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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
4 Columbia University Waitlisted Unknown
13 Cornell University Rejected RDregular decision Jan 25 2021-01-25 Feb 11 2021-02-11
12 Duke University Pending Unknown
24 Emory University Accepted Unknown
14 Georgetown University Waitlisted Unknown Sep 22 2020-09-22 Nov 24 2020-11-24
3 Harvard University Pending Unknown
6 New York University Pending Unknown Jan 04 2021-01-04
9 Northwestern University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 30 2020-11-30 Jan 28 2021-01-28
2 Stanford University Pending Unknown Jan 11 2021-01-11
9 UCBerkeley Rejected Unknown Nov 24 2020-11-24 Jan 26 2021-01-26
15 UCLos Angeles Accepted Unknown Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 04 2020-12-04
4 UChicago Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 25 2020-11-25 Jan 06 2021-01-06 Jan 26 2021-01-26 Feb 23 2021-02-23
31 UGeorgia Accepted Unknown Sep 24 2020-09-24 Dec 03 2020-12-03
9 UMichigan Rejected Unknown Sep 23 2020-09-23 Jan 08 2021-01-08
22 UNotre Dame Accepted Unknown Sep 25 2020-09-25 Dec 11 2020-12-11
7 UPennsylvania Pending RDregular decision Feb 19 2021-02-19
83 USan Diego Accepted Unknown Sep 21 2020-09-21 Dec 04 2020-12-04
18 USouthern California Pending Unknown
70 UTennessee Accepted Unknown Sep 22 2020-09-22 Sep 23 2020-09-23
16 UTexas at Austin Rejected Unknown Sep 22 2020-09-22 Dec 01 2020-12-01
8 UVirginia Accepted RDregular decision Feb 10 2021-02-10
18 Vanderbilt University Accepted Unknown Sep 22 2020-09-22 Jan 05 2021-01-05
17 Washington Universit... Accepted Unknown Sep 23 2020-09-23 Dec 21 2020-12-21
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  • 20:00 ImportedSwiftPug: Any hairbrained estimates on when UT will reach Feb UR applicants?
  • 20:00 CEOofShotShooting: Ill have to think of something to ask, but at this point I think I have written 6 pages of addendums
  • 20:00 CEOofShotShooting: Im sure they are tired of me
  • 20:01 ChuckRhoades: Any estimates on when anything will happen?
  • 20:01 NosyInvinciblePug: i went in and asked about their first gen scholarships today...I dig around their site and look for things that would pertain to my application and are specific to the schhol
  • 20:01 NosyInvinciblePug: school*
  • 20:01 CEOofShotShooting: @NosyInvinciblePug: is it camera on or off
  • 20:01 NosyInvinciblePug: I go in cam on and both reps have had their cam on
  • 20:02 CEOofShotShooting: oh excellent, I hate camera off meetings haha
  • 20:02 CEOofShotShooting: who does it normally?
  • 20:02 NosyInvinciblePug: same, so awkward! it's super laid back since the adcomms are working from home too
  • 20:04 CEOofShotShooting: I want to talk to Cruz specifically haha
  • 20:05 NosyInvinciblePug: havent seen him in yet...send him a linkdin request though! he accepted mine and has lurked on my account a few times (thanks linkdin premium trial)
  • 20:05 NosyInvinciblePug: hes charge right?
  • 20:05 MagnificentBrightHare: I love LinkedIn stalking more than Facebook stalking these days
  • 20:05 NosyInvinciblePug: it makes my day lol
  • 20:06 CEOofShotShooting: You added the ass. dean of admissions?
  • 20:06 CEOofShotShooting: haha
  • 20:06 CEOofShotShooting: nice
  • 20:07 NosyInvinciblePug: i did! a bit of a risk on my part but I think a good way to be a bit more memorable in the app process
  • 20:07 MagnificentBrightHare: slide into the LinkedIn Dms yall shoot your shot
  • 20:08 MagnificentBrightHare: *do not take advice seriously or do at your own risk tho
  • 20:08 CEOofShotShooting: haha I mean I added their director of veteran affairs and a specific alumni
  • 20:09 NosyInvinciblePug: i added their dean of ac affairs as well
  • 20:09 NosyInvinciblePug: but i had a personal connection to her
  • 20:10 DelicateUselessFoxhound: does it make any impression to attend virtual info sessions or try to talk to current students?
  • 20:10 NosyInvinciblePug: i think espescially for smaller schools it show interest if you go to sessions or attend events
  • 20:16 CEOofShotShooting: Well their whole office is grey for me since we have no connections
  • 20:16 CEOofShotShooting: I couldnt add them if I wanted
  • 20:17 NosyInvinciblePug: if you haven't yet, i reccomend doing your free trial of linkedin premium--it will let you then.
  • 20:17 NosyInvinciblePug: just be sure to cancel because 60 a month is steeeep
  • 20:18 NosyInvinciblePug: or message me over on reddit, and we can connect so theyll at least be 2+ :)
  • 20:20 CEOofShotShooting: sure sounds good to me, I already have premium
  • 20:20 CEOofShotShooting: I help a lot of veterans find jobs
  • 20:20 NosyInvinciblePug: amazing!!
  • 20:22 CEOofShotShooting: I sent you my linkedin link
  • 20:24 K-justwaiting: just went u3 at duke
  • 20:24 K-justwaiting: any who have an idea what that means?
  • 20:25 NosyInvinciblePug: should be accepted!
  • 20:34 PicassosCat: And another day with no movement. Darn. I had hoped for a couple of A's for my birthday :(
  • 20:34 ToughHardGrouse: my birthday is tomorrow
  • 20:35 PicassosCat: Happy early Bday!
  • 20:35 RusticSeparateEagle: happy early birthday!
  • 20:35 ToughHardGrouse: thanks :) happy birthday to you @picasso
  • 20:35 PicassosCat: Lots of us in early march! My father's bday was yesterday
  • 20:35 PicassosCat: Thanks!
  • 20:36 PicassosCat: What's in May or June that leads to lots of sexy-time?!?!? LOL
  • 20:36 Snackrilegious: More birthdays haha
  • 20:38 TheFictiveTortoise: hey need opinions, 100k COA uva law vs. 190k COA HLS? goals are circuit clerkship --> boutique commerical litigation --> academia
  • 20:38 ImportedSwiftPug: HLS
  • 20:39 ImportedSwiftPug: And it's not very close I don't think
  • 20:39 GiantCrookedEarwig: Definitely HLS
  • 20:39 ImportedSwiftPug: If you want to get into Academia, it's one of the few cases where prestige matters far more than debt
  • 20:39 GiantCrookedEarwig: Yeah
  • 20:39 RusticSeparateEagle: yeah HLS especially considering academia
  • 20:40 GiantCrookedEarwig: You will have a lot harder a climb angling for academia from UVA, and I don’t know if UVA’s LRAP covers academic jobs but a lot don’t. Harvard’s does
  • 20:40 hellohello: Did Yale do anything today
  • 20:40 GiantCrookedEarwig: No
  • 20:41 TheFictiveTortoise: okay thats what I was thinking, thanks yall, really think HLS is where I'm gonna be this fall its exciting to see plans shaping up
  • 20:41 RusticSeparateEagle: 🙌🏼
  • 20:41 ImportedSwiftPug: That's awesome - congrats Mr. Tortoise
  • 20:42 ChuckRhoades: Ur3 at Duke for 2 weeks now yeesh
  • 20:42 RusticSeparateEagle: i love these usernames
  • 20:43 TheFictiveTortoise: thank you Ms. Pug
  • 20:43 TheFictiveTortoise: hows your cycle?
  • 20:44 ImportedSwiftPug: Well.
  • 20:44 ImportedSwiftPug: I haven't heard back anywhere yet.
  • 20:45 ImportedSwiftPug: But I would be very happy at GULC or UT, and I think my stats give me a fair shot
  • 20:45 ImportedSwiftPug: 170/3.75/T3/NonKJD -- It's kinda a stretch for GULC these days, but here's hoping
  • 20:47 NewportDragonfly: massive penn wave tomorrow
  • 20:48 TheFictiveTortoise: i think youre gonna get good news!
  • 20:48 ImportedSwiftPug: Thank you!
  • 20:51 ChicagoHopeful: when do you guys think the next yale r wave will be
  • 20:51 ChicagoHopeful: i feel like this last one wasn't that big considering
  • 21:22 DevilishSkillfulBracke: Does anyone know anything about UNC waves?
  • 21:22 DevilishSkillfulBracke: any predicted or anything?
  • 21:29 DevilishSkillfulBracke: or UT?
  • 21:29 MagnificentBrightHare: @ImportedSwiftPug: I feel you on that but good luck! Your LSAT is def good for the cycle
  • 21:37 DropoutBear: If we get a 12/22 UT wave tomorrow, I’ll do handstand
  • 21:38 DevilishSkillfulBracke: oh god, i always forget how late i applied
  • 21:38 DevilishSkillfulBracke: I really really feel for yal that have been waiting so long
  • 22:01 ProductiveSpotlessDingo: I need the feb score liek asap
  • 22:01 ProductiveSpotlessDingo: can someone call lsac
  • 22:01 ProductiveSpotlessDingo: tell them its about time
  • 22:01 ProductiveSpotlessDingo: why are they slacking on the score relase date
  • 22:01 ProductiveSpotlessDingo: makes no snese
  • 22:17 WitchyFlower: does anyone else think vandy is going to be doing their WL waves chronologically by when we applied? it looks like everyone who was WL today applied early September
  • 22:19 710: i feel like i blinked and suddenly most people who applied when i did and in the weeks following at ucla have a decision
  • 22:36 UnableGrouchyBat: i know i'm waiting on ucla as well and cannot figure out their timeline process
  • 22:40 CEOofShotShooting: Why is florida moving at almost 11 haha
  • 22:40 CEOofShotShooting: Go to be florida you are drunk
  • 22:40 CEOofShotShooting: Bed
  • 22:41 SouthernYank97: hottake, I don't believe some of these acceptances and stats half the time
  • 22:44 UnableGrouchyBat: i think that was me updating my status lol
  • 23:00 I-chose-this-waitlist: Ms. Vanjie...Ms. Vanjie....Ms. Vangie
  • 23:07 MostlySpice: lol checking my status at 11:00 and actually having movement
  • 23:09 KafkaEsq: @MostlySpice: from where?
  • 23:10 MostlySpice: just went red so nothing too exciting but also so much for not checking my status after business hours
  • 23:10 KafkaEsq: Wishing you an A from UChi soon...
  • 23:11 GSDMutt: My Chi app just went red too
  • 23:11 GSDMutt: How odd
  • 23:11 MostlySpice: thanks :)
  • 23:11 GSDMutt: Spice, may it signify that we're both getting into Chicago with full rides
  • 23:11 MostlySpice: @GSDMutt: when did you apply?
  • 23:12 GSDMutt: Couple weeks ago?
  • 23:12 GSDMutt: I think that's UR2 or UR3 for me
  • 23:15 GSDMutt: Ah, looks like you and I are both in the late Chicago application boat
  • 23:15 beardo: any GRE only applicants here ?
  • 23:28 penelopeplease: my chicago status went red too lol anyone know if an interview is basically required for them?(even for a waitlist)
  • 23:29 DropoutBear: I did not go red
  • 23:29 DropoutBear: When did y’all apply
  • 23:29 DropoutBear: It’s definitely not required for a waitlist
  • 23:29 DropoutBear: And they said it’s not required at all
  • 23:29 penelopeplease: like a few weeks ago lmao and thank u!
  • 23:30 DropoutBear: Oh I applied December 😿
  • 23:41 SeemlySophisticatedCaterpillar: @GSDMutt: i applied 2/14, UR1 2/15, just got UR2 today! just adding another data point haha
  • 23:43 710: i just realized i'm getting my chicago decision, like, soon
  • 23:43 710: ur2 2/19
  • 23:43 710: i'm in danger
  • 23:44 710: i mean i expect a waitlist but still scary
  • 23:45 SeemlySophisticatedCaterpillar: best of luck fam, fingers crossed for you
  • 0:07 jerrythefool: anyone else have difficulty seeing schools graphs right now?
  • 0:49 dhizzy123: Anyone think it'd be fruitful to try to negotiate $$ at Cornell up closer to $$$ using a $$$ offer from UT and a $$$+ offer from GW?
  • 0:53 MostlySpice: can't hurt
  • 1:01 dhizzy123: I'm gonna wait a few more weeks and pray I hear back with good news from NYU, but will give it a shot
  • 1:05 AligatorJones: it's been bothering me a little bit that the schools I've gotten into so far use financial need to consider the merit aid
  • 1:05 AligatorJones: like i get why, and honestly don't have complaints about it, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of calling it merit aid lol
  • 1:16 dhizzy123: I was under impression the need component was like a factor that could add to a scholly but wouldn't take away from the merit component
  • 1:17 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: yeah I think some schools just lump it together
  • 1:18 dhizzy123: Like two identical candidates with similar softs and same expressed interest in the school would likely get the same merit offer but the one with a demonstrated need also gets a little extra
  • 1:18 AbsorbingJaggedManatee: yeah
  • 3:33 GrayGrubbyMagpie: Do you need a date change to get a decision from Fordham?
  • 3:58 SadBoy1999: Does anyone else have trouble viewing graphs?
  • 3:58 SadBoy1999: It keeps crashing every time I try to.
  • 3:59 SadBoy1999: When I pick a school it willcrash
  • 6:44 NeatGratefulSchnauzer: Yep. Not if I go there directly via a link. But once I’m on the page if I switch schools there it doesn’t work.
  • 7:08 cryptanon: working to fix it now
  • 7:31 SomberLumpySquid: do you think it's bad to submit a scholasrhip essay single spaced
  • 7:33 TheOccidentalist: Any wave predictions for UCI or Emory?
  • 7:34 SplendiferousWhizzbang: I think UCI had a small A wave yesterday so idk
  • 7:43 NewportDragonfly: @SomberLumpySquid: i wouldnt, especially if its to try and be sneaky about a page requirement, they might not take kindly to it
  • 7:43 NewportDragonfly: i know some people who get rly mad about that type of stuff
  • 8:10 MrArdicay: Good morning guys and girls!
  • 8:12 pizzalover1212: gooood morning
  • 8:13 JAlfredPrufrock: oh hey international crew
  • 8:18 pizzalover1212: may we all get an acceptance today to round out this slow mediocre at best week
  • 8:35 ThisIsAGoodUsername: goooooooooood morning summoning Colorado to LET A GIRL IN TODAY
  • 8:36 ThisIsAGoodUsername: CO folks we're also doing a brewery meetup so if you want info we can move over to advice for more info since I've basically doxxed myself
  • 8:37 Nomdeplume818: so are march waves mainly R and WLs
  • 8:37 Nomdeplume818: i mean the cycle is basically done
  • 8:39 MrArdicay: Today is going to be a big day. Penn movement at least!
  • 8:40 SplendiferousWhizzbang: Hoping for happy waves for all!
  • 8:40 NewportDragonfly: do u need to go ur2 at penn before decision?
  • 8:40 DooleyLivesOnForever: Wishful thinking to hope I might hear from a school this week or next if I applied in late feb?
  • 8:45 AloofQuirkyMarkhor: Does anyone know the process for GULC scholarships? If we have not received an email regarding one does that mean we will not be getting any?
  • 8:47 AustralianCity123: if I went just UR2 yesterday at Penn, UR 1 on 1/5, will I hear today?!
  • 8:48 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @dooleylivesonforever I think it's wishful thinking depending on where it lands in the rankings. I heard back instantly from some lower ranked stuff and silence from others
  • 8:48 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @aloofquirkymarkhor if you can hold on in the chat til @nota999 arrives they'll prob have some great insights for you re: GULC
  • 8:49 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @australiancity123 not sure! check inside of the school stats to see where other folks saw movement following UR2 for a better gauge!
  • 8:52 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @newportdragonfly I'd click into Penn and see how some folks cycles have gone to see if UR2 has been required.
  • 8:54 JAlfredPrufrock: username has to be the most wholesome LSD user
  • 8:57 DropoutBear: Looks to be a Cornell wave of sorts
  • 8:58 GatoGris221: no chance we see another GW wave today right?
  • 9:02 ThisIsAGoodUsername: BLESS YOUUUUU i try! can you tell I've worked in customer service lolol
  • 9:02 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I just want everyone to feel heard and seeeeeeeen
  • 9:02 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I'm gonna be a disaster of a lawyer LOL
  • 9:02 DropoutBear: Cornell CALL ME BRO
  • 9:02 ThisIsAGoodUsername: y'all listen I say you call Cornell Andy Bernard style and sing "take a chance on me"
  • 9:02 ThisIsAGoodUsername: best idea yet please go for it
  • 9:03 Lovesplants2018: Does anyone have a feeling that Berk might show up and be violent today?
  • 9:04 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @lovesplants2018 they went hard last week didn't they? idk if we'll hear much
  • 9:08 JamesSMurray: youre gonna see a massacre from michigan today the likes of which we've never seen
  • 9:10 Lovesplants2018: @username perhaps they will make going hard in the paint a weekly think w seat deadlines approaching
  • 9:10 Lovesplants2018: Thing*
  • 9:10 JealousImportedBEAR: @JamesSMurray: uhhh idk if they are going to top the 600 people in one day they waitlisted in the first round of waitlists
  • 9:11 AloofQuirkyMarkhor: Thank you! @thisisagoodusername
  • 9:12 JealousImportedBEAR: will Harvard finally give me that waitlist they've been waiting to give me since November or will they come back with a surprise R after missing like 5 R waves
  • 9:13 LesFleursduHyperchaos: Gulc today?
  • 9:14 Cokezerofanatic: any waves today?
  • 9:14 JealousImportedBEAR: I'd guess Penn gives us something
  • 9:15 Cokezerofanatic: praying for that A
  • 9:15 JealousImportedBEAR: Maybe harvard will give us more WL if they're done with KJ1
  • 9:16 JealousImportedBEAR: me too cokezero
  • 9:18 Cokezerofanatic: I only went UR2 on the 23rd though so it may be too early for me
  • 9:18 DevilishSkillfulBracke: DId yall see UCBoulder just waitlisted a 3.58/171???
  • 9:18 DevilishSkillfulBracke: wtf
  • 9:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: i cant
  • 9:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I CAN NOT
  • 9:18 DevilishSkillfulBracke: That was my saftey, now Im real nervy
  • 9:18 ThisIsAGoodUsername: i truly stand no chance there LOLOL
  • 9:19 MagnificentBrightHare: @lesfleur I hope theres GULC today but if it's an R/WL and I get caught in it I'm gonna be mortified because I sent an unsolicited statement of interest to Dean Andy this morning
  • 9:19 Freedom110: I went UR3 weeks ago at Penn.. super scared for today haha
  • 9:19 ThisIsAGoodUsername: I taught civics at CU Boulder and am hoping that adjunct role helps me
  • 9:19 MagnificentBrightHare: fingers crossed good luck everybody may the odds be ever in your favor
  • 9:19 JiaYou1234: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E⭐A⭐W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 9:19 DevilishSkillfulBracke: Maybe there was just something wrong with THAT application? Im hoping.
  • 9:19 trinab: @MagnificentBrightHare: you toooo
  • 9:19 trinab: Fingers crossed Suffolk decides to do another wave today
  • 9:20 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @MagnificentBrightHare: Good luck to you too!! Thank you
  • 9:20 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @devilishskillfulbracke I think that's probably the case. My friend who's a 1L said her 3L mentor told her that if people speak hard about BL that they usually don't go for it