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I'm just happy to be here.

Be unique and fearless in your PS.

Leave your ego at the door when it comes to USNWR rankings - even then, it's not the ranking of the school when you get there that matters, it's when you graduate.

Apply to more schools than you think you need to. Just trust me on it - financial leverage pieces are extremely valuable if for nothing else.

Don't let people pressure you into withdrawing early - maximize your optionality.

Double-Deposits are not ethically indefensible.

Make friends with others who are in your position, because nobody else will truly get it. We're all masochists here.

Reddit can be a depressing-ass place depending on what your goals are. Check out if that's more your jam.

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
20 Boston University Accepted Unknown $80,000
4 Columbia University Waitlisted Unknown
13 Cornell University Rejected Unknown
10 Duke University Hold Unknown
27 George Washington Un... Waitlisted Unknown
15 Georgetown University WL, Accepted Unknown $105,000
3 Harvard University Rejected Unknown
72 Loyola Marymount Uni... Accepted Unknown $140,000
6 New York University Hold, Rejected Unknown
12 Northwestern University Waitlisted Unknown
2 Stanford University Rejected Unknown
9 UCBerkeley Rejected Unknown
14 UCLos Angeles Accepted Unknown $40,000
4 UChicago WL, Withdrawn Unknown
10 UMichigan Waitlisted Unknown
22 UNotre Dame Accepted Unknown $150,000
6 UPennsylvania Waitlisted Unknown
86 USan Diego Accepted Unknown $140,000
19 USouthern California WL, Accepted Unknown
16 UTexas at Austin Accepted, Wi... Unknown $117,000
16 Vanderbilt University Accepted Unknown $140,000
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