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LatinaElleWoods left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
58 Baylor University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $108,000 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 17 2020-12-17
4 Columbia University WL, Rejected RDregular decision Feb 14 2021-02-14 Feb 15 2021-02-15 Apr 06 2021-04-06
15 Georgetown University WL, Rejected RDregular decision Dec 10 2020-12-10 Dec 11 2020-12-11 Jun 11 2021-06-11
3 Harvard University Rejected RDregular decision Mar 01 2021-03-01 Mar 02 2021-03-02 Mar 16 2021-03-16 Mar 16 2021-03-16 Apr 05 2021-04-05
53 Texas A&M University WL, Withdrawn RDregular decision Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Dec 08 2020-12-08 Jan 08 2021-01-08
102 Texas Tech University Accepted, Wi... RDregular decision $82,500 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 19 2021-01-19
14 UCLos Angeles Rejected RDregular decision Dec 10 2020-12-10 Dec 11 2020-12-11 Dec 15 2020-12-15 Feb 01 2021-02-01
4 UChicago Rejected RDregular decision Dec 14 2020-12-14 Dec 15 2020-12-15 Feb 19 2021-02-19 Mar 17 2021-03-17
60 UHouston Accepted RDregular decision $43,000 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 07 2020-12-07 Dec 08 2020-12-08
10 UMichigan Rejected RDregular decision Dec 03 2020-12-03 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Feb 19 2021-02-19
16 UTexas at Austin Waitlisted RDregular decision Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Dec 11 2020-12-11 Feb 26 2021-02-26
16 Vanderbilt University Rejected RDregular decision Dec 09 2020-12-09 Dec 11 2020-12-11
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  • 4:04 jberg: @DevilishSkillfulBracke: no i don't lol. but damn Duke :(
  • 10:10 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: Anyone’s status date change just now for Fordham?
  • 10:53 BryonBNM: Syracuse Rejected for Fall 2021 term, but advised to reapply for early decision for next term. Email received this morning.
  • 10:54 PiquantKnownFoxhound: @BryonBNM: in person or hybrid?
  • 11:13 RelievedWildMeerkat: @MeaslyDizzyMongrel: mine did!
  • 11:15 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: @RelievedWildMeerkat: are you on PWL? or said yes to part-time?
  • 11:24 SkoBuffsV: anyone got the link for the waitlist discord?
  • 11:29 PiquantKnownFoxhound: Anyone hear from UNH? I'm still under review there but not optimistic at this point.
  • 11:36 harrystylesismyking:
  • 11:36 harrystylesismyking: @SkoBuffsV: ^^
  • 11:39 RelievedWildMeerkat: @MeaslyDizzyMongrel: no to both! Wbu?
  • 11:57 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: @RelievedWildMeerkat: on the regular one also/ said yes to part-time. Trying to figure out if there’s a pattern
  • 12:44 bananasplitsundae: is today a gulc update day?
  • 12:52 SkoBuffsV: @harrystylesismyking: thanks!
  • 12:53 SkoBuffsV: I hope today is GULC update day but they said end of july in their email right?
  • 13:03 ImpossiblePetitePoodle: Anyone else still chilling on HLS waitlist ?
  • 13:04 SOS: did anyone get accepted off of UNC waitlist? Apparently they were supposed to make decisions this week so I am very curious
  • 14:19 LegallyNotBlonde: Anyone have suffolk waitlist info? email said it would be yesterday and yet nothing
  • 14:50 SkoBuffsV: I heard they might be over enrolled but I could be wrong!
  • 15:57 BryonBNM: @PiquantKnownFoxhound: hybrid
  • 15:58 EnchantingAmusingFrog: Anyone heard from Georgia state waitlist?
  • 2:11 Helonwheels39: Anyone heard from Stetson?
  • 12:29 GatorAlum1996: Hey @helonwheels39 can I ask if you’re waiting on Syracuse?
  • 12:38 anjn79: Anyone heard anything about the UMD waitlist?
  • 17:49 BizarrePlacidSwan: I got. A 168 on the lsat and a 2.5 gpa. Ive been out of school since 2014. Where can i get in?
  • 19:08 JakeG: @BizarrePlacidSwan:
  • 19:09 JakeG: You can modify search parameters, thats for 166-169 2.2-2.8 for last cycle
  • 19:09 JakeG: You should get some T50 acceptances.
  • 19:10 JakeG: T20 is probably not going to happen, but if you have a specific school you're passionate about and you're over the LSAT median, go for it.
  • 19:10 JakeG: Just keep in mind medians are going to be +1 to +3 next cycle.
  • 19:29 BigCapper69: Very curious to see how the top 40-50 schools are affected median wise. Scares me to death.
  • 21:51 Schmo: I am too, but I haven't even gotten an official LSAT, yet. So, I probably shouldn't bother myself with that.
  • 21:52 Schmo: I've got a 4.03 and am PTing around 167-172, so I hope I'm good for T14's this next cycle
  • 21:53 Schmo: Even though my experiencing is severely lacking T_T
  • 21:54 Schmo: *experience
  • 14:03 JinxCatmilton: @poetatarms congrats!!!! May I ask when you found out?
  • 18:06 jberg: how much do softs matter?
  • 18:06 jberg: i'm reapplying and raised my LSAT from 164 to 174, but I didn't do anything crazy impressive in the meantime
  • 18:36 JakeG: @jberg 164 to 174 was the best possible use of your time. Softs matter to the extent that your application feel
  • 18:36 JakeG: should feel "full" with a clear narrative.
  • 18:36 JakeG: As long as you have some work experience (anything at all!) with some campus involvement, your resume will do its job.
  • 18:38 JakeG: And if you're reapplying to the same schools, you probably want to shake things up a bit. Modify your resume unless its already perfect, rewrite your PS, maybe add a LOR if possible, and consider doing different optionals where possible.
  • 22:33 jaw79728: Does anyone expect WL movement at this point in the summer? Haven't heard anything from USD or Loyola Chicago...
  • 1:00 gnostictoolie: yeah I'm considering shifting my PS over to my diversity statement
  • 1:00 gnostictoolie: and writing a new PS from scratch
  • 1:00 gnostictoolie: (the major of my PS over that is)
  • 1:32 jberg: @JakeG: thank you so much for the advice! I'm definitely going to rework my PS and resume. I'm hoping this cycle will be slightly less competitive, but the influx of super high scorers from last cycle make me somewhat self-conscious that softs can be a deciding factor
  • 1:33 jberg: Also if I'm applying to new schools such as UT, Duke, Vandy, etc. can I send my original PS since they didn't see it the first cycle or is that still a bad idea?
  • 3:47 jberg: does anyone know when the new cycle will open on LSAC?
  • 5:27 HighfalutinSavoryRussel: Hofstra
  • 6:49 JakeG: @jberg yeah send whichever version of your PS is best to any new schools you're applying to.
  • 9:49 PiquantKnownFoxhound: @BryonBNM: Did you hear anything from Dayton or MH? I haven't heard a single peep out of either.
  • 10:17 SkoBuffsV: is this the week we hear from a lot of schools do we think? I just want to knowwwwww already
  • 10:28 GutturalWiryLoon: I just want to get off the waitlist at UNM so I can know if I need to move across the country or not
  • 10:28 JinxCatmilton: UT needs to put me out of my misery
  • 10:28 JinxCatmilton: so i feel ya
  • 10:31 SkoBuffsV: honestly just reject me so I can move on
  • 10:31 SkoBuffsV: I feel so stuck
  • 11:20 JinxCatmilton: Trust me, I understand
  • 11:20 JinxCatmilton: Obsessing over this sucks
  • 11:50 alegal: do we think i will ever get unwaitlisted at nyu hahah
  • 13:07 Baconpants: @alegal: probably not
  • 13:07 Baconpants: But you got into a lot of places! Congrats!
  • 15:08 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: anybody hearing anything from SLS?
  • 15:26 pilkyboids: Sorry tha tthis is an annoying question, but should I go ed at minnesota or is that a long shot
  • 15:32 LearnedYouthfulOcelot: anybody hearing anthing from CLS?
  • 16:19 SickMinorTiger: 2 date changes at Fordham in the last few days
  • 16:19 SickMinorTiger: Interesting
  • 16:27 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: Same^^
  • 16:40 Falparsi: @LearnedYouthfulOcelot: nothing, but for those still on reserve somehow, there's supposed to be an update mid-July.
  • 16:48 BrightSkillfulPorcupine: What could the Fordham date changes mean?
  • 16:57 SingerBecomesLawyer: Has anyone heard from UCLA about the waitlist? The initial email said they hoped to get back to us in mid-June :(
  • 17:04 HalfUnknownSnail: @pilkyboids: I think you have a strong shot at MN even without goign ED
  • 17:05 HalfUnknownSnail: 166 /3.48, First gen, paralegal experience, and URM Hispanic/Latinx makes you a solid applicant at the U without needing to waste your ED credit
  • 17:05 HalfUnknownSnail: It would also get you in a bind financially .. I say applying broadly to t20-t25
  • 17:05 HalfUnknownSnail: you will get some strong offers in that groupo
  • 17:14 pilkyboids: @HalfUnknownSnail: You rock, thanks so much for your insight You have a super strong profile too, congratulations on Northwestern! That's bigtime.
  • 17:54 HalfUnknownSnail: @pilkyboids: Thank you! Best of luck on your cycle!
  • 20:14 jberg: why does powerscore say that Northwestern gives a boost with ED? NU has a merit based scholarship attached and I feel like that would hurt people's chances
  • 0:10 BryonBNM: @PiquantKnownFoxhound: nothing yet, but GGU accepted today. I’d rather Dayton or MH
  • 9:37 PiquantKnownFoxhound: @BryonBNM: congrats!!! That's awesome. I'm thinking I might have to reapply next year. I didn't even get a tracker for Dayton but they confirmed via email that they had my app under review.
  • 10:36 CaractacusPotts: Any UVA WL news?
  • 11:05 ImminentEatableBoar: @ScreechingQuaintPanther did you just receive the R from UNC?
  • 11:09 BryonBNM: @PiquantKnownFoxhound: Dayton did mention they would be final with all decisions by the 22nd. Keep fingers crossed!!!!
  • 12:15 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: will SLS have any movement at all
  • 13:02 SOS: any news on UNC waitlist? Was anyone accepted off of it or rejected from it?
  • 13:12 B6767: @YourFavoriteHansonBrother: I'm assuming no
  • 13:33 AbundantSecretiveSpaniel: Whenever I've called SLS to ask about WL, they just say "spots may open up later over the summer"
  • 13:34 AbundantSecretiveSpaniel: I think they're full, but holding on to the WL in case someone defers or smth
  • 13:34 AbundantSecretiveSpaniel: wouldn't expect more than 1-2 admits, if any
  • 14:39 GatorAlum1996: Is anyone still waiting on Syracuse? Applied for residential program and went UR 7/1
  • 14:58 FumblingCurvyCichlid: I believe someone posted earlier about Syracuse making final decisions by 7/23
  • 15:57 PinkPantsuit: has anyone heard back from northeastern waitlist yet?
  • 16:30 SilentGiantParrot: Yes there was one earlier last 2 days @pinkpantsuit
  • 4:35 jberg: when are medians going to be updated?
  • 8:53 MistyPushyPossum: i've been committed elsewhere for months now but just rejected from vanderbilt! they exist!
  • 9:12 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: Just now @misty?
  • 9:14 MistyPushyPossum: yes, about 30 mins ago @measly
  • 9:19 MeaslyDizzyMongrel: Ohh. Congrats on your other school!
  • 9:29 MistyPushyPossum: thanks!\
  • 10:11 PiquantKnownFoxhound: @BryonBNM: Sorry to hear about Dayton. Did they send an email? Apparently the tracker is broken, I don't even have a login/pass. Not sure how they notify.
  • 10:38 LatinaElleWoods: do we think UT will send out any decisions today?
  • 10:39 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: Anyone hear anything about CLS? Is there supposed to be a July update?
  • 10:41 Falparsi: the last reserve letter says that there would be a mid-july update. no word yet.
  • 10:44 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: hmmm. Ok. I saw that in the letter just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. 🤞
  • 10:44 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: I keep spamming them with LOCI :)
  • 12:29 CarefulFierceMalamute: anyone hear from umd
  • 13:53 beep: If your app is on hold does it typically indicate "hold" on status checker or are people just assuming they're on hold bc they have gone months without hearing anything?
  • 14:02 BryonBNM: @PiquantKnownFoxhound: Thanks. Yeah, they sent email on 7/19. It went to my junk mail!
  • 14:45 Tortally-Radical: Apparently there has been SLS waitlist movement, it just hasn’t been self reported
  • 14:45 Tortally-Radical: If anyone cares to know :)
  • 14:54 LearnedYouthfulOcelot: What about CLS? Its email said a next round of notices by mid July but heard nothing so far.
  • 15:40 PiquantKnownFoxhound: @BryonBNM: oh no! I've just checked mine to be sure I didn't miss something. I hate not having a status tracker. lol
  • 16:54 jberg: not sure if anyone is waitlisted at Hastings, Santa Clara or Wisconsin but I just withdrew and decided to reapply after my LSAT improvement so I'm hoping you guys see some movement
  • 19:23 AbundantSecretiveSpaniel: @Tortally-Radical: do you know how many or when
  • 19:47 candles123: @Tortally-Radical: where did you see that information?
  • 22:40 Tortally-Radical: Email. No specific info shared.
  • 0:23 candles123: @Tortally-Radical: as in someone SLS staff emailed you saying that? would appreciate the detail, thanks!
  • 0:24 candles123: @Tortally-Radical: someone from SLS*
  • 10:47 gnostictoolie: ^same
  • 11:59 DevilishSkillfulBracke: Anyone hear anything from UNC WL?
  • 16:54 LatinaElleWoods: Anyone heard from UT?
  • 22:16 Tortally-Radical: From SLS
  • 11:15 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: @Tortally-Radical: so SLS said over email that they had accepted off WL ?
  • 11:16 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: if so, in what context did they tell you this
  • 12:58 Tortally-Radical: Trying not to expose myself here lads and ladies.
  • 13:01 Tortally-Radical: But also trying to assist my fellow applicants :)
  • 13:03 aftermaths: My friend got a call from Emory (they’re on the Reg waitlist) asking for their law school plans. Is that a feeler?
  • 13:07 lordestan134: I got a call too
  • 13:52 Vbucks-Over-Law: Are y’all reverse splitters?
  • 15:07 lordestan134: Yes but only slightly
  • 16:42 LatinaElleWoods: UT today? 🤧
  • 16:49 PiquantKnownFoxhound: Dayton updates??? 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • 18:28 its-a-flying-squirrel: so dudes I withdrew from a school but they have thus far ignored my email withdrawing and I'm still getting emails from the law school. what do?
  • 18:29 its-a-flying-squirrel: should i just leave it alone lol
  • 18:29 its-a-flying-squirrel: they'll figure it out...right?
  • 18:31 its-a-flying-squirrel: has anyone ever withdrawn only to be given a counter offer later? theres no way right
  • 16:36 hemicuda90: anyone know if fiu still has room?
  • 23:23 FamiliarAnimatedQuail: Any word from CLS or did they just blow off their mid July update
  • 11:41 bchiki32: I literally never heard from CLS
  • 11:41 bchiki32: it's been 8 months LOL
  • 11:52 LatinaElleWoods: @bchiki32: did you call them? I’ve heard that their emails go to spam
  • 11:54 dongately: just got an emory feeler via email after i withdrew
  • 12:31 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: is it bad to call a school to ask about WL updates?
  • 12:38 LatinaElleWoods: have you asked before?
  • 13:07 SOS: I just called UNC and someone actually picked up! They said that the waitlist movement is unlikely. One or two people might get accepted off of the waitlist but for right now they are still overenrolled. The person also said that these acceptances would happen if someone were to drop out or decide not to enroll.
  • 13:57 Vbucks-Over-Law: @dongately: what did they say? Was it a call?
  • 13:57 Vbucks-Over-Law: Nvm email
  • 19:53 LivelyNonchalantRat: Anyone heard from Pace?
  • 22:04 lawyerfairy: anyone heard from LMU?
  • 3:47 FunctionalEconomicAkita: I have a 3.6 and a 166 from a t-5 undergrad, will GULC at all be possible if I apply ED?
  • 11:28 WhaleBarnacle: just heard from CLS
  • 11:29 Tortally-Radical: Yeeted from CLS
  • 12:17 Falparsi: sorry to hear that whalebarnacle/Tortally-Radical. At least you're out of reserve hell. At the moment, I'm still stuck...
  • 12:55 Pink713: @FunctionalEconomicAkita: For the most part, schools don’t car what rank your undergrad was. Some do, but most don’t. They will take into consideration what your major was, if it was more difficult. However, you are mainly stuck as a statistic. Check out the graphs and data from the past couple of years to see where you fall. Even if you are in range, it’s never a guarantee with high rank schools. I think you might have a shot, so just shoot it!
  • 13:23 lawschoolpls: hi! Has anyone heard back from UCI WL?
  • 14:06 CEOoftheUCIwaitlist: @lawschoolpls: nope.
  • 14:33 FeignedSloppyDugong: do military apps get a bump at t14 or not really
  • 14:33 FeignedSloppyDugong: seems like everyone is a stat more or less?
  • 14:50 lawschoolpls: @CEOoftheUCIwaitlist: love the user name lmfao
  • 14:50 LivelyNonchalantRat: Is August too late to hear for the WL? Should we be hearing back before August?
  • 14:52 lawschoolpls: do you think calling the school and asking about WL movement is a good or bad idea?
  • 15:11 nontradwelltred: i have a theory that WL movement depends entirely on the T20 schools. Once they move, it "trickles" down. I'm on 4 WLs for 2-4 mos. 1 told me yesterday that they will make WL decisions Mid-August!!
  • 15:37 TheBlackElleWoods10: Bama said their last decisions would be August 13th....3 days before classes start & after orientation.
  • 16:01 LatinaElleWoods: Any news on UT?
  • 16:01 LatinaElleWoods: I’m dying
  • 16:13 Falparsi: is anyone else still on cls reserve? i know an update came out today. just curious...
  • 17:35 LivelyNonchalantRat: I have a meeting with admissions tmr. Is it appropriate to ask the timeline of when I should expect to hear back for waitlist
  • 17:39 SilentGiantParrot: worst they say is nothing :)
  • 17:44 LivelyNonchalantRat: Right - It's a Q&A session. Trying to think of other questions to ask. Any advice?
  • 17:48 nirvana: one thing you can do is ask a question that ties into your personal activities/interests
  • 17:48 nirvana: for example do you ride a bike to class normally? you can ask how students normally get around to class because you like to ride your bike
  • 18:02 LivelyNonchalantRat: Good idea! There was also an accepted students day event today. Wonder if that would give them a better idea too
  • 18:33 nhalws: How does over enrollment play into the following cycle, if at all?
  • 20:59 AxiomaticPuzzledDragonfly: it will
  • 20:59 AxiomaticPuzzledDragonfly: less spots
  • 21:00 AxiomaticPuzzledDragonfly: there will be a lot of deferrals that will take spots
  • 21:03 nhalws: *sigh*
  • 11:11 MurkyPricklyAvocet: how often are you reaching out/reiterating interest to the schools you are waitlisted at? is every 2 weeks aggressive?
  • 15:03 LatinaElleWoods: do we think UT will send out decisions today
  • 19:15 Falparsi: i saw there was a set of reserve rejections for CLS yesterday. Still haven't gotten an email from them since the second wave. anyone know if there's something to be read from this?
  • 14:03 candles123: any indication or updates from SLS this week?
  • 14:07 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: @cad
  • 14:07 YourFavoriteHansonBrother: @candles123: i wish
  • 15:34 KindlyOrganicPig: Has anyone heard back from UC Irvine waitlist
  • 17:21 B6767: @candles123: no 😞
  • 18:35 AbundantSecretiveSpaniel: what are the chances anyone gets off SLS now? Given that move-in is on the 23rd...
  • 11:45 GutturalWiryLoon: I literally have no hope for getting off the waitlist at unm given that they won’t answer/return my call
  • 12:10 dontdreamitbeit: @GutturalWiryLoon: I am on the same boat! How can I PM you?
  • 12:18 GutturalWiryLoon: Not sure how to on here
  • 12:56 dontdreamitbeit: @GutturalWiryLoon: my Twitter is @brandonvirtue if you want to PM!
  • 14:01 BittenStickyTurtle: @KindlyOrganicPig: Nope :(
  • 16:01 Law101: was there a UVA wave
  • 16:03 Law101: have not heard from them in a while
  • 17:32 Zoomzoom: I am envisioning an excel file that has the date that each school in the top 100 will begin to accept applications, so I can streamline when I need certain essays complete by. Does anything come to mind for anyone?
  • 17:32 Zoomzoom: for 2021-2022 apps, ^
  • 18:22 TheSplitter: I really feel like they should let all waitlists have a decision by the end of july, to give someone a decision <2 weeks away from the start of class really is criminal
  • 10:54 xenoyay114: .
  • 17:45 HalfUnknownSnail: Just wanted to say Peace out LSData. Just withdrew from all my other programs and finalized my profile. To those of you who are waiting for next year.. find moments of joy this year.. for those of you ending your cycle.. Hoping it has turned out in a way that brings you joy.
  • 17:45 HalfUnknownSnail: Peace.