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UnequalSequel left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
24 Arizona State Univer... Accepted Unknown $75,000 Nov 13 2020-11-13 Nov 16 2020-11-16
4 Columbia University Pending Unknown
12 Duke University Accepted Unknown Nov 06 2020-11-06 Nov 09 2020-11-09 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 16 2020-11-16 Nov 19 2020-11-19
14 Georgetown University Pending Unknown
3 Harvard University Rejected Unknown Oct 23 2020-10-23 Jan 14 2021-01-14
6 New York University Pending Unknown
9 Northwestern University Accepted Unknown Nov 09 2020-11-09 Jan 13 2021-01-13
9 UCBerkeley Pending Unknown
15 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted Unknown Nov 17 2020-11-17 Dec 11 2020-12-11
4 UChicago Rejected Unknown Dec 22 2020-12-22 Jan 26 2021-01-26 Feb 23 2021-02-23
9 UMichigan Waitlisted Unknown Feb 05 2021-02-05
7 UPennsylvania Waitlisted Unknown Feb 05 2021-02-05
18 USouthern California Rejected Unknown Feb 17 2021-02-17
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main_chatroom Rooms: General Big mad Advice
  • 14:58 DropoutBear: NYU never going to HTE
  • 14:58 xoxoggirl: A lot of schools tell you you can’t work during 1L
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: BU acceptances don't get call right
  • 14:58 DropoutBear: Sad life
  • 14:58 ChuckRhoades: @NooThisIsPatrick: ty for this info
  • 14:58 abjectchickadee: i think they do @Dale
  • 14:58 elshan: @DaleMinami: BU does calls
  • 14:58 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @daleminami bu calls
  • 14:58 RaggedMinorKingfisher: @DaleMinami: I think most BU acceptances do. I did
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: lol no one is calling meeeeee
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: whyyyyyyy
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: I have 169, 3.81
  • 14:58 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @DaleMinami: ya same, pretty sure they just lost our phone numbers
  • 14:59 xoxoggirl: Relax you’ll get a call.
  • 14:59 HarveySpector: BU is the most toxic relationship i've ever been in
  • 14:59 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @NicklausCopernicus18: yeah, I figure I should stay away from that idea.
  • 14:59 xoxoggirl: You’re gonna need a warrantee sooner or later
  • 14:59 DaleMinami: I applied early Nov
  • 14:59 DaleMinami: nothing
  • 14:59 ChuckRhoades: @HarveySpector: worse than WashU?
  • 14:59 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @daleminami they ghosted me too
  • 14:59 NicklausCopernicus18: Yeah I think grades would suffer and those grades can make or break you
  • 14:59 NicklausCopernicus18: depending on school
  • 14:59 HarveySpector: At least Washu told me they wouldn't call
  • 14:59 NicklausCopernicus18: but pretty much everywhere
  • 14:59 VibeKing: Maybe they aren't calling me bc I think i checked that 'don't contact by phone' box on the app
  • 15:00 xoxoggirl: I was about to say, WashU has been kinda transparent
  • 15:00 NooThisIsPatrick: Really hoping/praying Vandy negotiates scholarships
  • 15:00 JackSwoloff: Really hoping/praying Vandy
  • 15:00 iwishiwasellewoods: Not even telemarketers are calling me anymore...did they just stop caring about my car’s warranty the way law schools stopped caring about me :(
  • 15:00 ChuckRhoades: @NooThisIsPatrick: which email did you email for the merit aid question? Fin aid email?
  • 15:00 alegal: when should i start negotiating
  • 15:01 HarveySpector: It's always the ones we love most that ghost us for 5+ months
  • 15:01 NooThisIsPatrick: lawhotline@georgetown.edu
  • 15:01 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @NicklausCopernicus18: I would consider only doing a contract gig with my current employer, who'd be very flexible I think. But I could probably hold off until 2L and come back at that point
  • 15:01 ChuckRhoades: ahh okay got it pat
  • 15:02 NooThisIsPatrick: it's basically a why georgetown from the look I saw this morning. gonna do it tonight
  • 15:02 ChuckRhoades: interesting
  • 15:03 NooThisIsPatrick: Can't pull it up right now but it was along the lines of "please tell us how GULC fits in your plans and anything else you'd like admission to know"
  • 15:03 VibeKing: shoutout to my undergrad school for letting us pass/fail for both winter and spring quarter
  • 15:04 nota999: I used that to basically say "I am the ideal GULC student and the only thing preventing me from going are financial concerns"
  • 15:04 nota999: Got me 2/3 tuition
  • 15:04 NooThisIsPatrick: @nota999: bet
  • 15:05 ghostwriter: anyone know when the Umich need based aid form opens up? any intel?
  • 15:06 xoxoggirl: Is anyone else at the point where they low key forgot why they’re doing all this?
  • 15:06 brendog: "rolling" admissions
  • 15:06 ghostwriter: me @xoxoggirl
  • 15:07 brendog: i just go here to look at dots
  • 15:07 ghostwriter: very torturous waiting on these last few schools
  • 15:07 ApathyMarmot: @xoxoggirl: yup.
  • 15:07 ChuckRhoades: @brendog: at this point school graphs are abstract art. Essentially a trip to the museum
  • 15:07 brendog: shades of pollock
  • 15:08 BlondeRidingHood: @xoxoggirl: no matter what, I wont forget why im doing this
  • 15:09 CatsRuleDogsAlsoRule: I've been planning this for years so no lol
  • 15:10 BlondeRidingHood: but why did this cycle decide to be crazy? thats my only question
  • 15:10 brendog: i had no real reason to begin with. sorta a 'why not' kinda deal
  • 15:11 BlondeRidingHood: been through, and seen too much to forget
  • 15:11 CatsRuleDogsAlsoRule: This cycle is crazy, but it really meant that I didn't get into any T14s at sticker (which is what would have probably have happened last year) so I don't have a tough decision to make
  • 15:12 JealousImportedBEAR: I really regret not applying last cycle but it is what it is
  • 15:12 hellohello: Has anyone else just not gone ur2 at penn
  • 15:12 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: BC scholarship just went out
  • 15:13 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @nota999: did you mention any counteroffers you'd received before making that argument to GULC?
  • 15:13 legallyblonde214: @hellohello: me! i've been ur1 since 1/5
  • 15:13 xoxoggirl: @hellohello: I did and I applied in Dec. idk if that helps
  • 15:14 alegal: i hope i get some aid at BC
  • 15:14 alegal: do you think it sends all today
  • 15:14 nikkisheem: Just got 150,000 from BC!!
  • 15:14 BlondeRidingHood: wow congrats
  • 15:14 hellohello: @legallyblonde214: same date here!
  • 15:14 nota999: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: I didn't. The only offer that I'd received that GULC might have seen as a peer was BU, and Gtown gave me a similar amount to BU anyway. I might have mentioned them if Gtown lowballed me and I thought I could get a bit more from them, but I was very happy with the amount they gave.
  • 15:14 alegal: congrats!!!!
  • 15:14 JealousImportedBEAR: just got mine too
  • 15:14 hellohello: Congratssssss
  • 15:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: jesus that's amazing
  • 15:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: congrats
  • 15:15 nikkisheem: thanks y'all im so so happy
  • 15:15 LowlyAmusedEmu: Fat stacks
  • 15:16 LowlyAmusedEmu: Smash that chat vibe
  • 15:16 legallyblonde214: @hellohello yeah i've heard of a few people just stuck on this date. i applied in Nov and have missed every wave but im glad i'm not the only one
  • 15:16 JAlfredPrufrock: ain't no party like a bc scholly party
  • 15:16 legallyblonde214: congrats everyone!
  • 15:16 LSHopeful2021: im confused, was there a GULC wave already today?
  • 15:16 JAlfredPrufrock: cos a bc scholly party dont stop
  • 15:17 DelicateUselessFoxhound: friends....what is up with northwestern today? thought it was gonna be an A wave and now i'm thrown
  • 15:19 TinyBear: I can't believe I'm still waiting on decisions
  • 15:19 nota999: god I'm like extra bored and sleepy at work today. I really wish I could just go home and play/listen to music for a while.
  • 15:19 TinyBear: in AUgust I was like yeah by February I'll know where I'm going!
  • 15:20 nikkisheem: same @tinybear
  • 15:20 nikkisheem: such pain
  • 15:20 TinyBear: If Yale and standford wiat until the end of April to WL/R me I'll b so >;( I know you don't want me just tell me now so I can move on with my life
  • 15:20 MostlySpice: I was MIA for a while. Is BU still happening?
  • 15:20 TheOther51: @TinyBear: agreed the wait is brutal
  • 15:20 TinyBear: I'm so bad a typing do you think I should practice before law school
  • 15:21 bchiki32: im still waiting on like half of my decisions @tinybear :(
  • 15:21 TinyBear: @bchiki32: this cycle is so slow
  • 15:21 willowisp78: the imposter syndrome I feel after GULC interview... stress
  • 15:21 TinyBear: like fine be brutual but at least hurry up and tell me
  • 15:22 JAlfredPrufrock: i hate work from home and i hate my job so much
  • 15:22 TinyBear: can you guys tell I'm frustrated today lol
  • 15:22 ForgetfulLivelyNewt: Does ND going red mean anything / does anybody know?
  • 15:22 JAlfredPrufrock: it's 10;30pm where i am and am still working ughh
  • 15:22 monke: omg I got almost full tuition from BC !!
  • 15:22 TinyBear: congrats!
  • 15:22 nikkisheem: congrats @monke !!!!!1
  • 15:22 JAlfredPrufrock: congrats monke!! thats awesome
  • 15:23 willowisp78: congrats!!
  • 15:23 DisillusionedBurlyUguisu: congrats!!!!
  • 15:23 DRAVHEN: @willowisp78: Imposter syndrome is too real, but law schools interview because YOU ARE QUALIFIED
  • 15:23 M nota999: Reminder to drink water, take deep breaths, and get exercise to help physically alleviate stress. If this site or any other one is increasing your stress in this process, we encourage you to take a break from it. Stay safe and healthy.
  • 15:23 DRAVHEN: They're not in the business of making you feel good. You earned this; don't take it away from yourself.
  • 15:23 ProductiveColorfulAngora: how did u find out about BC scholly?
  • 15:23 willowisp78: @DRAVHEN: that is so kind, thank you!!
  • 15:23 NewportDragonfly: are bu calls done for the day?
  • 15:24 HopefullyAquaticTriceratops: Is BC in the Agora Portal or a separate email?
  • 15:24 alegal: i think schollys are rolling for a couple days
  • 15:24 monke: thanks yall! I got an email in my junk folder
  • 15:25 JealousImportedBEAR: @HopefullyAquaticTriceratops: email
  • 15:27 JuicemanOJ: anyone apply to John Marshall in Chicago?
  • 15:27 ya-mothas-meatballs: the sky will fall before seton hall gives me a decision im convinced
  • 15:28 Felifel: @ya-mothas-meatballs: lmao same boat
  • 15:28 MagnificentBrightHare: I saw an A come in on GULC and I was like 0.0 u up?
  • 15:28 ya-mothas-meatballs: 🤝🤝🤝🤝
  • 15:28 JAlfredPrufrock: haha @monke your email filter was like "150k?? JUNK"
  • 15:28 ApathyMarmot: Somebody just showed me a meme that says "Are you even good enough to have imposter syndrome?", and it broke my brain.
  • 15:29 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: Coffee or tea this afternoon?
  • 15:29 M JoeD: Beer.
  • 15:29 MagnificentBrightHare: coffeee always
  • 15:29 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: Thx joe
  • 15:29 Felifel: I second the beer
  • 15:29 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: Irish coffee it is
  • 15:29 ImAliveButImDead: so BU is done?
  • 15:29 JoeD: Legendary.
  • 15:30 tofu-tofu-tofu: not a big beer guy
  • 15:30 NeatAdventurousAntelope: Does Cornell have A's every wednesday? have they ever been this late/
  • 15:30 tofu-tofu-tofu: fully intend on spending around 1k on espresso before starting school, though
  • 15:30 NewportDragonfly: bu might not be done yet for end of the alphabet
  • 15:30 monke: @JAlfredPrufrock: LOL every single law school email I get goes to my junk I literally dont know what my spam settings are to make it do that
  • 15:31 Nomdeplume818: when does BU need aid decisions come
  • 15:32 alegal: i got my call around3/4 when i got in
  • 15:33 penelopeplease: pepperdine people check ur statuses :)
  • 15:35 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: @Nomdeplume818: totally depends, lots of folks got theirs a week after, but mine took about a month
  • 15:35 NewportDragonfly: @alegal: what letter in the alphabet are you?
  • 15:35 alegal: P
  • 15:35 alegal: I got into pepperdine just now!
  • 15:36 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: ayyy congrats!!!!!
  • 15:36 nikkisheem: congrats @alegal!!!!
  • 15:36 CheapKeenAntelope: Yay!
  • 15:36 penelopeplease: yess go @alegal!!!
  • 15:36 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: wow love a good news wednesday vibe <3
  • 15:36 ImPickleRick: In at GULC after like 5 back to back WLs last month friends!
  • 15:37 nikkisheem: omg congratulations!!!
  • 15:38 LSHopeful2021: congrats!!!!
  • 15:38 LSHopeful2021: Did you interview with an alum?
  • 15:38 nota999: @ImPickleRick: CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  • 15:38 PicassosCat: @alegal: Congrats! (Did you get email or was it on status checker?)
  • 15:38 MagnificentBrightHare: @ImPickleRick: CONGRATS!
  • 15:38 alegal: check status checkers pepperdine peeps
  • 15:38 nota999: Welcome to the (potential) Hoya Lawya club!
  • 15:39 WistfulMeatyFousek: two acceptances inback to back days!! never been this pumped!
  • 15:39 PicassosCat: Bummer. Still nothing from Pepp. When did you apply, @alegal?
  • 15:40 alegal: I applied 1/13/21
  • 15:40 VibeKing: Were all the BC scholarships today the big ones?
  • 15:40 PicassosCat: (I love the people at Pepp. If they offer me enough money, I can see picking them over a lot of my better ranked options.
  • 15:41 TheOther51: @PicassosCat: and the campus can't hurt I imagine
  • 15:41 PicassosCat: TY! My app was held for a Jan LSAT score, but hopefully I'll hear soon!
  • 15:41 alegal: @picasso yes fingers crossed for you, They really have no rhyme or reason to when they admit ! hoping I get some money as well
  • 15:41 PicassosCat: @TheOther51: Actually, that's not too important to me. Most law schools have pretty buildings/campuses.
  • 15:41 Nomdeplume818: @CompletelyLegalGiraffe: thanks, if you don't mind what where they able to offer you? I want to know what the range on need aid is but cant seem to find that info anywhere
  • 15:42 PicassosCat: I hope so, too, alegal! Did they say when you'd hear about $$$?
  • 15:42 PicassosCat: Happy for you!!! (They are SO nice...)
  • 15:43 PicassosCat: When Pepp's clinics director said, "We want law school to be hard, but not cruel." So YES!! They care.
  • 15:44 PicassosCat: @alegal: pepped your stats and we're opposite splitters. Bodes well, though! :)
  • 15:44 PicassosCat: *peeped! LOL@pepp'ed
  • 15:49 TenuousProbableCougar: do you guys think we'll have a Vandy A wave tonight?
  • 15:49 TenuousProbableCougar: is Tuesday their day?
  • 15:49 TenuousProbableCougar: *Wednesday
  • 15:49 ImPickleRick: Thanks everyone!!
  • 15:49 FrankieTheTankie: Man NU time travelled to tomorrow to waitlist someone, that is stone cold lol
  • 15:49 ImPickleRick: @LSHopeful2021: yep, alumni interview in mid feb
  • 15:49 Torquatus: is anyone on here well versed in NALP reports?
  • 15:49 DiligentJumbledDormouse: Congrats to all you GULC As, curious when you guys interviewed
  • 15:49 gucci: In at GULC! thought i was gonna get r bc no interview but i got in!!
  • 15:49 FrankieTheTankie: And congrats to the recent admits I'm seeing above in the chat!!
  • 15:50 DiligentJumbledDormouse: @ImPickleRick: Oops thanks
  • 15:50 nota999: @gucci: CONGRATS!!!
  • 15:50 DarrenKettlesBiggestFan: mute me nota
  • 15:50 FrankieTheTankie: @ImPickleRick: @gucci @alegal CONGRATS YOU GUYS
  • 15:50 DarrenKettlesBiggestFan: mute me
  • 15:50 alegal: @PicassosCat: yes! that shoud workout well for youuu
  • 15:50 gucci: the personalized vid from dean cornblatt was so cuteee
  • 15:50 alegal: thanks everyone!! Happy wednesday
  • 15:50 DarrenKettlesBiggestFan: OH SHIT
  • 15:50 DarrenKettlesBiggestFan: CONGRATS FOR GULC
  • 15:51 nota999: @gucci: For a while, even though I had a video of Dean Andy saying my actual name and that I got into the school, I still thought that maybe they'd made a mistake and sent me the A on accident lol
  • 15:51 nota999: rational brain was definitely being eaten by anxious brain that day
  • 15:51 gucci: LMFAO is there anything i have to do for aid now btw? i heard something about a form
  • 15:52 nota999: Yeah, email the law hotline and ask about it and they will (probably) send you the merit aid form.
  • 15:52 kitkatpattywack: @DarrenKettlesBiggestFan: i saw you got into stetson and i chuckled when i saw ur name
  • 15:52 lawskooldataaccount: Popping in to say @DarrenKettlesBiggestFan your username made me laugh lmao
  • 15:52 kitkatpattywack: i love it