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*I applied with two different scores, pre March-10 complete/UR means 163 LSAT, march 10 and after means 168*

Best tips for sending a LOCI:

Stand outside the admissions office and hold a boombox up that's playing your LOCI. A boombox can change the world

Put an ad out in the local paper with your LOCI in it. Make sure it's in the personals sandwiched between a used car ad and a landscaping ad.

Hire a plane to write your LOCI out in the sky over their campus. Must be sponsored by Goodyear.

Fun art project. Cut out the letters in different magazines and use them to spell out your LOCI. When they get it they'll be scared and confused so they'll let you in

Send your LOCI as morse code. It will show you're an old soul

Wait for your adcomm to get out of jail then as they try their best to adapt to the everchanging world around them send them a letter that you are fine and well and that they can find your LOCI in the town you mentioned to them when doing time together. Zihuatanejo. You are Andy Dufresne and they are Red. This is Shawshank

Steal the Declaration of Independence and write your LOCI on the back then make them use heat and lemon juice to reveal the map that leads to why they should admit you

Acquire all 6 infinity stones and snap everyone ahead of you on the waitlist out of existence. The mass murder of half of everything IS your LOCI.

Send a nice assortment of pastries. But you've actually poisoned them all. Your LOCI is the only antidote.

You recruit them to the knights of the round table to search for the holy grail. The adcomms, Lancelot, Galahad, and Robin must traverse the British countryside. Fighting singing princes, a man with 3 heads, and these strange fellows who say Ni and wish for a shrubbery despite it violating their neighbors' property rights. Eventually, they will reach a bridge where they are met by several questions. What is your name? What is your quest? and Why did this applicant wish to go to your school? They must read your LOCI for the answer or die.

Do you like the school? Like do you really REALLY like the school? Maybe even say you love it so much you're obsessed with it? You don't need a perfectly crafted LOCI, just put your passion for the school into it. Show them you really REALLY love the school by sending them personal love letters about how they are your idol, and you want to learn to be just like the adcomms. If they don't respond, keep on writing "Dear Adcomms" letters to keep showing your love. Include every detail of your life, good or bad, like about your father, the time you met them in Denver, when you sent your casette, how much your lil bro loves the school, how jealous your gf is of your love for that school. Really make it seem like the only ting in life is this school. Even if you have a slim chance you've only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. Remember to write the final one while doing 90 down the highway over a bridge in the pouring rain. You know your LOCI worked if the adcomms write you back telling you they "meant to write you sooner but I just been busy," and to get help. They'll tell you the story of this LOCI they saw on the news that was insane. But wait, come to think about, his name was, it was you. Damn.

You must show your skills to the adcomms by being recruited by Mugatu for the Derelict campaign, where you will become relaxed and get to becoming an elite assassin. Your LOCI is killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia with Hansel who's so hot right now.

Light some scented Yankee candles by their homes to show them how kind you are and how beneficial you'll be to the school. When they go to sleep chuck those lighted candles into their homes. The Fire Department isn't coming for them. You did leave a fire extinguisher in their home, but it has a lock on the cabinet with it. They must read your LOCi to unlock it

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
24 Arizona State Univer... WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Feb 24 2021-02-24 Feb 24 2021-02-24 Apr 08 2021-04-08 Apr 09 2021-04-09
31 Boston College Pending RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Mar 22 2021-03-22 Apr 02 2021-04-02
20 Boston University Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Mar 11 2021-03-11 Mar 11 2021-03-11 Apr 01 2021-04-01
24 Emory University Accepted RDregular decision $75,000 Feb 03 2021-02-03 Mar 10 2021-03-10 Mar 10 2021-03-10 Mar 16 2021-03-16
27 Fordham University Pending RDregular decision Feb 20 2021-02-20 Mar 11 2021-03-11 Mar 11 2021-03-11 Mar 29 2021-03-29
23 George Washington Un... Pending RDregular decision Feb 20 2021-02-20 Mar 12 2021-03-12 Mar 22 2021-03-22
14 Georgetown University Pending RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Mar 10 2021-03-10 Mar 11 2021-03-11
6 New York University Pending RDregular decision Feb 13 2021-02-13 Feb 15 2021-02-15 Feb 18 2021-02-18
38 Ohio State University Withdrawn RDregular decision Mar 01 2021-03-01 Mar 02 2021-03-02 Mar 02 2021-03-02
60 Texas A&M University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $135,000 Feb 20 2021-02-20 Feb 22 2021-02-22 Feb 22 2021-02-22 Feb 25 2021-02-25
15 UCLos Angeles Rejected RDregular decision Feb 01 2021-02-01 Feb 05 2021-02-05 Feb 05 2021-02-05 Mar 23 2021-03-23
24 UFlorida (Levin) Pending RDregular decision Feb 20 2021-02-20 Mar 05 2021-03-05 Mar 11 2021-03-11
31 UGeorgia Pending RDregular decision Feb 22 2021-02-22 Mar 11 2021-03-11 Mar 11 2021-03-11
31 UIllinois—Urbana Cha... Pending RDregular decision Mar 01 2021-03-01 Mar 12 2021-03-12 Mar 31 2021-03-31
21 UMinnesota Withdrawn RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Mar 02 2021-03-02 Mar 25 2021-03-25
27 UNorth Carolina Pending RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Mar 16 2021-03-16 Mar 16 2021-03-16
18 USouthern California Pending RDregular decision Feb 24 2021-02-24 Mar 15 2021-03-15 Mar 22 2021-03-22
42 UWashington WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Mar 01 2021-03-01 Mar 02 2021-03-02 Mar 04 2021-03-04 Mar 29 2021-03-29
18 Vanderbilt University Pending RDregular decision Feb 20 2021-02-20 Feb 24 2021-02-24 Feb 24 2021-02-24
17 Washington Universit... Waitlisted RDregular decision Feb 22 2021-02-22 Feb 25 2021-02-25 Feb 25 2021-02-25 Mar 17 2021-03-17
31 William & Mary Law S... Rejected RDregular decision Feb 20 2021-02-20 Feb 22 2021-02-22 Feb 23 2021-02-23 Mar 24 2021-03-24
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  • 23:02 RaspberryEnthusiast: because if I end up in davis it's already exorbitant there and would just be worse if I tried to get it any later than that I think
  • 23:08 CEOoftheUCIwaitlist: go to bed losers
  • 23:08 CEOoftheUCIwaitlist: *checks status*
  • 23:10 FriendlyForestFrog: @CEOoftheUCIwaitlist: bed? I haven't slept in 2021. Sleeping for me IS refreshing my status
  • 23:13 Janetsvoid: Has anyone else become like near alcoholics this cycle
  • 23:14 DatBoiWaddup: No but I've considered drinking more often lately lmao
  • 23:14 Janetsvoid: I mean I’m petite so can’t drink a ton anyway but I hate to say the daily wine or margarita has been bad
  • 23:14 Janetsvoid: And work doesn’t help
  • 23:16 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: i've been drinking more coffee (decaf) for some reason..something about the smell calms me down a bit
  • 23:16 PhobicWantingBadger: Has anyone heard of or have attempted to reach out to see about extensions on the admittance payment deadlines?
  • 23:17 Janetsvoid: @FriendlyForestFrog: Oh I can def relate to that. Except with wine
  • 23:17 FriendlyForestFrog: @PhobicWantingBadger: I got an extension from one school after reaching out. Was super easy. They didn't have a problem at all
  • 23:17 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: :-)
  • 23:19 mma23a: DOGE
  • 23:20 PhobicWantingBadger: Thanks for the information frog
  • 23:21 FriendlyForestFrog: @PhobicWantingBadger: np :-)
  • 23:22 Janetsvoid: @FriendlyForestFrog: are you waiting on NYU too?
  • 23:22 FriendlyForestFrog: I feel like most schools would rather give an extension than you turn them down since they are trying to YP
  • 23:22 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: Yep, on Hold at NYU
  • 23:22 lil-froggo: @PhobicWantingBadger: I asked for one and didn’t get it, but they were still friendly and the door may
  • 23:23 lil-froggo: remain open
  • 23:23 FriendlyForestFrog: @lil-froggo: oh, that sucks
  • 23:23 FriendlyForestFrog: I did ask about a week ago, so maybe that was the difference
  • 23:23 lil-froggo: it’s ok!
  • 23:23 lil-froggo: yeah that’s also true
  • 23:23 lil-froggo: i had 1 day to deposit lol
  • 23:24 FriendlyForestFrog: The deposits are a lot of dough...especially since my finances really took a hit this past year
  • 23:24 FriendlyForestFrog: and I applied to 30 schools with almost no waivers...
  • 23:25 Janetsvoid: There are so many of us on hold
  • 23:25 lil-froggo: worth it 😆
  • 23:25 Janetsvoid: Wow 30?! That’s serious dedication
  • 23:26 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: I think it was worth it to blanket the T14, but I think I went overboard
  • 23:26 FriendlyForestFrog: I panic applied to 2 schools last week, shouldn't have done that
  • 23:26 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: NYU is being super cautious
  • 23:27 FriendlyForestFrog: Did NYU have a deposit deadline for their admits today?
  • 23:27 lil-froggo: i mean you’re probably only applying once
  • 23:27 FriendlyForestFrog: @lil-froggo: true
  • 23:27 Janetsvoid: I think their scholly deadline was today?
  • 23:27 lil-froggo: oh do they?
  • 23:27 Janetsvoid: Deposit deadline end of April
  • 23:28 FriendlyForestFrog: hopefully we'll see some movement then...I guess they are going to take care of the Holds before dipping into their WL
  • 23:28 FriendlyForestFrog: oh...just saw they have like no WLs
  • 23:29 Janetsvoid: Yeah I don’t think those WL are real either. They were logged before the “hold”
  • 23:29 Janetsvoid: Option was created
  • 23:30 FriendlyForestFrog: I still don't quite get the difference b/w NYU Hold and WLs at other schools..
  • 23:30 FriendlyForestFrog: by keeping the Holds stringing along so late into the cycle, it's basically acting as a WL
  • 23:31 Janetsvoid: I think the main difference is the NYU holds dont necessarily mean they’ve reviewed your application
  • 23:31 Janetsvoid: In full
  • 23:31 UghSad: the nyu scholly deadline is tomorrow
  • 23:31 UghSad: 4/16
  • 23:31 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: I want my money back then, lol
  • 23:31 Janetsvoid: And that they’ll give holds an A before deposit deadlines
  • 23:31 Janetsvoid: Or WL/R
  • 23:32 Janetsvoid: @FriendlyForestFrog: LOL right
  • 23:32 FriendlyForestFrog: I guess that's good. I wish all schools had the same deposit deadlines
  • 23:32 FriendlyForestFrog: I feel like I had to waste money today bc some schools are working on a different schedule
  • 23:32 Janetsvoid: @UghSad: ah gotcha thanks
  • 23:33 Janetsvoid: I wish I had your NYU a so I can even contemplate schollys
  • 23:34 FriendlyForestFrog: If another school accepts me or I get off a WL, I'm going to ask for a discount equal to my paid deposit at the previous school, lol
  • 23:34 UghSad: Np, some people have a later deadline because NYU has been slow with some schollys but I think a lot of people will withdraw tomorrow so hopefully you guys will see some movement
  • 23:35 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: hopefully!
  • 23:36 Janetsvoid: @UghSad: do you know where you’re going yet?
  • 23:37 UghSad: I'm leaning CLS
  • 23:38 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: you've had a great cycle!
  • 23:38 Janetsvoid: ^^seriously though!
  • 23:38 FriendlyForestFrog: congrats!
  • 23:38 Janetsvoid: But also your stats are stellar
  • 23:39 FriendlyForestFrog: ^^^yes!
  • 23:39 UghSad: @FriendlyForestFrog: thanks! It's been a crazy cycle I'm definitely happy with my options (though I wanted more lower t14 $, but whatever)
  • 23:39 FriendlyForestFrog: I see you also got the Berk R
  • 23:40 UghSad: Lol berk left me in read for so long
  • 23:40 UghSad: just to R me
  • 23:40 FriendlyForestFrog: I was a little offended at how quickly Berk sent me the R, hurt my feelings
  • 23:40 Janetsvoid: Is berk known for being unpredictable?
  • 23:40 Janetsvoid: @UghSad: I’m shocked they just Red you
  • 23:41 UghSad: I've heard they're picky with GPAs and KJDs?
  • 23:41 UghSad: I think they just hit their quota of above both medians and were like yup we can toss this one
  • 23:42 FriendlyForestFrog: I've just always loved the Bay Area, so expensive tho
  • 23:42 FriendlyForestFrog: Still holding out (slim) hope for Stanford..been ghosted
  • 23:42 UghSad: I would not have stayed on the berk waitlist so honestly probably the right choice on their part
  • 23:43 UghSad: @FriendlyForestFrog: I don't get why Stanford is so slow it is mid april
  • 23:44 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: right? And I don't think they have as much of a YP concern as some of the other T14s
  • 23:45 Janetsvoid: I think there is some merit to saying that every school has had YP concerns this year bc it’s been an unusual year for them too.
  • 23:45 UghSad: @FriendlyForestFrog: I just think they know they can do what they want so take their time... most people will still say yes to Stanford even if they are already deposited
  • 23:45 Janetsvoid: Just so many applicants and high scores
  • 23:46 FriendlyForestFrog: agree with both of you
  • 23:46 UghSad: I think a lot of schools are concerned about overenrolling too more than just yield
  • 23:47 FriendlyForestFrog: I just hope the T14s still have money to offer should I get an A
  • 23:47 Janetsvoid: @UghSad: right agreed that’s what I meant
  • 23:47 Janetsvoid: @FriendlyForestFrog: I’m not banking on it :(
  • 23:48 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: I would be crushed with a T14 acceptance and no money...I mean I would be thankful, but it wouldn't be practical
  • 23:48 UghSad: @FriendlyForestFrog: which ones are you still waiting on
  • 23:49 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: WL at CLS, Penn, UVA, Mich, Duke, UCLA, WashU and UGA. Hold at NYU. Pending at Stanford and Alabama.
  • 23:50 FriendlyForestFrog: R at Yale, Berk and Texas
  • 23:50 Janetsvoid: I’m still salty HLS took six months to WL me
  • 23:50 UghSad: I think that after deposit deadlines $$ will hopefully open up from withdrawals but schools also have so many people to chose I feel like they can be stingy
  • 23:50 FriendlyForestFrog: @Janetsvoid: maybe they'll make it up to you :-)))
  • 23:51 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: I know. The odds aren't great
  • 23:51 Janetsvoid: @FriendlyForestFrog: haha oh god don’t even give me hope. I’ve already written an I’m passionate loci
  • 23:51 MomentousMercifulCoati: Berk 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • 23:52 UghSad: waitlists are definitely a wildcard this year tho so I would have some hope
  • 23:52 nirvana: which schools have yp probs?
  • 23:52 UghSad: define yp problems
  • 23:52 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: I'm dep'd at Minn for now, and I'm ok with that if no WLs come through
  • 23:52 WrathfulHighfalutinBandicoot: When do we think T25 will start to move their waitlists this cycle
  • 23:52 UghSad: Michigan waitlists everyone, possibly a yp problem
  • 23:52 nirvana: like struggle with getting people to come once they get the A...or do any of them even have that
  • 23:53 nirvana: OH
  • 23:53 Janetsvoid: Define struggle haha
  • 23:53 Janetsvoid: I think NYU and penn have pretty low yield
  • 23:53 Janetsvoid: Relatively
  • 23:53 nirvana: ohh didnt know that
  • 23:53 nirvana: need my wl to move to the sweet A
  • 23:53 UghSad: @FriendlyForestFrog: you just need one option you're happy with and if something else pans out that's super great
  • 23:54 UghSad: Chicago has a trash yield
  • 23:54 nirvana: :o
  • 23:54 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: Agreed!
  • 23:54 MasterPain: anyone ever gotten their unconditional scholarship increased and made conditional
  • 23:54 nirvana: this stuff is on their 509s huh
  • 23:55 UghSad: Ik the 7 sage predictor has sucked this yr but it makes it pretty easy to look at yield data if you sort by rank
  • 23:55 UghSad:
  • 23:55 UghSad: There is probably an easier way than that to tho lol
  • 23:56 UghSad: @MasterPain: did that happen to you
  • 23:56 MasterPain: no but i feel like itd be an interesting gamble
  • 23:56 nirvana: thank u!
  • 23:56 MasterPain: like, hey, give me 10k extra a year and make 20k of the new total conditional
  • 23:56 MasterPain: bet on yourself
  • 23:57 UghSad: I have not heard of that happening only the other way
  • 0:00 FriendlyForestFrog: anyone else run the numbers with a full scholly and realized loans for COL for 3 years is still a huge amount of money...?
  • 0:01 UghSad: @FriendlyForestFrog: especially in cities :/
  • 0:04 FriendlyForestFrog: @UghSad: yes! It made me rethink some of my full schollys; like the marginal cost of another school with slightly better outcomes that is in a cheaper place is actually not that huge
  • 0:05 FriendlyForestFrog: also, calculating the size of my loans taking into account interest accrued over the 3 years was a big AHA moment for me in this process
  • 0:07 FriendlyForestFrog: someone posted a really helpful spreadsheet on reddit where u just input numbers and it calculates loan size at graduation and tells you your estimated monthly payment based on how long u want to be repaying
  • 0:07 RaspberryEnthusiast: hey, can someone else who's admitted to w&m tell me if there's some kind of admitted students thing on the 21st or if I made it up in a fever dream?
  • 0:07 RaspberryEnthusiast: I could have sworn it was a thing that was happening but now I can't find a record of it anywhere
  • 0:08 UghSad: Schools know that so I feel like they adjust their scholarship offers accordingly sometimes (cough cough Duke being like ah NC is cheap)
  • 0:08 UghSad: there's definitely a few loan calculators I have looked at, interest sucks
  • 0:09 FriendlyForestFrog: yes. I wish there was no interest for Stafford/GradPlus while enrolled in law school
  • 0:09 UghSad: or at least really low interest and lower loan fees
  • 0:12 FriendlyForestFrog: *sigh* bedtime. have a goodnight everyone. sending u positive vibes! :-))
  • 0:13 UghSad: Gn :)
  • 0:14 RaspberryEnthusiast: god I really somehow must have fever dreamed an entire event????
  • 0:15 RaspberryEnthusiast: I swear I wrote it in my calendar book and everything
  • 0:19 RaspberryEnthusiast: FOUND IT I KNEW I WASN'T CRAZY
  • 0:19 lil-froggo: @UghSad: nice cycle 🤩
  • 0:31 UghSad: @lil-froggo: thnx :)
  • 0:41 LearnedFineBombay: raspberry can i ask u a q
  • 0:44 RaspberryEnthusiast: go for it
  • 1:18 OssifiedHistoricalKoala: Nyu really dropped a reject at 1am
  • 1:19 VioletSadUmbrellabird: you're shitting me
  • 1:19 VioletSadUmbrellabird: like it was a new dls
  • 1:19 VioletSadUmbrellabird: Im so sorry
  • 1:20 rebeccatamar: RIP my NYU dreams
  • 1:21 LearnedFineBombay: what the hell
  • 1:21 VioletSadUmbrellabird: what the **** is going on
  • 1:24 nirvana: something about getting denied while im going to bed
  • 1:24 nirvana: personally i am going to cry ❤️
  • 1:25 VioletSadUmbrellabird: I am so sorry yall this is ****ed
  • 1:26 LearnedFineBombay: did you get it nirvana?
  • 1:26 LearnedFineBombay: i'm so sorry
  • 1:27 nirvana: indeed
  • 1:27 nirvana: ty
  • 1:27 LearnedFineBombay: big hug... i hope u have some other good options!!
  • 1:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: NYU has chosen violence
  • 1:28 RaspberryEnthusiast: This means war
  • 1:29 LearnedFineBombay: btw rasp i was gonna ask how u were feeling
  • 1:29 VioletSadUmbrellabird: its a certain type of cruelty goddamn
  • 1:29 RaspberryEnthusiast: @LearnedFineBombay: about what lol
  • 1:29 LearnedFineBombay: results
  • 1:30 RaspberryEnthusiast: Oh. Pleasantly surprised by a few of the WLs I snuck onto, not surprised at As I didn’t get and Rs I did (except Michigan)
  • 1:30 RaspberryEnthusiast: Hopeful about WLs, maybe too much so
  • 1:30 LearnedFineBombay: bro you deserve much better
  • 1:30 LearnedFineBombay: i hope you get off a bomb waitlist or reapply
  • 1:30 LearnedFineBombay: i really think it was applying in february
  • 1:30 RaspberryEnthusiast: I’m not reapplying no matter what, I just can’t burn another year doing nothing
  • 1:31 LearnedFineBombay: understandable
  • 1:31 RaspberryEnthusiast: Thanks for the thoughts though, I appreciate it
  • 1:31 LearnedFineBombay: of course!! i am wishing the best for u!
  • 1:31 RaspberryEnthusiast: <3
  • 1:58 HeartbreakingSpookyTarantula: if you guys haven't seen it the infamous xoxoggirl made a slick database for this cycle's lsdata lurkers to network :)
  • 2:29 SubstantialFaultyCuttlefish: what on earth. It's past 2 am there?
  • 2:53 lil-froggo: apparently
  • 2:55 lil-froggo: super cool work from xoxogirl the sheets expert
  • 3:06 evilkermit: if my NYU portal shows DLS, is that a R?
  • 3:07 lil-froggo: good question
  • 3:09 evilkermit: rip for those who updated their statuses to R's, what does it say in your portal?
  • 3:09 lil-froggo: i dont think anyone else is gonna be here rn haha
  • 3:10 lil-froggo: i feel like they had something more than just decision letter sent
  • 3:10 lil-froggo: or how would they know
  • 3:10 evilkermit: rip i'm stupid they did email a letter
  • 3:10 evilkermit: fat
  • 3:10 evilkermit: R
  • 3:11 lil-froggo: aw ;_;
  • 3:11 lil-froggo: that sucks, sry
  • 3:13 evilkermit: looking like i'll be R&R :/
  • 3:14 lil-froggo: aw shucks. idk your results or stats to comment but
  • 3:17 lil-froggo: if it's any consolation to you, this is my 3rd cycle attempting to apply and my app would have been so weak without years of work experience and the base i built in the first two cycles I attempted somewhat but didn't actually apply
  • 3:21 evilkermit: thanks for sharing, lil-froggo. i'm most concerned about my PS? I feel like I shared a lot of myself in my current version
  • 3:21 evilkermit: and the schools expect a new PS
  • 4:03 lil-froggo: @evilkermit: i definitely feel that, mine too is one that i might not want to use in another year because it’s personal while doing everything i want it to do. you may find a way to tell the same story but do it in a better way, or you may actually want to write a new one that says the same things you want it to but does it in a different way, if your current one didn’t get you the results you want