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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
4 Columbia University Pending Unknown Nov 16 2020-11-16 Dec 16 2020-12-16
13 Cornell University Pending Unknown Nov 20 2020-11-20 Nov 23 2020-11-23
12 Duke University Pending Unknown Nov 16 2020-11-16 Nov 19 2020-11-19 Jan 11 2021-01-11
27 Fordham University Accepted RDregular decision Nov 25 2020-11-25 Jan 20 2021-01-20 Feb 22 2021-02-22
14 Georgetown University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 18 2020-11-18 Jan 04 2021-01-04 Feb 16 2021-02-16
3 Harvard University Pending Unknown Nov 18 2020-11-18 Dec 02 2020-12-02
6 New York University Pending Unknown Nov 16 2020-11-16 Nov 16 2020-11-16 Nov 18 2020-11-18 Jan 12 2021-01-12
9 Northwestern University Waitlisted Unknown Nov 18 2020-11-18 Feb 11 2021-02-11
999 Rutgers State Univer... Accepted Unknown $86,000 Dec 17 2020-12-17 Dec 22 2020-12-22 Dec 22 2020-12-22 Jan 13 2021-01-13
2 Stanford University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 18 2020-11-18 Nov 19 2020-11-19 Nov 19 2020-11-19 Feb 23 2021-02-23
9 UCBerkeley Rejected RDregular decision Nov 19 2020-11-19 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 14 2020-12-14 Feb 25 2021-02-25
15 UCLos Angeles Waitlisted Unknown Nov 20 2020-11-20 Feb 11 2021-02-11
9 UMichigan Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 20 2020-11-20 Jan 08 2021-01-08 Feb 05 2021-02-05
7 UPennsylvania Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 18 2020-11-18 Nov 18 2020-11-18 Dec 09 2020-12-09 Jan 13 2021-01-13 Feb 05 2021-02-05
8 UVirginia Pending Unknown Nov 18 2020-11-18 Nov 19 2020-11-19 Jan 11 2021-01-11
18 Vanderbilt University Pending Unknown Dec 16 2020-12-16
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main_chatroom Rooms: General Big mad Advice
  • 13:52 jwabner: @backtochicagoplz: Not sure where you're at, but I'm honestly just hoping that Brooklyn accepts me with a good scholarship at this point
  • 13:52 MeJustChilling: @FurryStormyGoat: Got WL at UChicago yesterday and donged at Fordham today
  • 13:52 brendog: yeah all your guys fault clear out some space for me please
  • 13:52 VagueNecessaryWeasel: @FurryStormyGoat: it also happens that schools will waitlist or deny applicants that they feel wont accept their offer. It happens
  • 13:52 hellohello: thats true too
  • 13:52 FurryStormyGoat: @MeJustChilling: sorry :(
  • 13:53 hellohello: @MeJustChilling: damn sorry. weird
  • 13:53 FurryStormyGoat: yeah it does seem that the applicant surge this year is really screwing us lol
  • 13:53 cjnoelle: @FriendlyTypicalGreyhound: UT A waves don't even usually start until like 1:30/2 CST so if they're gonna wave today it probably won't be for another half hour or so
  • 13:53 IntelligentGlamorousHound: @jwabner: are you a reverse splitter?
  • 13:53 MeJustChilling: It's fine just wish admissions made sense
  • 13:53 FurryStormyGoat: ^^^ felt that
  • 13:53 IcicleBumpkin: @MeJustChilling: when did you submit to UC?
  • 13:53 backtochicagoplz: @jwabner: that actually feels like my last hope so I am including you in all my prayers for me. I'm already in NYC and figured that would help but here we are
  • 13:53 MeJustChilling: @IcicleBumpkin: first week of december
  • 13:53 ChuckRhoades: Can I collect a WL at every t14 remaining I applied to
  • 13:53 VagueNecessaryWeasel: Apparently most T14 got twice the applications as normal.... so, i feel like that really messed them up
  • 13:53 ChuckRhoades: that would be quite amazing
  • 13:54 IcicleBumpkin: @MeJustChilling: did it take them till nearly christmas to get you "complete?" we're on similar trains
  • 13:54 IcicleBumpkin: but I've heard nothing
  • 13:54 jwabner: @backtochicagoplz: Yeah I am. feel free to look at my profile, a lot of WLs. Pretty disappointed. But NYC is my dream and I don't want Big Law, so if Brooklyn pulls through I'll be happy
  • 13:54 VagueNecessaryWeasel: I also read yesterday that the Deans at Duke and Cornell aren't expanding their class sizes...so that means the acceptance rate is going to be lower too
  • 13:54 abjectchickadee: honestly i'd be happy to get a WL at every remaining t14 - feels better than an R
  • 13:54 abjectchickadee: for the sake of my pride
  • 13:54 jwabner: @backtochicagoplz: I'll keep you in my thoughts as well. I hope Brooklyn is nice to us
  • 13:55 backtochicagoplz: @jwabner: we're sounding more and more like twins. Best of luck to you, sincerely
  • 13:55 ChuckRhoades: @abjectchickadee: I'm so not ready to ride 10000 WL all summer
  • 13:55 MeJustChilling: @IcicleBumpkin: Yeah I think it took like a month to go complete and a month later to go UR and then a couple weeks from UR to decision
  • 13:55 hellohello: @jwabner: i think you have an awesome shot at brooklyn
  • 13:55 UnableGrouchyBat: WL does feel better but it's also purgatory /hopefulness where there prob is very little to none
  • 13:55 IcicleBumpkin: @MeJustChilling: copy. thanks for the info. sorry for the WL!
  • 13:55 hellohello: best borough too ;)
  • 13:55 IntelligentGlamorousHound: Is anyone going to the Brooklyn law webinar today?
  • 13:55 UnableGrouchyBat: The R's suck but at least you can move on with your life - at least that's how I feel
  • 13:55 IntelligentGlamorousHound: In an hour
  • 13:55 MeJustChilling: @IcicleBumpkin: It's fine! It was a major reach I'm surprised I caught the WL
  • 13:55 jwabner: @hellohello: you think a good shot at a good scholarship?
  • 13:56 CarelessReconditeGoose: another day, another check my silly little website
  • 13:56 jwabner: @backtochicagoplz: Best of luck to you as well! Maybe see you in the fall!
  • 13:56 nota999: It's slightly cold comfort, but at least with a WL the school is telling you "We think you could handle this school, and that if you were to join you'd be an asset. You were just beat out by other applicants this time."
  • 13:56 nota999: If they didn't think that they'd just R you
  • 13:57 IcicleBumpkin: @MeJustChilling: we're also in excalty the same boat on Umich. Complete 12/14, and nothing.
  • 13:57 brendog: imagine being among the ten people reporting being waitlisted at nyu and how confusing that would be
  • 13:57 FurryStormyGoat: is it supposed to be by end of march that we hear back from all schools? its already end of February and im still waiting on a lotttt of schools
  • 13:57 IcicleBumpkin: @MeJustChilling: at least we missed The Great Waitlisting
  • 13:58 jwabner: @hellohello: I'm optimistic about my chances of getting into Brooklyn, but I'm not sure it would be work it to go there without a big scholarship as opposed to taking a gap year and getting an LSAT score that would give me a better scholarship at a higher ranked school.
  • 13:59 hellohello: @jwabner: honestly i think youll have a good shot at a scholarship bc of your gpa
  • 13:59 hellohello: your lsat is like right around their median but your gpa is so good... and i know theyre decently generous w schollys
  • 13:59 MeJustChilling: @IcicleBumpkin: Really pushing for the Michigan A. Feeling decent about that
  • 14:00 hellohello: @jwabner: but ya if they dont give you enough and you can get your lsat up a few points youll likely get into there w money, cardozo etc
  • 14:00 IcicleBumpkin: @MeJustChilling: same. though when I look at last cycle not much action after the big waitlist. Seems like they're moving slower this year, tho, so I hope there are a few more decent A waves
  • 14:01 jwabner: @hellohello: Do you have any insight on how much $$ I should be looking for from Brooklyn?
  • 14:02 jwabner: @hellohello: It doesn't help that Mitchell Hamline is my only bargaining chip lol. I'm hoping case western gives me some $$$ to wager or something
  • 14:02 hellohello: @jwabner: hmm i honestly dont know... i dont know *that* much about it, just that i know some grads who went there and now make a lotta money at goldman and other places. lol sorry not helpful i know
  • 14:02 brownskingyal: no penn?
  • 14:02 Panda: Not yet
  • 14:02 jwabner: @hellohello: No worries! haha
  • 14:03 GiantCrookedEarwig: Is this a really HLS waitlist wave?
  • 14:04 CastlereaghQC: can't tell
  • 14:04 MeJustChilling: @IcicleBumpkin: Yeah still holding onto hope that I can trickle in. Same as NU. Honestly would prefer NU, but don't feel as good about it for some reason
  • 14:04 dkh2020: idk but if it is Im expecting getting it lmao
  • 14:04 dkh2020: Complete early november not kj1
  • 14:04 B6767: just got HLS Waitlist :(
  • 14:05 GiantCrookedEarwig: So sorry! Did you interview before?
  • 14:05 B6767: nope
  • 14:05 Panda: @B6767: so sorry :(
  • 14:05 kitkatpattywack: :(
  • 14:05 kitkatpattywack: hls l wave
  • 14:05 hellohello: oh no sorry :(
  • 14:05 kitkatpattywack: wl wave*
  • 14:06 PlausiblyAverage: caught it
  • 14:06 PlausiblyAverage: :(
  • 14:06 SheepHead: Oh no!!!
  • 14:06 hellohello: sorry yall
  • 14:06 GiantCrookedEarwig: Sorry y’all
  • 14:06 ChunkyMessyDonkey: ;(
  • 14:07 kitkatpattywack: when u get a promo email from a school ur waiting to hear from
  • 14:07 kitkatpattywack: < / 3
  • 14:07 DysfunctionalChubbyBat: does HLS waitlist without interviewing?
  • 14:07 CastlereaghQC: Yes
  • 14:08 CarelessReconditeGoose: did you get the harvard wl with status checker or email
  • 14:08 CarelessReconditeGoose: scared to look
  • 14:08 PlausiblyAverage: im so ****ing broken rn
  • 14:08 B6767: just status checker so far
  • 14:08 SlimShadyGoesSouth: Lol @kitkat Wayne?
  • 14:08 kitkatpattywack: yes!!!
  • 14:08 kitkatpattywack: @SlimShadyGoesSouth:
  • 14:08 ThisIsAGoodUsername: hiiiiii
  • 14:08 GiantCrookedEarwig: Ok I’m really lost. No KJ1, no WL, complete October at HLS. Plz I want to be put out of my misery
  • 14:08 DropoutBear: Yale hit us next
  • 14:08 B6767: nvm jsut got the email
  • 14:08 kitkatpattywack: @SlimShadyGoesSouth: I went UR again yesterday hbu
  • 14:09 ChicagoHopeful: ugh i just want yale to put me out of my misery at this point
  • 14:09 ThisIsAGoodUsername: got a postcard from Penn State encouraging me to apply and I legit wanted to scream. jk I did scream "I DID APPLY PLEASE ACCEPT ME" at the postcard
  • 14:09 SlimShadyGoesSouth: @kitkatpattywack: i haven’t been updated in two weeks...
  • 14:09 kitkatpattywack: I went under review 2/5 and then my satus date changed yesterday but the status itself didn't change
  • 14:09 PlausiblyAverage: i really thought i had a change
  • 14:09 PlausiblyAverage: chance
  • 14:09 ApathyMarmot: @kitkatpattywack: I literally came in here to freaking bitch about WSU sending that email
  • 14:09 PlausiblyAverage: i literally prepared for a kj1
  • 14:09 TrickyCrocodile: also caught the Harvard WL! applied in Sept, no interview
  • 14:09 kitkatpattywack: @SlimShadyGoesSouth: any chance i can convince you to add your dates to your chart :) I also applied to detroit mercy
  • 14:10 kitkatpattywack: @ApathyMarmot: did you have recent status movement ?
  • 14:10 ApathyMarmot: @SlimShadyGoesSouth: I second what kitkat said
  • 14:10 SlimShadyGoesSouth: @kitkatpattywack: for sure and I want in review at Wayne Jan 29th
  • 14:10 TrickyCrocodile: looks like most years Harvard has a fair amount of waitlist movement so not totally sure how to feel lol
  • 14:10 MeJustChilling: USC As today? Are they gonna flake two Fridays in a row???
  • 14:10 Janetsvoid: @GiantCrookedEarwig: me too. No KJ1, no WL (so far, could still come today). Am I doomed for the next R wave??
  • 14:11 pizzalover1212: and UConn while they're at it
  • 14:11 ChunkyMessyDonkey: daaaaamit waitlisted
  • 14:11 CarelessReconditeGoose: harvard will do interviews of people on the wl
  • 14:11 SpoopyHappyBee: YES @pizzalover1212
  • 14:11 veryallergic: Lmao I love Wayne sending out that email after I have been in review since November
  • 14:11 CarelessReconditeGoose: if you didnt get a kj1 you might still get an interview and there can be movement
  • 14:11 kitkatpattywack: @SlimShadyGoesSouth: no change since Jan 29th?
  • 14:11 PlausiblyAverage: is there even a chance to get off the wl at hls
  • 14:11 kitkatpattywack: Im scared haha I'm wondering what that means for me
  • 14:11 ApathyMarmot: @kitkatpattywack: I have a weird situation, where I'm not sure what my status shift really was. I applied for a resident tuition waiver as a Veteran, and it looked like that was what they changed, which reset my date, but then it happened agai
  • 14:11 Janetsvoid: I think HLS has decent WL movement
  • 14:11 GiantCrookedEarwig: @Janetsvoid: idk I’m about to go into hiding and ask my boyfriend to retrieve me whenever the next R wave comes
  • 14:11 masterofallfoursections: eff you guys
  • 14:11 CarelessReconditeGoose: i mean, there's a chance at every school
  • 14:11 masterofallfoursections: I got waitlisted at HLS
  • 14:11 ApathyMarmot: @veryallergic: November Wayners unite!
  • 14:11 plzletmebecomealawyer: did fordham send out Rs today?
  • 14:11 PlausiblyAverage: @masterofallfoursections: me too
  • 14:11 PlausiblyAverage: @masterofallfoursections: i am currently actually crying
  • 14:12 Janetsvoid: I think I’m headed for the R, I would’ve welcomed a WL
  • 14:12 kitkatpattywack: im sorry guys :(
  • 14:12 NicklausCopernicus18: Im sorry to all my friends who fell :(
  • 14:12 GiantCrookedEarwig: I am so sorry HLS waitlisters
  • 14:12 veryallergic: @ApathyMarmot: WHY are they taking so long
  • 14:12 CarelessReconditeGoose: I would bet most schools are following the same strategy that dean z said michigan was: assuming the more competitive cycle means more of your offers will say yes
  • 14:12 CarelessReconditeGoose: so make your waitlist bigger
  • 14:12 CarelessReconditeGoose: and pull from the waitlist more than ever
  • 14:12 kitkatpattywack: @veryallergic: omg hi!! we all applied to similar schools
  • 14:12 Janetsvoid: Sorry everyone :(
  • 14:12 CarelessReconditeGoose: if any school DIDNT follow that model, it would screw over their peers
  • 14:12 butternutsquash: ahhh i'm sorry friends :(
  • 14:12 pizzalover1212: ugh so sorry guys
  • 14:13 ApathyMarmot: @veryallergic: Per a convo in January, they didn't start full review until after new years.
  • 14:13 CarelessReconditeGoose: so frankly i would assume this is a better year for WL movement than ever before
  • 14:13 UghSad: @CarelessReconditeGoose: I feel like duke hasnt we shall see how that goes for them
  • 14:13 SlimShadyGoesSouth: @kitkatpattywack: no change since the 29th and just updated dates
  • 14:13 NicklausCopernicus18: Are we guessing an R wave will follow :/
  • 14:13 kitkatpattywack: @veryallergic: @slimshady @apathy wanna go to big mad chat to bitch / discuss wayne state
  • 14:13 UghSad: Sorry guys about the harvard wl
  • 14:13 ThisIsAGoodUsername: friends, I am sorry. Sending you lots of hugs. I see lots of you who have gotten the WL are also in at some INCREDIBLE schools. Don't lose hope! You are SO TALENTED and SO SMART.
  • 14:13 CastlereaghQC: Okay--so...applied Sept. 15, no KJ1, no WL. Does that mean R incoming?
  • 14:13 Janetsvoid: ^^me too. But mid oct
  • 14:13 ApathyMarmot: @kitkatpattywack: Big Mad room sounds good to me.
  • 14:13 CastlereaghQC: Sorry to all those on the WL--you guys are awesome
  • 14:13 NicklausCopernicus18: Who knows Castlereagh!
  • 14:13 NicklausCopernicus18: Similar boat
  • 14:13 NicklausCopernicus18: for now, lets just toast our fallen comrades
  • 14:13 UghSad: @NicklausCopernicus18: i dont feel comfortable making any predictions about harvars anymore theyre wild this yr
  • 14:13 GiantCrookedEarwig: October here too and I just don’t know what to think anymore
  • 14:13 urleastfavteacher: @CastlereaghQC: one more week of KJ1s
  • 14:13 NicklausCopernicus18: this is a harsh cycle
  • 14:14 kitkatpattywack: @ThisIsAGoodUsername: how you feeling !!!
  • 14:14 ThePeripatetic: Same here. I’d be more than happy with just a WL
  • 14:14 Janetsvoid: Y’all stats are nuts. It’s Harvard’s loss
  • 14:14 ChunkyMessyDonkey: thanks y'all, that's nice to hear
  • 14:14 BigGreen-: They have to make the calculation that more will say yes but that's also putting more and more time pressure in very uncertain circumstances for a lot of people
  • 14:14 ThePeripatetic: Harvard please don’t hit us with a R wave after this WL wave :’(
  • 14:15 CastlereaghQC: @urleastfavteacher: or incoming R wave?
  • 14:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: @kitkatpattywack WEIRD honestly. My entire lower abdomen is numb, so doing ...anything feels weird. They couldn't give me a steroid injection because I just had the vaccine Tuesday and I guess steroids might make it less effective, so it kind of felt like a waste to be sedated and go through so much pain for....something that'll only last a short while. But here we are.
  • 14:15 prettylittlebird: Just caught that Harvard WL. My first decision this cycle. Feeling pretty bummed
  • 14:15 CastlereaghQC: @prettylittlebird: you have GREAT stats, you're going to get into some serious schools
  • 14:16 DaleMinami: Yeah def, you're fine @prettylittlebird
  • 14:16 ChunkyMessyDonkey: @prettylittlebird: definitely, this is not a great feeling to start off with, but don't base the rest of your cycle on this one school!
  • 14:16 StraightLimpingFrog: sorry bird :( you have great stats and are in a very good position! one waitlist is not the whole cycle!!!
  • 14:16 GiantCrookedEarwig: Agree @prettylittlebird you’re going to have some really good options I am certain
  • 14:16 DaleMinami: me on the other hand....
  • 14:16 TinyButterfly1695: @masterofallfoursections: I'm so sorry friend
  • 14:16 TinyButterfly1695: @PlausiblyAverage: you too my love <3
  • 14:17 JealousImportedBEAR: oh shit hls waitlist wave
  • 14:17 ChunkyMessyDonkey: On the up side we have an answer now? I know a lot of us have been anxious every week not knowing if we'd get a kj1 so
  • 14:17 ThisIsAGoodUsername: y'alls stats are BONKERS. it makes very little sense but nothing ever does. You are smart AF and whatever school you choose, it's all the others' losses.
  • 14:17 TinyButterfly1695: jesus christ
  • 14:17 StraightLimpingFrog: omg this is the WL wave for the regulars... oh damn...
  • 14:17 ChunkyMessyDonkey: that's something
  • 14:17 TinyButterfly1695: @BEAR did you get it?
  • 14:17 JealousImportedBEAR: is it an email?
  • 14:17 ChunkyMessyDonkey: ^yup + status
  • 14:18 Janetsvoid: So if the survivors don’t get a KJ1 next week, what does that mean. SO MUCH PAIN
  • 14:18 JealousImportedBEAR: .... I didn't get it
  • 14:18 TinyButterfly1695: I think I'm heading for the R tbh
  • 14:18 GiantCrookedEarwig: Man if I’m gonna get hit with an R I wish they’d done it sooner than 6 months
  • 14:18 TinyButterfly1695: ^
  • 14:18 TinyButterfly1695: What Earwig said,
  • 14:18 TinyBear: HLS WL
  • 14:18 ThePeripatetic: I’m actually sad that I didn’t get a WL. I’m pretty sure this means I’m going to get R’ed soon :’(
  • 14:18 aspiringacademic: @Janetsvoid: thats what im wondering
  • 14:18 dhizzy123: Lol HLS has had multiple wave now since YLS did anything
  • 14:18 TinyButterfly1695: you, Tiny?!
  • 14:18 TinyBear: big time devastated
  • 14:18 CastlereaghQC: @Earwig
  • 14:18 CastlereaghQC: what are your stats