Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 16 2020-11-16 Dec 02 2020-12-02
15 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted Unknown Nov 13 2020-11-13 Nov 16 2020-11-16 Nov 17 2020-11-17
4 UChicago Rejected Unknown Nov 09 2020-11-09 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Dec 15 2020-12-15
9 UMichigan Waitlisted Unknown
7 UPennsylvania Waitlisted Unknown Nov 15 2020-11-15 Nov 16 2020-11-16 Dec 09 2020-12-09 Dec 16 2020-12-16
18 Vanderbilt University Pending RDregular decision
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main_chatroom Rooms: General Big mad Advice
  • 11:58 nota999: @Tortally-Radical: The biggest difference between you and those people you're thinking are the "best [people] for the job" mostly comes down to confidence. I mean, Giuliani went to NYU, after all.
  • 11:58 CEOofShotShooting: Geeze. At least they can type
  • 11:58 FrankieTheTankie: It's not that the big school are really so much tougher, it's the pomp and circumstance and looks exhausting
  • 11:59 Tortally-Radical: I dunno nota, I still count on my finger
  • 11:59 IcicleBumpkin: guiliani went to NYU?
  • 11:59 Tortally-Radical: fingers* I did not lose 9
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: Giuliani wasn't totally insane at one point, it's worth noting
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: the rot set in in his brain over many years
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: he started out just racist and authoritarian
  • 11:59 brendog: alan dershowitz for example. idiot who went to harvard law
  • 11:59 DropoutBear: Yup
  • 11:59 NicklausCopernicus18: it would take years before he would completely lose his mind
  • 12:00 nota999: @Tortally-Radical: If being good at math was a requirement of being a lawyer, then the bar and the bench would suddenly be a lot emptier.
  • 12:00 TheOther51: Dershowitz is more crazy than an idiot
  • 12:00 FrankieTheTankie: @nota truth
  • 12:00 Tortally-Radical: true say
  • 12:00 NicklausCopernicus18: Dersh is objectively brilliant
  • 12:00 NicklausCopernicus18: just immoral
  • 12:00 DropoutBear: There are people at school who are evil but still smart
  • 12:00 LiquidSolid: Dershowitz went to Yale
  • 12:00 brendog: oh my b
  • 12:00 NicklausCopernicus18: Yeah he just teaches at Harvard
  • 12:00 FrankieTheTankie: I think about 20% of what gets shaded as brilliance in Dersh is shameless, willful bad faith, but sure
  • 12:00 brendog: gotcha
  • 12:01 BoysDoFallinLove: anyone familiar with the SEO Law program?
  • 12:01 K-justwaiting: not crazy familiar but I've people speak highly about the program
  • 12:01 K-justwaiting: check reddit for some personal anecdotes!
  • 12:01 nota999: I got emails about it, but didn't look too much into it since it sounded like it was aimed at people with different goals from me @boysdofallinlove
  • 12:02 BoysDoFallinLove: @nota999: ah I see. Same kinda I want to do PI but wouldn't mind the support. I am wondering whether it's worth updating schools to let them know about the interview?
  • 12:02 ColossalHyrax: oh my god I missed an email to interview with Columbia
  • 12:03 ColossalHyrax: they just sent me an email asking if I was still interested bc they hadn't heard from me
  • 12:03 SomberLumpySquid: ohno
  • 12:03 masterofallfoursections: my spam box is so empty lmao
  • 12:03 yearningtolawyer: oh no
  • 12:03 FrankieTheTankie: @ColossalHyrax: nooooo at least they reached out again!!
  • 12:03 ColossalHyrax: idkkkk what to doooo ughhh
  • 12:03 masterofallfoursections: oh shoot
  • 12:03 masterofallfoursections: was it in your spam?
  • 12:03 ColossalHyrax: it must've been! I clear it out often and must have not seen it
  • 12:03 nota999: @BoysDoFallinLove: I don't know how many people get invited to interview, but assuming it's fairly exclusive it might not be a bad idea. I think the better idea would be waiting until you have a result from it, but the interview could maybe be okay too.
  • 12:05 odovek: I finally answered one of the spam calls that I have been getting form CA numbers every day and it was LSATMax lol
  • 12:06 brendog: i'll answer any call these days
  • 12:06 nota999: speaking of interviews though, not me anxiously checking my email every break I can take to see if the blume interview invite is in there lol
  • 12:07 nota999: Even now that my cycle is over it's not really OVER over yet because I need to know how much I'll be paying at Gtown, even if no matter what happens there it'll be a good amount.
  • 12:08 brendog: best of the best of luck hope that email comes soon
  • 12:09 nota999: fingers crossed! The application for the blume closed today, so hopefully that means that I'll know in the next couple days if I'm interviewing. I think if I get to the interview stage, I've got a pretty good shot of getting the actual scholarship since I tend to interview well.
  • 12:10 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: Did CLS only accept two people?
  • 12:10 nota999: But even if I don't get it, just getting to the interview stage gets you a public interest fellowship, which doesn't come with a scholarship but does get you access to some networking events and stuff like that, as well as a nice resume line.
  • 12:11 nextbooks: What are today's expected waves?
  • 12:11 masterofallfoursections: what does it feel like to get accepted to cls
  • 12:11 SomberLumpySquid: Yeah I was thinking it might take like a week or so on interviews for blume maybe??
  • 12:11 brendog: columbia will have an incoming class of 2 students
  • 12:12 pilkyboids: @nota999: Best of luck, hope all the pressure's off on you now and you can get the rest of the process done lickety split
  • 12:12 nota999: @SomberLumpySquid: I think there's a possibility it might come a bit sooner, since I sent in my app a few days ago and hopefully they started reviewing it not long after that. But more than anything I just wanna knooooooow
  • 12:12 masterofallfoursections: I am getting anxious with CLS... I feel like im heading towards a WL :(
  • 12:12 masterofallfoursections: and if anyone says "no defeatism" @ me your address so we can fight
  • 12:12 SomberLumpySquid: @nota999: totally true, I hope they
  • 12:12 SomberLumpySquid: re reviewing like that!
  • 12:12 nota999: @masterofallfoursections: No defeatism, come at me.
  • 12:12 masterofallfoursections: and that is WL if I am lucky
  • 12:13 masterofallfoursections: @nota999: you tryna catch these weak grandma hands????
  • 12:13 SomberLumpySquid: I just submitted super recently so I guess I hadn't gotten around to thinking about the interview
  • 12:13 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: I'm in a weird spot with CLS because i thought i was definitely not getting it, then they gave me an interview and they are getting my hopes up too high
  • 12:13 nota999: @masterofallfoursections: I'll meet them with my nerdy noodle arms!
  • 12:14 nota999: honed with my daily workout of notary stamping lol
  • 12:14 LSHopeful2021: morning team. any violence expected today?
  • 12:14 brendog: yes as always
  • 12:14 nota999: @LSHopeful2021: Yes, between me and master
  • 12:15 nota999: from schools idk
  • 12:15 JAlfredPrufrock: the violence hasn’t stopped since September
  • 12:15 nextbooks: @nota999: kinky
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: agh ONE PERSON got into DU yesterday
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: why was that one person not me
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: lol
  • 12:15 masterofallfoursections: LMFAO
  • 12:15 LSHopeful2021: march already has us on edge
  • 12:15 BuffalentBuffalo: bro im so on edge
  • 12:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I'm approaching the awkward stage with my boss
  • 12:16 ThisIsAGoodUsername: of him being like " school. that happening, orrrr"
  • 12:16 BuffalentBuffalo: im waiting on 12 schools after submitting late nov., aaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  • 12:16 masterofallfoursections: question... when should I send my LOCI to HLS? Is it better to be sooner than later?
  • 12:16 JAlfredPrufrock: I had two breakdowns and a panic attack today
  • 12:16 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @masterofallfoursections I think so!
  • 12:16 JAlfredPrufrock: so I get the “on edge” sentiment lol
  • 12:16 masterofallfoursections: kk thank you
  • 12:16 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @jalfredprufrock i'm sorry friend :(
  • 12:16 nota999: @JAlfredPrufrock: That...doesn't sound healthy. You might want to try to find the space to take a breather from this process for a bit.
  • 12:16 JinxCatmilton: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: just rip off the band aid,
  • 12:16 masterofallfoursections: I plan to ride this HLS WL for as LONGGGG as I can. Pain awaits me this summer :')
  • 12:17 LSHopeful2021: did CLS really drop 2 acceptances and then bounce
  • 12:17 GiantCrookedEarwig: @master I think spivey and other consultants say the best time is like 1 day before seat deposit so your interest is fresh in their mind when they start to pull from WL
  • 12:17 BuffalentBuffalo: same, ima be on hella waitlists this sumer
  • 12:17 JinxCatmilton: @JAlfredPrufrock: oh no! I hope youre taking a break
  • 12:17 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @jinx I can't! I need to get into my effing schools here before I do LOLOL so I keep just. being like "lol no news yet teehehehehee DONT FIRE ME"
  • 12:18 JinxCatmilton: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: what kind of job is it? Im currently a legal assistant so I literally said yeah im gone in august lol
  • 12:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: oh no I'm full time career and old AF, high level marketing career.
  • 12:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: lol
  • 12:18 JinxCatmilton: Ohhhhhh
  • 12:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: it's a huge switch. I pay my mortgage and have student loan debt from undergrad and grad school. realllllly gotta stretch this as long as I can
  • 12:19 ThisIsAGoodUsername: which is why I'm like HELLO DU, HELLO CU, LET A GIRL IN
  • 12:19 JinxCatmilton: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: yeah i wouldnt say anything until you have a couple of acceptances
  • 12:19 JinxCatmilton: ugh im sorry
  • 12:19 JinxCatmilton: i can imagine its stressful
  • 12:19 ThisIsAGoodUsername: all my As are out of state and such a big stress to my marriage in general
  • 12:19 ThisIsAGoodUsername: i just like...y'all have the application and you know I want in, JUST BE COOL GIMME A YES OR NOoooOoOooO
  • 12:19 ThisIsAGoodUsername: this is what I scream to my ceilings at night
  • 12:20 JinxCatmilton: I felt that in my soul ^
  • 12:20 FinancialEsq: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: how did you tell your boss you were applying?
  • 12:20 sunflowervol6: does anyone know that if you go complete at a school but take the LSAT after going complete, does that school get your new LSAT score?
  • 12:21 OutgoingShrimp: they do
  • 12:21 sunflowervol6: oh word okay thanks !
  • 12:21 JAlfredPrufrock: I just need one A so I can relax a little, but if I don’t get in anywhere my prospects are pretty bleak, as I have to stay at a job I hate, living with my parents in Shithole Town, Middle of Nowhere, with zero social contacts outside of my immediate family
  • 12:21 JAlfredPrufrock: So yeah that’s what induces my panic attacks lol
  • 12:22 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @financialesq it was at my yearly review actually LOL! He was like "are there any things for the future you see here, or any things you want to be added to your plate?" and I was teetering back and forth and was like F it. I said listen I am really interested in utilizing my marketing background to make a change in privacy law and so I took the LSAT. no big changes will come until next fall, but if I could be involved in meetings with our lawyers about terms and conditions moving forward, that'd
  • 12:22 ThisIsAGoodUsername: and initially he was like "oh hell yeah, I hate meeting with lawyers" but I think he's starting to catch on like " would leave here." lol
  • 12:22 AnonBean: anyone point me to a helpful LOCI guide?
  • 12:22 JAlfredPrufrock: It doesn’t help that people with much better stats than mine have gotten only Rs and WLs
  • 12:22 AnonBean: Specifically, the formatting
  • 12:23 JAlfredPrufrock: And that the overall consensus is that intentional applicants have it a lot worse
  • 12:23 kitkatpattywack: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: HEY
  • 12:23 ThisIsAGoodUsername: hiiiieeeeeeee!!!!
  • 12:23 kitkatpattywack: I've been waiting for you!!!!
  • 12:23 ncan360: sorry if this is a dumb question, but will/should we usually get all decisions by seat deposit deadline? I have heard back from <50% of schools, applied in early dec
  • 12:23 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @jalfredprufrock honestly for real, you do. I wish I could make that better.
  • 12:23 dkh2020: If I keep missing the cls waves I may lose my mind
  • 12:23 ncan360: I have one with an April 1 scholarship deadline
  • 12:23 ThisIsAGoodUsername: all of my seat requests are April 1
  • 12:23 FinancialEsq: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: thats great, have you gotten those opportunities yet?
  • 12:23 kitkatpattywack: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: you know how I called that school on Thursday after not hearing from them
  • 12:24 ThisIsAGoodUsername: YES
  • 12:24 kitkatpattywack: and they moved me from received to UR the same day
  • 12:24 kitkatpattywack: I got in yesterday!!!!
  • 12:24 kitkatpattywack: So quick!!
  • 12:24 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @ncan360 same it's v stressful
  • 12:24 ThisIsAGoodUsername: oh my god OH MY GOD CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 12:24 kitkatpattywack: like less than 2 business days
  • 12:24 ThisIsAGoodUsername: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
  • 12:24 kitkatpattywack: See calling is a good thing!!!
  • 12:24 HorribleLittleFlamingo: My apps for LLS and Pepperdine have been complete for over 2 months with no decisions.... is that a bad thing...
  • 12:24 nota999: My work related problem right now is that it seems like my job is just pretending like I'm not leaving. They've known for months that I'll be leaving and roughly when, and I've told them that I want to be able to train my successor, but they're dragging their feet hard on hiring the person even though the training will take a while to get them up to where I am. But I'm leaving when I'm leaving either way. If they don't hire my replacement in time then that's on them.
  • 12:24 Kay: @ncan360: A lot of the schools I applied to said if you get your app in by "X Date" (usually February 15 or March 1), you'd hear back by April 1!
  • 12:25 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I AM ELATED FOR YOU!!!!
  • 12:25 kitkatpattywack: @nota999: when are you planning on moving to DC
  • 12:25 kitkatpattywack: thanks!!
  • 12:25 ncan360: @Kay: good to know! is that for HYS too?
  • 12:25 nervousreversesplitternc: my work expects me to keep working through law school
  • 12:25 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @financialesq yes and no. I've been tasked with rewriting our Ts and Cs but covid makes everything such a back burner issue
  • 12:25 nervousreversesplitternc: like im sorry but
  • 12:25 kitkatpattywack: absollutely not
  • 12:26 Kay: @ncan360: HARVARD "Applications submitted by the priority deadline are guaranteed a decision by April 1." YALE "Decisions for Regular Decision candidates will be posted online via the Yale Admissions Status Portal by April 1. Both Early Action and Regular Decision applicants have until May 1 to reply to an offer of admission."
  • 12:26 nota999: @kitkatpattywack: Current plan is to quit mid/late june and move in July to give my cat time to adjust to a new space and let me get acquainted with the new area.
  • 12:26 nervousreversesplitternc: their rationale is that I work from my computer and phone and don't ever have to physically be present in an office
  • 12:26 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @nota999 that's literally it. Not your problem. Not a single employer will look out for you the way you're looking out for them, and you've already gone above and beyond offering to help, which you do not need to do.
  • 12:26 nervousreversesplitternc: but still
  • 12:26 ncan360: @Kay: thank you!!!
  • 12:26 FrankieTheTankie: @nota awwwww good kitty parenting you love to see it
  • 12:27 Kay: @ncan360: Stanford is the odd one out in terms of being more ~clear,~ but this is what I have for you: "However, some applications are held until the committee has reviewed the entire applicant pool. This second review generally occurs in April, at which time the class will be filled. (A small number of applications will be held for possible use in filling vacancies that may occur during the summer.)"
  • 12:27 Kay: So it definitely seems like their goal is to respond to all applications with either a firm decision or a WL/hold before the April deposit deadline!
  • 12:28 FrankieTheTankie: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: best advice my mba brother ever gave me: "never make a job decision out of loyalty to a company. They will never behave that way toward you, so don't feel an ounce of shame doing what's best for you."
  • 12:28 ThisIsAGoodUsername: until then we ALL enjoy panic-induced everything!
  • 12:28 NicklausCopernicus18: I know not HYS, but Columbia only says "we endeavor to get you a decision by the end of April"
  • 12:28 NicklausCopernicus18: or something to that effect
  • 12:28 ncan360: @Kay: Thanks! i guess i should be expecting a lot of movement soon haha
  • 12:28 ncan360: waiting on like 7 schools
  • 12:28 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @frankiethetankie EXACTLY THIS. I learned this the hard way a couple years ago and have been super rigid ever since, even as a relationship-based person. no company will have my back the way I have my own.
  • 12:29 FrankieTheTankie: right?? like my current employer has been super supportive and good to me, but I'm not confused about the relationship lol I understand this is a transaction
  • 12:29 odovek: @FrankieTheTankie: agreed, that is some solid advice
  • 12:30 nota999: @FrankieTheTankie: Good kitty parenting plus it's a good excuse to let myself have a little bit of free time before law school starts.
  • 12:30 FrankieTheTankie: @nota999: that does sound DIVINE
  • 12:31 FrankieTheTankie: part of my head is like "work till the last minute to cut expenses!" and the other part is like "you have not taken vacation in years"
  • 12:31 nota999: Also, definitely not loyal to this company. The people here are nice so I'd prefer not to leave them high and dry, but the company itself/the practice area are not super comfy so I'm not necessarily going to leave feeling mixed feelings lol
  • 12:31 ThisIsAGoodUsername: ugh I want this to be my reality but cash ruins everything around meeeeee
  • 12:33 Kay: @ncan360: lots of chaos in one short month!!
  • 12:34 SuperSoakedSplitter: whew complete at penn after 3 weeks
  • 12:36 lawschoolthrowaway: looks like i might finally hear back from ucla today
  • 12:36 lawschoolthrowaway: been UR since early Dec
  • 12:37 710: is ucla all at once?
  • 12:37 lawschoolthrowaway: no ucla trickles everyday
  • 12:37 lawschoolthrowaway: but looks like they're sending out lots of decisions for Nov/Dec today
  • 12:38 SomberFreeSnake: fordham wave coming?
  • 12:38 Panda: I am also a December under review for UCLA
  • 12:38 JAlfredPrufrock: I really think it’s so irresponsible of schools to not have released decisions this close to seat deposits
  • 12:38 FrankieTheTankie: man I am going to drive myself insane looking for meaningless patterns in decision date timing aren't I
  • 12:38 lawschoolthrowaway: @panda i think we've talked on here about this before and here we are still waiting
  • 12:38 QuietFortunateRottweiler: is the columbia wave over?
  • 12:38 lawschoolthrowaway: they're leading me on tbh bc my stats suck
  • 12:39 VibeKing: anyone heard from BC yet for scholarship
  • 12:39 nota999: @FrankieTheTankie: Going insane looking for meaningless patterns is like the quintessential human experience
  • 12:39 FrankieTheTankie: I mean you're not wrong there
  • 12:39 SneakySeahorse: *quintessential post-LSAT human experience
  • 12:39 Panda: @lawschoolthrowaway: I know, ughhh
  • 12:39 nota999: @SneakySeahorse: That's a subset of the human experience, so yes
  • 12:40 OutgoingShrimp: does anybody know if BU is open to scholarship negotiation?
  • 12:40 lawschoolthrowaway: @Panda: kinda furstrating bc they're pretty much the last school i need to hear from before making decisions
  • 12:40 FrankieTheTankie: Just over here comparing UR2 dates to decision dates and feel like I'm trying to read a horoscope
  • 12:40 SneakySeahorse: lmfao the tea leaves
  • 12:40 Panda: @lawschoolthrowaway: I just keep thinking, why are they holding on to me?? It kind of makes no sense. Yeah, same, only UCLA and UCB for me. And they are serious reaches lol
  • 12:41 lawschoolthrowaway: @Panda: ikr! makes me soooo hopeful its gunna hurt 100x as bad if it's the R
  • 12:41 Panda: @lawschoolthrowaway: My fear is that I've been placed in a R pile that won't go out until April 1 or something. Like, I don't even deserve to be rejected quickly lol.....jus
  • 12:41 Panda: just do it already!