BundleBee for student loans

December 18, 2020

tl;dr - I'm starting a union for loans, and the more people that sign up, the better.

Hi everyone, LSData creator here. When I applied to law school, I was incredibly frustrated by how hard it was to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed during the application process. It didn't seem fair that some people had seemingly exclusive access to support systems and info that helped them excel.

LSData was created as a response to that -- to share knowledge and make it just a little bit easier for applicants to make informed choices. My next project, BundleBee, has the same goal.

What is BundleBee?

BundleBee uses collective bargaining to negotiate the best student loan deals from banks.

Imagine walking into a bank alone and asking for a lower rate on your loans. Sounds scary. And Ms. Banker will probably have all sorts of excuses for you. Now imagine walking into a bank with 500 other law school students and making the same demand together. Ms. Banker is much more likely to take your demands seriously; collectively you've become too important to ignore.

This is the concept underlying BundleBee. We bring students together to form a Hive that is too important to ignore. We'll represent the Hive in negotiations and get the best deal possible for the Hive -- better than what anyone can get alone.

That's the goal. Share knowledge, access, and power. Because we're stronger together.

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  • 18:16 KingCharliemagne: how long are ppl waiting for safties or likely acceptances? i'm about 2 months+. haven't heard from any reach/targets.
  • 18:18 reachingsohardibrokemyneck: @king i'm coming up on 2 months and i've only heard from one of each
  • 18:18 AbsentFixedCoyote: If schools give a deadline - you’ll hear by 2/1 - is that firm??? Starting to think I was just forgotten about
  • 18:18 reachingsohardibrokemyneck: ^not always, i was outside the deadline window, and then got an interview
  • 18:19 reachingsohardibrokemyneck: and i still havent heard a final decision lol
  • 18:19 AbsentFixedCoyote: Oh good god. I’ve been waiting since 10/6.......... LOL
  • 18:19 BriefZealousDormouse: has anyone interviewed at UT Austin and have subsequently been accepted. If so, how long was the turn around for you?
  • 18:27 ilikeburritos: too late to apply to USD orrrr?
  • 18:27 JoeDangit: Never too late at all!
  • 18:28 JoeDangit: Shoot your shot. <3
  • 18:28 itiswhatitisiguessplsacceptme: san diego?
  • 18:28 itiswhatitisiguessplsacceptme: the take applications until June!! Definitely not late
  • 18:30 Overlywishfulthinker: Isn't it a little late for GW to be sending application pamphlets in the mail xD I just got one today
  • 18:31 KingCharliemagne: GW sent one to me a few weeks ago ... aren't apps UP this year?
  • 18:32 Overlywishfulthinker: Yeah I was really confused to see that. especially with an avg. LSAT lol
  • 18:32 Overlywishfulthinker: How many more apps could they want?
  • 18:33 Torquatus: lol someone got rejected from cornell from the future
  • 18:33 Overlywishfulthinker: rip
  • 18:34 KingCharliemagne: sorry to be ignorant on this well-informed site, but can someone quickly dope me on LSATs this year? all i hear is scores are up in a big way (flex?). is that it? are they also down, as in the range is wider? and lots of applicants b/c recession?
  • 18:35 235711317: overall more applicants, but especially in the high score range
  • 18:36 MakeshiftAcceptableMarmoset: What kind of increase are we talking? Like 2x? 3x? Just out of curiosity.
  • 18:36 Overlywishfulthinker: Happy for everyone who had the time to study and retake. but rip my avg cycle
  • 18:36 235711317: overall applicant I think somewhere 25~30% I think?
  • 18:37 HufflepuffPILawyer: Sooo I guess today's waves are over?
  • 18:37 Torquatus: vanderbilt!
  • 18:37 Torquatus: torture hour
  • 18:38 HufflepuffPILawyer: or could CA schools still make decisions?
  • 18:38 LegalLawyerStudent: Do we think there will be a W&M wave this week?
  • 18:39 LegalLawyerStudent: @HufflepuffPILawyer CA schools could still send out stuff, but not super likely at this point
  • 18:39 HufflepuffPILawyer: :(
  • 18:39 HufflepuffPILawyer: mannn
  • 18:39 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: I think wednesday is gonna be a lot of waves
  • 18:39 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: I have a feeling
  • 18:39 Torquatus: wed is bu mich
  • 18:39 Torquatus: nw?
  • 18:39 HufflepuffPILawyer: i just want one law school so I can say that i got into law school
  • 18:39 Torquatus: fri is penn
  • 18:40 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: yes bu mich NW and berk nyu
  • 18:40 ApathyMarmot: UW didn't do its usual heavy Friday, but dunno if they'll make it up this week.
  • 18:40 HufflepuffPILawyer: you mean Upenn or penn state?
  • 18:40 Torquatus: upenn
  • 18:40 HufflepuffPILawyer: haha me sitting here with my low GPA looking at penn state
  • 18:40 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: penn state is good
  • 18:41 HufflepuffPILawyer: law schools should really consider difficulty of major more
  • 18:41 Torquatus: i thank penn state for my existence
  • 18:41 Torquatus: my parents met there. fun school
  • 18:41 HufflepuffPILawyer: like my university has a bunch of different colleges, who each have their own average GPA's
  • 18:42 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: good school, bad former football coach
  • 18:42 EnchantingSeahorse: wya vandy witching hour
  • 18:42 masterofallfoursections: Wednesday is also NYU day
  • 18:42 HufflepuffPILawyer: my college's average gpa is like 3.1 when my friend in a different major has like a 3.8 average in her college :(
  • 18:42 Torquatus: ready to get hurt again seahorse?
  • 18:42 masterofallfoursections: if i get into columbia this week guys, im venmonig yall $8
  • 18:43 HufflepuffPILawyer: why'd i choose to study accounting
  • 18:43 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: @master preciate you bro
  • 18:43 EnchantingSeahorse: oh im ready torquatus
  • 18:43 HufflepuffPILawyer: and @the person asking about W&M
  • 18:44 HufflepuffPILawyer: I think this week is a big wave
  • 18:44 235711317: @Hufflepuff ya I'm a math major I feel ya, but I guess it's just hard to figure out what the deal is for every school and every major
  • 18:44 235711317: also the fact that my GPA matters 5+ years out of college is just lol
  • 18:46 dkh2020: math-cs here
  • 18:46 dkh2020: its been rough
  • 18:47 235711317: lol yeah masters in CS
  • 18:47 HufflepuffPILawyer: yea like i get A's in classes like upper division justice studies and philosophy easy
  • 18:47 235711317: and they don't even look at my masters grade
  • 18:47 HufflepuffPILawyer: but get B's in my accounting classes
  • 18:47 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: Oh god i feel so bad for the law applicants who did CS
  • 18:48 SymptomaticRacialMaltese: and their gpas are naturally lower
  • 18:48 urleastfavteacher: my god lol Penn updated my status post-WL
  • 18:48 urleastfavteacher: but
  • 18:48 urleastfavteacher: only to say "Penn Carey Law"
  • 18:48 urleastfavteacher: instead of Penn Law
  • 18:48 EnchantingSeahorse: that's cruel hahahah
  • 18:48 HufflepuffPILawyer: haha "holistic review"
  • 18:49 HufflepuffPILawyer: like man i can write a killer essay but can't figure out the shareholder's dividend
  • 18:49 HufflepuffPILawyer: what do they say? bad driver good lawyer
  • 18:50 Torquatus: its a holistic review
  • 18:50 HufflepuffPILawyer: why can't it be bad accountant good lawyer
  • 18:50 Torquatus: of your whole goa/lsat stats
  • 18:54 Torquatus: well i guess vanderbilt aint coming today. may the gods be with you enchanctingseahorse
  • 18:56 PreLawPhiAlphaDelta: These admissions committees are so slow this year lol
  • 18:56 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: I got 3 decisions all in 1 day today - hang in there folks, they shall come.
  • 18:56 EnchantingSeahorse: and the disappointment continues
  • 18:57 PreLawPhiAlphaDelta: I know right?
  • 18:58 PreLawPhiAlphaDelta: @sleepy dang jackpot day for you! I have only received one of 3 back
  • 18:58 HalfUnknownSnail: I have a feeling we will be seeing a massive Rejection wave at UCLA once the January LSAT is released
  • 18:58 EnchantingSeahorse: sitting on 7 rejections and two waitlists
  • 18:59 PreLawPhiAlphaDelta: sitting on one acceptance and waiting on two decisions...
  • 19:00 EnchantingSeahorse: its a risky little game we play
  • 19:00 PreLawPhiAlphaDelta: yes, yes it is and I am sick of the game lol
  • 19:04 DaleMinami: UCLA Waitlist fuck
  • 19:04 EnchantingSeahorse: welcome to ze club
  • 19:04 PreLawPhiAlphaDelta: Dale at least it isn't a flat out rejection, still got a chance!
  • 19:05 DaleMinami: Was never rejected for college apps
  • 19:06 DaleMinami: and now fate is taking back my ego
  • 19:06 DaleMinami: forever
  • 19:08 Kehlani: Did anyone else apply to the entire T20 with the exception of a few schools?
  • 19:09 Kehlani: Like I decided to blanket the T20 but didn’t apply to stanford, st louis, or berkely
  • 19:09 mayoicecream: I basically did the same except no Yale, UVA, WUSTL
  • 19:10 Kehlani: If you don’t mind me asking, why didn’t you apply to those schools? For me I knew I didn’t want to live in st louis or oakland
  • 19:12 HufflepuffPILawyer: @kehlani you can always live a bit further like in San Jose or Milpitas. We just got a new BART extension that goes to San Jose
  • 19:12 HufflepuffPILawyer: It’s only like an hour or so into the citt
  • 19:12 HufflepuffPILawyer: city
  • 19:12 HufflepuffPILawyer: for UCB at least
  • 19:12 mayoicecream: I didnt want to live in STLU, I hate connecticut, and honestly the UVA section about your hobbies seemed like too much work to fill out for a school that seems way too similar to duke
  • 19:13 mayoicecream: and gives worse scholarships
  • 19:13 mayoicecream: so basically same
  • 19:14 235711317: @mayo what about Connecticut? I've never been so I'm curious
  • 19:14 Kehlani: @huff thanks for letting me know!! I missed the deadline for a fee waiver for berkley and since they were the only school that didn’t give me one, I don’t think i’m going to apply but it’s nice to know that BART extended
  • 19:15 Kehlani: @mayo yea the uva thing was annoying but i’m a splitter and I wanted to throw my ball in every court haha
  • 19:15 UnableGrouchyBat: is it a good sign if people who applied later than you are starting to get R's but you haven't heard back? I know it's all tea leaves but ...... one can dream..
  • 19:16 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: omg KEHLANI R U GOING TO LAW SCHOOL
  • 19:17 Kehlani: LMFAOOOOOO
  • 19:17 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: wow we could be going into the legal field with a true american hero
  • 19:17 Kehlani: i’m in actual tears lol
  • 19:18 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: will you release a new album with facts about the legal system in your lyrics
  • 19:18 Kehlani: Guess I shouldnt have said I don’t want to live in Oakland lol
  • 19:18 Kehlani: oh absolutely... What should I rhyme with caveat emptor?
  • 19:19 Glaucon191: orange
  • 19:19 Kehlani: I love a challenge
  • 19:19 Glaucon191: hahahaha
  • 19:19 Kehlani: "a true american hero" really took me out
  • 19:20 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: don't talk yourself down girl your 2020 album is surely a t2 soft at the least
  • 19:21 Kehlani: thee best album of the year smh
  • 19:21 LegallyClueless: What is a t14 school that actually looks holistically? Or do none actually? I want to apply to a higher school but my stats aren't quite up there
  • 19:21 bonitaapplebaum: Kehlani you were robbed of a Grammy nom
  • 19:21 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: @bonita preach
  • 19:22 Kehlani: @clueless with your stats you should give the t14 a try
  • 19:22 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: @clueless it is all such a toss up honestly, but you for sure could give a shot at t14
  • 19:22 Kehlani: the worst that can happen is you get rejected but you never know if you don’t try :)
  • 19:23 LegallyClueless: fair! Thanks guys!!
  • 19:23 Kehlani: @bonita factual :(
  • 19:24 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: Clueless you should 100% go for it as long as you have the $ for apps. But just pick a few not all of them lol.
  • 19:26 masterofallfoursections: I want things to happen tomorrow
  • 19:27 LegallyClueless: I have been thinking of applying to penn! My top choice is georgetown but I am not sure if i will get in because their apps have gone up so much though
  • 19:27 Kehlani: you gotta shoot ur shot @clueless
  • 19:31 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: ^ yeah dont worry about that shit. as long as you feel really good about your LORs & writing, I would go for it.
  • 19:32 SleepyAbstractedChipmunk: your stats are at least high enough for your app to get looked at
  • 19:33 LegallyClueless: Cool! Thanks guys!
  • 19:40 Glaucon191: That will be 5 dollars for the advice and support. Thank you!
  • 19:41 [A] cryptanon: whoa now, i'm gonna need to see your billable hours for that
  • 19:41 guineapiglover: @ Crypt how often are you on this site?
  • 19:42 guineapiglover: I know it's your job and all but jw how many hours a day you're active
  • 19:44 ispecializeinbirdlaw: @crypt is there any chance we’ll see a “date sent” versus “decision date” graph? Also u rock
  • 19:44 Bonobosareunderrated: I know I'm old bc when I saw "jw" I thought it meant "jee whiz" which doesn't even make sense because it should be "gee whiz"
  • 19:46 jungkook:
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 19:47 jungkook: ✨Berkeley will accept me tomorrow✨
  • 19:47 jungkook:
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 19:48 StraightLimpingFrog: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ G I V E W A V E ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • 19:50 CompletelyLegalGiraffe: omg @jung me too! what an exciting coincidence to look forward to!!!
  • 19:51 jungkook: hi future law school bestie 🤩
  • 19:51 cathxfair7197: freaking minnesota sneaking a waitlist in at 7:51 est
  • 19:52 FestiveEvasiveSnail: Just finished my cornell interview 🥴
  • 19:52 [A] cryptanon: whoooo hope it went well!
  • 19:52 Bonobosareunderrated: ahh I have my Chicago interview tomorrow and I'm very nervous
  • 19:53 FestiveEvasiveSnail: it was wild to say the least hahahahah I think it went ok though actually way better than northwestern at least
  • 19:53 Bonobosareunderrated: also I have a mini sleeve so I gotta get my makeup on
  • 19:53 Bonobosareunderrated: is Cornell Kira?
  • 19:53 FestiveEvasiveSnail: yes
  • 19:53 Bonobosareunderrated: ew
  • 19:53 Bonobosareunderrated: I don't like Kiras
  • 19:53 Lawsimp: I just got the invite today and I'm terrified LOL
  • 19:53 FestiveEvasiveSnail: some of the written questions were mild to moderately yikes but welp i tried
  • 19:53 FestiveEvasiveSnail: So did i @lawsimp hahahaha
  • 19:54 FestiveEvasiveSnail: I decided to just knock it out and get it over with
  • 19:54 Lawsimp: hahah wow you're on it!
  • 19:54 Lawsimp: I wish I had your bravery
  • 19:54 Lawsimp: I looked at practice questions and wimped out and then gave myself a deadline in 5 days
  • 19:54 FestiveEvasiveSnail: it honestly wasn’t that bad! The written ones were a little rough but the video ones I got were super softball thankfully
  • 19:54 FestiveEvasiveSnail: The Kira RNG gods smiled upon me
  • 19:55 Lawsimp: praying they will do the same for me haha
  • 19:55 FestiveEvasiveSnail: manifesting chill kira questions for you you got this
  • 19:55 Lawsimp: was it 5 video questions and 2 written?
  • 19:56 Lawsimp: oh sorry they do say not to disclose it so if you don't want to that's okay!
  • 19:56 Lawsimp: thank you!
  • 19:56 Lawsimp: i hope you get good news back!
  • 19:56 FestiveEvasiveSnail: I’m not sure if they say not to disclose the # but it is slightly more questions than that - not much however 😉
  • 19:56 235711317: @bonobo it's pretty chill -- don't worry about it! Make sure to have a few q's ready to go at the end
  • 19:57 FestiveEvasiveSnail: yas @bonobos you got this
  • 19:57 Lawsimp: haha got it!
  • 19:58 Lawsimp: good luck @bonobos!
  • 19:59 ShikamaruTheLawyer: anyone still under review at loyola chicago?
  • 20:00 BelowMedianSaddie: i am @shikamaru
  • 20:00 ShikamaruTheLawyer: thanks for responding, when did you apply?
  • 20:01 BelowMedianSaddie: i applied december 6 and went ur the 23d
  • 20:01 ShikamaruTheLawyer: awesome thanks for letting me know
  • 20:01 ShikamaruTheLawyer: good luck
  • 20:01 BelowMedianSaddie: you too!!
  • 20:02 jungkook: illinoians rise up 🔝
  • 20:02 BelowMedianSaddie: @jungkook lollll i am not an illinoian but my sister lives in chicago so it would be nice to be near her
  • 20:03 jungkook: oh LOL its okay nice to know people still want to be in the midwest
  • 20:06 fancypants: Guys, I ignored LSA and LSD most of the day and actually did my work and it felt really good. Of course now that it's 5 pm I'm right back here.
  • 20:07 jungkook: gib ur self control
  • 20:12 dkh2020: I didnt know that was possible
  • 20:12 dkh2020: catch me checking statuses on Sunday at 2 in the morning
  • 20:15 fancypants: well I have a hummingbird nest in my backyard so I'm basically a mom now, which put everything in perspective
  • 20:15 fancypants: gotta bring home that bacon until the chicks fledge
  • 20:20 HalfUnknownSnail: UCLA hit us with a 26 person decision wave today
  • 20:20 lshopeful2021: hummingbirds are so dope though
  • 20:20 HalfUnknownSnail: lets get a golf clap going for them getting the ball moving beyond the teens finally