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None of this makes sense. I have been rejected from schools ranked far below schools I got accepted to. I think the selection has some luck and randomness to it.

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
50 Baylor University Rejected RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 22 2021-01-22
47 Pepperdine University Pending RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 14 2021-01-14
47 UArizona Pending RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 19 2021-01-19 Jan 26 2021-01-26
31 UGeorgia Pending RDregular decision Dec 18 2020-12-18 Dec 18 2020-12-18 Dec 21 2020-12-21 Dec 21 2020-12-21
136 UIdaho Accepted RDregular decision $15,000 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 18 2020-12-18 Dec 18 2020-12-18 Jan 20 2021-01-20 Feb 11 2021-02-11
111 UMississippi Accepted RDregular decision $60,000 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 26 2021-01-26 Jan 29 2021-01-29
122 UMontana Rejected RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 25 2021-01-25 Feb 08 2021-02-08
88 UNew Hampshire Accepted RDregular decision $81,000 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 04 2021-01-04 Jan 04 2021-01-04 Jan 08 2021-01-08
76 UOklahoma Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 18 2020-12-18 Jan 11 2021-01-11 Jan 22 2021-01-22
83 USan Diego Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17
96 USouth Carolina Rejected RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Jan 30 2021-01-30
31 William & Mary Law S... Rejected RDregular decision Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 18 2020-12-18
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  • 11:27 SneakySeahorse: hahahahahah
  • 11:27 DevilishSkillfulBracke: wow! jeez! thanks guys!! you're making me feel so much better
  • 11:27 alegal: i know a person who wrote an open letter from a traumatic accident
  • 11:27 DevilishSkillfulBracke: is narrative bad?
  • 11:27 brendog: word up
  • 11:27 alegal: it was amazing i cried
  • 11:27 GigiChula: Who knows if PS even matters
  • 11:27 nota999: I feel like I could have done mine in a different style. It was a bit on the analytic side instead of the narrative side. But, what's done is done and since I won't be reapplying next cycle there's no use worrying about what I could have done differently on it.
  • 11:27 DevilishSkillfulBracke: and bringing up your vagina is such a win win
  • 11:27 K-justwaiting: yeah I talked alot about how I love studying the law in general and then talked about and internship experience with policymakers/politicans
  • 11:27 hellohello: PS defs does matter haha
  • 11:27 SneakySeahorse: mine was a lil analytic too nota
  • 11:27 GigiChula: I think narrative is good
  • 11:27 alegal: the only way i got in was from my PS i have no softs
  • 11:27 CEOofShotShooting: My buddy got into like 7 top tens and his letter had nothing to do with law school
  • 11:27 K-justwaiting: and then im a URM so I talked about my diversity ofc
  • 11:27 FrankieTheTankie: @ImAliveButImDead: I literally submitted a resume to Harvard reflecting that I once saw Nic Cage puke tequila everywhere, I fear nothing as I walk through this valley of death lol
  • 11:27 ImAliveButImDead: i literally said "my vagina" lmfaooooooo
  • 11:27 IcicleBumpkin: Narrative is great. One of the best bits from the Miriam and Kristi podcast is their note not to get bogged down on a single anecdote/story. Narrative is good-- just keep it moving
  • 11:27 ImAliveButImDead: HAHAHA
  • 11:28 CEOofShotShooting: I complimented my wife more than me in mine
  • 11:28 DevilishSkillfulBracke: are there any stats/studies on how much PS matters?
  • 11:28 GigiChula: I hope y’all are right. Idk. This cycle is weird.
  • 11:28 brendog: oh noooooo i attached the wrong thing and sent harvard my regular show fanfic draft (214 pgs)
  • 11:28 GigiChula: Aww @ceo that’s adorable
  • 11:28 OnerousFairSlug: HAHAH @brendog
  • 11:28 nota999: I felt like mine had to be a bit more analytic since I had a feeling the biggest question mark adcomms would have about my app was "He just recently left a different grad program. How do we know he won't do the same with us?"
  • 11:28 nota999: So I wanted to draw that line pretty directly.
  • 11:28 K-justwaiting: not sure @devillish but it mean ive seen people be splitters and then swear up and down their PS is what helped them and thats what adcoms say too
  • 11:28 JAlfredPrufrock: @brendog: auto admit
  • 11:28 CEOofShotShooting: Yeah I can't wait for our school to email me and be like hey we kind of want your wife to apply but we'll pass on you
  • 11:28 JAlfredPrufrock: full ride
  • 11:28 brendog: lol
  • 11:28 K-justwaiting: like if your numbers aren't great your PS may save you
  • 11:28 GigiChula: @nota999: I think that’s good tho. You’re addressing questions they’ll most likely have
  • 11:29 alegal: i think my cycle is proof lmao
  • 11:29 DevilishSkillfulBracke: word
  • 11:29 ImAliveButImDead: i put on my resume that i have an IMDb page cause I was in a movie once
  • 11:29 ImAliveButImDead: do you think Yale will let me in now?
  • 11:29 K-justwaiting: geeked LMAOOO
  • 11:29 brendog: that's pretty cool
  • 11:29 GigiChula: What about letters of rec?
  • 11:29 RickshawLover: Notre Dame vs BU vs USC career outcomes
  • 11:29 nota999: I still feel like I probably should have written an addendum just straight up answering that question rather than a PS which heavily suggests the answer, but hey hindsight is 20/20
  • 11:29 FrankieTheTankie: @ImAliveButImDead: hey, they said be memorable
  • 11:29 K-justwaiting: you know idk about letters of rec? because of course the recs will be good ones? no one will talk bad about you
  • 11:29 RickshawLover: anyone have a take?
  • 11:30 IcicleBumpkin: @nota999: seems like you did just fine with your strategy
  • 11:30 hellohello: @GigiChula: 100% it matters
  • 11:30 IcicleBumpkin: :)
  • 11:30 brendog: i never even saw my LoRs. did everyone else waive rights?
  • 11:30 ImAliveButImDead: @FrankieTheTankie: IMDb + Vagina = perfect application even Spivey couldn't see
  • 11:30 K-justwaiting: not sure rickshaw! def ask reddit to
  • 11:30 K-justwaiting: *too
  • 11:30 odovek: @RickshawLover: I feel pretty similar but ND being more portable
  • 11:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: Yeah Im also curious, about LOFR
  • 11:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: LOR*
  • 11:30 CEOofShotShooting: All of my recommenders sent me the letters before they submitted them
  • 11:30 LegallyNotBlonde: @FrankieTheTankie: not true, there are some shitty LORs ive seen
  • 11:30 seaturtledog: yeah i waived rights i thought you had to lololol
  • 11:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: most schools require two and theres options for more, does more make a diff?
  • 11:30 nota999: @IcicleBumpkin: Oh for sure, not complaining about my outcome! I just think that I probably could have done it a bit better is all lol.
  • 11:30 odovek: so USC best for west coast, BU best for east coast and ND if youre not sure where you want to be
  • 11:30 hellohello: It does happen in some cases there are bad ones
  • 11:30 brendog: I think mine carried serious weight at BU cos it was from a BU prof who is like, so tenured it's not even funny
  • 11:30 LegallyNotBlonde: yea there have for sure been shitty recs
  • 11:30 GigiChula: Well thank god. I have letters from my boss who promoted me and my professor who is a practicing attorney
  • 11:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: wouldnt a prof. jjust say no instead of writing a bad one?
  • 11:31 Lovesplants2018: Hi everyone
  • 11:31 K-justwaiting: right. I wonder how much their status matters as well
  • 11:31 LegallyNotBlonde: "bad" can just mean not personal
  • 11:31 IcicleBumpkin: @nota999: ya I got you. just some positive reinforcement for you
  • 11:31 Lovesplants2018: What are the chances of Berk this evening
  • 11:31 DevilishSkillfulBracke: ohh gotcha
  • 11:31 K-justwaiting: I would hope so @devlilish
  • 11:31 nota999: @IcicleBumpkin: <3
  • 11:31 FrankieTheTankie: @DevilishSkillfulBracke: I mean as a petty bitch, if I were a prof, I would absolutely agree to write shitty recs for certain kids
  • 11:31 LiquidSolid: @RickshawLover: USC and BU send more to BigLaw but ND sends more to Fed Clerkships
  • 11:31 LiquidSolid: all in all it balances out, maybe ND has an edge
  • 11:31 FrankieTheTankie: Not at random, just the ones who really deserved it lol
  • 11:31 brendog: lol i asked an old boss for one and she wrote like half a paragraph like "he is a very nice boy". so i asked my coworker/mentor instead lol
  • 11:31 hellohello: @DevilishSkillfulBracke: my dad had a prof write him a terrible one years and years ago. It happens. Some people are jerks
  • 11:31 SneakySeahorse: @FrankieTheTankie: do you know if Loyola negotiates?
  • 11:32 nota999: I think my GULC application was helped a lot by having an alum interview. I don't know if I would have done as well in a group one. I can have trouble making my voice heard in large groups of people, especially if they're all trying to stand out.
  • 11:32 GigiChula: My boss majored in English so it was amazinggg
  • 11:32 DevilishSkillfulBracke: wow thats so shitty
  • 11:32 brendog: yuck group interviews. i did one for something unimportant last year and it was awful
  • 11:32 FrankieTheTankie: I don't! They are not known for being extremely forthcoming with the monies (but not totally stingy), but why not ask?
  • 11:33 SneakySeahorse: true true
  • 11:33 K-justwaiting: yeah group interviews seem like hell
  • 11:33 pilkyboids: my school list for the fall is currently at 33...yikes
  • 11:33 SneakySeahorse: so wait, should i send them my negotiation letter rigt away, or should i send an email asking if they will
  • 11:33 GigiChula: How do y’all afford to apply to so many schools
  • 11:33 CEOofShotShooting: That letter is the same thing
  • 11:34 CEOofShotShooting: Just send one.
  • 11:34 DevilishSkillfulBracke: group interview seems the worst
  • 11:34 MagnificentBrightHare: credit card debt @Gigi
  • 11:34 IcicleBumpkin: @nota999: I didn't like the GULC group for the opposite reason. I've always been loud, and getting quiter is my learning edge. I was concerned I would be too "big" in that setting
  • 11:34 DevilishSkillfulBracke: CREDIT CARDS
  • 11:34 hellohello: Fee waivers
  • 11:34 FrankieTheTankie: I personally wonder what negotiations will be like this weird hell cycle where school are drowning in applicants; if anything, I'm betting the 25-50 schools go on a spending spree to raise their medians, while the top batch sit on their cash this year and reap profits nonetheless
  • 11:34 ImAliveButImDead: @GigiChula: saved my stimmy checks
  • 11:34 brendog: yeah waivers are half the battle but STILL its like 50 bucks
  • 11:34 GigiChula: I literally only applied to four because I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else nor could I justifying spending so much
  • 11:34 GigiChula: Damn report fees.
  • 11:34 IcicleBumpkin: I appreciated Dean Andy's actually calling on people for that reason.
  • 11:34 MagnificentBrightHare: I loved the group interview for GULC it felt comfortable to me
  • 11:34 nota999: @GigiChula: Seriously. Like, if I had known how competitive the cycle would be I might have sent out a couple more. But the folks who applied to like 30 schools makes my wallet hurt in sympathy.
  • 11:34 pilkyboids: @GigiChula: I'll definitely pare down my list,but the stories of people getting completely sut out scare me and I don't have a good understanding of my possibilities yet
  • 11:35 ItsJustaWaitingGame10: I also thought the GULC interview was great
  • 11:35 pilkyboids: *shut out
  • 11:35 SneakySeahorse: my biggest regret is not applying for fee waivers
  • 11:35 K-justwaiting: same Gigi all of the extra places I applied to were because of fee waivers
  • 11:35 K-justwaiting: same
  • 11:35 ItsJustaWaitingGame10: Was it really not like this in the past? Is this Cycle that crazy? It feels like hell
  • 11:35 K-justwaiting: and another regret not communicating with adcomms as much
  • 11:35 SneakySeahorse: SAME
  • 11:35 MagnificentBrightHare: my undergrad advisor told me he would get me fee waivers and then didn't sooooo
  • 11:35 MagnificentBrightHare: I bit the bullet
  • 11:35 GigiChula: Yeah I suppose so. Idk I’m hoping for the best. I had a bunch of free waivers too but again didn’t wanna apply to schools where I know I’d never want to relocate to
  • 11:35 nota999: @ItsJustaWaitingGame10: This cycle is definitely widely regarded as one of if not the most difficult cycle in recent years.
  • 11:35 brendog: what does one communicate to adcomms?
  • 11:35 K-justwaiting: like I should have been calling them and chatting them adcooms up so they know who I am
  • 11:35 pilkyboids: i want to reach out to adcomms but idk what to say
  • 11:36 GigiChula: You could just email admissions and ask for one and they usually give it to you
  • 11:36 K-justwaiting: thinking of different questions not on the website
  • 11:36 K-justwaiting: but also not something you could ask a student either
  • 11:36 LSDataAddict: HI, by ASU my dates are surrounded by decisions for a while already and I am the only one without a decision, the other people without a decision wernt last seen recently. What should I do?
  • 11:36 K-justwaiting: maybe asking about the success of internal programs? of they offer alot of routes in your edu (clinical, practicums) how to take advantage of that?
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: I applied to one school that ONLY mails your decision wtf this is the modern era come ON
  • 11:37 K-justwaiting: lol sorry for the typos again
  • 11:37 K-justwaiting: NOT SNAIL MAIL lmaooo yikesssss
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: I KNOW
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: "to protect the confidentiality of the student"
  • 11:37 SneakySeahorse: literally broadcast that shit I Do not care I just wanna know
  • 11:38 GigiChula: What school is that??
  • 11:38 SneakySeahorse: Marquette
  • 11:38 nota999: "If you wanted to post my decision in a youtube video where you just read my name, feel free. Just give me a decision."
  • 11:38 GigiChula: Hahah
  • 11:38 SneakySeahorse: ^literally me
  • 11:38 koalalovingpisces: snail mail is literally so wasteful too. The law profession already uses so much paper :( sad
  • 11:38 GigiChula: Again. Tell me why it takes so long?? I think they do it to torture us on purpose
  • 11:39 SneakySeahorse: everyone on reddit saying loyola doesn't negotiate has me all sketched out now
  • 11:39 stemtolawguyKJD: when does ut send out interview invites?
  • 11:39 brendog: i believe it was columbia who emails acceptances but strictly snail mails Rs
  • 11:39 brendog: which is absurd
  • 11:39 SneakySeahorse: that's so shitty :(
  • 11:39 sad-cauliflower: hmm i got my columbia R in a email
  • 11:39 K-justwaiting: ooo some UVA acceptances coming in
  • 11:39 TheOther51: I read Stanford does Rs and WLs by snail mail. Can anyone verify?
  • 11:40 brendog: i was just about to say i may be wrong lol
  • 11:40 pilkyboids: does anyone remember how far in advance they asked for letters of rec?
  • 11:40 brendog: i saw it on some spreadsheet that i'm not looking at now
  • 11:40 sad-cauliflower: gotcha lol
  • 11:40 nota999: @pilkyboids: I reached out to my folks in the summer.
  • 11:40 koalalovingpisces: @TheOther51: its by email this year
  • 11:40 nota999: Especially for professors, I wouldn't ask until, like, after whatever exam period is at your school because they'll likely be busy.
  • 11:40 brendog: @pilkyboids: i asked toooooo late lmao. like, oct and nov 2020 respectively
  • 11:40 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I reached out in September- Got them by September, October and November
  • 11:40 TheOther51: thank god that would be terrible
  • 11:41 plzletmebecomealawyer: @pilkyboids: I asked in November and applied in January. This might be too late, I just had a pretty close relationship with the people I asked
  • 11:41 RuralSmoggyMastiff: @pilkyboids: I asked when I first graduated two years ago, but most of the professors I asked wanted to wait until my cycle to write them and then two of them got covid and were in the hospital so never wrote them and I had to scramble
  • 11:41 koalalovingpisces: @pilkyboids: All of my professors said they prefer at least a 6 weeks notice to write a quality letter if you're still in school!
  • 11:41 EasyJuicySparrow: what's the chats consensus on UVA's As up to this point? Do they have significant As in reserve?
  • 11:41 GiddyGemini: Is that a new UT A??
  • 11:42 nota999: On a side note: one of my professors whom I asked for LORs posted on facebook after my acceptance that she'd had two students accepted to different grad programs at georgetown with generous scholarships in 2 days, and that she was feeling very proud. Felt good <3
  • 11:42 seaturtledog: I asked like three months and never
  • 11:42 pilkyboids: Thanks you guys! My temporary plan is to ask in June, I'm a paralegal and asking my bosses so I think that might play into me wanting to give them a big heads up
  • 11:42 seaturtledog: got it
  • 11:42 IcicleBumpkin: @GiddyGemini: no. old
  • 11:43 RuralSmoggyMastiff: I asked the partners at my firm to write one @pilkyboids and they did it within a week but it definitely depends on the relationship you have with them
  • 11:44 pilkyboids: @RuralSmoggyMastiff: Very good to know, thank you
  • 11:44 nota999: I asked an old professor and the head of a group I volunteer with for my LORs, since at the time I wasn't sure how my work would react since they didn't know I was looking at law school at the time.
  • 11:44 nota999: If I'd known how supportive everyone here would be, I might have asked for one from one of them too.
  • 11:44 pilkyboids: @nota999: I feel you on that, it's going to be a loaded thing to tell them haha. That's super encouraging to hear
  • 11:44 RuralSmoggyMastiff: @pilkyboids: no problem! I think because they've all been through the law school admissions process they know how stressful it can be and are likely to get it done faster
  • 11:47 pilkyboids: @RuralSmoggyMastiff: Thanks that makes sense! Ha makes me a lot less scared to drop the news on them
  • 11:48 IcicleBumpkin: told my boss the other day. super fricking supportive
  • 11:48 odovek: I was at a small firm with 5 people and they were kinda planning on/hoping i would be there basically my whole career, deciding when to tell them and all that was probably the most stressful part of admissions for me
  • 11:48 IcicleBumpkin: so nice. then said "tell me before you make your final decision. I want to try to keep you"
  • 11:48 IcicleBumpkin: I was blown away
  • 11:48 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @IcicleBumpkin: that's so cool
  • 11:48 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I love when bosses are supportive
  • 11:49 FrankieTheTankie: okay welp I am getting the feeling Berk either really liked my application or is just passing it around for everyone to laugh at real quick before they R me
  • 11:49 FrankieTheTankie: *nervous laughter*
  • 11:49 RuralSmoggyMastiff: Yes definitely worth mentioning that my law firm fully expects paralegals to only stay for two years so they were super supportive but also already knew we'd both be moving on
  • 11:50 IcicleBumpkin: I think folks are also more understanding this year b/c of COVID. just lots of folks reexamining stuff (as we see from app volume)]
  • 11:50 K-justwaiting: UVA wave going on but should we not read into it? I know UVA is doing its own thing fr fr and when they conduct interviews they get back to people pretty quick right?
  • 11:51 K-justwaiting: *small wave idk if you can even call it that lol
  • 11:51 trinab: Anyone else hoping for a Suffolk wave today
  • 11:52 JAlfredPrufrock: @trinab: yeah it’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow since I went UR
  • 11:52 JAlfredPrufrock: So I’m really hoping to hear back
  • 11:52 trinab: @JAlfredPrufrock: ooooh good luck! I just hit 3 weeks yesterday ugh
  • 11:52 trinab: *3 weeks complete
  • 11:53 JAlfredPrufrock: your stats are great tho!!
  • 11:53 VitaminD: CLS A wave
  • 11:53 trinab: @JAlfredPrufrock: thank you so much!! hope we both hear back soon
  • 11:53 K-justwaiting: clssss wave coming througgggh
  • 11:53 JuicemanOJ: guys, i'm really hoping that I get accepted to the part time program at John Marshall. however if I dont and I get accepted to southern or Northern illinois I will have to quit my job and go to school fulltime on the G.I Bill thats a huge risk because I have a Mortgage to pay. WHat would you guys do?
  • 11:53 K-justwaiting: can you get into pls without an interview right?