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Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
24 Arizona State Univer... Accepted RDregular decision $70,000 Jan 28 2021-01-28 Jan 29 2021-01-29 Feb 02 2021-02-02 Feb 12 2021-02-12
31 Boston College Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Nov 26 2020-11-26 Jan 15 2021-01-15 Jan 28 2021-01-28
20 Boston University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Feb 16 2021-02-16
111 Chapman University Accepted RDregular decision $171,000 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Dec 14 2020-12-14 Jan 27 2021-01-27
23 George Washington Un... Rejected RDregular decision Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 07 2020-12-07 Jan 11 2021-01-11
14 Georgetown University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 26 2020-11-26 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 15 2021-01-15
62 Loyola Marymount Uni... Accepted RDregular decision $105,000 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Feb 16 2021-02-16
47 Pepperdine University Accepted RDregular decision $90,000 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Dec 04 2020-12-04 Dec 05 2020-12-05 Dec 11 2020-12-11 Jan 12 2021-01-12
27 UCIrvine Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 18 2020-12-18 Feb 26 2021-02-26
15 UCLos Angeles Rejected RDregular decision Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 01 2020-12-01 Jan 22 2021-01-22
31 UIllinois—Urbana Cha... Pending RDregular decision Jan 28 2021-01-28 Jan 29 2021-01-29 Jan 29 2021-01-29 Feb 05 2021-02-05
22 UNotre Dame Rejected RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Jan 22 2021-01-22 Feb 17 2021-02-17
83 USan Diego Accepted RDregular decision $114,000 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 03 2020-12-03
18 USouthern California Rejected EDearly decision Nov 21 2020-11-21 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 09 2020-12-09
16 UTexas at Austin Rejected RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 11 2020-12-11 Feb 26 2021-02-26
17 Washington Universit... Pending RDregular decision Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Dec 09 2020-12-09
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main_chatroom Rooms: General Big mad Advice
  • 10:15 seaturtledog: are we thinking gw today friends
  • 10:15 OllyOllyLolly: Is CLS waitlisitng today or are these updates from yesterdays wave?
  • 10:15 AngelaMartinsCatSprinkles: @iwishiwasellewoods: thank you!!!!
  • 10:15 Cokezerofanatic: @kitkatpattywack: I love Moby's. I miss the one by my office. I was a regular again and it felt good to have a "spot"
  • 10:15 kitkatpattywack: Nota im not sure what your budget is but i can ask my friend for the name of his place, its reallllyyyy nice and updated
  • 10:15 SplendidManiacalMoose: Yes nandos and their dole whip!!!!!!!
  • 10:15 RampantSoggySwan: I still can't find a good bagel in DC though and its devastating
  • 10:16 Cokezerofanatic: isn't call your mother the craze rn?
  • 10:16 iwishiwasellewoods: I remember ordering a mushroom from Nando's thinking it would be like a mushroom stir fry but they legit gave me one giant mushroom cap in its own tiny lil box and I will never ever forget that
  • 10:16 kitkatpattywack: @Cokezerofanatic: I'm persian so its deff a nice spot for emi affordable persian food but doesn't compare to my mom and grandmas cooking
  • 10:16 Cokezerofanatic: GW Deli si fire too
  • 10:16 SplendidManiacalMoose: Hahahaahah nandos mushroom
  • 10:16 Cokezerofanatic: Bias as a GW alum though
  • 10:16 RampantSoggySwan: @Cokezerofanatic: just have not been able to get to call your mother yet
  • 10:16 SplendidManiacalMoose: Call your mother has dank sandwiches
  • 10:17 SplendidManiacalMoose: Idk if actual bagel quality is up to par for bagel aficionados tho
  • 10:17 Cokezerofanatic: @RampantSoggySwan: same but I hear that a lot of 3rd parties are carrying some of their bagels now
  • 10:17 RampantSoggySwan: oh I'll have to check it out
  • 10:17 RampantSoggySwan: this chat just proves DC is like 90% lawyers and wannabe lawyers
  • 10:17 nota999: Lots of lawyers in the seat of the federal government???
  • 10:17 nota999: Really???
  • 10:17 RuralSmoggyMastiff: Literally all lawyers and consultants haha
  • 10:18 NooThisIsPatrick: Has anyone had any success this year negotiating scholarships? Curious if this cycle will be different
  • 10:19 RuralSmoggyMastiff: I've seen some success stories but haven't tried yet myself to negotiate
  • 10:19 Cokezerofanatic: I'm probably going to try to negotiate with GW in like a week or so (hoping maybe another A before). Stay tuned for results
  • 10:20 NooThisIsPatrick: schools really aren't giving any time at all for negotiating considering when seat deposits are due
  • 10:21 NooThisIsPatrick: what was your starting offer?
  • 10:21 pilkyboids: gw deli has killer bagels, some of the best in dc
  • 10:22 pilkyboids: also try bagels etc in dupont
  • 10:22 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Wait I see we're talking DC food
  • 10:22 yearningtolawyer: absolutely note
  • 10:23 yearningtolawyer: best bagels are call your mother and bullfrog bagels
  • 10:23 pilkyboids: I still need to try bullfrog. call your mother is bomb
  • 10:23 yearningtolawyer: bullfrog is great! they have a location in dupont that i always forget about, which is nice because i don't want to go to alexandria lmao
  • 10:24 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: CYM is def good but the hype is OC. The raspberry babka bagel ... i think about it often.
  • 10:24 pilkyboids: @yearningtolawyer: gonna have to try that
  • 10:24 nota999: Here I am going "I am going to need to do meal prep and like never eat out in order to save money" and here y'all are talking about all the great food lol
  • 10:24 FlagrantUpbeatTerrier: bagels etc in dupont is solid
  • 10:24 yearningtolawyer: that's fair about the hype. but it's the closest to a NYC bagel i've found here, and i appreciate that
  • 10:24 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Luckily a bagel is pretty cheap eats
  • 10:24 yearningtolawyer: plus that zaatar bagel is 10/10
  • 10:25 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Bethesda Bagels has the best for its price. Theyre massive. You can make 2 meals out of 1 of their bagel sanwiches.
  • 10:25 pilkyboids: @SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: bethesda bagels are ginormous
  • 10:25 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Its almost offensive how big they are
  • 10:25 TenuousProbableCougar: hey guys, do you think Duke and Michigan are done with acceptances?
  • 10:25 pilkyboids: lmao
  • 10:26 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: I worked for 2 years in a building with bethesda bagels on the first floor. survived off of them for so long.
  • 10:27 EasyJuicySparrow: hot take: Most DC bagels are bad anD overly bread-y
  • 10:27 Cokezerofanatic: no one knows how many acceptances and WLs are left
  • 10:27 TenuousProbableCougar: i feel like a lot of people are sitll waiting so they can't be done but they both have a ton of acceptances recorded
  • 10:27 TenuousProbableCougar: losing my mind here
  • 10:28 seaturtledog: gw is for sure showing up between tues-thurs, are we thinking today?
  • 10:29 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Idt thats a hot take, sparrow.
  • 10:31 nota999: I don't have high standards for bagels anyway tbh. Give me a bag of everything bagels from the grocery store and I'm happy lol
  • 10:31 NicklausCopernicus18: Are we thinking CLS A 'wave' today?
  • 10:31 masterofallfoursections: freaking better be
  • 10:31 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: @NicklausCopernicus18: I hope so
  • 10:31 NicklausCopernicus18: ay master can always count on you
  • 10:31 masterofallfoursections: and i freaking better be in it along with you
  • 10:31 NicklausCopernicus18: got pretty much a full ride at Notre Dame this AM so good vibes to start the day
  • 10:31 alegal: i am still salty about my CLS waitlist eventhough my numbers are trash lol
  • 10:32 EasyJuicySparrow: Idk people seem to really earnestly go for shitty airy, non-chewy, wonderbready bagels and idk why
  • 10:32 masterofallfoursections: damnnnn congrats Nick!!!
  • 10:32 masterofallfoursections: thats amazing
  • 10:32 mayoicecream: congrats nick!!!
  • 10:32 alegal: congrats nickkkkkk
  • 10:32 CarelessGoose: people keep posting on reddit that their cls interview invites or emails go to spam
  • 10:32 NicklausCopernicus18: thanks all!
  • 10:32 mayoicecream: Quick q for you folks... Should I take myself off of waitlists if I dont really care if I get in and probably wont go if i get in after deposit deadlines?
  • 10:32 CarelessGoose: so i keep just refreshing my spam folder as if that will change that I don't know shit
  • 10:32 masterofallfoursections: same
  • 10:32 JealousImportedBEAR: Nice Nick!
  • 10:32 masterofallfoursections: my spam inbox is sparkling clean
  • 10:32 nota999: @EasyJuicySparrow: different strokes for different folks.
  • 10:33 CarelessGoose: @mayoicecream: i think the big q there is the word probably
  • 10:33 CarelessGoose: if you might go, what's the harm in sitting on a waitlist - it's not like you're taking away a spot from someone
  • 10:33 Cokezerofanatic: spam calls when you think it's a law school <<<<<<<<<<<
  • 10:33 masterofallfoursections: you guys how soon after being WL should we send a LOCI?
  • 10:33 Cokezerofanatic: I heard around the seat deposits
  • 10:33 JealousImportedBEAR: @mayoicecream: i'm withdrawing from schools I know I won't go to after deposit deadlines over my current options. I'd say only do it if you're sure
  • 10:34 Cokezerofanatic: planning on submitting mine to UCLA the day of seat deposits
  • 10:34 JealousImportedBEAR: @masterofallfoursections: I think common wisdom is close to deposit deadlines
  • 10:34 alegal: i have sent one right after the email and will resend around deposit deadlines
  • 10:34 mayoicecream: @CarelessGoose: yeah, I think for places like Mich or Penn though, I like 99% will not go even if I get in off the waitlist, just because I want to start looking for places to live and planning the move (presumably to Chicago) and wouldnt want to undo all of that.
  • 10:35 alegal: yea my waitlists in nyc give me migraines bc I will never find an apartment
  • 10:35 EasyJuicySparrow: @nota999: just trying to save the world with my superior taste
  • 10:35 mayoicecream: @JealousImportedBEAR: Thanks, yeah I'm just really bad with decisions abuot my own life lol, so it's tough to be "sure" but I'm as sure as I can be
  • 10:35 nota999: That's my thing, I got an A before I got any WLs, so I never had any intentions of waiting for any WLs. Wouldn't be fair to me or my cat to suddenly change plans on a dime because a different school accepted me.
  • 10:35 FertileSecretiveUguisu: my cycle is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 10:36 nota999: @FertileSecretiveUguisu: OH SHIT CONGRATS!!
  • 10:36 SplendidManiacalMoose: me once a month
  • 10:36 mayoicecream: @nota999: so true, my poor cat!
  • 10:36 SplendidManiacalMoose: congrats!!!!!
  • 10:36 mayoicecream: @FertileSecretiveUguisu: congrats!!!
  • 10:36 FertileSecretiveUguisu: thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  • 10:36 nota999: @EasyJuicySparrow: I'm about to cause you pain, because I'm totally happy with a bag of bready grocery store bagels and a mug of instant coffee lol
  • 10:36 TheSplit: @FertileSecretiveUguisu: congrats!!
  • 10:37 EasyJuicySparrow: @nota999: may god have mercy on you
  • 10:37 JAlfredPrufrock: i'm with nota on the bagels
  • 10:38 JAlfredPrufrock: but not on the coffee
  • 10:38 WastefulDelicateEchidna: guys, how are you deciding how much debt a T14 is worth?
  • 10:38 JAlfredPrufrock: i only use instant coffee for fraps
  • 10:38 EasyJuicySparrow: y'all theres a better way. step out of the darkness into the light
  • 10:38 JAlfredPrufrock: i've only had dunks bagels
  • 10:38 NooThisIsPatrick: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: total cost of attendance + job prospects + length of payment
  • 10:38 JAlfredPrufrock: because i worked there and they were free
  • 10:39 nota999: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: It depends a lot on your goals. I'm not biglaw focused, so I'm doing what I can to avoid taking debt that makes me reliant on that biglaw salary.
  • 10:39 StingyFertileMeerkat: @FertileSecretiveUguisu: congrats from a fellow fertile!!!! you did it!!
  • 10:39 EasyJuicySparrow: @JAlfredPrufrock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSvNhxKJJyU
  • 10:39 FertileSecretiveUguisu: <3 <3 <3
  • 10:39 RampantSoggySwan: @EasyJuicySparrow: All I see is a BU recruitment video
  • 10:40 nota999: And, in my defense, I recognize that on some objective level instant coffee is "worse" than normal coffee. But it's a really comforting and nostalgic taste for me, since it reminds me of good times studying abroad in undergrad and when I was still hopeful and not disillusioned with my first grad school experience.
  • 10:40 nota999: Plus it's cheap af
  • 10:40 FinancialEsq: anyone know if this predictor is accurate? https://mylsn.info/h49mne/#
  • 10:40 LegallyNotBlonde: ahhh pre disillusioned... those were the days
  • 10:42 RampantSoggySwan: @FertileSecretiveUguisu: now that your cycle is over, what're you thinking?
  • 10:42 NooThisIsPatrick: best cup of coffee I've ever had was instant while I was on a military exercise and it was freezing cold. so whenever I have instant coffee it takes me back to that moment too
  • 10:42 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @nota999 generally what are you hoping to do if not BL?
  • 10:43 nota999: Broadly, PI. More specifically, worker/union side labor & employment law.
  • 10:43 WastefulDelicateEchidna: Okay hype, I'm also shooting for PI, but the unicorn stuff
  • 10:45 nota999: But yeah, for that reason I'm hoping to minimize my debt. That includes shooting for the highest scholarship amount at GULC I can, limiting my spending on housing/food where I can, and putting away half of my paychecks right now while I'm still living with my folks and working full time.
  • 10:47 WastefulDelicateEchidna: Makes a ton of sense. I'm still waiting to get my fin.aid offer from Berkeley, but I'm trying to suss out how much debt I'd be willing to take on
  • 10:49 nota999: I've heard to try to keep it around the salary you anticipate making out of school, but it's definitely something you should look a lot into and crunch the numbers on.
  • 10:49 nota999: i.e. don't take out 200k in debt unless you anticipate making 200k once you graduate, etc.
  • 10:52 WastefulDelicateEchidna: That's helpful advice. I feel like even $100k in debt will be a reach for my initial starting salary
  • 10:52 mayoicecream: I'm really struggling to decide bc I got incredibly scholly offers from outside T14, but no word yet on schollys from my 2 T14 As (Duke & NU)
  • 10:53 GingerAle365: Anybody else withdrawing from schools they've been ghosted at?
  • 10:53 Troopayellowsno: Do the different blocks, UR1/UR2, fill in automatically with the status checker or do you have to do it manually?
  • 10:53 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @mayo that's my problem! My choice is either full ride + summer funding at T20 or a big ole question mark at Berk
  • 10:53 AnemoiBoi: Financial Esq, I think that predictor is probably not inaccurate...Maybe a little forgiving
  • 10:53 JuicemanOJ: just submitted FAFSA, it didnt ask me if I am a Veteran will they know this by searching my social?
  • 10:53 nota999: @GingerAle365: Did that yesterday. Once there was no way they could offer me an apology scholarship big enough to leapfrog them over GULC, I withdrew.
  • 10:53 seaturtledog: part of the reason im struggling is cause even with in state tuition at asu, its still a decent amount of debt, and is one of the reasons im considering r and r-ing for a better scholly
  • 10:53 GingerAle365: @Troopayellowsno: you have to fill them out!
  • 10:53 mayoicecream: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: I think if youre thinking PI I would prob take the full ride to T20 it sounds dope
  • 10:54 NooThisIsPatrick: anyone here set on ND? I love the ranking, job opportunities, and the scholarship they offered me but I've heard south bend isn't really a city you want to be in
  • 10:54 GingerAle365: @nota999: honestly might do the same rn, I'm pretty set on NYU
  • 10:54 Troopayellowsno: @GingerAle365: thanks!!! When it goes red but nothing seems to change does that mean you would be in the next review?
  • 10:54 nota999: Certainly couldn't go wrong with a full ride to a T20, but as long as that offer isn't exploding anytime soon, no harm waiting to see if Berk gets you something.
  • 10:54 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @mayo my weird niche problem is that I do a ton on open-source investigations/int. human rights, and Berk is the leader on that work
  • 10:54 WastefulDelicateEchidna: hope I didn't just dox myself too hard
  • 10:55 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @nota the T20 offer deadline is April 1 RIP
  • 10:55 FinancialEsq: @AnemoiBoi: awesome ty. def anticipating inflation in#s
  • 10:55 GingerAle365: @Troopayellowsno: most of the time, yes!
  • 10:55 nota999: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: Well, that's a whole month for Berk to get back to you!
  • 10:55 GingerAle365: And if it turns red again, safe to assume its the next review phase
  • 10:55 FrankieTheTankie: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: how long did it take for you to get a decision from Berk?
  • 10:55 Troopayellowsno: @GingerAle365: thanks so much!
  • 10:55 FrankieTheTankie: Did you go UR2 quickly?
  • 10:55 GingerAle365: @Troopayellowsno: np :)
  • 10:55 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @FrankieTheTankie: I applied 12/4 and got in 1/26
  • 10:55 My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: @GingerAle365: hi it is your old pal
  • 10:56 My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: I change my name a lot for fun
  • 10:56 nota999: but if they don't, then hey a full ride at a T20 is an excellent result no matter what you want to do (except maybe, like, academia)
  • 10:56 mayoicecream: hmmmm yeah I mean having resources in your field of interest is a huge draw - if you already ]have the A from Berk tho maybe you could explain the situation to their Admissions/Fin Aid, the deadline youre under, and how you'd much prefer to go Berk but Fin Aid is a deciding factor
  • 10:56 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @nota999 thank you for putting things into perspective
  • 10:56 mayoicecream: Idk at all about negotiations but its not like theyre going to withdraw your A for communicating your situation
  • 10:56 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @mayoicecream: that's a good idea
  • 10:57 mayoicecream: I'd maybe wait a little closer to the deadline so you dont seem overly anxious but I dont think theres necessarily harm in explaining the bind
  • 10:57 GingerAle365: @My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: omg hi new account???
  • 10:57 GingerAle365: @My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: missed u!
  • 10:58 FrankieTheTankie: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: I'm sorry for the annoying questions but how long after applying at berk did you go UR2? Trying to understand if I should let myself feel some cautious form of hope or not lol
  • 10:58 My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: @GingerAle365: same account - I switch the name up based on my mood (<3 I will always be Georgie)
  • 10:59 GingerAle365: @My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: oh wow didn't know that was even possible! Georgie 4lyf <3
  • 10:59 hotchiwitchi: what are folks expecting today wave wise?
  • 10:59 QuietFortunateRottweiler: are we expecting any t14 decisions today..?
  • 10:59 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @FrankieTheTankie: UR on 1/11, UR2 1/19
  • 10:59 My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: R u going to withdrawal from Vanderbilt :`(
  • 11:00 WastefulDelicateEchidna: Also not annoying at all
  • 11:00 FrankieTheTankie: Awesome, thanks!
  • 11:00 GingerAle365: @My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: yeah just did :'(
  • 11:00 My-tears-make-my-coffees-Americanos: nooooooooooooooooo
  • 11:00 GingerAle365: I feel like they're just gonna hit me with that late R
  • 11:00 TabooCombativeSkunk: this might be a stupid question, but do admissions committees do anything other than admissions?
  • 11:01 nota999: With how slow they're going, they better not be
  • 11:01 nota999: that said, I don't know for certain
  • 11:01 hotchiwitchi: sighh
  • 11:02 GlisteningReflectiveSetter: What days have Fordham been sending As? Monday/Tuesday right?
  • 11:03 NicklausCopernicus18: Hoping for a CLS A wave today but who knows
  • 11:03 NicklausCopernicus18: always hoping for Vandy money to come through as well
  • 11:04 iwishiwasellewoods: @GlisteningReflectiveSetter: Yes but yesterday was a really bad WL/R day for fordham
  • 11:04 iwishiwasellewoods: So hoping today is an A wave
  • 11:04 NooThisIsPatrick: "early next week" from them last week
  • 11:04 NooThisIsPatrick: I definitely think Tuesday counts as early in the week
  • 11:05 NicklausCopernicus18: @NooThisIsPatrick: you mean vandy for money?
  • 11:05 NicklausCopernicus18: i hadn't heard that
  • 11:05 NooThisIsPatrick: yes
  • 11:05 NicklausCopernicus18: Oh interesting
  • 11:05 NicklausCopernicus18: cool
  • 11:05 GlisteningReflectiveSetter: @iwishiwasellewoods: ugh yes here's to hoping
  • 11:05 GlisteningReflectiveSetter: !
  • 11:06 NicklausCopernicus18: yeah hopefully today, you can theoretically stretch tomorrow if you want to be shifty lol
  • 11:06 NicklausCopernicus18: but fingers crossed today then
  • 11:08 brendog: gm all
  • 11:08 JealousImportedBEAR: they keep pushing it back I'm so annoyed
  • 11:08 brendog: by 2030 friday will count as midweek
  • 11:09 RampantSoggySwan: does Fordham go to UR or is an app alway just complete?/
  • 11:09 GlisteningReflectiveSetter: @RampantSoggySwan: complete! the date will just change
  • 11:09 RampantSoggySwan: Thanks!
  • 11:09 ThisIsAGoodUsername: ayeeeee mornin