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Aspirants for the class of 2024, matriculating 2021
53 applicants for the 2020-2021 cycle
Decision date vs. LSAT
Decision date vs. LSAT
Decision date vs. LSAT
Decision date vs. LSAT
LSData Percentiles 25 50 75
LSAT 155 158 161
GPA 3.3 3.5 3.67
LSData Averages Rejected All Accepted
LSAT - 159 162
GPA - 3.46 3.47
Softs - Tier 3.21 Tier 3.25
Scholarship - - $56,508
Days from sent to decision 39
Days from UR to decision 31
Interview invite rate -
Interview conversion rate -
URM LSAT differential -1.98
URM GPA differential -0.08

Name Result GPA LSAT URM WE $$$$ Sent Received Complete UR UR2 II Decision
Status checks in queue: 2
  • 19:50 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: ny style > deep dish. Don't @me
  • 19:50 elshan: thats fact
  • 19:50 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Noodles what happens on those special weeks of the month if we are naked
  • 19:51 QuizzicalEggDad: I free bleed idk about you
  • 19:51 Noodles: Reflooring
  • 19:51 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: PLEASE
  • 19:51 primeWLmaterial: retakle
  • 19:51 plsdonthurtme: deep dish isn't pizza, but that doesn't mean it isn't delicious
  • 19:51 ProductiveColorfulAngora: New haven pizza>>>
  • 19:51 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Deep dish is pizza it’s literally called deep dish pizza
  • 19:52 plsdonthurtme: it is casserole
  • 19:52 elshan: that's like saying a pineapple is an apple
  • 19:52 masterofallfoursections: It’s already getting quiet on Reddit and I’m sad
  • 19:52 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: It’s always loud on LSD
  • 19:52 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: new haven pizza is excellent, ill admit
  • 19:52 Noodles: My break is over I gotta go now ✌🏻😔 check my statuses for me
  • 19:52 QuizzicalEggDad: that's not a thing
  • 19:52 plsdonthurtme: ... is it?
  • 19:52 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Idk what new haven pizza is
  • 19:52 plsdonthurtme: i think pizza near yale, no?
  • 19:54 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Texas has crap pizza I’ve missed out the past few years
  • 19:54 parkerfinn: whats up with the status checker?
  • 19:54 OldManJenkins: In Colorado everyone dips their pizza in spicy ranch. Absolute anarchy
  • 19:55 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: Spicy ranch, interesting. Everyone just drowns pizza in red pepper flakes here. No spicy is spicy enough down south
  • 19:56 [A] cryptanon: status checker was clogged b/c UMich is doing weird things on their end. i put a temp fix in place
  • 20:01 lshopeful2021: I love red pepper flakes on my pizzaaaa
  • 20:01 lshopeful2021: I love that we are discussing pizza
  • 20:01 Paperweight: cyrptanon, what is your guess of % of applicants who never update their status on LSD? ie how many gray dots are still "pending" for a given school in 2019-2020?
  • 20:01 lshopeful2021: where I live also has crap pizza. it is shameful
  • 20:05 hundaddio: literally submitted my UW Gates psl scholarship application with a minute to spare
  • 20:06 ApathyMarmot: @hundaddio, Nice. I had to bow out of that one. Daughter spent a bunch of time at the ER, so wasn't able to cobble it together. Hope you get it
  • 20:06 hundaddio: So sorry to hear that @apathy! hope she's doing okay :-(
  • 20:07 ApathyMarmot: She's doing ok, but they had to (understandable) precautionary Covid test, so I had to get one too. Just came back negative.
  • 20:07 topochico: UMN website says all ed applicants will get their decision today. Any point in waiting still i feel like its too late
  • 20:08 ApathyMarmot: Brand new UW Rejection on the Decisions list. Gotta figure mine's coming soon.
  • 20:27 primeWLmaterial: @crypt what do we think of not alphabetical but chronological for the decisions?
  • 20:27 primeWLmaterial: might be a bad idea idk
  • 20:28 alegal: i like chronological ^^ kinda
  • 20:29 GSDMutt: weekend thought fodder: I was just looking at the various C&F issues that people disclose, and I was struck by the prevalence of MIPs. If I ruled the law school roost, I wouldn't mandate disclosure for status offenses (things that are illegal only because of your age)
  • 20:31 GSDMutt: The more so because these offenses are so ubiquitous that the only difference between the candidates with these C&F "issues" and other candidates is that these candidates got caught
  • 20:31 [A] cryptanon: LSData only keeps track of the date that a decision was recorded, not the time
  • 20:32 [A] cryptanon: so the decisions are already chronological, just not by the instant that someone reported the decision
  • 20:32 [A] cryptanon: and we don't do that because LSData recording time is only loosely related to actual adcom decision time
  • 20:33 ApathyMarmot: @cryptoanon, is there any way - especially as more decisions are coming daily - we can have user set defaults for lines on "Recent Decisions"
  • 20:34 [A] cryptanon: more user customization is coming soon, along with a live feed of user reported decisions
  • 20:34 [A] cryptanon: rn if someone reports accepted but doesn't record a decision date, they won't show up in the recent decisions table
  • 20:35 [A] cryptanon: but they will show up in the future live feed
  • 20:40 primeWLmaterial: ah okay this makes a lot of sense and yes, maybe even flairs for what schools people are gunning for? idk
  • 20:40 EmptyAuspiciousSquirrel: #teamminigames
  • 20:41 primeWLmaterial: put chess on here, lemme smoke some kids
  • 20:41 primeWLmaterial: jk im not amazing
  • 20:47 ElYucatecoHotSauce: Starting to get nervous about my cycle. Donged at Michigan/Harvard. UT wait list. Radio silence from the rest of the t-20
  • 20:48 primeWLmaterial: you're reverse splitting, it's a rough game, but you will get in somewhere with those stats
  • 20:49 primeWLmaterial: you'll probably get into BU with money
  • 20:49 primeWLmaterial: and vandy and washington
  • 20:49 LaughOrCry: does anyone know which T14 schools send out admitted students mailing packages?
  • 20:50 primeWLmaterial: i think the majority do, and there's a spreadsheet somewhere
  • 20:50 larosalia: im pretty sure all of them do
  • 20:50 primeWLmaterial: i dont have it with me
  • 20:50 LaughOrCry: oh ok thanks!
  • 20:51 primeWLmaterial: yeah its a pretty big deal to get in so they like sneding them
  • 20:53 ElYucatecoHotSauce: It just requires so many instate people. It’s a tough school to get into OOS
  • 20:53 ElYucatecoHotSauce: UT that is
  • 20:56 fancypants: Also WL at UT and it's my home state, regular spliter
  • 20:57 ExcitedLeftCassowary: anyone have info on UT Hold?
  • 21:00 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: UT watilisted
  • 21:00 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: Seconding this^. Does anyone have info on holds generally? Do they usually work out for people?
  • 21:00 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: i'm shocked I got waitlisted. My GPA is a 3.54 cumulative but I have a 3.71 major gpa with honors every year. Plus a 176 LSAT. And, I'm a latino urm. It's going to be a TOUGH CYCLE
  • 21:01 DemonicPriceyBullfrog: Or is a hold like “this person is a dunce, let’s figure out if we want to reject them or put them in waitlist hell for the summer?”
  • 21:02 fancypants: @Available, very similar with lower LSAT, but splitter. 3.5, 172, half-MA URM with several years work expereince and two other masters degrees. I was super bummed.
  • 21:02 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: Damn, they don't make it easy to get in at UT
  • 21:02 fancypants: out of state?
  • 21:02 GSDMutt: @Liger and fancypants, same boat -- 3.5 and change with a 173. Waitlisted at UT. OOS.
  • 21:02 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: yeah im from PA
  • 21:02 fancypants: well I am glad I'm in good company
  • 21:03 GSDMutt: Did you two write why Texas essays? or any supplements? I did not, and I'm irritated with myself for that oversight
  • 21:03 fancypants: I waited for my Kira because I had heard that Dean Le doesn't like why TX-es
  • 21:04 GSDMutt: Interesting. I didn't even have a Kira
  • 21:04 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: I didn't write a why texas. Just a diversity statement.
  • 21:04 fancypants: But I had a pretty compelling one. My whole family is in TX and I grew up in Austin and would love to return.
  • 21:04 fancypants: I also wrote a diversity statement
  • 21:05 fancypants: Plus I wrote about why the law school in particular, of course, not just how I love texas
  • 21:05 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: wow, i hope that's not an indication on how this whole cycle is going to go
  • 21:05 GSDMutt: Well, what the heck. Thanks, you two. I feel better about my WL already. Got WLed at Berkeley earlier in the week and was getting rather anxious about the cycle, but next week will be a good week.
  • 21:06 fancypants: Have you heard from anywhere else? My cycle has been ok so far. Acceptances at UCLA, USC, UCI, WashU and Northwestern. Only dong was Harvard.
  • 21:06 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: Yeah, I'm about to panic apply to other lower schools for the hell of it
  • 21:06 fancypants: Next week will be better I'm sure
  • 21:06 GSDMutt: Rejected at Harvard, WL at Berkeley and Austin. that's it for me thus far
  • 21:06 fancypants: how many do you have to hear from?
  • 21:07 GSDMutt: 8 or 9? It pains me to think about
  • 21:07 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: I haven't heard from any other than UT. Again, Latinx URM 176 LSAT and 3.54 GPA with T2 softs
  • 21:07 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: I applied to all between nov. 2 and 6th
  • 21:07 fancypants: There's gotta be some good news in there
  • 21:07 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: I ****ing hope so lol!
  • 21:08 fancypants: lol I'm sure of it
  • 21:08 fancypants: Ok dinner time! Good luck everyone!
  • 21:08 AvailableRhetoricalLiger: Good luck man.
  • 21:17 ApathyMarmot: Handwritten congratulations mailed card from the Dean of the Law School, used up both sides, written directly to me. Is that normal?
  • 21:44 Paperweight: what school?
  • 21:48 ApathyMarmot: Seattle
  • 21:54 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: anybody know if USC does UR2? or is it just UR1?
  • 21:57 OldManJenkins: I went UR2 at USC this week I'm pretty sure
  • 21:57 HaltingAccurateRhinoceros: ohhh ok. thank u!!
  • 22:25 Torquatus: we salute those who have fallen today
  • 22:55 Nonmenefrega: Is it just me that feels like they will never get an acceptance?
  • 23:38 idkwhat2put: @ nonmenefrega nope. Got 6 rejections this week with stats at most medians :/ starting to lowkey anticipate reapplication lolll
  • 23:38 idkwhat2put: I am low-income and wrote about that so idk if that played a role
  • 23:47 FallaciousSpicyHare: If anything, I'd think writing about being from a lower socio-economic background would be beneficial, not harmful. It plays into the whole diversity thing
  • 4:06 Catloverforever: My usc portal does not have any dates on it... anyone else? It just says it’s in review
  • 8:45 ncan360: Did someone get rejected from Harvard..this morning?
  • 9:13 RainyDisastrousQuetzal: Probably just a late entry from the massacre
  • 10:51 LsatTraintoClarksville: Is there a way to sort the Decision Date chart by Sent/Complete date instead of LSAT?
  • 11:00 letmeinplease: click on the up and down arrows next to sent or complete
  • 11:02 letmeinplease: oh sorry nvm
  • 11:27 UnderWaterStreet: Anyone know when Michigan will update their website. Still down :(
  • 12:00 gritngrind2021: Is anyone else getting "failed after three attempts" for all of their status checkers? I've gotten it a few times now
  • 12:13 HalfUnknownSnail: Anyone else feeling exhausted from this week?
  • 12:17 BlackSourChicken: Yep. Having a hard time not just hiding in bed the entire weekend.
  • 12:37 triplegmahimahi: do you guys think getting in to Duke is a good sign I have a shot at Stanford or Harvard? I've only heard from Duke so far/applied early December
  • 12:51 ncan360: @triple were you priority track at duke?
  • 12:58 LsatTraintoClarksville: @triple getting rejected Duke would be a good predictor of getting rejected at stanford/harvard but the obverse doesn't really hold
  • 13:09 BlackSourChicken: at least it shows there probably isn't anything off w/ your app
  • 13:11 BlackSourChicken: i'm kinda in the same boat, so trying to console myself by saying that catching the W from GULC doesn't mean anything is wrong with my app after getting an A from Duke lol ;_;
  • 13:15 GMaulSpec: how do we go about withdrawal e-mails? and can we withdraw from a school we've been accepted to? want to withdraw from GULC
  • 13:33 BlackSourChicken: send adcomm an email.
  • 13:33 Lawsimp: you just shoot them an email telling them you appreciate the offer but have decided to withdraw
  • 13:43 primeWLmaterial: duke has the best employment outcomes dont be worried
  • 13:53 235711317: @GMaulSpec you can just email the admitted students hotline email address saying you want to withdraw, they'll process it in a day or two
  • 14:40 TStarks: looking forward to my UPenn rejection so I can move on with my life
  • 14:43 lshopeful2021: I counted myself out on GULC because of my low #s but I'm just going to ****ing go for it.
  • 14:43 lshopeful2021: Just putting that vibe out there.
  • 14:43 lshopeful2021: I got my master's from there so maybe that will add a little star to my chart
  • 14:45 skou1992: anyone else native and waiting to hear?
  • 15:23 primeWLmaterial: i got WL at GULC w a 159 lol
  • 15:24 primeWLmaterial: skou do you mean N.A?
  • 15:25 HighFilthyHedgehog: anyone wanna chance me?
  • 15:25 primeWLmaterial: im bored so sure
  • 15:25 primeWLmaterial: which school
  • 15:25 HighFilthyHedgehog: 2.6 170
  • 15:25 HighFilthyHedgehog: Idk
  • 15:25 primeWLmaterial: which one are you worried about the most out of your list
  • 15:25 HighFilthyHedgehog: all of them lol
  • 15:26 HighFilthyHedgehog: I want lower t14
  • 15:26 HighFilthyHedgehog: rough cycle tho
  • 15:26 primeWLmaterial: what URM are u
  • 15:26 HighFilthyHedgehog: wouldnt mind Texas USC
  • 15:26 HighFilthyHedgehog: MA
  • 15:26 primeWLmaterial: mmk lemme think
  • 15:26 primeWLmaterial: i think like pretty high at ND and UF like 60%
  • 15:27 primeWLmaterial: UPenn and UT closer to 25%
  • 15:27 primeWLmaterial: NU I could see you getting in
  • 15:27 primeWLmaterial: especially since you are on hold and ED
  • 15:27 primeWLmaterial: USC like 50%
  • 15:27 primeWLmaterial: how are your LOR
  • 15:28 HighFilthyHedgehog: RD now
  • 15:28 HighFilthyHedgehog: Not great
  • 15:28 primeWLmaterial: hmmm then yeah i'd say you are probably gonna be WL later in the cycle at NU but that the rest of my predictions seem ok
  • 15:28 primeWLmaterial: also are you KJD
  • 15:30 primeWLmaterial: if you are KJD then your GPA will matter more
  • 15:45 lmgyuan: Hey can anyone advise me whether I should write optional for Penn even after I applied ED?
  • 15:46 lmgyuan: Will appreciate any info!
  • 16:05 lshopeful2021: prime that's helpful to hear re WL at GULC! Thanks for sharing! I don't know that it's my top choice but as you can see from my profile I am just trying to open any and all doors and then decide
  • 16:06 lshopeful2021: I'm also hoping some schools that aren't as numbers driven look at my master's/resume overall + age/experience and lean in my favor.
  • 16:26 BiggieCheese420: Do people have an idea of which schools are known for being more fit focused vs being more numbers focused?
  • 16:27 plsdonthurtme: the higher up you go, the more fit seems to matter
  • 16:27 plsdonthurtme: Yale, Stanford, Harvard have their own "types", Michigan, UVA, Penn are also known to have "types"
  • 16:28 plsdonthurtme: Northwestern has a thing for experience, if that counts for "fit"
  • 16:29 plsdonthurtme: Cornell makes you write that little why cornell in the app, Duke and Berk have those optionals, Chicago and NYU have indicated that they like why x's
  • 16:29 plsdonthurtme: WUSTL has historically been numbers based
  • 16:29 plsdonthurtme: as has Boston
  • 16:29 plsdonthurtme: but who knows with this year
  • 16:30 plsdonthurtme: GW, numbers based
  • 16:30 allenwelshdulles: what's the stanford type?
  • 16:30 allenwelshdulles: is that known in any way?
  • 16:30 allenwelshdulles: jsut read an article about big law, sounds very much like joining the army
  • 16:31 elli25: What kind of person is a good “type” for Harvard?
  • 16:32 BiggieCheese420: Yeah if that is true, is there an idea of what those individual schools are looking for as far as fit?
  • 16:33 cathxfair7197: I would argue that WUSTL isn't numbers based, especially given how splitter/reverse splitter friendly they are
  • 16:34 RainyDisastrousQuetzal: Predict the waves for this week
  • 16:34 VictoriousLudicrousHippopotamus: Do you know if Washington and Lee is reverse splitter friendly?
  • 16:40 [A] cryptanon:
  • 16:40 [A] cryptanon: they don't look super friendly to reverse splitters
  • 16:41 [A] cryptanon: looking at last year, lots of green > 50th LSAT, but probable waitlist even if you're >75 GPA but <50 LSAT
  • 16:43 plsdonthurtme: Yale: whatever it is that professors like. Who the actual knows. Academic, brainy, theorists. Stanford: brilliant wunderkids, the type who are hyper passionate about one specific thing and have done something super neat and innovative with it while also being generally well rounded because sure. Harvard: future politicians, world leaders, and BigLaw managing partners. Ambition. A little less academic than the other two. people who are hyper-passionate about one specific cause that they have done
  • 16:43 plsdonthurtme: Chicago: life of the mind, openness to debate from different points of view, intellectual and comfortable with being around conservatives. Curiosity. NYU: a little more PI/save the world type while also still being willing to sell your soul to BigLaw Columbia: did Daddy cover the cost to sell your soul to BigLaw? Cool, have at it.
  • 16:43 plsdonthurtme: Penn: interdisciplinary, collegial. Big push this year with the PI funding to get a stronger PI contingent than they historically have. A more intellectually diverse group of people, who all have their one thing, kind of like the Stanford kids, but with less of a hyperfocus. UVA: likeability/relaxed/not going to be a gunner. Just want to play softball and have some beer while prepping for BigLaw. Michigan: like UVA, but with a Midwestern flavor and a stronger PI vibe. Have a beer on the porch be
  • 16:44 plsdonthurtme: Berkeley: “I’m Going To Save You (TM)” kind of folks. We all know what Berkeley is looking for. Northwestern: likes work experience and the idea of law as a tangible, practical, hands-on type thing. Duke: TBH, I can’t really tell, if someone wants to fill this in.
  • 16:44 plsdonthurtme: Cornell: anyone who would actually be happy in the miserable town of Ithaca GULC: future politicians, but not in the same way of Harvard; more of the “staffers and people who get things done” than the face of the operation.
  • 16:45 plsdonthurtme: **Caveats: this is obviously just the opinion of one random stranger on the internet; these were the vibes I got from each of the schools like attending webinars/talking to students/is skewed through my own perceptions. During the LAWS seminar, AdComms were asked what they look for in one word, and I only wrote down some of them
  • 16:46 plsdonthurtme: check out the reddit "The T14 as..." posts for other people's views on each school's "type"
  • 16:51 jungkook: i never thought of gulc like that but it makes so much sense
  • 17:10 lshopeful2021: Finally going through and adding in all my dates so far, but when I try to enable the status checker it won't actually let me click the box and add my info for any schools. is that normal? should I try a non-chrome browser?
  • 17:15 [A] cryptanon: did you get it working?
  • 17:17 AbuEllie: @plsdonthurtme these are fantastic
  • 17:21 ElYucatecoHotSauce: Are you saying harvard doesn't think i can be president, and michigan doesn't want to have a brewski with me?
  • 18:11 plsdonthurtme: no, i am saying this is not a reverse splitter's year, sry bud
  • 18:12 plsdonthurtme: you gotta have the stats first before the above even begins to apply
  • 18:14 ijustwanttobeappreciated: oof i would beg to differ though, i'm a reverse splitter and I applied in December. Heard back from two schools early Jan with acceptances. One in the top 25 and one target school a bit lower in the rankings.
  • 18:15 ijustwanttobeappreciated: the turnover was crazy quick and my stats aren't the best. LSAT is below 25 almost everywhere and gpa is above 75
  • 18:16 ijustwanttobeappreciated: @hotsauce have hope my friend!! reverse splitters are wild cards