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ElYucatecoHotSauce left no wisdom for future applicants...

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
31 Boston College Pending Unknown Jan 24 2021-01-24
20 Boston University Waitlisted RDregular decision Jan 01 2021-01-01 Feb 26 2021-02-26
4 Columbia University Pending RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11
13 Cornell University Pending RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Jan 12 2021-01-12
12 Duke University Pending RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Feb 01 2021-02-01
14 Georgetown University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Dec 20 2020-12-20 Jan 22 2021-01-22
3 Harvard University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Jan 14 2021-01-14
6 New York University Pending RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11
9 Northwestern University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Feb 03 2021-02-03
56 Southern Methodist U... Accepted RDregular decision $99,000 Dec 15 2020-12-15 Jan 07 2021-01-07
9 UCBerkeley Rejected RDregular decision Dec 15 2020-12-15 Feb 01 2021-02-01 Feb 10 2021-02-10
4 UChicago Rejected RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Jan 26 2021-01-26
9 UMichigan Rejected RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Jan 15 2021-01-15
16 UTexas at Austin Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Jan 15 2021-01-15
8 UVirginia Pending RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11
18 Vanderbilt University Pending RDregular decision Nov 11 2020-11-11 Nov 18 2020-11-18
17 Washington Universit... Pending RDregular decision Jan 01 2021-01-01 Jan 01 2021-01-01
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  • 14:40 LSHopeful2021: hoping to join the ranks of @nota
  • 14:41 nota999: @LSHopeful2021: I'm rooting for you!
  • 14:41 DropoutBear: Yup i see it
  • 14:41 LSHopeful2021: dean andy come thru
  • 14:42 ChuckRhoades: @LSHopeful2021: come join the cult of Dean Andy
  • 14:42 DropoutBear: Excited to see how GULC responds to my $$$ demand
  • 14:43 ChuckRhoades: @DropoutBear: what did you say to them?
  • 14:43 LSHopeful2021: @ChuckRhoades: fingers crossed! i interviewed a couple weeks back so hoping for some sort of decision soon
  • 14:43 MagnificentBrightHare: @LSHopeful2021: I'm hoping so since we had that fat R/WL wave Monday
  • 14:43 DropoutBear: I said take me off the WL + I need money to consider you guys so bring the bag
  • 14:43 LSHopeful2021: @MagnificentBrightHare: yeah im like one of the only ones left on LSD with my Interview invite date lol
  • 14:43 ChuckRhoades: @LSHopeful2021: took me 4 weeks to get the A so don't be concerned
  • 14:43 EagerRudeParadise: Penn was so predictable until they get to my UR1 date and they’re like nah we’re gonna keep you on your toes.
  • 14:44 OliviaLux: @DropoutBear: thank you so much!!!
  • 14:45 MagnificentBrightHare: @LSHopeful2021: I didn't even think t put mine in lmao
  • 14:45 ImAliveButImDead: BU accepting reverse splitters right now is making my palms sweat like crazy
  • 14:45 BlondeRidingHood: anyone have a draft for negotiating scholarships?
  • 14:45 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: BU not giving me any result after 5 months is making me big mad
  • 14:45 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: bu is accepting reverse splitters?
  • 14:46 ImAliveButImDead: I've seen two on reddit already, below 160
  • 14:46 ImAliveButImDead: sorry @icantbelieve
  • 14:46 VibeKing: Same here man
  • 14:46 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: girl... pls dont get my hopes up LOL
  • 14:46 LSHopeful2021: @MagnificentBrightHare: when was your II?
  • 14:46 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: i've been ghosted by BU since nov
  • 14:47 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @imalivebutimdead thank u for ur condolences hahaha
  • 14:47 ImAliveButImDead: *cue Eric Andre video* LET ME INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
  • 14:47 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @vibeking LET US IN
  • 14:47 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: haha TWINS
  • 14:47 ImAliveButImDead: omfg hahahaha
  • 14:47 JAlfredPrufrock: my stats twin with almost the exact same stats as mine (lower GPA, same LSAT) got in at bU
  • 14:47 MagnificentBrightHare: @LSHopeful2021: I had my interview on 2.15 and then my status checker updated on 2.17
  • 14:48 JAlfredPrufrock: which is why i've been maintaining hope
  • 14:48 MeJustChilling: NU GIVE MORE A!!!!!
  • 14:48 BlondeRidingHood: @JAlfredPrufrock: you got this
  • 14:48 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: we are in this together friend
  • 14:48 VibeKing: Every Wednesday I come on here for BU and every week I am let down
  • 14:48 ChuckRhoades: was anyone HTE accepted to NYU in the wave today?
  • 14:48 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: @icantbelieveyouvedonethis: omg yess <3 rooting for us
  • 14:49 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: i need to get a hobby that isnt getting my hopes up for a bu call for no reason lol
  • 14:49 JAlfredPrufrock: although BC is my absolute top choice :(
  • 14:49 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: lmao sameee
  • 14:49 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: i need to get off this page and stop checking my phone
  • 14:49 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: have u guys heard from BC yet?
  • 14:49 xoxoggirl: Not me laughing my absolute tits off watching Fordham have the JOKE of an ego waitlisting a 174/3.9 that NYU A’d
  • 14:49 JAlfredPrufrock: the BC campus been my ipad background for months
  • 14:50 xoxoggirl: Like Fordham has to be the most hilarious attempt at posterity I’ve seen all cycle and that’s saying something
  • 14:50 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @xoxoggirl: OMG I KNOW! Fordham is cracking me uppppp
  • 14:50 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: if not they do waves thursdays!!
  • 14:50 ChuckRhoades: whats up GG
  • 14:50 ChuckRhoades: how've you been
  • 14:50 xoxoggirl: I’ve been great how’re you doing chuck
  • 14:51 LSDataAddict: @xoxoggirl: I wish that happens to me after Fordham WL'D me
  • 14:51 MagnificentBrightHare: petition for a law school version of gossip girl
  • 14:51 iwishiwasellewoods: That’s gotta be YP
  • 14:51 ChuckRhoades: not too bad. waiting on HLS to finally hand me the R they've been holding for 4+ months now
  • 14:51 iwishiwasellewoods: Fordham has been unpredictable
  • 14:51 xoxoggirl: I decided a while ago that fordhams “priority” waitlist is their A list. They just have to wait for their balls to drop to admit it
  • 14:51 LSHopeful2021: so to negotiate with UCLA, will we need a higher offer from a T14 ?
  • 14:51 ChuckRhoades: I thought UCLA doesn't do a ton of negotiation
  • 14:51 LSDataAddict: I think I got a regular WL from Fordham
  • 14:52 VibeKing: No BC news for me yet
  • 14:52 LSHopeful2021: They def do some
  • 14:52 LSHopeful2021: But you have have a good competing offer
  • 14:52 xoxoggirl: They literally just invented the priority WL
  • 14:52 LSHopeful2021: have to have*
  • 14:52 xoxoggirl: And I know it’s fake as f bc of who they’re wling
  • 14:52 xoxoggirl: They’re trying to get out of giving decisions
  • 14:52 LSDataAddict: @xoxoggirl: are you on the priority WL?
  • 14:52 ChuckRhoades: @LSHopeful2021: I wonder if GULC is competing
  • 14:52 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @vibeking hoping for good news for you tomorrow
  • 14:52 brownskingyal: were those penn a's from today?
  • 14:53 xoxoggirl: I am- me and several other peers with much higher stats and better As than me
  • 14:53 DevilishSkillfulBracke: @xoxoggirl: I think youre totally right
  • 14:53 xoxoggirl: I also wrote a why Fordham and am a resident. And am above their stats
  • 14:53 LSDataAddict: im at 170/3.87
  • 14:53 xoxoggirl: I know I’m right I’d literally bet money on it
  • 14:53 LSDataAddict: I hope you are
  • 14:53 xoxoggirl: They invented it. I know someone who got 125k from ND who got Priotity WLd
  • 14:53 DevilishSkillfulBracke: hahahahaha
  • 14:53 DevilishSkillfulBracke: are you serious?
  • 14:53 ChuckRhoades: is ND higher than fordham?
  • 14:53 LSDataAddict: but that means im R
  • 14:53 DevilishSkillfulBracke: thats so funny
  • 14:53 xoxoggirl: Yes
  • 14:54 xoxoggirl: As in better ranked
  • 14:54 xoxoggirl: Like. Fordham is literally LITERALLY making it so they don’t have to technically
  • 14:54 VibeKing: @icantbelieveyouvedonethis: do you know if anyone has heard from BC yet?
  • 14:54 ChuckRhoades: gotcha
  • 14:54 xoxoggirl: Make decisions
  • 14:54 xoxoggirl: So they put the A’s on this new random WL
  • 14:54 ChuckRhoades: I'm just waitin for Duke to get back to me at some point in the next decade
  • 14:54 xoxoggirl: Do they don’t have to actually a anyone til may so they can see what everyone else does
  • 14:55 LSDataAddict: LOL
  • 14:55 xoxoggirl: Like ok Dora they keep dreaming youre tanked 27 idk what you’re trying to pull
  • 14:55 HarveySpector: @ChuckRhoades: Duke in't real
  • 14:55 ImAliveButImDead: pls BU pls BU pls BU pls BU pls BU pls BU pls BU pls BU
  • 14:55 xoxoggirl: *dorathy
  • 14:55 ChuckRhoades: anyone watch the GULC WL video yesterday, kinda curious what they said
  • 14:55 BoredNoisyCockroach: does georgetown generally give out scholarships to most people?
  • 14:55 ChuckRhoades: @HarveySpector: amen
  • 14:55 alegal: i have the georgetown waitlist zoom at 4
  • 14:55 abjectchickadee: so do i
  • 14:55 NooThisIsPatrick: @BoredNoisyCockroach: you have to ask for a form to fill out
  • 14:55 alegal: see you there!
  • 14:55 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @vibeking they have been doing waves every thursday since 1/14
  • 14:55 xoxoggirl: Also sorry for all the typos. I’m on my phone but damn Fordham is the biggest joke this whole cycle
  • 14:55 NooThisIsPatrick: otherwise you won't get any merit
  • 14:56 BoredNoisyCockroach: but after you've done so? Any clue on how common it is?
  • 14:56 ChuckRhoades: @NooThisIsPatrick: you ask for a form?
  • 14:56 HarveySpector: @alegal: just to get you prepared. He doesn't know what he doesn't know.
  • 14:56 WastefulDelicateEchidna: on the money front? Do you guys plan to work at all first year? I know it's discouraged...
  • 14:56 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @vibeking they have not realeased scholly yet though, so if that is the info you're after then no dice. no one has head anything
  • 14:56 LSHopeful2021: @ChuckRhoades: i def think GULC is a competing offer
  • 14:56 ChuckRhoades: I thought the GULC form was for need-based aid, not for merit
  • 14:56 alegal: there is a gulc form??
  • 14:56 LSHopeful2021: But i dont know how much they're willing to move if your COA at GULC is higher at UCLA
  • 14:57 NooThisIsPatrick: @ChuckRhoades: yeah. I hadn't heard anything for a month so i sent an email inquiring about timelines then they sent back a form I needed to fill out to be considered. if i wouldn't have asked I wouldn't have gotten it
  • 14:57 ChuckRhoades: @NooThisIsPatrick: this is for merit based stuff? did you just email and say yo whats up?
  • 14:57 VibeKing: @icantbelieveyouvedonethis yeah im waiting on that scholly info. I'd be happy with going there I just can't do it full price
  • 14:57 NicklausCopernicus18: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: i would not recommend working during 1L
  • 14:57 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @vibeking im right there with you. late february my ass smh
  • 14:58 NooThisIsPatrick: yes. for merit based consideration. Just a simple email inquiring about timelines for merit scholarship etc then they sent back to me an online form to fill out to be considered for it
  • 14:58 DropoutBear: NYU never going to HTE
  • 14:58 xoxoggirl: A lot of schools tell you you can’t work during 1L
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: BU acceptances don't get call right
  • 14:58 DropoutBear: Sad life
  • 14:58 ChuckRhoades: @NooThisIsPatrick: ty for this info
  • 14:58 abjectchickadee: i think they do @Dale
  • 14:58 elshan: @DaleMinami: BU does calls
  • 14:58 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @daleminami bu calls
  • 14:58 RaggedMinorKingfisher: @DaleMinami: I think most BU acceptances do. I did
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: lol no one is calling meeeeee
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: whyyyyyyy
  • 14:58 DaleMinami: I have 169, 3.81
  • 14:58 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @DaleMinami: ya same, pretty sure they just lost our phone numbers
  • 14:59 xoxoggirl: Relax you’ll get a call.
  • 14:59 HarveySpector: BU is the most toxic relationship i've ever been in
  • 14:59 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @NicklausCopernicus18: yeah, I figure I should stay away from that idea.
  • 14:59 xoxoggirl: You’re gonna need a warrantee sooner or later
  • 14:59 DaleMinami: I applied early Nov
  • 14:59 DaleMinami: nothing
  • 14:59 ChuckRhoades: @HarveySpector: worse than WashU?
  • 14:59 icantbelieveyouvedonethis: @daleminami they ghosted me too
  • 14:59 NicklausCopernicus18: Yeah I think grades would suffer and those grades can make or break you
  • 14:59 NicklausCopernicus18: depending on school
  • 14:59 HarveySpector: At least Washu told me they wouldn't call
  • 14:59 NicklausCopernicus18: but pretty much everywhere
  • 14:59 VibeKing: Maybe they aren't calling me bc I think i checked that 'don't contact by phone' box on the app
  • 15:00 xoxoggirl: I was about to say, WashU has been kinda transparent
  • 15:00 NooThisIsPatrick: Really hoping/praying Vandy negotiates scholarships
  • 15:00 JackSwoloff: Really hoping/praying Vandy
  • 15:00 iwishiwasellewoods: Not even telemarketers are calling me anymore...did they just stop caring about my car’s warranty the way law schools stopped caring about me :(
  • 15:00 ChuckRhoades: @NooThisIsPatrick: which email did you email for the merit aid question? Fin aid email?
  • 15:00 alegal: when should i start negotiating
  • 15:01 HarveySpector: It's always the ones we love most that ghost us for 5+ months
  • 15:01 NooThisIsPatrick: lawhotline@georgetown.edu
  • 15:01 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @NicklausCopernicus18: I would consider only doing a contract gig with my current employer, who'd be very flexible I think. But I could probably hold off until 2L and come back at that point
  • 15:01 ChuckRhoades: ahh okay got it pat
  • 15:02 NooThisIsPatrick: it's basically a why georgetown from the look I saw this morning. gonna do it tonight
  • 15:02 ChuckRhoades: interesting
  • 15:03 NooThisIsPatrick: Can't pull it up right now but it was along the lines of "please tell us how GULC fits in your plans and anything else you'd like admission to know"
  • 15:03 VibeKing: shoutout to my undergrad school for letting us pass/fail for both winter and spring quarter
  • 15:04 nota999: I used that to basically say "I am the ideal GULC student and the only thing preventing me from going are financial concerns"
  • 15:04 nota999: Got me 2/3 tuition
  • 15:04 NooThisIsPatrick: @nota999: bet
  • 15:05 ghostwriter: anyone know when the Umich need based aid form opens up? any intel?
  • 15:06 xoxoggirl: Is anyone else at the point where they low key forgot why they’re doing all this?
  • 15:06 brendog: "rolling" admissions
  • 15:06 ghostwriter: me @xoxoggirl
  • 15:07 brendog: i just go here to look at dots
  • 15:07 ghostwriter: very torturous waiting on these last few schools
  • 15:07 ApathyMarmot: @xoxoggirl: yup.
  • 15:07 ChuckRhoades: @brendog: at this point school graphs are abstract art. Essentially a trip to the museum
  • 15:07 brendog: shades of pollock
  • 15:08 BlondeRidingHood: @xoxoggirl: no matter what, I wont forget why im doing this
  • 15:09 CatsRuleDogsAlsoRule: I've been planning this for years so no lol
  • 15:10 BlondeRidingHood: but why did this cycle decide to be crazy? thats my only question
  • 15:10 brendog: i had no real reason to begin with. sorta a 'why not' kinda deal
  • 15:11 BlondeRidingHood: been through, and seen too much to forget
  • 15:11 CatsRuleDogsAlsoRule: This cycle is crazy, but it really meant that I didn't get into any T14s at sticker (which is what would have probably have happened last year) so I don't have a tough decision to make
  • 15:12 JealousImportedBEAR: I really regret not applying last cycle but it is what it is
  • 15:12 hellohello: Has anyone else just not gone ur2 at penn
  • 15:12 AccurateMomentousWildebeest: BC scholarship just went out
  • 15:13 WastefulDelicateEchidna: @nota999: did you mention any counteroffers you'd received before making that argument to GULC?
  • 15:13 legallyblonde214: @hellohello: me! i've been ur1 since 1/5
  • 15:13 xoxoggirl: @hellohello: I did and I applied in Dec. idk if that helps
  • 15:14 alegal: i hope i get some aid at BC
  • 15:14 alegal: do you think it sends all today
  • 15:14 nikkisheem: Just got 150,000 from BC!!
  • 15:14 BlondeRidingHood: wow congrats
  • 15:14 hellohello: @legallyblonde214: same date here!
  • 15:14 nota999: @WastefulDelicateEchidna: I didn't. The only offer that I'd received that GULC might have seen as a peer was BU, and Gtown gave me a similar amount to BU anyway. I might have mentioned them if Gtown lowballed me and I thought I could get a bit more from them, but I was very happy with the amount they gave.
  • 15:14 alegal: congrats!!!!
  • 15:14 JealousImportedBEAR: just got mine too
  • 15:14 hellohello: Congratssssss
  • 15:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: jesus that's amazing
  • 15:15 ThisIsAGoodUsername: congrats
  • 15:15 nikkisheem: thanks y'all im so so happy
  • 15:15 LowlyAmusedEmu: Fat stacks