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ThirdInternalJavanese left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
31 Boston College Accepted RDregular decision
76 Case Western Reserve... Accepted RDregular decision
24 Emory University Pending Unknown
50 Florida State Univer... Accepted RDregular decision
27 Fordham University Accepted Unknown
23 George Washington Un... Accepted Unknown
107 Howard University Accepted Unknown
38 Indiana University -... Accepted Unknown $91,000
6 New York University Hold Unknown
9 Northwestern University Waitlisted RDregular decision
38 Ohio State University Accepted RDregular decision
74 St. John's University Accepted Unknown
105 Stetson University Accepted Unknown $72,000
24 UFlorida (Levin) Waitlisted RDregular decision
31 UGeorgia Hold Unknown
67 UMiami Accepted Unknown
9 UMichigan Rejected Unknown
21 UMinnesota WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision
7 UPennsylvania Waitlisted Unknown
16 UTexas at Austin Rejected RDregular decision
8 UVirginia Pending Unknown
17 Washington Universit... Waitlisted Unknown
31 William & Mary Law S... Accepted RDregular decision
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  • 20:35 DevilishSkillfulBracke: but if a phd got you waitlisted everywhere I applied...
  • 20:35 DevilishSkillfulBracke: lol
  • 20:35 mrdalloway: tbh though, i really wasn't expecting about half of the WLs I'm on...
  • 20:35 DevilishSkillfulBracke: not feeling great rn
  • 20:35 lshopeful2021: this might be wishful thinking/asking esp this late on a Friday but does anyone know if there's one doc or resource that lists average age of students at each school?
  • 20:35 mrdalloway: i mean, this cycle is so unpredictable. you never know!
  • 20:35 DevilishSkillfulBracke: lmao sometimes you know
  • 20:35 lshopeful2021: literally throwing a Hail Mary before painstakingly doing the research myself because I'm lazy
  • 20:36 WastefulDelicateEchidna: sorry, I don't--but I'd be interested if anyone does
  • 20:40 SpotlessReadyCapybara: @mrdalloway: do you mind giving more info on your shorts? sorry if you just said it
  • 20:41 lshopeful2021: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: will report back if I find anything!
  • 20:42 mrdalloway: @SpotlessReadyCapybara: no prob: phd, fluent in 4 languages, lots of WE, first-gen, low-income
  • 20:42 SpotlessReadyCapybara: OMG
  • 20:42 SpotlessReadyCapybara: go you!
  • 20:42 mrdalloway: thanks! :)
  • 20:42 mrdalloway: good luck to all of you!
  • 20:43 mrdalloway: my main regret this cycle is that i didn't write a gpa addendum...i've been out of college for ages now and didn't think the D and Cs on my transcript mattered much lollll
  • 20:44 mrdalloway: not sure it would've helped, anyway, though
  • 20:45 GiantCrookedEarwig: My main regret this cycle is that I applied this cycle
  • 20:45 mrdalloway: that, too
  • 20:48 CEOofShotShooting: My main cycle is regret
  • 20:50 lshopeful2021: ^^^ all of the above
  • 20:55 dhizzy123: I kinda regret applying this cycle, but I'm not sure I would have been as strong a candidate without the few years of work experience
  • 20:55 dhizzy123: So I probably would have had similar outcomes last cycle or two cycles ago
  • 21:03 hydrangea: same dhizzy
  • 21:03 hydrangea: i guess i sort of regret not waiting another year
  • 21:03 hydrangea: cause i'd have been able to save more money + also potentially have better outcomes
  • 21:13 MeJustChilling: I want to R&R but I never want to apply to law school ever again
  • 21:17 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: ^
  • 21:26 DevilishSkillfulBracke: LSAT scores last for 5 years right?
  • 21:31 EnchantingSeahorse: right
  • 21:40 MagnificentBrightHare: I cant wait to mentor the pre-law babies from my alma mater and talk like a grizzled old war vet when I tell them about the admissions cycle of 2021
  • 21:48 YoungPineapple: Any thoughts when these schools will respond to a February app? Got into my safety with some $ with a seat deposit fast approaching. Some of the schools are USC Notre Dame UT Vandy
  • 21:56 JosephMaldonadoPassage: vandy might never respond
  • 21:56 JosephMaldonadoPassage: theyre known to do that
  • 21:57 DRAVHEN: Law schools can be so rude
  • 22:00 SneakySeahorse: happy friday night yall
  • 22:14 YoungPineapple: Damn I didn’t no Vandy straight up ignores people - I thought they have to respond even if it’s a denial eventually?
  • 22:14 YoungPineapple: That’s savage
  • 22:14 YoungPineapple: Know*
  • 22:17 wizfan23: so is duke done now
  • 22:17 wizfan23: they haven’t had any movement in a week
  • 22:26 FreezingWomanlyBoar: i just visited usc law today and it was depressing for me
  • 22:30 Lawsimp: wait why
  • 22:30 BangBangBang52: yeah why?
  • 22:49 DevilishSkillfulBracke: WHY
  • 22:56 CEOofShotShooting: probably because its a nice campus surrounded by the most underfunded part of LA
  • 22:57 CEOofShotShooting: Its like a football throw away from Watts. LA doesnt take care of that area very well
  • 22:59 WastefulDelicateEchidna: On the USC thread, do we think they're WL people with 170+ scores to YP?
  • 22:59 nickiminaj: i have decided im too pretty for law school
  • 22:59 nickiminaj: thoughts?
  • 23:00 WastefulDelicateEchidna: I mean it looks like you've got some fantastic offers on the table haha
  • 23:02 FestiveEvasiveSnail: don't go to law school ur too thecthy @nickiminaj
  • 23:26 CorporateCatastrophe: Jesus these medians are not coming down.
  • 23:26 ItsGoingToGetBetter: yeah, next year's abas are going to be brutal
  • 23:28 CorporateCatastrophe: Hence why I am applying day 1 when the apps open. Hoping to jump the gun a little
  • 23:28 CorporateCatastrophe: sucks
  • 23:51 Torquatus: We salute those who have fallen today. (cannons)
  • 0:08 FierceGrievingUakari: Why did everyone get waitlisted at WUSTL and I got rejected?
  • 0:09 CloisteredPoliticalCoral: Hi everyone, is someone who has socioeconomic disadvantages considered URM?
  • 0:11 LsatTraintoClarksville: no
  • 0:12 OliviaLux: generally no! but it's something you can talk about in your essays to show overcoming adversity/disadvantage, if that applies
  • 0:13 OliviaLux: and then a few schools i think (either ucla or berk is one iirc) will explicitly ask for diversity addendums and define diversity in a way that includes socioecon background
  • 0:34 CloisteredPoliticalCoral: Thank you!
  • 0:56 UncertainElectricDolphin: Lmao love to have applied to WUSTL in november, interviewed a week after applying, and still being ghosted.
  • 0:56 UncertainElectricDolphin: This cycle is garbo
  • 0:57 UncertainElectricDolphin: At least I dodged the WL wave I guess.
  • 1:13 dkh2020: I've caught so many WL waves :(
  • 1:14 dkh2020: I hate this cycle
  • 1:25 ChuckRhoades: @dkh2020: i got 5 haha
  • 2:02 DropoutBear: 6A, 3WL, 2R
  • 2:02 DropoutBear: My Rs are Harvy and the big fish Yale
  • 2:03 DropoutBear: PENN, NU & GULC - WLS
  • 2:03 DropoutBear: More Rs and WLs are ever in my future
  • 2:19 JoeD: Not bad company to be in.
  • 2:31 UncertainElectricDolphin: @DropoutBear: I have 2A 4R 9WL 8MIA
  • 2:34 UncertainElectricDolphin: R from HLS, CLS, Berk, and Cornell, WL from Chicago, Penn, Michigan, GULC, UCLA, Texas, NDLS, GW, and UCI.
  • 2:37 DropoutBear: I just want them to get it over with
  • 2:37 DropoutBear: im waiting on 10
  • 4:27 ShrillWorkable: @UncertainElectricDolphin: wtf? Can’t believe you got waitlisted at GW
  • 5:23 JAlfredPrufrock: I went UR at BC
  • 5:24 JAlfredPrufrock: I wanna throw up 😭 it’s my absolute top choice and I will CRY if I get R’d
  • 8:28 Easytarget12: @JAlfredPrufrock: I also went UR. At 4:45 in the AM EST. What a strange time for that (presumably automated) process to occur
  • 8:29 JosephMaldonadoPassage: @JAlfredPrufrock: me too, i think that means we'll hear back either this thursday or next, depending on how easy the decision is
  • 8:30 JosephMaldonadoPassage: @Easytarget12: i assume penn state is your go-to rn?
  • 8:31 JosephMaldonadoPassage: cant beat that alumni network
  • 8:55 SplendiferousWhizzbang: Morning all!
  • 9:32 brownskingyal: got into NYU & NU, WL everywhere else. God work's in mysterious ways
  • 9:56 LickMyFartbox: HELL YEAH BABY UF
  • 9:57 LickMyFartbox: No clue how long thats been sitting in my inbox but **** yeah
  • 10:50 FriendlyDevilishCanine: any schools been known to send decisions on the weekend?
  • 10:55 eyeseeyou: Duke does @friendly
  • 10:55 inthetrenches21: UR1 since 11/30
  • 10:55 inthetrenches21: Why do I even bother
  • 11:06 FurryStormyGoat: Hey y’all I’m in
  • 11:06 FurryStormyGoat: Oops
  • 11:07 FurryStormyGoat: I’m new to this whole negotiating $$ packages thing, do y’all think I have a chance of negotiating a higher package with UCLA with one from GW
  • 11:11 BoysDoFallinLove: the worst they can say is no but i don't think UCLA sees GW as competition, which is what usually helps with negotiating. maybe a package from another CA/LA school, especially USC/berk/sls
  • 11:12 RollTheDice: Would UCLA see BC as competitive?
  • 11:14 BoysDoFallinLove: i wouldn't think so but only the school knows for sure. i don't think UCLA would want to spend extra scholarship $ to lure people away from boston or dc. different regional markets and regional non-t14 dogpiles
  • 11:15 BoysDoFallinLove: ucla is also king in LA whereas BC/BU/GW are not in their markets
  • 11:16 JoeD: It's Saturday! Don't forget to take the day off!
  • 11:17 FurryStormyGoat: @BoysDoFallinLove: yeah I figured as much, thanks though!
  • 11:21 BoysDoFallinLove: I really think I need to retake but I don't know what I'd do for a year ughhh
  • 11:21 Woodstock888: hi everyone!
  • 11:23 Easytarget12: @JosephMaldonadoPassage: It is. though that's dickinson campus, not exactly the same, but still very good especially as we have family in the town
  • 11:38 FriendlyDevilishCanine: any1 know anything about Cincinnati (the law school and the city)?
  • 11:39 FriendlyDevilishCanine: Just wondering how big of a legal market there is in the city
  • 11:59 TheSplit: what even is my life this week. my dog I've had since i was 10 died after my week of rejections and WLs :'(
  • 12:10 hellohello: I’m so sorry the split
  • 12:10 hellohello: That’s so hard having a dog die ♥️
  • 12:29 LiquidSolid: Cincinnati is a nice little city
  • 12:36 Panda: @TheSplit: So so sorry about your dog. I'm sure you gave him the best life.
  • 12:45 brownskingyal: Does UCLA see BU as a peer?
  • 12:55 Hedgehog: Do any schools do waves on weekends?
  • 13:00 ItsGoingToGetBetter: @Hedgehog: not waves but duke is known to send decisions on weekends (usually As)
  • 13:11 TheSplit: @Panda: thank you, they had a good life <3
  • 13:12 TheSplit: Thank you Hellohello. It has been hard but I'm just glad they aren't suffering anymore.
  • 15:03 SoreEliteZorse: @TheSplit: so sorry bud, can't imagine how tough your week must have been. hoping for happier days ahead of you
  • 15:03 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @TheSplit: sending some healing vibes your way, I'm so sorry.
  • 15:04 DevilishSkillfulBracke: also lots of love!
  • 15:12 ChuckRhoades: duke needs to not keep me ur3 for 2 months please
  • 15:14 ChuckRhoades: they have essentially done nothing recently right
  • 15:25 pizzalover1212: @Hedgehog: I see you applied to Hawaii as well and I am so confused as to why they take so long to give out decisions. I applied like a month ago. I cant imagine they get the same number of applicants that other schools do
  • 15:31 brendog: lol bc emailed me in the dead of night to let me know my app is now under review. i sent it in early january
  • 15:34 DelicateUselessFoxhound: @brendog: same mine came at 4:40am lmao
  • 15:34 DelicateUselessFoxhound: hope we hear this week!
  • 15:36 brendog: fingers crossed :)
  • 16:07 JAlfredPrufrock: @brendog: same haha
  • 16:09 JAlfredPrufrock: All I could think of was some exhausted adcom sending out emails at 4am cursing this godforsaken cycle
  • 16:17 YoungPineapple: 3.8 GPA 165 LSAT with a good major... do I have a shot at UT Vandy ND or USC this late in cycle
  • 16:17 YoungPineapple: K-JD
  • 16:24 MeJustChilling: I wouldn't apply this late in the cycle, but if you had to I would say their okay but not great
  • 16:24 MeJustChilling: they're
  • 16:24 MeJustChilling: "they're" meaning your chances. sorry what a mess of a response
  • 16:24 JAlfredPrufrock: Yeah if you haven’t applied yet you’re better off waiting until next cycle
  • 16:25 DevilishSkillfulBracke: USC I'd say not likley, if you look at who they've been accepting and WL latley
  • 16:25 MeJustChilling: 3.8 might be your ticket into places but yeah not this late in the cycle probably
  • 16:26 YoungPineapple: I'm an early Feb app but yeah its tough
  • 16:26 JAlfredPrufrock: What are your softs
  • 16:28 YoungPineapple: As a K-JD I don't have anything crazy on my resume - pretty average for a college student. But even with my 3.8 my GPAs been on an upward trend and I have a very unique major so I hope that can make me stand out more
  • 16:29 YoungPineapple: I already got into my safety with some good scholarship and the seat deposit is coming up so I'm at a loss for what to do if I don't hear back by the seat deposit in early April
  • 16:29 YoungPineapple: or I suppose I could retake in the summer but it would put me back a whole cycle :/
  • 16:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: you've got a great gpa, a higher LSAT would def help you a lot
  • 16:30 MeJustChilling: Contact that school and say I'm waiting on other places can they push back their deposit date a little
  • 16:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: as a splitter, Im v jelly because there is nothing I can do with my UGPA
  • 16:30 YoungPineapple: Yeah I know :/ pretty tempted to retake. I was PTing a 167/168
  • 16:31 YoungPineapple: on average
  • 16:31 MeJustChilling: But yeah. I understand why you don't want to wait a year but your options would be infinitely better if you could raise your LSAT like 4 or 5 points
  • 16:31 YoungPineapple: @MeJustChilling: Good idea for sure. I'll do that
  • 16:31 MeJustChilling: Ppl are getting into USC with 3.8 and 168 but not with 3.8 and 165
  • 16:31 YoungPineapple: Yup USC is looking rouuugh
  • 16:32 MeJustChilling: I think Vandy will look similar and UT worse if you're OOS
  • 16:33 DevilishSkillfulBracke: You think UT is looking worse?
  • 16:33 DevilishSkillfulBracke: really?
  • 16:33 DevilishSkillfulBracke: interesting
  • 16:33 YoungPineapple: Yeah. I did go to a good college in TX though so I think that might ever so slightly boost me a little
  • 16:33 YoungPineapple: I am OOS
  • 16:33 YoungPineapple: They have a pretty strict cut off around 167 for LSAT but a lot of waitlists around 165
  • 16:34 DevilishSkillfulBracke: ahh, thanks
  • 16:34 YoungPineapple: Barely any info on Vandy though
  • 16:34 WorkableDirefulUakari: i am the 3.8 168 person. exactly
  • 16:35 YoungPineapple: My thought though was near the end of the cycle and they have their 65% of TX residents filled in, maybe they'll be more lenient for out of state especially for more tuition $
  • 16:35 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @YoungPineapple: love the optimism!
  • 16:35 DevilishSkillfulBracke: Im also waiting on UT (its the dream lol)
  • 16:35 YoungPineapple: Just a wild guess haha
  • 16:36 YoungPineapple: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: Should I retake w 165
  • 16:55 Legally-Brunette: uhhh is it good that i survived the WUSTL wave
  • 17:04 MeJustChilling: who knows
  • 17:05 MeJustChilling: Seems like they still have a decent amount of As to give but also have barely given and dongs
  • 17:05 MeJustChilling: any
  • 17:49 Doggopups: oh yo just got a washu interview invite!
  • 17:49 Doggopups: after getting mich dong yesterday
  • 17:49 Doggopups: didnt knw they sent out invites over the weekend lol
  • 17:50 Doggopups: applied late jan for ref
  • 17:53 penelopeplease: i think someone sajd washu gives acceptances on mondays so hopefully that comes next week
  • 18:00 Doggopups: oh nice
  • 18:01 Doggopups: an A from them would make me feel so much better
  • 18:01 Doggopups: but honestly this interview invite has also helped haha
  • 18:16 Tylor378: I wonder if WashU will break their right angle trend. Currently a WL hopeful
  • 18:21 ChuckRhoades: Duke pls come back to us
  • 18:51 CorporateCatastrophe: Not me looking at these medians and taking the lsat for a 5th time even though I have a 169. fml
  • 19:19 lawtinaaa: Hi everyone- new here.. Do you guys know if a school legally owes us a response? Like because I paid an app fee and applied, the school has to accept me, reject me, or waitlist me?
  • 20:28 bogo: Lolll
  • 20:30 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @bogo: lolling your lol
  • 20:47 urleastfavteacher: i mean they will lol
  • 20:47 urleastfavteacher: schools won't ghost you
  • 20:47 urleastfavteacher: they'll wait until the absolutely last second to tell you
  • 20:47 urleastfavteacher: but they won't ghost you
  • 20:57 tofu-tofu-tofu: I got an email from harvard fin aid today
  • 20:58 tofu-tofu-tofu: they saw what I put in expected capital gains and basically went ".... you're not serious, are you?"
  • 20:58 tofu-tofu-tofu: and upon looking what I put, I determined I was indeed Foolish and Stupid
  • 21:38 ChuckRhoades: What did you put tofu
  • 21:48 Doggopups: gme and btc to the moon?
  • 23:13 UncertainElectricDolphin: Is that "you're not serious that you're going to get that" or "you're not serious that you think you'll get aid from us after getting that?"
  • 0:47 jungkook:
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 0:51 FriendlyDevilishCanine: how long between UR2 at Duke and decision?
  • 0:56 ReppinTheLBC: an eternity
  • 2:14 ChuckRhoades: @FriendlyDevilishCanine: I went ur3 after 1.5 months ur2
  • 2:21 rapidwavefire: ive been ur2 for over a month with no decision