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wrote why X's for schools I am really excited about. My LSAT could have been higher but I chose not to retake to balance my busy grad school responsibilities and mental health. I am going for PI so I am looking for scholarships and PI job placement over prestige.

Result App type FW Resident Schol... Sent Sent raw Received Received raw Complete Complete raw UR UR raw UR2 UR2 raw II II raw Decision Decision raw
31 Boston College Rejected RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Jan 22 2021-01-22 Feb 04 2021-02-04
20 Boston University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 05 2020-11-05 Dec 21 2020-12-21 Dec 26 2020-12-26 Jan 29 2021-01-29
13 Cornell University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 23 2020-11-23 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Jan 25 2021-01-25 Feb 10 2021-02-10
12 Duke University Pending RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 16 2020-11-16
24 Emory University Pending RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04
27 Fordham University Accepted RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Dec 15 2020-12-15 Jan 20 2021-01-20 Feb 22 2021-02-22
23 George Washington Un... Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 23 2020-11-23
14 Georgetown University Rejected RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 06 2020-11-06 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Jan 05 2021-01-05
67 Northeastern University Waitlisted RDregular decision Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 06 2020-11-06 Nov 26 2020-11-26 Feb 10 2021-02-10
76 Rutgers University (... Accepted RDregular decision $102,030 Nov 09 2020-11-09 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 10 2020-11-10 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 07 2020-12-07
31 UGeorgia Hold RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 06 2020-11-06 Nov 13 2020-11-13 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 14 2020-11-14
67 UMissouri Accepted RDregular decision $88,000 Dec 01 2020-12-01 Dec 02 2020-12-02 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Dec 03 2020-12-03 Dec 10 2020-12-10
27 UNorth Carolina Hold RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 25 2020-11-25 Dec 07 2020-12-07 Jan 18 2021-01-18
8 UVirginia Pending RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 18 2020-11-18 Nov 20 2020-11-20
18 Vanderbilt University Pending RDregular decision Nov 12 2020-11-12 Nov 13 2020-11-13 Nov 14 2020-11-14 Nov 24 2020-11-24
42 Wake Forest University Accepted RDregular decision $114,000 Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 02 2020-11-02 Dec 07 2020-12-07 Feb 08 2021-02-08 Feb 11 2021-02-11
17 Washington Universit... Hold RDregular decision Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 26 2020-11-26 Nov 30 2020-11-30 Dec 01 2020-12-01 Feb 12 2021-02-12 Dec 11 2020-12-11
31 Washington and Lee U... Accepted RDregular decision $90,000 Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 05 2020-11-05 Nov 05 2020-11-05 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Dec 03 2020-12-03
31 William & Mary Law S... Rejected RDregular decision Nov 02 2020-11-02 Nov 04 2020-11-04 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Nov 24 2020-11-24 Feb 22 2021-02-22
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  • 12:42 nervousreversesplitternc: yeah thats my thing. we have only been doing LDR for a year. I cant do it for three more
  • 12:42 ChuckRhoades: so uh is Duke ever going to be revived
  • 12:42 seaturtledog: ive been doing ldr for three years but i literally doo not want to do it again
  • 12:42 nota999: That's the advantage of being forever alone besides my cat, no worries about having to possibly do LDR or break up
  • 12:42 JAlfredPrufrock: @nervousreversesplitternc: I’ve been doing it for 4 so I get it
  • 12:42 nota999: that's also the only advantage of being forever alone, but hey it's a thing at least
  • 12:42 LegallyNotBlonde: same nota
  • 12:42 PlausiblyAverage: i'm a military so so i've been doing ld for years
  • 12:43 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: yeah I feel like I'm gonna be waiting a while and my hamstrings already feel sore
  • 12:43 hellohello: @nervousreversesplitternc: totally feel you... we’ve been less than a year but I don’t wanna break off bc distance
  • 12:43 LegallyNotBlonde: i dont have enough trust in men for a LDR
  • 12:43 hellohello: It’s a really hard decision tho
  • 12:43 hellohello: @LegallyNotBlonde: hahah they’re really not all like that
  • 12:43 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: i have a good feeling about you
  • 12:43 nervousreversesplitternc: we started out as not LDR. then he decided to go back to school. the only school he got into was FSU so he went. I live in NC
  • 12:44 ChuckRhoades: @hellohello: been in a semi-LDR for near 3 years now. You can definitely make it work
  • 12:44 LegallyNotBlonde: @hellohello: all im saying is ive never met one NOT like that lmao
  • 12:44 nota999: I'm not opposed to a LDR. In fact, in some of the circles I'm in they're fairly common. Obviously I'd prefer someone physically there though.
  • 12:44 JinxCatmilton: UT is giving me anxiety lol
  • 12:44 hellohello: @ChuckRhoades: thank you for saying this. I’m defs nervous about it but we’re talking about marriage so I don’t want to split bc of law school ha
  • 12:45 nota999: But before worrying about an LDR first I just gotta worry about the R part lol
  • 12:45 elshan: @nervousreversesplitternc: I feel that. I did REALLY LDR for a while. Significant other lived in Europe for quite some time. Still with them
  • 12:45 trinab: @JinxCatmilton: Suffolk is giving me anxiety I feel ya lol
  • 12:45 nota999: SUMMON R(elationship) WAVE
  • 12:45 hellohello: @LegallyNotBlonde: oh I feel you. I had many of those before I met the right one ha
  • 12:45 YeeHaw2021: @JinxCatmilton: same
  • 12:45 SuperSoakedSplitter: TBH I think we're actually seeing a generational shift, LDRs are becoming increasingly normalized
  • 12:45 nervousreversesplitternc: ^^^
  • 12:45 nervousreversesplitternc: its easier w FaceTime and stuff
  • 12:45 PlausiblyAverage: from my ldr experience it does work as long as you have a lot of trust and as long as you actually put in the effort to prioritize the other person
  • 12:45 StingyFertileMeerkat: imagine ur s/o gets into Harvard MBA and is like "u should just apply to Harvard Law" ha ha ha
  • 12:45 nervousreversesplitternc: LMAO
  • 12:46 nota999: @StingyFertileMeerkat: What, like it's hard?
  • 12:46 SuperSoakedSplitter: I've been with my SO for 3 years long distance and it feels like there are more distance couples even now then when we first started dating
  • 12:46 LegallyNotBlonde: plus so many of us are not staying in our generational hometowns anymore thus more LDR
  • 12:46 SuperSoakedSplitter: + covid impact honestly
  • 12:46 JinxCatmilton: law school passes by, i think its important to talk about what happens after
  • 12:46 SuperSoakedSplitter: society as a whole just had to be more distance friendly
  • 12:46 JinxCatmilton: like where youre going to live
  • 12:46 nervousreversesplitternc: covid is what caused us to become LDR
  • 12:46 nervousreversesplitternc: its what made him wanna go back to school bc he lost his job
  • 12:46 2020admissionspain: been long distance throughout college for 4 years and the thought of doing it again for law school is scary AF
  • 12:47 seaturtledog: i asked my SO the other day if he wants to stay in the same state his whole life, he wants to and i dont and i literally avoided the convo but i need to have it soon lollllll
  • 12:47 nervousreversesplitternc: exactly like ive only been doing it for a year I cant imagine three more
  • 12:47 SuperSoakedSplitter: @2020admissionspain: same boat
  • 12:47 SuperSoakedSplitter: Yeah these convos SUCK but they're so much better now than potentially years of resentment later lol
  • 12:47 StraightLimpingFrog: @seaturtledog best of luck!
  • 12:47 nervousreversesplitternc: exactly
  • 12:47 seaturtledog: thanks frog <3
  • 12:48 ImAliveButImDead: is BU done?
  • 12:48 nervousreversesplitternc: its so awkward hes always like "don't let me dictate your future"
  • 12:48 2020admissionspain: definitely hard not to feel guilty about forcing us to do it for longer
  • 12:48 nervousreversesplitternc: and im like "what if I want ~you~ in my future too?"
  • 12:48 RainyFurryCheetah: Applied to Fordham 12/1, and have gone UR2. Anyone else!?
  • 12:48 StingyFertileMeerkat: @nota the MBA app subreddit had the same sentiment which made me LIVID lmaooo
  • 12:48 2020admissionspain: thought id have choices this cycle and could help close the distance but this cycle sucks lol
  • 12:48 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: ik its cliche but trust is actually the most important thing
  • 12:48 StingyFertileMeerkat: this is a real heartfelt situation over here in LSD. what would LSA say if they found out
  • 12:48 hellohello: @nervousreversesplitternc: hopefully FSU works out!!! But I really think if the relationship is right you’ll find a way
  • 12:49 nervousreversesplitternc: @hellohello: thank u!!!
  • 12:49 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: and effort too! like of course your LDR is gonna be hard if you dont make time for each other
  • 12:49 SuperSoakedSplitter: I'm going to miss this ragtag group of nerdy misfits once this cycle is over
  • 12:50 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: exactly, sacrifice as a part of that too. you need to plan visits over vacations, be there for the tough times, etc
  • 12:50 nota999: @SuperSoakedSplitter: If you end up at Gtown I'm down to hang with anyone from this chat tbh
  • 12:50 FlatGullibleWorm: Penn wave today or are they doing wednesday waves now?
  • 12:50 nota999: @FlatGullibleWorm: Hard to say. Everything is weird this week. Predictions are basically useless.
  • 12:50 SuperSoakedSplitter: I swear if I get one more law admissions RECRUITMENT email I'm going to throw my laptop at the wall
  • 12:50 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: you get it
  • 12:50 LegallyNotBlonde: nota so are you full on gtown now?
  • 12:51 nervousreversesplitternc: I got a recruitment email from a school I applied to that said "you're invited" and I died inside when it continued with "to a zoom webinar"
  • 12:51 nota999: @LegallyNotBlonde: I mean, it's looking real likely. I just need to hear anything about scholly money, be it merit aid or blume.
  • 12:51 SuperSoakedSplitter: @nota999: My fingers are so crossed I'm losing circulation but haven't been donged yet!
  • 12:51 elshan: Is UF gonna have A Wave soon? Last time they had a wave was Feb 4
  • 12:52 LegallyNotBlonde: omg @nervous i got one that said "application status has changed" and it was from INDEED
  • 12:52 nota999: @LegallyNotBlonde: ooooooooof
  • 12:52 nervousreversesplitternc: OMFG
  • 12:53 StraightLimpingFrog: F
  • 12:53 PlausiblyAverage: @nervousreversesplitternc I got one that was like "you're invited" and it was an invitation to buy an Ipsy subscription box lol
  • 12:53 nervousreversesplitternc: why do they play us like this
  • 12:54 nervousreversesplitternc: its like they know what type of emails we are looking for
  • 12:54 LegallyNotBlonde: its like they are feeding off our fear and anxiety
  • 12:54 nervousreversesplitternc: literally
  • 12:54 nota999: @PlausiblyAverage: I would probably implode if I got one of those right now
  • 12:54 SuperSoakedSplitter: also my old apartment building was two blocks away from GULC... I'm not very smart for leaving that out of my why gulc essay
  • 12:54 iwishiwasellewoods: holy shit fordham is giving me so much anxiety...so many stats twins are getting WL'e
  • 12:54 MostlySpice: after being ghosted by Fordham since November.. I am on their "priority waitlist"
  • 12:54 iwishiwasellewoods: WL'ed*
  • 12:54 PlausiblyAverage: my heart skipped 3 beats
  • 12:54 iwishiwasellewoods: @MostlySpice: Im sorry :(
  • 12:54 LegallyNotBlonde: i see youve had 4 cups of coffee and are constantly refreshing LSData... what if we sent you an ambiguously worded email!
  • 12:55 PlausiblyAverage: lol legally hahah
  • 12:55 MostlySpice: Above gpa 50th and above lsat 75th
  • 12:55 SuperSoakedSplitter: @PlausiblyAverage: it should be illegal to start emails with "congratulations on *deciding* to apply to law school
  • 12:55 ThePainsOfBeingPureAtHeart: @ellewoods: i got WL at fordham :(
  • 12:55 nota999: @SuperSoakedSplitter: In my merit scholarship application I specifically name dropped the church I attended when I was in DC as a "No really, I want to move back and I have ties to this community" thing lol
  • 12:55 MostlySpice: Would've genuinely gone to FLS
  • 12:55 PlausiblyAverage: @SuperSoakedSplitter: oh my gosh dont get me STARTED
  • 12:56 backtochicagoplz: same @mostly I'm really hurt by this one
  • 12:56 SuperSoakedSplitter: @nota999: niceee, I quoted a gulc law professor I once bartended for LOL
  • 12:56 SuperSoakedSplitter: and that's enough doxxing myself for today!
  • 12:57 LegallyNotBlonde: aw im sorry spice and backtochicago :( WLs suck
  • 12:57 nota999: I thought about mentioning that I've been trying to get into Georgetown since high school, but I thought that might draw too much attention to "You guys twice found good reasons to reject me" relative to the dedication it would show lol
  • 12:57 MostlySpice: tbh makes me feel better about submitting my apps late bc I submitted my Fordham app in November and it made no difference
  • 12:57 LegallyNotBlonde: lmfao they dont need to be reminded nota
  • 12:57 fearseitan: Priority waitlist at Fordham, above both 75ths and wrote a why fordham
  • 12:58 UnableGrouchyBat: dang those are some super high stats getting WL at fordham today
  • 12:58 fearseitan: Shit sucks
  • 12:58 fearseitan: I really wanted to go and noe probably wont be able to
  • 12:58 xoxoggirl: @fearseitan: same and im a resident and my chances were supposed to be great lol
  • 12:58 UnableGrouchyBat: didn't realize they do a priority WL
  • 12:58 fearseitan: Same im also NYC resident and had a 97% chance of getting in per 7sage lol
  • 12:59 PlausiblyAverage: 7sage lied to all of us this yea
  • 12:59 PlausiblyAverage: year
  • 12:59 LegallyNotBlonde: gossip girl any life changing advice thatll bring on an A for me today lol?
  • 12:59 xoxoggirl: Oh hell yes it did.
  • 12:59 ThePainsOfBeingPureAtHeart: @grouchybat same feelin a lil salty i didnt get on the priority but i should feel happy i got wl'ed w my stats anyway lmao
  • 12:59 UnableGrouchyBat: 100% I went to check it yesterday just to hurt myself
  • 12:59 fearseitan: Staying on the waitlist but even if i get in i probably cant afford it
  • 12:59 Kehlani: are we expecting an NYU R wave today?
  • 12:59 fearseitan: So looks like CUNY for me
  • 12:59 xoxoggirl: Idk I just got WL'd from the last ranking T1 school I applied to so my advice well runnith dry today
  • 13:00 LegallyNotBlonde: aw shit.. im sorry friend
  • 13:00 abjectchickadee: sorry GG :(
  • 13:00 backtochicagoplz: I don't even have an A - all WL. So NYU may as well give me my first solid answer, even if it is an R
  • 13:00 xoxoggirl: Thanks.
  • 13:00 PlausiblyAverage: hey GG
  • 13:00 xoxoggirl: Idk this like..does not bode well.
  • 13:01 nota999: It's a rough day y'all. Do what you need to let out stress from your body, drink some water, and help yourself relax as much as you can. It won't get rid of the sting of disappointment, but it'll help it hurt a bit less.
  • 13:01 xoxoggirl: Hello plaus.
  • 13:01 PlausiblyAverage: no i was gonna tell you somethig haha
  • 13:01 PlausiblyAverage: under USC you have a note with your "pending" decision and I'm p sure it's your login info
  • 13:01 plsslawschoolorbust: priority WL at fordham :(
  • 13:01 PlausiblyAverage: @xoxoggirl:
  • 13:02 PlausiblyAverage: @xoxoggirl: so i might wanna take that down if that's up by accident
  • 13:02 GrayGrubbyMagpie: Is BU done sending As?
  • 13:02 xoxoggirl: ...Idk what you mean, Im looking at it and I see nothing.
  • 13:02 hellohello: I see it to xoxo
  • 13:03 NicklausCopernicus18: ayy gg
  • 13:03 SuperSoakedSplitter: @xoxoggirl: if anybody can blair waldorf themselves off a waitlist it's you! plus other solid outcomes, still happy with how you sold me on temple positives
  • 13:03 abjectchickadee: if you hover over "pending" next to usc
  • 13:03 abjectchickadee: @gg
  • 13:03 PlausiblyAverage: like xo when i hover on your USC pending decision it tells me your login info
  • 13:03 xoxoggirl: Got it got it thank yoU~
  • 13:03 NicklausCopernicus18: Oh im sorry to hear that GG
  • 13:03 xoxoggirl: @SuperSoakedSplitter: thank you
  • 13:03 CastlereaghQC: T-minus 2 hours to YLS
  • 13:03 xoxoggirl: And also, thank you Plaus. I appreciate that help.
  • 13:03 DrearyDangerousSillyGoose: way above 75s, wrote why fordham, and WL ... im-
  • 13:03 QuackRepulsiveUrchin: has anyone that has been put on W&L HTE received a decision yet?
  • 13:03 PlausiblyAverage: ok cool sorry for telling literally everyone in this chat but i felt like you should know abt it haha
  • 13:04 LegallyNotBlonde: haha a message feature would be nice on here
  • 13:04 xoxoggirl: No it's okay I get what you did it's appreciated.
  • 13:04 PlausiblyAverage: yeah crypt is against putting up messaging but it would have been useful in that sitch
  • 13:04 PicassosCat: Any thoughts on how panic applications are going to factor into this cycle? Especially with the WLs we're seeing for T1?
  • 13:04 CEOofShotShooting: a small amount
  • 13:04 CEOofShotShooting: not many people panic apply to my knowledge
  • 13:05 CEOofShotShooting: your original list of schools was your list for a reason
  • 13:05 710: this chat and reddit self-select for people who panic apply
  • 13:05 CEOofShotShooting: thats also accurate ^
  • 13:05 elshan: @xoxoggirl I also got WL at Fordham and got into higher ranking schools and WL at a T14 so far so I wouldn't be too worried
  • 13:05 PicassosCat: Looking at some people's school lists and the dates...I'll admit to doing a couple!
  • 13:05 PicassosCat: Good point 710
  • 13:05 LegallyNotBlonde: bro all of my last 5 apps were panic apply lol
  • 13:06 JealousImportedBEAR: I panic applied to NU and realized I should've included it on my original list anyways
  • 13:06 elshan: It's a good think I'm literally broke so I had no ability to panic apply lmao
  • 13:06 CEOofShotShooting: I dont really see the point of panic applying unless you would actually go to the schools you are applying to over any school you may have gotten into already
  • 13:06 710: reading my berk WL email being like "wait...you're going to reject the VAST MAJORITY of applicants??" made it hit home for me that LSD is not a representative place
  • 13:06 PicassosCat: I did a couple like that, BEAR, after getting my most recent LSAT score back.
  • 13:06 elshan: thing* not think
  • 13:06 trinab: Is anyone else waiting on Suffolk? Seeing apps completed after mine get decisions and i cant stop checking lol
  • 13:06 LegallyNotBlonde: i panic applied at a bunch of NYC schools thinking my chances at CUNY and NYLS are bad
  • 13:07 PicassosCat: CEO - I think it's people who still haven't heard ANYthing.)
  • 13:07 nota999: @710: Gotta remember that with the T14, even the nice ones are gonna be real selective schools
  • 13:07 ChuckRhoades: No GG WL;(
  • 13:07 Felifel: Think we’ll see ASU and Seton Hall today folks?
  • 13:07 RainyFurryCheetah: When will we hear from Irvine
  • 13:07 PicassosCat: Having now gotten a couple A's, I smile about one of my panic applications, but it was a reasonable option at the time.
  • 13:08 SuperSoakedSplitter: does ASU do waves? I thought they had like a 2 week turnaround
  • 13:08 kitkatpattywack: anyone else like watching law school acceptance reaction videos or are y'all normal?
  • 13:08 elshan: ASU doesn't have waves, they send out decisions basically every day
  • 13:08 710: @kitkat that sounds like straight up masochism
  • 13:08 LegallyNotBlonde: haha i do too kitkat. then its always to t14s
  • 13:08 nota999: The nice thing about having gotten an A at UAZ pretty early in the cycle was that every time I was tempted to panic apply I was able to go "wait, why am I gonna do that?"
  • 13:08 betterlatethannever: @kitkatpattywack: my favorite thing ever
  • 13:08 GatoGris221: Question: for fafsa do some schools not have the law school option? do you just put the regular school?
  • 13:08 PicassosCat: Yes Gato
  • 13:09 PlausiblyAverage: correct gato
  • 13:09 JealousImportedBEAR: my panic apply was because I realized I liked chicago and was probs gonna get WL at UChic but Idk if it'll even help since I applied so late
  • 13:09 alegal: do you think we will see another Upenn wave today
  • 13:09 GlibPowerfulSetter: I've been waiting on ASU for 3 weeks so far, even though I know it'll be an R.
  • 13:09 nota999: prediction machine broke
  • 13:09 nota999: week's been too weird
  • 13:09 LegallyNotBlonde: ^^^
  • 13:09 alegal: hahaha true utrue
  • 13:10 nervousreversesplitternc: don't even get me started gilb
  • 13:10 nervousreversesplitternc: same here
  • 13:10 Felifel: I went UR on 2/8 so I’m trying to be patient lol
  • 13:10 MeJustChilling: unexpected Fordham dong
  • 13:10 LegallyNotBlonde: anyone else purim celebrating tonight?
  • 13:11 nota999: holy shit how is it the end of february already?