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Stats: 164 / 3.45 / T3


2020-2021 cycle
Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
Baylor University Accepted RDregular decision Dec 02 Dec 02 Dec 02 Dec 16
Boston University Pending RDregular decision Dec 10 Dec 11
Case Western Reserve... Accepted RDregular decision Dec 02 Dec 03 Dec 16 Jan 04
Cleveland State Univ... Accepted RDregular decision Dec 02 Dec 03 Dec 29
Columbia University Pending RDregular decision Dec 01 Dec 09
Cornell University Pending RDregular decision Dec 01 Dec 02
Duke University Pending RDregular decision Dec 01 Dec 03 Dec 03
Fordham University Accepted RDregular decision Dec 04 Dec 09 Jan 07 Jan 11
George Washington Un... Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 07 Dec 08 Dec 18
Georgetown University Pending RDregular decision
Indiana University -... Pending RDregular decision
Michigan State Unive... Accepted RDregular decision $96,000 Jan 07
New York University Pending RDregular decision Dec 09
Northwestern University Pending RDregular decision
Pennsylvania State -... Accepted RDregular decision Dec 02 Dec 17
Texas A&M University Pending RDregular decision Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 16
UCBerkeley Pending RDregular decision Dec 15 Dec 16 Dec 18 Dec 28 Jan 12
UCLos Angeles Pending RDregular decision Dec 07 Dec 09 Dec 10 Dec 10
UChicago Pending RDregular decision Dec 01 Dec 01 Dec 22
UMichigan Accepted RDregular decision Nov 29 Dec 09 Jan 13
UNotre Dame Pending RDregular decision Dec 01 Dec 03 Dec 17 Jan 07
UPennsylvania Pending RDregular decision Dec 01 Dec 23 Jan 05
USouth Carolina Accepted RDregular decision Dec 07
USouthern California Pending RDregular decision Dec 07 Jan 11
UTexas at Austin Pending RDregular decision Dec 11
UVirginia Pending RDregular decision Dec 10 Dec 14
Vanderbilt University Pending RDregular decision
Washington Universit... Pending RDregular decision Dec 16
Washington and Lee U... Accepted RDregular decision Dec 03 Dec 08 Jan 15
Wayne State University Pending RDregular decision Oct 28 Oct 30 Nov 09
William & Mary Law S... Pending RDregular decision Dec 03
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  • 11:42 yearningtolawyer: but for the exact date it'll probably be 2-4 weeks
  • 11:42 fancypants: My position has a few huge longterm projects that run May-November, so I am going to let them know as soon as I deposit so we might be able to have some overlap
  • 11:42 masterofallfoursections: after i get in?
  • 11:42 LegallyClueless: any waves expected today?
  • 11:43 GSDMutt: waves of disappointment, foreboding, nausea
  • 11:43 LegallyClueless: damn
  • 11:43 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I'm expecting all of my future decisions to hurt my feelings and I'm not prepared for that :(
  • 11:43 nota999: Me and my supervisor have been lobbying hard to get another person in our department for a while, and the fact that I'm leaving has finally lit a fire under management's ass to get it happening lol
  • 11:43 BelowMedianSaddie: @master people may have other opinions but i feel like after you submit your app you don't really owe them any updates unless they're good
  • 11:43 GSDMutt: waves of staring down the barrel of a $300,000 educational expenditure :)
  • 11:43 BelowMedianSaddie: (unless it's a c&f issue)
  • 11:43 [A] cryptanon: ^agree with saddie
  • 11:43 LegallyClueless: had a dream that I got donged from BU so hopefully that wasn't forseeing something
  • 11:43 fancypants: yeah ditto @master and @sadie
  • 11:44 LowlyImportantOyster: Hi can anyone tell me what it means to be deferred from ED to RD? The school doesn't do this automatically for non-admits
  • 11:44 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: This is going to sound like an oddly specific situation, but does anyone else have parents who think they're clairvoyant and they've told you what schools you will get into LOL
  • 11:44 fancypants: @lowly you applied ED and they don't want to make a decision yet so they kick the can down the road
  • 11:44 fancypants: it releases you from a binding decision though, should you be admitted
  • 11:44 BelowMedianSaddie: @empty yes but they don't think they're clairvoyant they just think i'm smarter than i am
  • 11:44 BabarAzamFan21: anyone go UR2 at Berkeley today?
  • 11:45 nota999: Alright folks, you think we're gonna see more As or more Rs today?
  • 11:45 LowlyImportantOyster: Thanks @fancy. Is it a good result or more a neutral one?
  • 11:45 ncan360: @Babar- yep
  • 11:45 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Lol Saddie, I have one who does that and one who thinks they're clairvoyant it's a lot
  • 11:45 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I think that we will see nothing today because Mondays are slow
  • 11:45 masterofallfoursections: @squirrel not clairvoyant but my mom is like saying shes been having good dreams for me about HLS and is so confident LOL and when I say anything negative about it, she makes me spit three times HAHA
  • 11:45 fancypants: It's not a bad result or good, probably neutral.
  • 11:46 fancypants: I'm not sure the stats for getting admitted after deferred, but if they wanted to WL or R you they would just do that
  • 11:46 LegallyClueless: My parents keep trying to get me to apply to schools wayyy out of my range because they believe that I will somehow magically get in
  • 11:46 fancypants: It's probably that they generally like you but want to see how their class shapes up
  • 11:46 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: My Dad keeps telling me he's having good feelings about Yale and it really just hurts my feelings at this point LOL
  • 11:47 masterofallfoursections: My mom asks me every day if i submitted my yale app yet and i still havent HAHA
  • 11:47 BelowMedianSaddie: my parents are like "sure your stats suck but you have WORK EXPERIENCE" :(
  • 11:47 masterofallfoursections: at this point, mymother and i would have the same chances of getting in, which is 0
  • 11:47 BelowMedianSaddie: as if that means anything lmao
  • 11:47 fancypants: my parents are barely trying to pretend they give two sh**s about this process
  • 11:47 alegal: fordhammmmm
  • 11:47 fancypants: I texted my mom that I got into Northwestern and she just replied "Cool."
  • 11:48 BelowMedianSaddie: @alegal did they do something
  • 11:48 LegallyClueless: I am from the Boston area and my parents want me to apply to Harvard so bad even though I am below both 25ths - they think being from the area will negate my stats lmao
  • 11:48 fancypants: but also I am several years out of school and they are old and sometimes that's just how old people text
  • 11:48 masterofallfoursections: i explained the whole UR, Wave, KJ1 terminology to my best friend who is an occupational therapist and she asks me every hour now what waves are going on HAHAHAH
  • 11:48 BelowMedianSaddie: i have a friend from boston who went to harvard for undergrad and said all her friends called it "harvard state university" as a joke i was like um what
  • 11:48 fancypants: that's dumb @below
  • 11:49 BelowMedianSaddie: that was @legally re being from the area lol - yes it is dumb @fancy!
  • 11:49 lshopeful2021: omg first time checking the status checker and seeing an acceptance before getting an email from a school! that's a rush!
  • 11:49 lshopeful2021: also happy Monday hello party peoplllleeeee
  • 11:49 BelowMedianSaddie: @ls - CONGRATS! where?
  • 11:49 fancypants: Congrats! what school?
  • 11:49 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: My mom found LSData the other day, now texts me if I got in the waves
  • 11:49 lshopeful2021: Penn State Law - it's where I did undergrad. not suuuuuuuuuure that it's a top choice but I took the route of all the options, then decide later lol
  • 11:50 BelowMedianSaddie: we are!!!!!
  • 11:50 lshopeful2021: omg squirrel that's low-key hilarious
  • 11:50 lshopeful2021: Penn State! yess saddle. <333
  • 11:50 lshopeful2021: *saddie autocorrect!
  • 11:50 fancypants: I just rushed to check mine, saw red, Michigan :/
  • 11:50 BelowMedianSaddie: @fancy oh no they didn't do their usual R wave on friday is it coming today instead?
  • 11:51 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I think it was the daily Michigan redness
  • 11:51 fancypants: Oh no it just refreshes daily
  • 11:51 fancypants: and it's not working now anyway
  • 11:51 BelowMedianSaddie: i thought they changed that w the new update
  • 11:51 fancypants: They had issues with the new update, went back to the old, then made it so that an IP address can only check 3 times an hour and the LSD checks share an IP (correct me if I got this wrong @cryptanon)
  • 11:52 Middleofnowhere: Does anyone know if Virginia acceptance requires an interview or not? Lots of thanks
  • 11:52 JustKeepSwimming: I emailed penn state when I applied (a month ago) telling them not to wait for my upcoming lsat score. They emailed and said they'd mark my file complete. Now, I've been marked incomplete for a month and it says they''re waiting for my lsat score. It's clearly their error, but how do I email them without sounding obnoxious? Should I act like I never emailed them to begin with or should I detail the situation?
  • 11:52 fancypants: I've heard it does, @middle, which is bad news for me
  • 11:53 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I'd just email them a "just checking up on this!" email, saying that you noticed that the status checker wasn't complete @swimming
  • 11:53 BelowMedianSaddie: @swimming i would just send a casual email saying you noticed the status checker says it's waiting for your lsat and you wanted to confirm
  • 11:53 BelowMedianSaddie: act casual!!! it's not a big deal they get inquiries every day like this
  • 11:53 Middleofnowhere: @fancypants Thanks! I'm also not a big fan of interview...
  • 11:53 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: My UVA interview was so casual and fun, it was my favorite so far
  • 11:53 fancypants: @middle, that and I haven't gotten one after applying in October
  • 11:54 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I've only done Vandy and Kiras though, so not much to compare to...
  • 11:54 SoftTameCoral: I did that with a school, just emailed to say "I noticed the status checker says I'm missing x, and i just wanted to confirm if you all have received it"
  • 11:54 LamentableLatePeacock: got a call from UCLA law but my phone was too far away agh!!! they don't call to waitlist, right, lol?
  • 11:54 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Nope! They email
  • 11:54 UnableGrouchyBat: No!! ahhh
  • 11:54 LamentableLatePeacock: !!!!
  • 11:54 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: So exciting peacock!!!
  • 11:55 Middleofnowhere: I just got UR1 after applying in mid-November, just a data point...Virginia is moving so slowly for me
  • 11:55 masterofallfoursections: Congrats @peacock!!!
  • 11:55 Middleofnowhere: Congrats!!!
  • 11:55 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: UVA is weird don't read into it, no news is good news
  • 11:55 masterofallfoursections: does anyone know if like the FAFSA, there is an advantage to setting up the CSS profile early too?
  • 11:55 LamentableLatePeacock: ahhhhh so exciting!!!! thank you, hope it means they'll have some more movement this week鈥攁pplied in october!
  • 11:55 masterofallfoursections: its taking some time for me to gather my moms info
  • 11:56 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I have no idea but I literally hate how I've had to do FAFSA, CSS (which costs money while I ask for money, nice), and some schools decide to have their own financial aid survey to fill out with the same info
  • 11:56 LegallyClueless: how long did it take for you to get a uva interview after going ur? I assume i am waiting for the dong because of my stats but I wasn't sure
  • 11:56 Middleofnowhere: @Empty thanks a lot, really need words like this while waiting desperately since November
  • 11:57 masterofallfoursections: @squirrel how much was the CSS profile
  • 11:57 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Mine was really fast, but alot of people have waited months before an interview and getting in. I went UR2 before the interview though, and I think it was like a couple months of UR?
  • 11:57 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: CSS profile costs like $15 per school
  • 11:57 masterofallfoursections: okay, i was shaking in my seat worrying it was gonna be in the hundreds
  • 11:57 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Oh no, but it does add up when you have a few schools that do it
  • 11:58 akhenaten: tfw my safety is....kinda the school i'm most excited about
  • 11:58 masterofallfoursections: anyone else stuck at UR1 at NYU since Dec
  • 11:58 LamentableLatePeacock: aw man i haven't even looked at CSS yet
  • 11:58 FantasticProbableUrchin: Do we need to do the CSS and the FAFSA for schools?
  • 11:58 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I'm stuck at UR2 at NYU since November :D
  • 11:58 masterofallfoursections: ouchie sorry
  • 11:58 masterofallfoursections: not all schools require CSS
  • 11:58 fancypants: @squirrel me too
  • 11:59 masterofallfoursections: my rec is to open an acount and add the schools on your list (which IMO was the easiest way to figure out which schools require CSS Profile)
  • 11:59 fancypants: What is the difference between the two? I have only done FAFSA
  • 11:59 masterofallfoursections: if anyone cares, out of the schools i applied to, only columbia and stanford requires a CSS
  • 12:00 SomberLumpySquid: are you supposed to send FAFSA stuff over even if you haven't been accepted yet?
  • 12:00 nota999: Hopping quickly back to the parents talk, my folks are the opposite of "Have you applied to Harvard?" Especially with my dad it took a while to explain that no actually, school rank does matter quite a bit with the law.
  • 12:00 fancypants: @Sober yeah go ahead and submit it. you can send it even if you haven't heard back yet.
  • 12:00 ThePeripatetic: I was stuck at UR1 since early nov and just went UR2 this morning at NYU. They鈥檙e getting to us later applicants. Just hold tight
  • 12:01 Middleofnowhere: I'm on the same boat for NYU...UR2 November and nothing since then
  • 12:01 ChunkySweaters: Woooo Cornell invite FINALLY
  • 12:01 BlackSourChicken: @empty my dad told me he had a very vivid dream of dropping me off at columbia lol
  • 12:02 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Well my dad used his clairvoyance to predict that I wouldn't get into NYU so I shouldn't expect anything anyway :'(
  • 12:02 fancypants: @squirrel how rude
  • 12:02 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: LMAO I'm so happy that y'alls parents are as crazy as mine about this
  • 12:02 fancypants: I wish my parents cared more. I'm glad I have a husband who does.
  • 12:03 TypicalClockwiseMink: my partner rly was like "I think you'll get into one or two t14s"
  • 12:03 TypicalClockwiseMink: i've heard back from 4 t14s out of the 13 i applied to and have 2 As already!
  • 12:03 TypicalClockwiseMink: but gotta keep those expectations low just to hedge
  • 12:03 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I'm the opposite, partner isn't super into the process haha
  • 12:04 fancypants: I think my husband would be concerned if i started telling him about waves, but he's been thrilled when I've gotten acceptances
  • 12:04 FrankOcean: me 22, alone, sitting here
  • 12:04 masterofallfoursections: someone tell me why when I told my family and partner about my acceptances so far, their response was SO HAVE YOU HEARD BACK FROM YALE HARVARD OR STANFORD
  • 12:04 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Frank, you aren't alone with us
  • 12:05 masterofallfoursections: how do i explain to them that i no longer have any chance of getting in there
  • 12:05 fancypants: omg me too, with my inlaws
  • 12:05 FrankOcean: true
  • 12:05 fancypants: I told my MIL that I didn't get to Harvard and she was SO offended on my behalf and it was excessive
  • 12:06 masterofallfoursections: LOL
  • 12:06 fancypants: Then asked if I was applying to Yale and I said no and she was deadpan "well why not?? they would be lucky to have you"
  • 12:06 DonkeyFart123: Princeton today!
  • 12:06 fancypants: it's sweet but like... just be happy I got into Northwestern
  • 12:06 cathxfair7197: My dad asked me why I didn't apply to Princeton Law
  • 12:06 fancypants: lolol @cath
  • 12:06 masterofallfoursections: yeah i regret telling them so much about my dreams
  • 12:06 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Everytime my bf's family asks about which schools I've gotten into they always ask my LSAT score and then say "oh I thought you scored higher" It actually kills me
  • 12:07 BelowMedianSaddie: my partner and i bet $100 on a few schools bc they have so much faith in me
  • 12:07 BelowMedianSaddie: can't wait to spend that monayyyyy
  • 12:07 cathxfair7197: my grandfather and I have a bet going for how many school I get into, can't wait for him to lose money on me being right about getting into fewer than four lol
  • 12:08 masterofallfoursections: ive been really lucky that the three schools ive heard back from so far have been accpetances but i feel impending pain coming my way
  • 12:08 BelowMedianSaddie: i love my partner and my family for having faith in me but they don't realize how dumb i actually am it's a little disconcerting
  • 12:08 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Nah Master you got this
  • 12:09 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I feel like I'm going to impress everyone by going to law school and then drop out because I'm dumb as hell LOL
  • 12:09 BelowMedianSaddie: @master your stats are bomb and you seem like a good dude i agree w @empty you got this
  • 12:09 nota999: When I got my LSAT score back, all my attorney friends were like "So are you going to Yale or Stanford?" and I was like "uhhhh lemme tell you about my GPA"
  • 12:09 masterofallfoursections: ty guys <3
  • 12:10 fancypants: @below I get that. While I wish my parents cared slightly more, I am grateful that they at least realize I'm not that exceptional. My in laws have such unrealistic expectations that I end up feeling worse.
  • 12:10 Koala123: Anyone else out there whose last decision came weeks and weeks ago? lol i hit 5 weeks today rip
  • 12:10 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: It'll pick up soon Koala
  • 12:11 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: We're going to be full of waves soon, drowning
  • 12:11 BelowMedianSaddie: @fancy they also hype up all of the t2 schools i've gotten into which is sweet but it's hard to take seriously when they're like "you can get into harvard!" we all know i cannot
  • 12:11 fancypants: @koala I had a big dry spell between early November (WashU) and early/mid January (UCI, USC, Northwestern)
  • 12:11 Koala123: thank u squirrel <3 silver lining to missing waves is also missing R/WL waves too haha
  • 12:11 Koala123: @fancy those are amazing outcomes!!! Congrats!
  • 12:12 fancypants: Thank you! And UCLA was the earliest in October... if you don't count my priority reserve at Duke lol
  • 12:12 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I haven't gotten any R's yet! Which I'm proud of! A couple WL
  • 12:12 nota999: I had my expectations set unrealistically quick by one of my safeties. Only a week between complete and the A. Then about a week later I got a full ride.
  • 12:12 Koala123: Same my Duke PT decision gave me hope I would have a quick cycle... *3 months of silence later*
  • 12:13 fancypants: That's great @nota! Hopfully you can leverage OR graduate no debt.
  • 12:13 nota999: On the one hand, it was nice because I didn't have to spend the cycle wondering if I'm going to law school. On the other hand, it became way harder to wait months to hear back from other places lol
  • 12:13 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Mood Koala
  • 12:13 Koala123: just trying to take no news as good news for now. fingers crossed for us all
  • 12:13 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: People keep asking me where I'm going but I need these schollys to come in already
  • 12:13 jonstewart: ugh i have no rejections but one acceptance and three waitlists so far feels odd
  • 12:14 FrankOcean: imma do my FAFSA today
  • 12:14 FrankOcean: i need this shit
  • 12:14 nota999: @fancy Yeah, it's gonna be a tough choice, especially since I've also gotten into Gtown, which was my dream to attend since high school. Gonna try reaching out to attorneys in the practice area I'm most interested in to see whether they would recommend prioritizing rank or $$$$
  • 12:14 Koala123: Any insight into the GULC merit aid timeline @nota?
  • 12:14 fancypants: I think it will depend on what you want to do. PI, go for money. Big law, go for GULC. But also I'm not a lawyer yet.
  • 12:15 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: I've heard that GULC gives poop aid, is that true
  • 12:15 BelowMedianSaddie: @empty you can check their 509 report
  • 12:15 nota999: I keep having to look it up, but iirc it's something like in March they put out initial feelers to see who wants aid, then they start negotiating from that. Their procedure is weird from what I've read.
  • 12:15 Koala123: Hmm in some cycle recaps I've seen they've been pretty generous.
  • 12:15 fancypants: "who wants aid" lol
  • 12:15 WaterTopic: Do T14 schools always reach out to you for interviews, or do you ever have to schedule them yourself?
  • 12:15 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Ughhh why do they freaking do it in March, so late
  • 12:16 nota999: Yeah, it sounds like this bizarre dance where all the applicants go "we want full rides" and then things go from there lol
  • 12:16 fancypants: I know, I'm likely between UCLA and NU and they both release most $ in March
  • 12:16 Koala123: Same it would be sooo much better if every school gave merit aid at the time of decision
  • 12:16 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Anyone know when UVA releases aid
  • 12:16 fancypants: Anyone know when USC releases aid
  • 12:16 fancypants: lolol
  • 12:17 ApathyMarmot: So... Get my dream scholarship packet in my hometown, get all set to accept. Landlord tells us they're selling the house, we can't afford to stay in the city anymore. So, how was everybody else's weekend?
  • 12:17 HopefullyAquaticTriceratops: I would just like a decision from USC first
  • 12:17 nota999: Ah, wait from what I'm seeing, I misremembered the timeline. The feelers go out in early Feb and then they try to have all the negotiating done by March
  • 12:18 fancypants: @Apathy ugh sorry to hear that
  • 12:19 FrankOcean: sorry Apathy! ups and downs
  • 12:19 FrankOcean: USC needs to give me money pls
  • 12:19 WaterTopic: Do T14 always reach out to you for interviews, or do you ever have to schedule them yourself?
  • 12:19 FrankOcean: schools always hit you ^
  • 12:19 nota999: Not all T14s interview. The ones who do will reach out.
  • 12:19 WaterTopic: Thx
  • 12:20 Koala123: Check that spam folder... constantly lol. lots of intrview invites get lost
  • 12:21 DifficultTightfistedEchidna: do i commit today guys???
  • 12:21 nota999: If you're ready to, then why not? If you're not ready yet, then no rush (probably).
  • 12:22 StuckOnAShip: 2021hopeful, if you're in the chat, can we get your stats? Congrats on CLS!!!!
  • 12:26 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Violent cornell :(
  • 12:27 BelowMedianSaddie: @crypt i love the daily total dots on the top
  • 12:50 SubduedMeanTzu: im kind of new here does the site crash a lot for everyone else
  • 12:50 SubduedMeanTzu: also why is my name subduedmeantzu
  • 12:50 MeJustChilling: I went UR2 at Cornell should I be expecting dong?