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TackyCourageousDeer left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
50 Baylor University Accepted RDregular decision
20 Boston University Pending Unknown
4 Columbia University Rejected Unknown
13 Cornell University Pending Unknown
23 George Washington Un... Accepted Unknown $51,000
6 New York University Rejected RDregular decision
9 Northwestern University Waitlisted RDregular decision
56 Southern Methodist U... Accepted RDregular decision
9 UCBerkeley Rejected RDregular decision
15 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted RDregular decision
4 UChicago Rejected RDregular decision
9 UMichigan Waitlisted RDregular decision
7 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision
18 USouthern California Waitlisted RDregular decision
16 UTexas at Austin Pending Unknown
8 UVirginia Pending RDregular decision
18 Vanderbilt University Pending Unknown
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  • 12:21 DancingNarwhal: I sent him a thank you too I think
  • 12:21 HeavyDeafeningPike: Thanks
  • 12:22 DancingNarwhal: Sorry I meant I hope they send out more As
  • 12:22 JAlfredPrufrock: I really really hope you get the Blume nota
  • 12:22 JAlfredPrufrock: Like, from the bottom of my heart
  • 12:22 nota999: Same!!
  • 12:22 GiddyGemini: @DancingNarwhal: you have awesome stats so I’d be shocked if you didnt get an A. Are you in state?
  • 12:22 nota999: And thanks <3
  • 12:22 DancingNarwhal: @GiddyGemini: no I’m out of state, but I was born in Austin & lived there for some time
  • 12:23 PlausiblyAverage: 100% of this chat box is rooting for nota
  • 12:23 PlausiblyAverage: blume nota blume nota blume nota
  • 12:23 nota999: I bought a sweatshirt and hat, which manifested the invite, so I bought some coffee mugs to manifest the acceptance.
  • 12:23 PlausiblyAverage: yall i want that gulc hat so bad
  • 12:23 PlausiblyAverage: and the MOLESKINE
  • 12:23 DancingNarwhal: @GiddyGemini: you have great stats too!! Are you in state?
  • 12:24 GiddyGemini: Nope OOS
  • 12:24 nota999: @PlausiblyAverage: SAME! And I'm really glad that the hat I spent my own money on was not the same design as the swag hat lol
  • 12:24 JAlfredPrufrock: sigh I just want an A
  • 12:24 JAlfredPrufrock: Ill live without the swag
  • 12:24 PlausiblyAverage: @nota999: i havent gotten it yet did you? I really really want it
  • 12:24 nota999: I haven't gotten it yet either. For a while I was starting to think the first guy who posted it was just ****ing with us lol
  • 12:25 StraightLimpingFrog:
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 12:25 nota999: The hat I have rn I bought from the online bookstore, along with a hoodie
  • 12:25 PlausiblyAverage: @nota999: multiple people have said they got one now though! so i'm hoping i get one eventually
  • 12:25 nota999: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E⭐S W A G⭐W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 12:25 JiaYou1234: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 12:26 PlausiblyAverage: i'm buying swag on the day i submit a deposit bc i bought swag for my top choice UG and then they gave me like 3k in merit aid and i couldnt go
  • 12:26 PlausiblyAverage: so i am not risking jinxing it until i am positive
  • 12:26 nota999: Oh I know it's risky buying swag before I'm committed, but it's manifested good stuff so far lol
  • 12:26 PlausiblyAverage: it's worked for you so far but i'm too scared
  • 12:26 PrivateHandsomelyStud: BC, if you don't send scholly info today, I am going to fantasize about having the guts to withdraw my app.
  • 12:26 K-justwaiting: I need to do that then nota99
  • 12:27 K-justwaiting: buying my sweatshirts STAT
  • 12:27 K-justwaiting: did anyone go U2 at penn recently?
  • 12:27 K-justwaiting: I did earlier this week and I applied in December
  • 12:29 ChicagoHopeful: is sls rejecting people rn or are these from yday
  • 12:30 BabarAzamFan21: is UT accepting only in-state applicants rn?
  • 12:30 GiddyGemini: @BabarAzamFan21: only people on here have been in state but there was a poll on reddit yesterday that showed like 7 OOS applicants getting in
  • 12:31 GiddyGemini: But there was only like one OOS person that shared stats
  • 12:31 PoisedConsciousElephant: usc wave today?
  • 12:31 YeeHaw2021: Im just praying UT finally gets to the November Holds today
  • 12:32 UnableGrouchyBat: oh SHIT is fordham releasing a WL wave today?
  • 12:32 PlausiblyAverage: @nota999 saw this and thought of you https://www.reddit.com/r/lawschooladmissions/comments/lolnpn/andy_pls/
  • 12:32 odovek: I need waves to excite me while im bored at work
  • 12:33 VirginiaVivian: I just got WL at fordham at 75th LSAT and above 75th GPA
  • 12:33 VirginiaVivian: lmao
  • 12:33 VirginiaVivian: this cycle
  • 12:33 plsslawschoolorbust: via email or status checker??
  • 12:33 plsslawschoolorbust: this cycle is ridiculous
  • 12:33 JAlfredPrufrock: Yeah this cycle is. A bitch
  • 12:33 VirginiaVivian: Via email
  • 12:33 VirginiaVivian: about 2 minutes ago
  • 12:33 PlausiblyAverage: do u sometimes sit and imagine what life would have been like if you applied to law school 3 years ago
  • 12:33 VirginiaVivian: literally every day
  • 12:34 PlausiblyAverage: like how different your outcomes would be
  • 12:34 SpotlessReadyCapybara: as a KJD, I think I should’ve waited 2 years
  • 12:34 UnableGrouchyBat: @VirginiaVivian: UGH I'm sorry.
  • 12:34 VirginiaVivian: That's fair. It sucks because who knows what the economy will be like in 2 years too
  • 12:34 VirginiaVivian: thank you! it's really fine, I have a couple of acceptances so I'm not totally losing it
  • 12:35 PlausiblyAverage: yeah i decided not to wait bc like... who knows if it's actually gonna be better next year or the year after
  • 12:35 PlausiblyAverage: maybe it'll even be worse
  • 12:35 UnableGrouchyBat: that's great, it's probably YP if you're at/above both 75ths
  • 12:35 Tortally-Radical: Man imagine how competitive the internships will be during 1l 2l
  • 12:35 VirginiaVivian: I just think it's so weird how I applied in late october/early november and caught literally NINE waitlists
  • 12:35 VirginiaVivian: in the past month
  • 12:35 JAlfredPrufrock: I really think it’s only gonna get worse
  • 12:35 mayoicecream: @VirginiaVivian: thats BANANAS
  • 12:35 hellohello: @VirginiaVivian: ugh sorry.... Surprised about Fordham how weird
  • 12:35 PlausiblyAverage: @VirginiaVivian: i very much think you deserve better
  • 12:35 VirginiaVivian: tortally please no, respectfully I cannot handle that right now
  • 12:35 SuperSoakedSplitter: sorry virg, that's super tough
  • 12:35 ToughHardGrouse: does anyone know if you can find people by their user_id?
  • 12:36 ToughHardGrouse: like if i know user_id = 469072 can i find that person's profile name or page
  • 12:36 VirginiaVivian: Thank you!! I'm over it already, gonna have some wine after work and ponder existence
  • 12:36 Tortally-Radical: Cant spell law without WL @virginia
  • 12:36 iwishiwasellewoods: If fordham WLs me I will cry today
  • 12:36 mayoicecream: lol
  • 12:36 Tortally-Radical: and an A, u git it
  • 12:37 Tortally-Radical: got*
  • 12:37 iwishiwasellewoods: If Fordham Rs me I will drive off a cliff
  • 12:37 VirginiaVivian: HAHA @tortally too true
  • 12:37 iwishiwasellewoods: Either way Im getting blazed td
  • 12:37 TheBigLoon: @VirginiaVivian: whats up we are stat twins!
  • 12:37 VirginiaVivian: @iwishiwasellewoods get blazed but no cliff driving pls
  • 12:37 mayoicecream: i havent heard from 8 schools i applied to in november....
  • 12:37 iwishiwasellewoods: @VirginiaVivian: you're right, cliff driving can wait...
  • 12:37 VirginiaVivian: @thebigloon nice!! I hope you're having better luck this cycle haha
  • 12:38 PlausiblyAverage: https://www.reddit.com/r/lawschooladmissions/comments/lqyiv9/thank_you_for_waiting_6_months_for_an_admissions/ OMG ME
  • 12:38 Tortally-Radical: International students gotta know something before May lol. Why is this the system in use...
  • 12:38 SuperSoakedSplitter: God I can't wait to see my SO tonight and AGAIN tell her I have no clue what next year will look like :')
  • 12:38 VirginiaVivian: #relatable
  • 12:38 TheBigLoon: @VirginiaVivian: its going okay for me tbh but its a tough time
  • 12:38 Tortally-Radical: My SO is the powerscore LSAT textbook...
  • 12:38 VirginiaVivian: My poor fiance has no idea where we'll live in 3 months
  • 12:38 PlausiblyAverage: me telling my SO he has 3 weeks to decide where our family is moving for the next 3 years or forever
  • 12:38 trinab: Everyones hearing from Suffolk who's applied after me...anyone else waiting??
  • 12:39 SuperSoakedSplitter: yeah same and I'm starting to feel guilty lol
  • 12:39 VirginiaVivian: @thebigloon I just creeped on you, congrats on Duke! That was my dream school and sadly I caught the WL
  • 12:39 TheBigLoon: thats rough, good luck! I'm sure it will work out
  • 12:39 SuperSoakedSplitter: like she's been very supportive but I don't love this uncertainty for her
  • 12:39 nota999: rip I came back and Fordham is choosing violence
  • 12:39 kitkatpattywack: LOVE getting a voicemail and its a federal student loan scam
  • 12:39 TheBigLoon: @VirginiaVivian: thank you, I was suprised with it it seems like they weren't reverse splitter friendly but very excited about possibly going there, gotta see if they give any $
  • 12:39 nota999: Isn't law school just a federal student loan scam, in a way?
  • 12:40 kitkatpattywack: essentially
  • 12:40 PlausiblyAverage: NOTA JAJA
  • 12:40 kitkatpattywack: i guess ive been accepted
  • 12:40 VirginiaVivian: @TheBigLoon: I hope they give you all the $$$$!
  • 12:40 sufferingprelaw: just watched the new wandavision ep now i'm here to watch waves i'm not part of
  • 12:40 nervousreversesplitternc: imagine being in a long distance relationship and waiting to see if u get accepted to the school he goes to
  • 12:40 nervousreversesplitternc: to see if you will have to break up or not
  • 12:40 nervousreversesplitternc: oh wait I don't have to imagine :)
  • 12:40 VirginiaVivian: I'm sorry! That sounds so stressful
  • 12:41 nervousreversesplitternc: @FSU
  • 12:41 PlausiblyAverage: @nervousreversesplitternc: i'm asking my SO to come get his masters at the same school i go to so i'm putting HIM in that position lol
  • 12:41 SuperSoakedSplitter: Still waiting on a stats twin! Only result that shows up is me. Maybe some day I'll have an inkling of what to expect
  • 12:41 seaturtledog: i came to the conclusion that i dont want to be in a certain state so will prbably break up i just havent yet uhhh
  • 12:41 nervousreversesplitternc: PLS HIT ME BACK
  • 12:41 Tortally-Radical: Imagine how many broken hearted singles will be 1Ls
  • 12:41 LegallyNotBlonde: oof im glad im single
  • 12:41 hellohello: @nervousreversesplitternc: I feel this. We will keep doing LDR tho I just don’t want to
  • 12:41 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: dang are you a gymnast with that split?
  • 12:42 nervousreversesplitternc: yeah thats my thing. we have only been doing LDR for a year. I cant do it for three more
  • 12:42 ChuckRhoades: so uh is Duke ever going to be revived
  • 12:42 seaturtledog: ive been doing ldr for three years but i literally doo not want to do it again
  • 12:42 nota999: That's the advantage of being forever alone besides my cat, no worries about having to possibly do LDR or break up
  • 12:42 JAlfredPrufrock: @nervousreversesplitternc: I’ve been doing it for 4 so I get it
  • 12:42 nota999: that's also the only advantage of being forever alone, but hey it's a thing at least
  • 12:42 LegallyNotBlonde: same nota
  • 12:42 PlausiblyAverage: i'm a military so so i've been doing ld for years
  • 12:43 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: yeah I feel like I'm gonna be waiting a while and my hamstrings already feel sore
  • 12:43 hellohello: @nervousreversesplitternc: totally feel you... we’ve been less than a year but I don’t wanna break off bc distance
  • 12:43 LegallyNotBlonde: i dont have enough trust in men for a LDR
  • 12:43 hellohello: It’s a really hard decision tho
  • 12:43 hellohello: @LegallyNotBlonde: hahah they’re really not all like that
  • 12:43 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: i have a good feeling about you
  • 12:43 nervousreversesplitternc: we started out as not LDR. then he decided to go back to school. the only school he got into was FSU so he went. I live in NC
  • 12:44 ChuckRhoades: @hellohello: been in a semi-LDR for near 3 years now. You can definitely make it work
  • 12:44 LegallyNotBlonde: @hellohello: all im saying is ive never met one NOT like that lmao
  • 12:44 nota999: I'm not opposed to a LDR. In fact, in some of the circles I'm in they're fairly common. Obviously I'd prefer someone physically there though.
  • 12:44 JinxCatmilton: UT is giving me anxiety lol
  • 12:44 hellohello: @ChuckRhoades: thank you for saying this. I’m defs nervous about it but we’re talking about marriage so I don’t want to split bc of law school ha
  • 12:45 nota999: But before worrying about an LDR first I just gotta worry about the R part lol
  • 12:45 elshan: @nervousreversesplitternc: I feel that. I did REALLY LDR for a while. Significant other lived in Europe for quite some time. Still with them
  • 12:45 trinab: @JinxCatmilton: Suffolk is giving me anxiety I feel ya lol
  • 12:45 nota999: SUMMON R(elationship) WAVE
  • 12:45 hellohello: @LegallyNotBlonde: oh I feel you. I had many of those before I met the right one ha
  • 12:45 YeeHaw2021: @JinxCatmilton: same
  • 12:45 SuperSoakedSplitter: TBH I think we're actually seeing a generational shift, LDRs are becoming increasingly normalized
  • 12:45 nervousreversesplitternc: ^^^
  • 12:45 nervousreversesplitternc: its easier w FaceTime and stuff
  • 12:45 PlausiblyAverage: from my ldr experience it does work as long as you have a lot of trust and as long as you actually put in the effort to prioritize the other person
  • 12:45 StingyFertileMeerkat: imagine ur s/o gets into Harvard MBA and is like "u should just apply to Harvard Law" ha ha ha
  • 12:45 nervousreversesplitternc: LMAO
  • 12:46 nota999: @StingyFertileMeerkat: What, like it's hard?
  • 12:46 SuperSoakedSplitter: I've been with my SO for 3 years long distance and it feels like there are more distance couples even now then when we first started dating
  • 12:46 LegallyNotBlonde: plus so many of us are not staying in our generational hometowns anymore thus more LDR
  • 12:46 SuperSoakedSplitter: + covid impact honestly
  • 12:46 JinxCatmilton: law school passes by, i think its important to talk about what happens after
  • 12:46 SuperSoakedSplitter: society as a whole just had to be more distance friendly
  • 12:46 JinxCatmilton: like where youre going to live
  • 12:46 nervousreversesplitternc: covid is what caused us to become LDR
  • 12:46 nervousreversesplitternc: its what made him wanna go back to school bc he lost his job
  • 12:46 2020admissionspain: been long distance throughout college for 4 years and the thought of doing it again for law school is scary AF
  • 12:47 seaturtledog: i asked my SO the other day if he wants to stay in the same state his whole life, he wants to and i dont and i literally avoided the convo but i need to have it soon lollllll
  • 12:47 nervousreversesplitternc: exactly like ive only been doing it for a year I cant imagine three more
  • 12:47 SuperSoakedSplitter: @2020admissionspain: same boat
  • 12:47 SuperSoakedSplitter: Yeah these convos SUCK but they're so much better now than potentially years of resentment later lol
  • 12:47 StraightLimpingFrog: @seaturtledog best of luck!
  • 12:47 nervousreversesplitternc: exactly
  • 12:47 seaturtledog: thanks frog <3
  • 12:48 ImAliveButImDead: is BU done?
  • 12:48 nervousreversesplitternc: its so awkward hes always like "don't let me dictate your future"
  • 12:48 2020admissionspain: definitely hard not to feel guilty about forcing us to do it for longer
  • 12:48 nervousreversesplitternc: and im like "what if I want ~you~ in my future too?"
  • 12:48 RainyFurryCheetah: Applied to Fordham 12/1, and have gone UR2. Anyone else!?
  • 12:48 StingyFertileMeerkat: @nota the MBA app subreddit had the same sentiment which made me LIVID lmaooo
  • 12:48 2020admissionspain: thought id have choices this cycle and could help close the distance but this cycle sucks lol
  • 12:48 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: ik its cliche but trust is actually the most important thing
  • 12:48 StingyFertileMeerkat: this is a real heartfelt situation over here in LSD. what would LSA say if they found out
  • 12:48 hellohello: @nervousreversesplitternc: hopefully FSU works out!!! But I really think if the relationship is right you’ll find a way
  • 12:49 nervousreversesplitternc: @hellohello: thank u!!!
  • 12:49 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: and effort too! like of course your LDR is gonna be hard if you dont make time for each other
  • 12:49 SuperSoakedSplitter: I'm going to miss this ragtag group of nerdy misfits once this cycle is over
  • 12:50 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: exactly, sacrifice as a part of that too. you need to plan visits over vacations, be there for the tough times, etc
  • 12:50 nota999: @SuperSoakedSplitter: If you end up at Gtown I'm down to hang with anyone from this chat tbh
  • 12:50 FlatGullibleWorm: Penn wave today or are they doing wednesday waves now?
  • 12:50 nota999: @FlatGullibleWorm: Hard to say. Everything is weird this week. Predictions are basically useless.
  • 12:50 SuperSoakedSplitter: I swear if I get one more law admissions RECRUITMENT email I'm going to throw my laptop at the wall
  • 12:50 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: you get it
  • 12:50 LegallyNotBlonde: nota so are you full on gtown now?
  • 12:51 nervousreversesplitternc: I got a recruitment email from a school I applied to that said "you're invited" and I died inside when it continued with "to a zoom webinar"
  • 12:51 nota999: @LegallyNotBlonde: I mean, it's looking real likely. I just need to hear anything about scholly money, be it merit aid or blume.
  • 12:51 SuperSoakedSplitter: @nota999: My fingers are so crossed I'm losing circulation but haven't been donged yet!
  • 12:51 elshan: Is UF gonna have A Wave soon? Last time they had a wave was Feb 4
  • 12:52 LegallyNotBlonde: omg @nervous i got one that said "application status has changed" and it was from INDEED
  • 12:52 nota999: @LegallyNotBlonde: ooooooooof
  • 12:52 nervousreversesplitternc: OMFG
  • 12:53 StraightLimpingFrog: F
  • 12:53 PlausiblyAverage: @nervousreversesplitternc I got one that was like "you're invited" and it was an invitation to buy an Ipsy subscription box lol